Nottingham ’04

1 packet of felt pens
1 mug of hot chocolate
1 alarm clock
1 pair of sunglasses
1 bottle of water with bacon roll meal from Burger King
1 shadow
1 bus
1 meal on Friday night
1 conversation about labour
1 man with psychopathic tendencies
1 bench with tables and spilt Coca-Cola
1 party after another
1 group of smiling people
1 idea that outdoors is better
That car is marvelous
It looks cheap colourful
1 man that looks similar
1 lady laughing
1 sausage with a sesame bun
only ketchup not chili
1 fair with trampolines
1 church in Nottingham
Four bottles of London pride
1 view of rooftops, and the city
1 chestnut tree with conkers
1 National Express
1 box of orange Ribena
1 packet of Walkers crisps
1 DAB digital radio
1 Pitcher and Piano
1 cup of cafe latte
1 Mozart’s Requiem
1 tickle on the nose
2 men touch their noses
2 black men
1 man lost on the tube
Going to Whitechapel
1 man says take the lift
1 girl doesn’t pass on stairs
1 comedy evening
1 Rastafarian with a friend
1 CD
1 program of News Night
1 packet of salt n vinegar
1 bar that serves Mad Dog
Half a pint of Guinness instead
Jesse Jackson on News Night
1 man offers a seat on the bus
Quiet and usually guilty
A mumbled thank you
1 mobile phone dropped
On the floor of Bread and Roses
1 set of rundown batteries
1 loop without open tobacco
1 man that says ‘District’
Can be found that way
1 Swiss army knife
1 tickly nipple
1 person that comes from Yorkshire
People that aren’t
Failed rounds
Wrong thoughts
Going to Nottingham
Coming back again
Looking to trigger through
Short ones like
Dark faces presume
How Phoenix nights
Are universities
Dipping elbows in beer
Laughing hard
Keeping in touch
Checking in the afternoon
Out at a minute to eleven
To the cafe for smoking
the camp shop for a tent
Kendal mint cake
A handkerchief
Not choosing malt
Repeating to remember
Closing paths
Scurrying to sit down
Looking away
Agreeing to be wrong
Marveling at danger
Seeking it repeating it
Electing self to bear
The mantle, the finger
The point, the queen’s wand
The orient the title
Dinners with after spokes
Re-runs of light comment
Very subtle you knows
Tiny hints, even spots
Computer systems
Cracks on crashers, virus
Security, hacking
Choosing loo in a dungeon
Flushing to leave one bit
Heavy shopping
Large enough for Vegas
A second chance
A black square of paper
Busy city bustle
Deserted street
Looking up to the blonds
Worrying for darkness
Obliging sympathy
Seeing scratchy noses
As signs of racism
A desirable agent
A baseball cap
Robbie Williams’s
Loops and loops
Barren escalators
Air conditioning strips
Long vision across a room
Are there black felt tips
Chocolate in Star Bucks
Not enough change
The Perth Ball
Not inviting
Sweating and hotness
Hysterical jokes
Taking the lift
Watching the lift doors
Broken train, information
Thinking about Mad Dog
Czech relations
Castles in faces
The Europeans
Hanging statesmen
Grey currents of river tide
Eleven fifteen
Not seeing the hairdresser
Because of Yorkshire
Reading the sun
Shrinking from the bar
Shrinking near the end
Resorting to the loo
Keeping to self
With obstinacy
Telephoning the stars
Turning the cards
Waiting for shots
And placement
Dumb soliloquy
Gathering for drinks
Associates in faces
All references
To similarity
Shaping chins
Setting of alone
Defiant searches
Beckoning recognition
To the sad while of
Because it matches
Another clash
A trauma
Convicts escaping
To cornered fields
Mooing cows
Shunning the smile
To prove what?
Only one funny
One understanding
the fat man
With sexy eyes
And a tribe
That eat special
And tasty lunch
With Sundays
And exchanges
That don’t miss
Or off-beat
Or shirk or hide
The finding is under
Explosive faces
Outraged but long ago
Wiser to marshall
Sordid girl for a full belly
Popping ear plugs
Trancing gadgets
Noticing birds
Catching tunes like
Worms, bugs, beetles
Shop thresholds for
Blondie, Queen and
Simon Le Bon
Circuit moments of
Buying pause
Shortage of porter
While Melinda sports
A head of straw
A bequeathed brain
Synchronised for
Crossing roads
Answering junctions
Staving faulty
To melody and
Not ascribing luggage
For accurate depositions
Always surmounting
That gala to simple action
It doesn’t hurt to
Think without begging
It smarts to insult
It smarts to smack
No CD for a round
That slips off track
Most the way
So slippery, with shops
Of juice and potato
Types of success
Through windows
And congested traffic
Steering wrongly
Laughing too soon
When drowning
The phew of arrogance
Aligned to misadventure
Permanent casting
On a train of enquiry
All boxed to present
The prize of discovery
Cancerous blots
to dot the mind
The same place of carpet
Encountering cleaners
Low beings, blowing cover
The lowness of appearing
Turning up at exit nine
All over again
The orange bag
The day off
The sequence
Like prophet’s dial
Buying handkerchief
A pair of white sox
Blunder like spells
Vaguely entertaining
Second time round
Being scape goat
To own adventure
Pleasing definite
Former teachers
Hair like rosemary
Religions of population
Well behaviour
Directions up the steep
Calm repose
Rehearsing dreams
Approaching demi gods
Of turning ankles
Foggy overheads
Overwhelming reads
A hundred packets
Accepting blags
And notices
Sticking to teachings
Of surrounding
Speaking English
Dirty chat shows
Unappealing traits
Souvenirs of taboo
To edge panic
With base pantomime
Expenses in perpetration
Fetching lessons
In colour finishes
Say no to that
On both sides
Most of the time
Answering questions
Questioning answers
Back and forth districts
Hammersmith, Barons Court
Barons Court, Hammersmith
Hammerbaron, Smithcourt
Smithcourt, Hammerbaron
Acronyms, hooking fish
With bait, not catering
Leaving flu behind
With vitamin see
Duffel coat
Donkey jacket
Shop monitors
Lines in credit
A clean person
Dirty look alike
The shower habit
Bogus smells travel
habituating cleanliness
Till it smells soapy
Lilac, fruity
A fresh baby
Peering eyes on pure
Just anger or simple

This is simple

Beautiful faith
Deserving walks
Most days rounded
With a dropped pen
Flagging company
Beaten retreats
Without urgency
Just plain order
Human mistakes
Thirst or meeting time
Reassurances of sticking
Prejudice in ironic intonation
That so and so is a politician
That such and such
Is a bit spooky
That probably there’s catch
To be fetched
paraded vilified
Guess serenely to
Depreciation as cover
For outright handedness
A tool, noble fascism
Modest un performance
All squashed by
Prejudice quilts
As if the effort
As if the access
Is a dead line chord
Of powerful blood
Mimicking purchase
For mothers to chase
Stepping in to puddles
Plodding in to attack
Ripples of disguise
Cheating sky
From clear views
That stagnant glass
Is clan dune
Without lizards
Or marsh grass
Costing evolution
In practical jokes on brother
Same specs
curls and surname
Witness to affections
Inscribed with progress
It shall be possible to love
Tennis and croquet
Thinking that Jack can play
In a garden at school
An ambition to
Meet Jerry Springer
Widen protocol
Glean a global entourage
Of big mystery stage
Galavanting futures
With hot press
Peculiar foreign policy
Intimate address.

Chop a willy
Like a ham bun
But with sausage
A cookie
Exchanged for twenty pences
A fork for a spoon
Some blade
Rounded balls
A scotch egg
Chop a willy
Overhead the copper spots
Beaming rooves under cover
Night surveillance
Swivel commentary
Chop a willy
Bitten, Benjamin written
A front brake turn
For stopping
Going to the loo
Not mixing
Diverting and coveting
A cigarette break
In packs of ten
Silk cut
And tender hair
A blade for swooning
Scrambled egg inside
The fortress in castellate
A drag for a plume of smoke
Butts collecting
Mass filtration
Woe betide
The toe and a heel
Pringled crisps
Popped unstopped
Bargain risks
the syndicate o’er brims
Culminate whims
Asbestos and margarine
Petty loops in franchise
Horse guards
And parades
Betty sits at home
Queen Mab
A hot bath
Prices per head
That go in groups
Spilling foils
Silver cloud
Cranes of axle
Nodding donkeys
Bent elbows
Climbing stairs
Watch from the tower
Close the bridge
Draw the time
Echoing, echoing
Birds nest
Burrowing, borrowing
Floating down river
Sat on a log
Pointing tribes
Either side
Each wins
At regatta
A web site
With Griffindor
A wand
With the wrong hand
A left stab
Clicking mouse
A parcel for
Sticking to
With mention
Lego brick brick
Ego one dick

Some explanations
Give themselves
Up to God down town
This curio swells
For pause
Jitter to stretch
Where it lies

Bye bye limousine.

Those that eat pork
Won’t do
It’s a guess
By sausages yesterday
A feeling that at court
No one has words
Enough script
To grit superstition
Hot beaches with lotion
Kiss the cheeks
Of an old maid
Poem’s enterprise
The MOD, the fugue

After two beers
Serum prides
An evening lie
Which way for Waterloo?
The coast is south
A finger points
Aye! Tis over there!

That way! Like ham and egg
In manners of span
Bridging shivers
Appointing rain
Magnificence for sea
At wide ports
Large boats and congress
But points at fault.

Half sister
Knows more by halves
Than councils for the blind
Stows the same
Gazes on
The same rose
Rivals aren’t
Unlike fool sisters
Weaving bones
Constant gib
That one is fair
To others

Scores of how
The parents lap
In squabbles job
To argue
That mince is bare
Onions burned
and not a whit
Guards instruments
Over used
For mashed potato
Gum bashing
Milk slopping
Try some cream

Thoroughly unpleasant
To the extent
And nurture of
Ideal children
Importuned with envy
Bridle ways of
Keeping abreast
With long separations
Homing back to thirteen
Margins of success
Big glitterati
For the eldest
Inheritors of privilege
Familiar paths
Of network
Against failure
the obsolete jungle
Of television
Coarse dances
Of shy ways
Brave faces
Wishing treacheries
Miss endeavor
Large affairs
And house parties
to be left out
Wrong footed
Un amused, misbehaved
Sore burdens
Of insincerity
Hold compromise
In fact of promise
That the big hoard
Though small
Holds jettison pastry
Marshaled with indifference

Only half towns
Mould BNP
Un deciders
All wires cued
From opinion
It is well to learn
From using bastions
Of the good life
To quit

Knowledge of school
Half parentage
Grow sections
Mighty tools
Bar tending
Migrate pools
In half pint glasses

This hasn’t coped
With party love
How are you
For a better shag
Over there or here
Not that knew
Or drunk the stare

Communist days are over
Patronage to cheery groups
Accusing fun
Of having them
The scottish people
More proud
Than a sore debate
Led curfew
To a border
All shaming
For queen ish sanctuary

There are chances
Like saying
No, hate Carmen
Being able to find
The right flip flops
Visiting the Passadenas
In east London
Driving there
To eat melon
The wrong piece
With blue loo roll
A chain of cigarettes
Building plans for
Match funding

Its convenient
Not to know hindsight
Missing a lift
With your own transport
To be pedophile
Waiting for next term
Offering lives
To small children
Tall ones that were
Magic in duress
Carelessness in grinding
It could be these
Disgusting places
Pink pants
And green dresses
Going large with warren
Real shames on demand
Cornered to every room
The coy part

This is house of God
Weapons have
No place
A servant of evil
Written down
No ransom paid
Take holiday
Tickled cheek
A mother intervenes to insult her child
Mildly for protection
Like the lad
A slow chap
Chubby in the arms
Traveling horse
Passes on
Words of confession
Mask jibe or
Green eyed follicles
Late night telly
Glowing orbs
Roped men at tree sides
Misty steeds
Endless wanking
Proffered pen
Seems okay
Quick read
Passing to the next line
Character trends
Less hip than shooting
Garlands to trinkets
Trelawny and Wells
This will keep
Fully charged
With concern
And a string
Of albums
A gizzard
Men in white robes
A floating raft
To swim ashore
By plunging
Glugg and gloop
Swallow whole fish
Dissenting thirsts
A tiled floor

Woodland dwarf
Lazing on Sunday afternoon
The sequins of armor
Richmond Peter
Richmond Paul
Throw away
clothes for sale
Take this and return!
Shop shut
Brothers under skin
There are terrible peas
In the freezer
Like Gary Glitter
Seventies retro
Plumes to feather
Fighter ships
Picking nostrils
Thats far enough
Wrong for Elton John
Fight or die
Where to stand
Gold is here
Blazing furnace
Keep walking
Western front
In Chesapeake
Hawk in sky
Saves the west end
Snow storm
In a dome
Found the power
Which is rightly
The sort of power
Furnish to room
Tackle for solid mistrust
Benches, plain words
manner stick
Faults streamlines
Shunty pole
Prism encounters
Gone before, hand outs
Change job
Variety of method
Double sided
Good in a chair
Not the worst
That’s best, tart and pastry
Bit that sees it
Triggering old tease
Painting japes
Grappling bars
Swap orangutan
From what orangutan
Said excellent
Fruit flies and rare hoards
Same day
Morning noon
Going up
Hoards as flying prey
Of good views
Someone else is
But who’d write
Own find
To have it read
Thought of
Stolen and shared
At the same time.
All well to shake
Budgerigars by hand
Perching number tens
Lending scores
Next ounce analysis
Cribbing cheer ups
Casting wakes
That’s all
A long enormous night
Enrich by practice
Getting rewards
In civil company
Spoon and fork
Get home from thunder
Stay dry
Miss the rain
Watch it pelt
Reach home
Open the latch
Wash up
And wet the marigolds
Staying dry
But starts again
Rain after storm
Not tropical
Just wet
Washing spins
Over road
marigolds would like
Not the buckets
and flashes
Boring rumbles
Rolling crashes
Pitter patter isn’t
Watch to see
have to be there
Effect experience
Telling reference
Not sharing
Or would be story
Pages of print reporting
What accuracy
To affect isn’t stalled

Long John silver
Long as Johns
Silver John stares
With silvery ways
Pacing the stage
In vibrant dress
Clasping swords
And jumping
On his bendy knees
Long John holds
Hands with curtsey
Drinks bottoms up
Savvy benign
Tortured with best
Silver John
Wears a tight shirt
With burnt skin
Dyed hair and worry
Completely apex
To the capital
Of goings on watches
Jerking round sixties
Pedestrian crossings
Assignations with cream
Thoughts of Polly
Are silver Johns
Polly’s nasals
Blind observances
Following gongs
That Polly shares
Hymns belted
From lowly caves
Where silver John
Fishes in the dark
Black quays.
A film is romp
For measured men
Like silver John
Beading sweat
According age
Goodness oppression
Guards upset Polly
When beasts know shame
Silver John might know
Questions in Polly’s mind
Bobbing along to silver John
Eaves in walls
Or scratchy ears
Hunger and slaughter
Leaden men tears
Shopping for bargains
Mistaken breezes
Wafting poles
Little flutters
Ripple flags
On pirate ships
Crisp bracketed
With treasures
On cross bone palms
Liquored spoons
To the rasp tongue
Lolling for proms
Cussing land
About coconuts
And brie
Giant melons and peach
Silver John is silver John
Currency of bad wind
In a quiet bay
Shoveling tarnish
‘Cross wet hands
In bag slings the world
Backing risk excitement
On virgin plan development
Ruminating on
Long John’s boat
He steers in solutions
Of lovely things on
Cruel women
In middle age
Men of mystery in him
that plant on younger solace
Like beet roots
In a sanded pit
Spilling soup on naked arms
With apple pie instead
Some is waste
And some alternate
Spoofing the accident
Casting away
Haste from a port
With Cardinal Hume
Under arm
Head lodged
On a brick stern
Silver John puzzles
Cleaving midgets
Outback wings
Marveling veins
As experiment
Decide to test
Long John and silver John
John Silver and silver John
Silver long with silver John
John long with Silver John
Long silver with silver John
Silver silver with silver John
John John with silver John
Long long with silver John
Though silver John bleaches his hair.
Seems unfair in numbers or experiment.
Occurring accident
Is hardly precedent.
Butts pile into packet
Smoke to silver John
Long reminisces
Fireside and song
Silver John
Comes walking by
From his chopper
Full of virgins
Papyrus in handsome
Cuticles nipped
And arms brazen
Dashboards of
Sonnet screens
Formula brides
For earthen worms
Goose pimples to
Cheeky smiles
Carnivals of stoke turns
The big fetch of gaiety
Quality stares
Of jeopardy
Lying in his balms
The butt joke of Beavis
How silver John
Is terribly at home
In the world disco
Putrid with Irish fans
Rolling skinny paws
To flick bogeys
Nasturtiums then
Coifed for tune ish mood
Marsupials and bat men
Convalescing care homes
Salutation armaments
Ordinary to bid
They’re not butts
That is John, John
Against smoking
Says silver John
Outnumbered by
Bad habits
John silver is
A packet of silver
To silver John
There’s harm
Distribution nickels
Paper engine dimes
To Jim Fix It
Silver John reads
Silver John reads palms
Everyone knows gypsy
Hiding in turn
From news
Cinema goers
Pains of charms
Crashing about
Wet slug no shell
Smoke a bad idea
Say the Johns of long silver
Bush fire, cormorant
Canopies of warming
Feeling uncomfortable
Yellowing bowls
Anthisan and dextrose
Boosting flagging
Nineteen holes
Dark ages
That want to be
Decorate trees
At Christmas
With hair and baubles
Silver John ties strand
Pieces found
Right about what Pope says
Women men fighting
Silver John buffs up well
Behind ears of knighting
Captions and articles
Without hyperactivity
Obvious way
Busy sermons get on
The bus as just invisible
Capacity to leave home
Bridle youth with suffering
Imaginary pass on learning
Strike match
Forget said
For passengers
Pitch never comes home
From branding
Tossing hay may be
Old fashioned
Extremely charming
In picture
Left handed to right
Chameleon with shaking
Different times ways
Horses drinking coke
Pools ideas
Barrels of tears
Sherry caskets
Street baskets
Shopping on floor
Uncollected wards
Decide not detest
Silver John’s virgin
Intent experiment
Marriage decide
Then celebrate
Mobile phones
Losing concord planes
Floating balloons
Clown getups
Ramming sheep
Dipping ticks
Sweet corn
Mashed potato
Fluffy in ways
Extra terrestrial
Witty cues
Red dwarf canaries
Very religious
Hill alive sound
Gold spot
Blue spot spot
Spot dog
Quick silver
silver John
Makes pastry
Only rain glistens
On silver John’s hair
Fronds of bracken
Stealing for more
Large pylons
Fort askew
To Saville grid
Boat under bride
Tides recede.

Think he was the piano
player of choice really
Eat the smarties
Middle of the road
Middle of the road
Marjoram fleas
Spaghetti junctions
Jackson hole
On holiday
Osbournes on TV
Jewish wedding
Smarties have answersWhen a stag comes, out the bracken with moss all over his horns. He sees a few people like me and then carries on eating. Fur has come off his antlers from scratching bark and he looks like a warrior with bits dangling off. The fur is like skin that sways off his antlers. He sees a fawn and she drinks from the trench of water. Then stag happy gets in to cool off. He stands for a while and then drinks, scratches his back. A while later he crosses to the other bank and heads for the thistles.

A man with two carrier bags and probably his wife walk past. Borders bookshop and Waitrose. She has a fishing bag. The word ‘academic’ can be heard in passing.
There was a lovely blue dragon fly before they came along.
Someone on his own
A boy in bright orange has a shoulder height stick
Footsteps together hold hands. Keys in the pocket
A curly haired girl with a water bottle that needs to be filled up.
Tree, three fairies, their dad, a spaniel, parents in hand with boy and girl, wheat germ, Bob Harris, a Marlboro, a slouch man in a t shirt pouch, his wife in pastel green. Crows fly from their tree. Airplane, man and son jogging in orange and blue. Two blue dragon flies on a spitting glass. Thistle dust from right to left.
Radar votes Dracula
Muses on the front
Not learning
their bleeding pips
Hey cowboy
Shooting rings to phone
Squat cement
Half a beer
Cracking London
Sixty years on
the educated choice
In green felt pen
Sitting to engine
Squeaks, dots and masts
Selling clinkety proms
Flag waving
Kings fiddle bombs
Sorry to Ptolemy
And Mary Anne
Driving home to red light runs
the sky has paths
In warm summer
Deafens early daffodils
the cancer of war
Inscrutable torn
Belching scrums
Hand my note
For restorations
To old men strategies
They are not much good
To bawdy louts
With nipples hanging out.
The most patriotic
Way to think
At desk tasks
With a radio on
Always learning
In a turf field
Homeward bound
Sees two men racing
Putney bridge on Sunday
Drink of water
At The Mitre
Pointless escapade
For men in red suits
Chelsea wink medals
Grand sustenance
A handful from
Millions fallen
Always close shaven
tiny actions
Kicking handbags
Bumper parking
Outside the hairdresser
Channeling in for
Better reception
More media clues
More wars in views
Other people’s decision
To watch in a baseball cap
Thinking after
The queen sits down
Leavened bred
With jam to bone
Not crying for
Slipping back
Feeling hot denim
Grubby toes on
A green bed
Expenditures on last
Thing done ooops
and bother for
Pages of vengeance
On pacify fates
they were so close
To a star burst
That it did in strawberry
It coped on a circle
of black with lightning
Manners and thank you
Borrowing mobile
Cutting of batteries
Linking uncles with
Prayered sense of
Coincidence, that’s
Fine, the peer group mould.
As if blood were a dime
Of pound and spend
O2 and Guinness brew
Mirrors unfolding
For people to die
Felt pens to run out.


Uncooked blinis with
Vache Qui Rit
Salmon in the bag
Pesto and goat cheese tortelini
Its the duke red faced
Skin burnt, skin burnt
Little flank of snatching hair
But my own distraction
As the horn played
Lowering with smoke
Effects and colour
To one side, all white
Behind left, behind right
And right next door
Should he vote?
In the bunker actually
The epigram strings again
Who shot the story
Pitched for worst
Curmudgeon squelching
Wrathful corns
Quangos of brick n mortar
Rooved heads
Barneying England’s
Word for dead
Thyroid and hip repair
Castaway needs
Intimidating the disabled creed
With convolution to
Ordinary things To
Respectfully quay gratitude
Because the water is too deep
Harbours to come and go from
Shackling choosing as
Deciphering sentries
Impede circulation X
Can say willing, burning
Eager with desire
After dinner to scrabble.
Husband is known
Dorm captain
Un bandaged underfoot
With food raids or japes
Neat bedspreads, canopy
Partnerships cowing
Jailer sweeps
Sharing rods of hospitality
Sickened for green mountain
inside fables
Crowded rocks that
Can’t help stick tightly
Severely unique
Reverses thought
Don’t dance devil
Beckons dance
Once a year on all counts
olympic parade
Wear jackets and flags
Sporting legs tribute homes
rink of speed motion
Going to fridge
Message taking weekdays
Wine on Fridays with TV
Ear shots I love you
Eating decorums
Together fables
What’s on, what’s off
Difference between
Gold and silver
Sitting hose, not turn round
From sofa
Primary pastels
National tragedies
Sitting strike matches
Lit over shoulder
Walk on the wild
Liberia struggle to keep up
The republic address
In subtitles
To plague uncertainty
Taught skins
With waving arms
Kevin from Disney
Teams of four and two
Mauritius on tarmac
Britain is one one O
Motown founder of Athens
Galaxy chocolates
Lincoln’s Inn has
The sailor suited boy
Dignitaries above sixteen
Coming to terms
With grown flow
haired leg features
Crowning bends
Flux plays in politic
adult subjects
to geometry, Pythagorus
Somehow discarded youth
Moves to the spreadsheet
As if it was minor
To earn it
Sense to skip
Latching back moments
Of downing in early company
Men about the torch
Pour bon soire
En chansan drug
There won’t be nose
Out of joints
Apart form losers
Of passage

The precedent must love first
Say the counters on the table
to their legs preferring tripods
Planning four’s even stead

Cereal foil for silver spoons
Dipping little bowls
and large glands
With flakey corns
Currently in possession
Of Baron One John
Pecking stump chops
With a hand held
propellor fan on a string
Boo la- la – lay
Touching the shell
Hand bag
The car door
Getting out
One way stop
Peculiar to perhaps
cotton wool not allowed
St. Paul’s breaking
bond of organ concert
leaving early passing
front noisy blunders
Roll past at speed
Sensitive jilts
Bum twinges stealing
Against exodus
Religion choosing
strolled embankment
then India then Israel
Then Union Jack
Tourists for direction
Away sins
To deliver
The Lord is prayer
Standing against barrier
Walking out exercise
encounter there a man
Salutes against a glass
Summary to afternoon
Holiday Inn ex patriots
Guided out of station
Bangladesh diplomacy
Champions building
man like granny
Adieu America
cross is and plus
Romeo Juliet
Rome and London
Bit bobs
Not looking stupid
By a statue
Training left along sidewalks
Where none stand
But cyclists
small girl in hair band
Fidgeting mopping cotton
to face
Interprets rude behaviour
Blond hair childlike
Sincerity for taking leave
crypt the dome
daylight stained
glass grandeur
Envy entrapment
difficult enough
float the course
Jerking rebellion
Small indignation
Everywhere tested
choosing defeat
All martyred
Backward youth
overgrown delay
Butterfly tattoo
Piggy back rides
Pulling hair
Mind that child
A whip cream van
Eros gazes
The taste of phlegm
From omelette
sticky toffee pudding
Paper law strews
Knock knock
On castle gate
Flinch to light slam
sun streams
A gaunt letter is
Done with accusation
measure to matador
wandering judge
Un creased face
Fertility’s tide
segments of lime
Musical chimes
Broadway marred
slum advertising
Unmoved circulate
Clothes double deckers
Busy magic reading souls
buy circuit messages
Crouting failure
With non sublimity
Aggressive detention
Mildly formed
must love a loathed enemy
says Juliet
Parented with quarrel
Purity silver
Candles wick sad fright
Penny chimes
Pewter rings
Name part
Belonging man
Name of swords
Clashing resonance
Defense guilt
In silent thought
Even untraced
drags of smoke
Fiery planes
sugar cane
Fanned hot winds
Car exhausts
Pollution of signify
Unwashed dry beasts
Roll dust
prone season
moving pasture
Love from love
school with looks
Jonathan Cainer
Does tarot messages
Not good book
engrossing conversation
Twiddling thumbs
Re-trod streets
Walkabout conviction
Without destination
More for chance
Entertaining scraps
sharp solution
Ugly man disguises
Shiplake Mortlake
Both lakes
some point time
great old gramophone
Un restored music
Bash vandalise
Mercutio dead
bread for supper
Only water
box of cherry
handgun drops
pellet with man
rain and wailing
Enforce law
faith in love
Include blind fury
Mans insatiable
Where passion
Cuts past action
As the wandering
Flip flops
Inaccurate daily task
Explaining fault with clumsy
Un plaiting
Raveling out
Half thrown yo-yo
Winding up clutch
day to sequence
It was left turn
aggravate slope
escalating grave
Wrongly punctuated
So close home
child unstopped
touch motioned
Beside Japanese shop
Where comparable pig
Went oink to have
profile caught
Proudly quick to
Negotiate leave of blame
noticing like with inch
Match to Circe’s impression
enemy team identity
fixed with promise
introduce housed
well kept history
debate parlance
keeping seen
Robson Jerome
professional Christian
Towards end conclusion
every moment
Binds spiral
Blood drawn affection
birth and holding
spilt for small grazes
Knocks bruising
Checking dimension
obstacle with pain
matter ties feature
leaving trees
Annual spate
Unbuttoning autumn
cool nudity
Having chestnuts
Like other english plants
That don’t defeat
Their under sitters
With more than
Broken skin or
Clotted eye.
Masses of dinners
In hard wood
Smaller flats have soft
Longing for mansions of love
the television fades
As a soft book of pulp
Garroting pages of
Long hour flickers
Emboldened words
In technicolour fares
Brevity applause
To the long of haul
Of brick wall staring
A short concert
Of a channel midday
Without grip attentions
To detail tedium of
The long way round
Rings mopped
bottom glasses
Leaving marks for skidding
Hoops to look back
Light water ones
heavy glass dues
Visible panty lines
Rape alarm falls axis
Boxed ironing board
Skirted past after
Twelve forty
Self confessional
that string
hoard doubt
Doubled over, feasted
porker means lies
Jolly string sausages
Knotted and tied
Rats and tails plating crowns
Milky bars in stead
Gymnasts fling A symmetry
Egging disappointment
Being rewarded
Horizon stable
Broad forward
floor to gaze long
Coloured or dull
Sky takes censure
Recharge moans
kiss from Beano
sniff church
comic strip
Play old game
Same rules of picket fence
Failure greets the red nose
Seeping gently oozes
From brown to red
Before rose stems
Eating from plates
and moving them
Unsubscribed to placement
Skittish from the platter
To be weighted, scaled
Judged, curtailed
Spelt out by jack knaves
Periwinkles or enslaved
Today is an old argument
As stung with learning
First instance in absolving
Dismiss perhaps a science
In later stages
Live mistaking posting
Route squares among
The ha ha shares
Of short perfection
Clouting days with
Year spreads
The earl is seized
One hundred dons
Tweezer grace commentary
As fashion promises
To be interesting

Margaret Thatcher’s
Travel card is lopped
Zones one to four
The roof thatch sits
Pouched in a steward’s
the rose in a plastic cup
Could have been in a glass
A vase
A container
Hold water for drinking
Ear wax and small flies
From a bin un emptied
A name drops in jest
After cold shower rings
The time warp
And a sincere political
Broken skin plastered
Is cleaner form dust
Having to be dressed
By two pm
At one thirty

An emperor for the maze
A redwing coach
Strathmore water
Putting the horse and carriage
No recorded tour guide
A circuit of some palace rooms
The Hanoverians
Butterflies over the tennis door
Cabbage patchers
Handling on the bench
Mown grass
Lazy footprints
a towel
and run down batteries
Blooming flowers
Photo opportunities
guiding the hand
Fairer than obsolete
Fountain water
Outdoor golds
Of gilded iron
Tugging apron strings
Alone or blethers
Knock the disaster
With overcast blight
Lesbian kiss
On mothers despair
childed findings
From elder pointing
A hundred spirals down
Issuing tickets
Reimbursed but sold
With extra carriage
Cantankerously obstinate
Clogging sharp swerves
Maleate maze
Of mercury silver balls
Epicentred to
Swivel eyes
Expedition’s measure
Olympic hoops
Where dot is none
Anthony Hopkins
Wooden benching
Wednesday from
Monday to Friday
A lone mile seed
From Los Angeles
Beavoir Brook
Where the dress is multiplex
Saturn and Jupiter
Recycling plastic bottles
Bending arrows to paths
With Jane Horrocks
First class travel
Clean design
Decisive action
Permission, fruition
Men in cabinets
As postcards choosing
A higher wage
Is over the hedge
Brimming down
the over treads
Spindles of yew
Charting blind
Forge me knots
Wilderness to tapestry
Where threads of
Long haired worry
Defer to ignorance
Enclosures to syllabus
National curriculum

Watching amazement
The maze again
Like another episode
Of Michael Portillo
Investigating policy wrongs
As rights of research
chipping out last conclusions
To the program
Counterfeiting yesterday
As a favourite song

Magic protects insult
From showing off
Worse contenders from
Brave countenance
Does not like to repeat
A new custom
To believer memories
Everything done in the maze
There is no cell wall
From birth to death
A reason for footsteps
Garden to thicket
Fetching screen shades
The whole way
From Madderty
To Dundee
Defending something
That isn’t had
At the moment
Slipping under gravity
From road to seated in
Covering ground

The same present as sun
Will not show face again
To stubborn profile
Setting, rising post cards
From august bank holiday
Treading hottest coals
Bleeding with leeches
Scouring Primark for bargains
Upbeats about skin conditions

DT 4015 Digital camera competition PO Box 2029 B299 7XU

The human cabinet
Younger than me is brand
Older is emulate
Shrug off backwards
Leaning performances
Husking strawberries
Acidic joints from Coca-Cola
The Radio Times

Long toenails
Sticky surfaces
Building dust
Relief settles

Three week stiles
Solitaire in stars
Pegging frailty bribes
Parts with masturbation
Theme tunes of missed chance
Training behind them
X certificates
In passing bottle
Incy wincies
All the best rules
Near trap doors

Woops a daisies
Learning curves
Emotional stabilities
On flute bins
Geriatric news
Non salivation
Clicking back the car seat
Not dropping copper pennies
Or silver ones
Sandwich wrappers
Against the clock
The carrot of hatching chicks
Gobbling worms
Bread crumb poisons
Somebody falls
Champion stepped
to fledgling treats
Boxed parentage
High on a wall
Golf ball holes
Swung suspenses
Make it forces
Or tenderness
Care for budgerigars
With millet
The picture of a nun
Without a bridge
From the tall stack
Of a doormat
Of the sole boot
Treading home and away
You can be that plan
Un televised
That sets casts
Of bus drivers
Omen stares
Of lingering doubt
Concluding annual cycles
With no break
False chips
Depleted ports
Cartoon fits
Negotiating brains
In action streams
Of drunken penned
Where knobs cook
Feasible paths
Of ordinary snatch
Perverting sophistication
To umbrage and clout
Self paralysis
With defection
To keep low level
Underground and enemy bound
Trojan boots of
Kicking dust
With red laces

These paths are strange
Wombles with loud music
At desk jobs
With small idols
Of technicolour
Brooding on single dinners
Self promotions
For harmony
At Saturday’s rock concert
Voted first to style’s request
Savages to spot lit
Bunty animates
To the steers
Across the hill
Pitching eyes for fresh grass
Blades for chewing cud
In human faculty
Galas of wit
With face and stob
Marshall teas
Performing sprains
Caressing flair
that sits alone
Burgeoning debt
To ivy’s grace
Confounding sleuth
As a wayward toll
Un spirited
With every lie
A stance in belted breaks
With no mental giveaway
For the spot
Shows one to all
Deciphering crosswords
Without help


The hate of copy cat
That creep into toast
Breakfast cereal
Jam buns on sale
Trench coats glue the air
With story
Touching sorrow
Vacuously in explained
In wiser glimpse
Fat kind man
Authentic v good processor
My cigarettes in your hand
Guardians of precious
Stowing juggle
Fronds unshaped
Colour shards
Kevin Costners
to Fridays ‘89.
Some portrayal
Gives first hand to string
Never meant to sit frozen
But the nymphs played
And wrestled playground
For crystal balls
Scrape factors
Of advancement
When those that peer
Lash heroes to sleighs
With clamping finds
Doric columns with mantles
its wrong where you’re seated
Budge up, old dame
Stage wonders
With miserable loans
Like debts to chum yearns
That plonkers have
I miss Eloise
Nobody in the corner
Of highest pavilion
Only butterflies
Digitally attracted
To lift a sorry child
Then herpes leans
Cells attack favour
On morose
Phlegm cowed
Betty nude steps in
Doing all that wasn’t timed
For ball to roll
Tipping timber runs
Shaven to carpentry
Old crow’s beak

Ears are roses
Toes are noses

A thorn in an ear
A toe calls a bogey
A very strong
Imbues the trap
With autumn leaves
Drop a penny
Catch a taxi
Curb to gutter fall ins
Never guessing
The wash
Scourging friends
On stolen dreams
Because together
Camps warehouses
Of the same toothbrush
But they are not the same
Like the drops
Leaves spilling

I grew copper sulphate
It saturated
Back and get the crystal
Knowing the errand
For sharing
Cruel to head on
With fervour
Where to hide

Wanted to meet
Ralph Fiennes
So followed Freud
Down clackety clack
At the end was a
Blind man
Who led me by
Penny Farthing
The dusk market
In tatters
With its own sadness
As if place holds
Its own scum
Un mistakenly plain
Almost honest
With blight
Because it shut down
Absolutely years ago

Anyway, that’s where
The blind man considers
On behalf
Of where he’s earned
A route navigate
to share on trolls
Among trolls
That sprites live
Next door
Slivered by chance
Of scolding doubt

Normal doubts
Don’t intrigue
But expire like
Yoghurts’ mould
Hoicked, spooned off
Relished in early days
Relish the mould
Relish the mould
Before it does

Beats on stone
Bun kilns
At high degrees
For the discovery
But not breakfast

Food strangely
Like hypocrisy
To Giles for goats
That milk is cheese
As well for
Bacteria to
Sort it out themselves

This learning pickets
Me from thee
Bouncing laps
With drumstick

Bloods of sisterhood
Approve society
Gaited for lobby trials
Porticos and

Approach the day
Eight too early
Thinking Hampton
There’s no-one but the day to visit the maze, an overcast part of learning fauna. Miss but the other years, carved in bleak fortress. Apparently just visiting but apparently. Being thirty to pick up a lid of smarties, to look for the dog called Fergus, to eat a hot dog for the hell of it as well as to try out sugared mustard. To tackle the maze in debonair, but still needing the DJ. To look at the clouds fro a break of sun, to have gone because it shines. To consider Florida as a genuine option from a Kingston garden, somewhere tackily unthroned, without much privet or allowance for speciality.
Wrong conditions press on back to front with a label inset. No yoghurt for breakfast, set on the rustic table. Hanged man on a beam. The princess of cups and swords wrong conditions as if insincerity watches the court of history. Yesterday’s inconvenience loads anger and vice here.
Handling the bad pack and not drying, wasting, persisting, crucifying exacting go the doing words. It should be a blessing that there are no goldfish. That mirrors at a fair say In or Out in changing dues.
Arabian Nights
Power Happiness
Jonathan Cainer
Moon Cancer
Cinema Tree

Spoon against tooth

Assuming higher powers
Belong to themselves
Self possession
Wonders for approval
Disowning mistaken
Fleshy hearts
From apple cores
As pithy natures
to spell the course of learning
Blood and oxygen
Words heated or schooled
Strings unbowed
to sounding bored
With sultan
Shield me from brilliance
And failure
For what is done
To and by
As fighting bears
Weaponry with sordid wit

Not right in the thinking
Is hard to admonish
To better standard
Of health and well being
Surpassing less fit
Equations for porn
Dim sloth writhing
As if it were not my junction

An arranged barbecue
But sausages
Burned are wisdoms
Cup handling perfumes
The sweet breathers
Stale roll peripheries
For the glum blush
To blurred shades
Of slim line action

What should I worry about?

Aston Villa’s David O’Leary
Gary Linekar’s equality
Stepping aside
The big boys
For the small boys
As a big boys girl
Without club membership
Mosquito swatting
Beautiful red rose bush
Signaling rites of passage
In summer
For the summer people
Who can’t keep count of temperate
Scorches, mildew, greenfly
Blossoms for gardeners
The sulker broods again.
Green shield stamps
Husking with tooth
Twixt nail
when this line
Was read at birth
By the reader
By the reader
Publishing past futures
Like a spaniard.

How can it rectify?

Processional among Leicester Square’s
Cartons and neon heights
Drab topiary flutes
In ear shots from stall shops
The street factions
Of one in three
Chirps to triangle baks
Slotted shapes restrain themselves
Bulging for steeples
Piled on hopeful troops
Bits and pieces
Candied on reward
For new dress and cameo
Asking ties deference
Without a bow

Plaid requisitions
A waltz
Over the canyon
Fish swim to air
Penguins dive
Twenty thousand LPs
Make a sequence
Chartered with clementine
For thugs to brighten up
Unit rooms
Where village squares
Around fires and
Sleeping geraniums
Radio south seas
Discounted with short breaks
Selling Pepperoni
To vegetarians
As drum sticks
Oasis drinks the camel
Smokey plumes in Brighton
For bad manners
Lady shoelace
Catching a hazel nut
Not peaches and cream
A photograph of cream
A wheelchair
Of roulette
Catches a falling nut
Molar chewed
Brittle and un tasting
I would never say
Thank you to you
Ten years ago
I would never
Allow myself

I would not have known words for blame. Shuttle judgment aggrieves the settle. Both hopes churned under one that did, one that did again to see the doing flotsam of an old plank.

Low pressure, flannigan pastry, Schweppes bitter.

Judgment Forgiveness understand.
You may be God
But so is everyone else
You may be tied
By a strand of hair
Clipped from Boots
Next to shampoo
Scratch ointments
As modern remedies go
With shelf lives
Mending rounded ones
Dog on a lead is left
Sitting on a slab
Watching knees bend
In strides up to High St

The most powerful people
Universally pray for
Themselves on your behalf

Feature meets the past
Spearing mystery
Fighting soldiers
Yoking breakfast eggs
Good for day stories
Adventure posts
With signs for this way

Place to the set
Shocks badger

Siding with one
Amounting the spine
Right to left
Finger and thumb
Left to right
Rolling paths of grain
Giant backs the spine
handed to the arm
From the chair of
Plain forgery
Helping liturgy
Crack the bottle
For brave symphony
Actual path
To virtual phrase
Pointing Blue Peter
The dead people
Are coming back
To less important times
Elvis leaves the building
Perennially drunk
With nostalgia
A measure not brained
Equally to decades
Of mass anecdote
Adjective to license

Conclude the rite of passage
Sister that drops a train of bounty

The cheeseburger
Chomped un hungrily
Absent minded
Snacking rather glamorously
Bejeweled in flip flops
A wrap skirt
Artificial and brought
Large bag of shopping
At ten pm’s way home
Hot little slice
Greaseproof wrapped
Embezzled for bold things
And chance of store opening
Young men in caps
From China
Mopping down a strident day
People filing in and out
Shopping in the centre
the cheeseburger
Sweet slab with gherkin
The cheeseburger
Pass on fruit and vegetables
Dribble nosed munchers
Holiday brunchers
Dotted globally
On giant Ms of yellow
Marry this to Pret a Manger
Prawns and rocket lettuce
Fresh ingredients
And silver floors
Good practice working benches
Itching knees and
Tingled noses
Not greed but price
Early departures
Scooting off
Grinding paste to swallow vice
Fizzy straws
Nobbledy bottles
With carrot juice
Fanta next door
For this improvement
Now words
For onion rings
Coca-Cola partials
Of caramel black

See the vice president
Of a church
Considering the attraction
Of election
To godly soars
Of eagles on the Spey
Viewing crannies
Gilded chooks
Bald and un feathered
Without pants
Gawping for air
To binoculars
Collecting eggs
To feast their eyes
Tree topped as Danny stands
Champion of the world
Cracking tiny sticks
Under trainers
Truffle with skim stones
Boing bling boing
With nanny
Pledging ripples
Ringing sisters
The compliment
Pulling hair
and bickering
Scratching longevity
To surface angelical
Fostering strains
Of lyrical tongues
Cued to advance
The homily pays
That knowledge brings
Beef sand witches
Or dainty fragility

Le bitch

Puts feet up
Drags smoked
For spires
To blow their weather vanes
First house has sky
One a chimney pot
A vertical pip
Telephone mast
Spokes from rooves
Glass bottles
Bunion domes
A french window
Humming perfumes
Smokey bakery
Pigeon mess
Warm slates
Bitch twists, a bunch of stems
Glass vased in number four
Chewing olives
Housing thoughts
On best lies
To mend fracture
Or gaping holes fantasy
To window and shaft
She is not a builder
But a jostler of men
Aligning them as prunes
To stone a gateway
On the olive grove
Sheared to the waist
In hard caps
They chisel and tong
Minding shelter
For better places
That bitch would like
To be
Obviously the church
In crystal esplanade
Paving heaven, men are spent
Dialing Jonathan Cainer
To the starry host
Templing bodies
Before and after cremation
As sycamore leaves
Crumble on bright days
Unbred to the parentage
Of flower, beaded chains
Daisies plain the meadow
For some to style children’s hair
But the bitch is past that
Seeing rhododendrons
Wild blossoms of
Coursing weeks
Trampling country streets
With litters
To lawns and institution
That protect goods
In gospel pounds
Plentied with fish
On office walls
Netting profits of
Mademoiselle B
Who sees to said
Corrections that stave
Wholesome enterprise
As life’s industry of wit
Switched on engagements
Knocking doors parceled
For discharged
Love unleashed
From the puritan shelter
Gothic sepulcher
Green housed tomato
Packet soup
Pillared bank
Lobbied hallway
Monkey sachet
With safety
To God bless you
To mobility
Dance and the flute
Jolly bonking
Wooden floors in step
No squeaking gates
A rust by hinging
Plaintive turnovers
Fashion accessories
To sordid tales
Over milked and childishly
Ironic to tragedy
Spake the green eyed men
On Monday Tuesday Wednesday
About the weak ahead
No party together
to the lost dance
Scratching strings
The future bed
On karma sutra
Stubbing toe for tapping

The cash for Debenham’s garb
One Saturday
On a Saturday
Lamb in a Greek restaurant
Lamb on the plate next door
Balloon debates
On what went on at school
No argument
Just cash

I do all the distribution agendas, purchase orders, telephone messages.

The contract of friendship
Is hardship
Of the same diary
Dinner at one
Plausible fares
The housing office
Place is mine
First street
Then a left turn
Where Jackie
Waits with patience
Blobby wears a nickname
Hiding and waiting back
Signaling round the corner
No class to chance
Gloomy woomy
Latex paint
All golden
Smiles and crisps
Casual mortgages
Turning down he state
Yeah my corner
all nice on a date
Pretty in address
Chimney speaks
Flaming temps
Agency fees
Chopping wood
Tying knots
Monopoly minds
Mapping for the staff
Thick with soot
Above the hearth
Of old bliss
Fitting shoes
That pick noses
Like planet
Ron said
You would
Less deftly
But crucially
Picking bogeys
Gordon Tony
And John
Just coz Alan Milburn
Looks like Paul McCartney
The Cambells
French polish
Overheads, plucking
Nits from the lady
In a straight jacket
Belonging to
Kirsty McColl

The Eve of St Agnes
Came to Skegness
On Her Highness
Every year
Skegness to you
Birthday to you

Obedience is owning
To accurate figures
Divulging values
Of actual situation
Planing down
Only ordinary
With complaint
Although promiscuity
Causes resentment
Of high speed maintenance
Moaning a lot
About handbags
Karen Millen shopping
Lunch diaries
Women boutiques
Marshaling perfumery
With wool and hair plucking
always on a stretcher
The job situation
Palatable holidays
With deserving selfishness
It does cost two hundred
It does cost three hundred
It will probably be four
Hands cross over
Pulling out from under
Not but reaching
Claps of order
The bottom hoar
Rises with a slap
A ten percent discount
Gyms on membership

There are things
That I can’t see
They pass me
And in passing
Their crop share
Says whoopee
A blunder

Other cultures
Other culture me
For eating chicken
On a mending spree
Consistent punch
Is debonair
With stalemate
Some tings are new
Some news are flu
Hinges on the
Salt n’ pepper
Grandma’s pew
For worship
Stereo tonics
Bee kept hives
The suckle
And inebriate

Then George appears
Like gorilla
Kennedy is shot
Statute pillar
Congregational mourning
And task enforcement

The free copy
Of a voice
The free copy
Watching vice
Disdaining hands
A head of lice

One party too many
In me, the garden plot
Wax on my toes
For a wasp to balm.

It would be good to settle
an old conclusion
With goodbyes and
Green saleriac
It is not both
To treasure countenance
As anything in particular

They insist! They insist!
Whatever claims passport
Has a tongue to match
And it moans export
By the gangway
Fertile Proust
Is bedtime reading


The couch says abused
And it seeps
With swab down
And be mended
A lot of spurning
For a God bless you
If it isn’t acknowledged
By laughter
An absolute wheeze
Backed up by
The Tory party
Serious interests
Like stamp collecting
Preservation orders
Like don’t eat chocolate
The princes are coming
Cropping in on passport loans
Secret hideaways
Isle of neckie
Gertrude Becky
Bingeing smarties
Marlboro lights
As if Guacamole
Asparagus soup
Strawberry shake
Coleslaw and potatoes
Fetter cheese crisps
Are not enough
From Sainsbury’s
Watching Stan Tracy
Fountains in thirties
Black and white
Working in unison
Paging scones
little clunk
Beats outside
To music
Eat the smarties
Joining spots in dot to dot
With martians
Under spell
Borrowing nightmares
With twenty four shuttles
Biscuits and earphones
Multiplex laser jets

Setting the wrong example twice is for people who set examples. Setting the wrong example thrice, thrice in squares is urban planning. People who set examples are criminals to those that can’t stand them. Top and bottom examples hold mutual admiration to some degree. Folk Robin, King Solomon, bird and fish, apprentice and master have some appetites in varied density. The correct path is not investigated. Mindful of extreme, wonder is appropriate. Converging is more common in good theft. Clumsy chance needs not pet.
The correct path is not investigated when correct has exaction to more than the answer. Showing workings honest to attainment can mean lifting page references. There is no proof of imprint in mental arithmetic. Is multiplication soulful more than addition?
M 2 x 2 = 2 in population single births
A 2 + 2 = 4
M 2 x 20 = 500 or 20
A 2 + 20 = 22 or 22
What is the difference?
M 2 x 2000 = 200
A 2 + 200 = 202
The answer for 2 is 2
3 x 3 is not reproductive without DR

Father Son and Holy goat
Mother mother father

Not aware there can be two fathers doctored, but the doing of a technician team brings the game to rugby.
2 x 2 is dot dot dot dot cross cross cross cross
Dominoes Diane Volume Weight Measurement weight in the emotional sense.

Today baby it hurts that danger is pronounced in its descriptive form. Long winded, the broken arm plays tennis years on from sling and arrow. The guilty arm, assaulting and abating. The silent arm, bending to sobriety, the rebellious one, cracking further up but never in the same place. Rings of innocence don’t speak to the arm about the action. Natural pains are aging, bestowing grace on cat walkers. The danger happens and someone must describe the push. Some people get out of gardening through gates of slippery steps. Slippery people can glean from the soles of their feet that cork and grit can do wonders, just for treading on.

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