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It was a great trip to the moon, qualified with pop and ballad. The mystery palm of drawing the rains, all boulders for horizontal charters. Declared fights of passing by, the un proposed place of exchanging proceeds. The luck park of being smart, soothed for the next hitch.

The improper voice of imitation, the unheard falter of word choice, having no speech but to mimic again, the subtle reproach of Amen. Say prayers to revive the lives again, exposing use to the reverbrance of re gathering. Folding the course of settlement norse, onward to the inhabited dwelling. The constant extension of dousing the heat, all coals to stoking retreat, hiding and regaining with the bound craving, not understanding the setback for being obtuse.

The knowing loops of traumatic roots, tripping the toast of passers by, causing shivers and curious pelters, why so carefree? The proper trajectory of let me in, occasioning idleness with flowing rims, taking there route of most astute, all bedded with seeping. The slightly ordinary pretence of social disgrace, having a lot to answer for, having saved none. The required tries of having overcome, at best with furnishing the room, employed to indulge in being lifted. The wighty charms of serious mischance, such ar e the chasms. Displaying void to waling abroad, being gawped for crossing reasons. The echoes and shouts of beckon perversions, wondering about pet dogs and assertiveness. Belongings and divisions to coax the extensions, being normals to set apart stencils. The spray patterns of recognitions, toying with former positions, gleaning on the quest for letting up, wondering where everyone lives and stealing hope.

The stains of lost fears, resolute with precious smart, smutt to glove the temporary job, then fingered to sell on. The tenuous nerves of being put upon, straining the gallant surveillance with reinstative-ness, calling the crowd of dismissed pride, pointed at for brief spats, dotted words to dung slats, caning the overseer with improper suffering for something living. The microbes and germs of testament burns, having been hungered for and then rejected.

The toughness of resilience, a more worthy pre ponderance, for happiness has a pause insertiveness, where vanity finds slush and rudeness, where encouragement has a false flush. The saving face of secretiveness, unknown to depleted gong. As witness with cowardice, the accomplishment of masks, following the expample of a required past, conceding the measure had to be taken. Meanness and the standing ovation, whip cracked with disability. Best advice to address the inconsistency, finding best reason with simplicity. And here comes the sophistication, right and lefts to handing retention, choosing sounds for verbal extortion, whittling the sanity with please inflict.

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The hinge of being blind, opened and shut to being bound, the supple complexion of having been painted, managing to assume a favour from a n injected implement. The get on part of acceleration, finding chance to set loose. The temperamental misuse of leveling crime, saying the beholder shall share design. The proper misery of observing court, presuming fun between rinses,

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The least harm to anyone, the pulling time of rode upon. Tend to the horse in a wild beast, set the rains to settle the increase, evolving magnitude to tamed lies, dousing the callous expanse with calls on pride.

Ridicule pecks are best described, toughness with the other side. Silly whims as pathetic grins, the insistence of place and fear together. The want me backs of lost cheer, the fluffy chits of a noble rear.

The insistence has the nearest paves, summary times of grave wheres. Subjects account for daily despairs, having resigned to perverted dominance. The sleeping pews of plundered troves, bookish to the inherited woes, finding sincerity with emotional frugality, being afraid of all the suggestions.

It was done to evolved possession, the relinquished norms o f foreign reflection, being teased with greatness and mints of achievemnent, priced with ballots of other powers.

It was wanted by amtbition, it was courted with nations intentions. It was dreamed of worthy politicians, it was scorned for the cost. The level headedness of settling up, the access mould of touching stuff. The moon cakes of assembled crufts, the dogs courting to prissy bells and coats in Paris.

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Hail falls to the angle claws, disappointing the probation with summons reisnstated, unholiness to the fortress goddess that has looks in poisoned waters, frozen spits of remonstrance, insisting with the buts and ifs that find a gilt edged stagnation with guilt. The prangs with appointed wonderings, the dirty underwear of living in the hall. Much of this is readable to the sense that horror requites, called upon by the ravenous truths of owning downfall. The buttery pictures of confession, inscribed without attention, a deficit of extension, howling after the pose.

What sees the thing in store, the time to chomp the acquired waste. The Tucking in to Friar’s chin, the layers of blubber to harpoon. Immediately the bathroom, pants and breathes to laughing wreathes of toilet rolls.

Toilet pearls to doing butchers, digested tracts of energy literatures. The prettiest thongs of beauteous pawns, all non sensed with going wrongs. Breakfasts for dinners, when freshness is for villains. The statures of incisors, welling the plunge from catering the produce.

At length the beast is left to feed, being kenneled to protect the pup. The was to babe to go to sleep, the left alone chain of peaceful sound. The safety of a good hound, seeing the bowl before the chase. Scratching days of frustratedness, acquiring love before desertedness.

Being removed from walking with, always walled and barred to pace the protectedness, unfairly put with shut effectiveness, minding the warn.

Minute and the turn to do, depositing to disperse the shovel. Leashing on the strained cord, the retuned gait of master flawed. There is no chance with seems to wear, coated with shampoo or soggy hair, the condition and the habitation, being depended upon to drop at will. The dog goes at nine and five, the worker mans the constant hive. Some requirements are gut reactions, marveled with restraint and forbidden words.

The swears of oaths and likely adulants, exchanging views of respect. The drawing past and wish to pet, escaping or exceeding to spare affection. The wealth of goshness and making puppies, the dog collars of returns.

People and the craw learns, nesting flights with more perms, styling hairs to sealing baldness, being hungry for youth and ports.

Tiger drops to earlier prevention appeased, the risky flop of a precarious teddy, clearly on the brink of demise. The turns to retrieve and the sorry ness of had to achieve. After the hunt, only soft braziers and feathers in terms of lurex and shorts. The moult yearns of wanting brushes, the funny dolls of requiring dressers. Some dogs appreciate sound importance, making friends all over the place, other dogs learn the mistake of dropping ash instead of good tunrs. The likeness for simile in the friend, appreciating the manufactured sense for music. The feedback with swimming groups on the free vibe. Very little advancement to the piper’s tune, gaining for the lure of entertainment, a constant spectacle. The Tee totallness of finishing the bottle, wondering hat became of the pout. The licenciousness of wearing bootees and borrowing hairbands. The acceptance of the tribe, definding insurgency with later whispers to the noise police. The mess of beat and the quality, given beams for low roves, acquitting assembly to set the new page ahead. The blank exposure to sensation, clubbed with value. The idealists hound the darkness with celebration, drying trousers and then perspiring. The clean groom of appeal to everyone, only netting a time for covetous indulgence with one farm. The maeke up and the srosy infusion, having none of the edcucation, speaker mends of plying a house with notes. The all round beauty of nothing to look out, nothing to look at. Only eyees have good recipients, marble fringed with lashes and stow aways. The memory invokes speech, a debate on the radion, enhancing clothes and frillies where cream buns used to be obvious. The reach insfusions with sound inclusions, agreeing to reconvene the taste.

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Say mediocrity to access, make FUMBLE the revolution, let Minatore be the study, fitted to the moral in pure form. The slope of required jest, warm house of in barbarous trace. The large bulge of unlikely coat, the impetuous prince of show this to snort. At the helm of the amphetamine, the heroine of leaning improbability. The thirst of barging consequence for a true surreality. The holiday to the hot spot, the proper cleanse of danger, travel being the mileage of freshness, temporarily.

The learn of an extensive wardrobe, the crease exactions of being bare, the animal sector. When the candidate is the prime minister, cat flights to talking prejudice. The creeping roles of croons, very rarely and exotically obvious. The realms of the obvious indulgence, prevented on the face of sizing in, such were the columns that fame gathered. The gristled scalp of nought from sight, immediately impaled upon the lance of subsiding. The undead times with relinquishing verve, the gradual puzzles confuse.

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At once the surreal disgrace, boarding hip with an interface, surprising bursts of wind, embattling the Lillette trim, testing the sphincter of the Nile pavilion, saying cricket is for pads and bowlers. The Onward prance with looking to askance, sizing the past with dress up fasts, conceding the past to dress a daring starch on the common place of dragging tobacco. The pomposity use of unelected expertise, the library wards of leathered books, hustled to see perfect brains. The insight of remarkable gains, all extended from the prying fleas that make worthy mites patrons, the hunger for investigative doctrines. None of the ordinary route of acquiring clout, none of the jewels and bibles allowed for the cow, only necklaces for grazing beasts, milking for Heidi in her storybook. The beckon to return to excellence form, trooping the colour with partridge sightings, idiotic pheasant crossings where the sights of dumb squirrels appease any worries. The proper omens of gnomes in gardens, the proper crows of nesting lightnings. The animals in the kingdom with their god spakes, the live and let give moments to squashing the fighting. The face that wears the conjugate pairs, even a gesture would remark that the bed was made. A hapless tirade for the restate to skelter, seizing the horse for a malleable divorce, for none of the living legs of humans have the vibrant skies of frequent generations. The breeding rates of mice and gerbils, weeks to weeks with mystic hurdles. The great great great great gret great great great grabdnitger grandmother of Fluffy the frosty hamster. The week to week purge of hurdling alabaster, chirruping the incessant coast with prescribed laps because the land meets. The waves of cigarettes and comments, finding relaxation with sandy wear down. The sport of golf to drive the brand in holing the court with serial stand, adjusting to the swing of flags in breezes, the outdoors of condusive boldness, requiting bluster with gaining. Calmness and the present tense, hurrying on to backward gone, hearing sincerity with give in translatory, a mark of laughing endoscopy, whatever that is. The seized plaids of cursory stairs, stalking the snares of pulling through, still undoing with things to do. What done ness there is o feeling fares, being accomplished with adopting the setting, remarking at the goldfish pattern for hopefully nobody shall be able to view the cliff where coral recedes as a global vulnerability. The swims with water to sanctify the mutter, triumphing with paused response for another gurle on the portal. Insistent nods of living rods, the get togethers of required speeds, the odd populace of back at the village, squinting from the knees up and properly defining the deranged firework as a party piece to be set with a box up.

Infecting the airs with unusual habits, croissants between ironing in the evening, eating markmalade when breakfast was of the other hemisphere. The healthy stealth of being a cauldron, pouring in the things in the kitchen, saying the things all have to be eaten.

The silver crust of chance to deceiving, passed on with eon’s certainty that fashions may change. Once upon a time the bakery will purge again, the habit will be to skin rabbits in the early morning, even though the peasants are well fed. Sports and kings are jests at misgivings, owing grudge the temperance of land mines. The serious thwart for beautiful escort, the apparent route of being a deport. The house of extinguishing like, played recently with a crow’s prate, crow to thank for famously sank, it flew to land to journey lend. The disappeared sunk with bread in soup, it was discussed and weather blamed. The mysteries of giving up and magnitutde, greated with washed up containers and famously smoooth. The Scottish grouse is whisky perverse, from where that did it swore and remembered.

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The infusion of rage to book for a page, a lesson on how the Romans lived. The teaching lows of innocent thunders, a progressive use to move on to PE. Th e next juncture will be saved by the bell, the rest is plush with time will tell, refurbished for current tunes nad radio moons, dictated on the room’s everwywhere of signs and the chance not to sneer. The equipment to help the obvious kelp, gleaning what it can for wild seals and puffins. The safety notch of imbued passions kept with air bubbles for resilience. The who’s who of depth insistence, declining in the submarines. The lookout carts of Frankie Howard, the comedy sections of Carry On questions. Mirths and the bellicose girth of betraying bladders, jeers at old age and prodigiousness. Sanctity in the wasted verdures where wind and guts have given up. The excelsis of the glorious senate, mown down with learned fates, the reminisces of toy sailors, wobbled from leagues and features.

Require the proverbial pelter to soothe the youthful exterior, finding dalliance a purpose to keep fit, finding the what for for a geriatric. The reason is there to succumb the scare, say the chill in the wind for propping the bar. The invite turns to open again, backing off the disastrous plaster, move on!

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Be the diamond!

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Thin and thorn again, the S shape of changing lane. The angry beast of inviting the demon, goading the suggestion with curb less enthusiasm. A week spent with hilarity, then poked to dance. A week left to stop the gap, a relay gorge of a food fight. The bedlam on the screen to being the cream pie. Laughing at the direction, to serious is of the snake’s eye. The temptation to set up and withdraw, belly dancing the steikes’ underscroe. The cobra and the spitting match, a final scene was struck to scratch. Lines of teams of goodly keens, the inspired slates of incubates. Disabled with doings to tiny moanings, tongued with poetry to commentary, pricking the busy involvements wof fisty cuffs. The dizzy making slurs of serious improvisers, wounded every day with prominent overlay. The flor of being the go betweening , the goading ftetch of repeating to start again.

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At once the rejection was qualified exaction, it removed the sphere of doing to know. The bouncy section of coordinate caption, the after note of margin heads.

Last spit to the packet, first whisp to the maggot. An engorged bin of giving again, recognizing the outcast flame, for it has no home. Only time expires with fortune’s fires, as long as there is a picnic place. All constructs to verbal aqueduct, reducing comments to rocky outcrops.

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Feathers return the waters to learn, defining the body of shiver’s nativity, making goose bumps to bald arms, describing hairless things as cradled swans, trips to Nuneaton.



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Anything wrong is pounced upon, hoorazy to slavery, the wonderful thing of hiding amongst thieves. The cluttered heads of mental felas, all growing up to the plan of proper parties with baroque masterpieces where wallies feel at home.

When the set up has become announced, the set part will display the ounce, give the parrot a place to carp, make settlements with work. Working free lance amongst he blizzard fence, determining expiry to high pressures of inquiry, all the importance! Dipping amongst the choices for breaks to furnishings, being glutonous to the risk of cigarettes at tea, and no to standing slightly. Increasing the value of livid to tell you, pushing the open gate to let the pigs run on.

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What of the orders?

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Discussing enemies, unhated and unloved, all squished with period dress, sequined with individual duress, being foamed over with subliminal returns of Gygesnad Ganeges and spelling mistakes, pure to the proper words of late and silliness. The rogues and the extremes with shared expenses, the jurisdiction parties of queer permissiveness, wondering on the scopes of ivory bats when curious lots wore hats, and all of this was enslaved with livenesliness.

The daead response to sorry and worry, uncontained ith far remove. Distance and the expired trove, the wonder think to love’s told. Being informed to shelve the paste, being moved and delineated without a scratch.

Dispensed to rinse,

5 Responses to “Coup”

  1. I loved as much as you will receive carried out
    right here. The sketch is tasteful, your authored subject matter stylish.
    nonetheless, you command get bought an edginess over that you wish be delivering the following.
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    • It’s lovely to hear you’ve read me, though the subject matters bounce. Simple format of WordPress is pleasing on the eye and the column makes lighter reading than paragraphing A4

  2. Wow, this articlе is nice, my sister is analyzing suсh things, tɦerefоre I am going to let know her.

    • Thank you German, it’s a hobby and all views are whimsy circumstance, though some recur to convince the others

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