Hands Free

Is it raining yet
i don’t have my watch on

is it snowing then
I’ve got astral cream if that’s any help

Then what’s the answer
To what

Is it raining yet
It isn’t raining

It is
Is it

It might not be
Do you mean in Africa

Would you like some tea
i think so

What do you mean you think so? You take 2 sugars
It rained on my parade, didn’t it.

No I put my coat on
Did it stay on you.

And did you go indoors
There was a vote on

That’s the answer to is there any sun
There isn’t any rain

How much fun.
Tell me again
What’s your name
Andrew counts as rain for some

For who is that question for
To what

To is there any rain
Any what

No, I’m not

Calling you

Yes you are
Can’t there be anything I don’t know about. I’m going about getting wet.

Do you have any carrots
That’s a good point

No it isn’t.
I’ve got algae on my window ledge. It likes having rain, and when I’m not in, it thinks it has2 scarlet fever.

You’re a friend of Michael Fish
What do you mean, he doesn’t know you

I don’t know
Yes you do

No you don’t
Im saying is there any rain again before the probability.

Does it mean you’re tall so it rains on you first
You’d have to be the BFG

I am the BFG
Go and find a sprinkler then.
I know, How do you do
Can you summarise

I’ll put my brolly up
That’s a trapeze and you’re my raindrop

The kettle is on which sends the rain up
Then you’re a bat

No I’m not
Yes you are, you’re a Tetley Typhoo

No you’re not
Then you’re an earl grey darjeeling tune

I’m not thirsty
Its Thursday.

That’s it! You’ve found my terms and conditions and
yes we are on the telephone.
No we aren’t, and you’re sitting in my deck chair

we are talking without handsets
Do you have any hands

Yes if i’m not lending them
You’re a fish then

Which begs the question
What question

Is it ever really raining

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