Blake’s caricature continues in the basement marking a would be Waterstone’s birthday. Furlongs of refreshments are for the rest. Americanos go with book bags and raspberries. A huge tray of acrylics exude from the plan shopped for, having all the violets and turquoise. Wit out of the blue withstands; paint not the pond.

An office meeting. More familiar with retreat. A quizzical voyage to a fiance house. A fling is from Star Trek.

On the science of discovery, its compartmentalised abandon. A quiz compels from the absent escort. Glorious chings of opulence report to merry rounds. For half a year I banked like cured ham. Reinstated imaginations go courted upon. Mike after Milo for an unmet Derrick.

London is a re habilitated hub. A decade ago there was only Pizza Corner. Huge nebulous windows dressed around international sandwiches. Telephone strolls pass pest controls. Succeed with a leak and whip it for cloud Sahara. From the charge of love, a clerk refrains. Peace at the pre recorded. Tame dress the clumsiness. Proclamation prune an Australian. Land not for Gwandwana, but for Gwandwana land.

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