Robbie Williams

Why should Kensington be a form of depression?

With MacDonalds and artificial ivy at the hotel

A good shopping centre with Barkers and Miss Selfridge

A library in reach of sissy coffee

Several sock shops with bus lane connectives

Planned and non arranged vistas of history

Thick huddles of opportunity

Mobbing up the pedestrian button to cross

One person hears the call of it all

At a time to the other millions

Decking the stage with peeled skins

Shrinking or expanding the impact

Tying friends with seated muffins

Rescued from the gaze of advertisment

There should be an opinion of a poodle

As the breezy lady douses by


I don”t like being a revolutionary

With check points on my num from the mouldy

Growth about who became my granny, only Gandhi

I didn’t want anyone to catch her at the time

She was only making macaroni cheese with cornflakes

She took me to Valentine’s the dressers and fruiterers

And said did I want a walkman for Christmas

Gave me a joke book called knock knock

Said she knew lady Mary, friendship with dresses

They were in her cupboard, about four or five

She had an ensuite bathroom throughout with carpeting

The porch was added as a sun tap, that was her idea

I wanted to inherit the sofa, going in for grandstand

There was a window seat where curtains belted up

Visitors from around the world, a cupboard with games

Sometimes she just wasn’t there, only a fire

In the sitting room with the tick tock and black lab

Drowsy with a tease of impatience

There was a version of how granny made beetroot soup

Left the lid off and it went everywhere

Though really it wasn’t beetroot

That’s the point

Everything was to do with salt

Getting me to laugh at her teeth

How she’d eat jacob’s crackers

All over the place with a false set

The thing is she had them all out

Telling us it’d save on fillings

She was very fond of grapes

Said she could eat them with a knife and fork


I want to catch herpes from university

One hundred percent starts again

The genre is horror from time to time

Ferry man to mop up

With fogey loads of dodgy offal

Riveting the view of negotiation

To climatise hot studs with meager parts

sir, how are you compensates the air

Exuberance is shoulder holding

The cellophane of bright lights

Family involvements with GM tomatoes

Regular forms of improved vinegar

The west end is raunch

Someone does love buddy holly

Going too far selects you

The effort to please reforms hiatus

Boring the badge from an escapade

Labeled with call me beryl

Aspiring Madonna for buccaneer’s approach

That will ever slop saucy soaks

Wearing ghostliness with a ring

No different to fitting the chair

Please sit down to the manner of byron

Filofax could swat his diary

Murmer things to arch clicks

Clamping shut the beaten wife

In all forms of souflee

Tinting others to step back from orange spots

Famously cured by haliborange

Manufactured to grow bones from snowflakes

Mark enhanced to stick a tongue out


I appeared to have lost the houses and cars

Businesses, airports, holiday inns, quavers

In return for getting off suspicions

But the firs two lines have all gone through no

So the suspicions have come back

Generous caverns of grieving mothers, rigour mortis

Clones have moved on from daylight robbery

To form friends with housemasters

Though theyre still of the judgment kind

That organize happy accidents

Harrowed by gerbil spit that says

Naughty for playing in trousers

Years of evidence run greening crickets

To recognized sounds of ambience

Followed by herds of cows passing fudge

Internalizing sun tans from sugar plantations

When I shall own the creed of what happened

The pet

A long way from here

I had an affair

It could have been

A toy, a man or a cat

It ended there with a fare

It could have been

A bus, a train or a mat

Recently I bought a cat

And said to it

What shall I do?

That isn’t true

He gives me ideas

About purrs

Im called frances

At the moment he’s playing

Tag with a book

Go away!

I love sean the cat

But there is more

The thing is

He’s very clever

No need for friends

Social conundrums

Helps solve the case

Im the cats mother

Supposed to eat mice



The cult of personality did me in

It wasn’t advertised what went in

I was very fond of economizing to the baked bean

It seemed to be what martin amis did

Opening to his page fit for sponges

Would be boys in basements with Bloomsbury dads

Plural adventures to name all tasters

Fitting in to the telling with corduroy flares

Stepping out of climate frames into bushes

That jostle commercially with brains

All bran fibre eaters, remmington fuzz aways

Things I never got round to in 3D

Gazing off to a tired roundabout

Radial laws going further than forfar

To check out the shades of being cross

To the extent of indifference about failure

Revising tension as the guts of pulling

Let me in to tell me what to say

But then let me go away to dig with badgers

Mother and father languages waking to darkness


Whoever it is isn’t a Russian

Nor a man from the Czech republic

Nor a donkey on stage at play

Turning up to fit in

The real life of taking on

Finding identical terror anon

Typing in the soud extension

That what started isn’t really dead

This is what happened to my old friend

Living in the north drawing ducks

Shared cups of tea in the library

Student life worth future dowry

Man in time with hooded face

Tattoo calls imprint places

Grabbing arms for stepping turns

Floatation wears a water name

Goody goody do flue

Assimilating colds and jumpers

Move ins for parallel tangos

Utility decimals for spot banks


No outward signs to the art

Tensions grow to know miss marple

When news concludes there’s scare to go

Hurry up and water a tomato

Lady tshirt sweats pedigree

Crufty answer boos of cheers

Gripping ons to blendy escalates

Bending with mike’s poles


Everyone picks on me

With fame and fortune

Gathering my eggs

And returning sitcoms

Somethinges I blink

To visit the set

Where husbands sit

Masses of them on lime chairs

Cocktails and parasols

Leaving no address but dame edna


It began as a change in the loo

A costume for brownies

A collar for politics

A leotard for circus

All wonder woman

But the tight rope became loo roll

After a tantrum

And the settings in my head

Were downgraded

And the circus cheered without me

And all I said were dumb things

For a life in a conscripted high street

Wrestling for undertones

Dog spots on pavements

Charting rain drop tracks

On window panes

For folk at home

On squashy couches

Who never clapped eyes

On three twirls in spangles

But paid to advise

With black and decker

The sea

Remedial pairs for marathon foods

Mars bar the point of thanks

Everything said is fair play

Line leans to give away

Considering the flume to watch

In they come, out they go

Compliance to the suffragettes

Womenless men with hairy pits

Clamber times for thigh girls

Lifelong bearers for set backs

Assuming accents of what went past

There goes a dream, musnt follow it

The dignity of privacy to read on drives

This way to stoke on trent

Admiring shakespeare’s aunts

Rummaging for humbugs

Just enough plates, ah but ar there

Looking to be provided for

Holding on for when to go

Bus moves as frigidairds

Outdoor clutterbucks for ice creams

Choc bloc populars alternating hand overs


Imagine it was fantastic

Couldn’t really say

Sitting about to whisper shout

Mediocre fighting

Guessing the word

Was it hard to reach this place

Have dexterity to the stutter

Accuracy craze for slippng discs

Even the stereo disagrees

Detector of appropriate moods

More valued than uncles or plants

Somehow a beef eater to ripe fruits

Fat controlling the look about

Accompany sruggle muddle

Ones that somehow get hands

On vibes but are detached

Burgled by one less sense

With sensory overlad

Cautioning fools that wouldn’t hear fit

Angry exactions about depth and feeling

Exclamations anonymous, huddled up

Singular cripples, bells without ding dongs

Rocks laughed off earth plates

Unofficial gas about girlfriends


Landscape of pain, family near again

Considering the overcast with love

Manipulating wonder with familiar shove

Its you that kicks, you that bites

We try to understand you rights

Turning gelatine together

Vehement no veiled with cheese

Manners passing as concern

The special idea

There was no good in any of the

Ordinary load, the main frames of

Guidance stole my intellect

Packing me off with a dictionary

After weed and maruana named a stroke

Manly lipping the going again

To be as it was, a door in the hill


Poppy for each face marked yesterday

Delivered in turn for a box

Guilty times for a young lady

Applying life with heroic indifference

There appears to be a story for generals

She snoops in for metallic medallions

Groveling to signals of national reasons

Why she deserves to be honoured

Men and women parade the tall story

Summoned to kill and preserve language

She hopes to glance level with an adjutant

Drum up a party for day dream prospect

Write an excuse for the church to clap

Over ruling a thunderous din

Internal yelpas nd butterflies

Action films with arnie in them

She thinks she may have run a man down

Coming back from the supermarket

It could have beena b road with blue sirens

When she scarpered off to th lightless wood

Gnomish fixes for tolkein’s goblins

Dappled branchesprone to the seasons

Troops with names like Douglas fir

Saving her discarded venture

Evariations of if and other

Monuments to pilgrim progress

She could have waited for the rescue team

Straightened up with lip stick, perfume

Round the mountain, down the canyon

Gluing worry to the opiates, larger things unseen

Many things go missing in action

Plaster casting reen belts

Developed soundly by mr wimpy

Settlemtn extensions widely blamed

For ruining the countryside

Hatchbackers with whirligigs

The young lady tunes a distant philosophy

Picketing against election prats

Loop inductions to the ear piece

It should have been hers at the accident

She outlives deth as a supersonic motorist

Crossing her legs at genes identified

There goes colonel rose, tweedy condition comaose

Transporting her to his grandsons

Safe chins in glossy magazines

She pores over their inheritance

Jealous of their wives in luxy jaguars

Exceptions ot the mainstream


snow and the icy patrol of scorn

relieving srings of beautiful sounds

weighted by tons of musical interlude

that love survives for gut poles

exploration and the home is bound

further than the reprimand

applying manners to kitchens and tans

braising onions to blend with gardens

imagination about the warm haze

dresses with silk and blues

children from the old days

happiness tethered to the lamp flag

presenting the breeze with lung rhythmn

tension and the sag, a party expectation

parcels with friends as prospective diaries

enough to do with sport and chairs

accounting vowels with cups and fonts

canopy spokes to joyous bicycles

moving ahead of the gravel

where grandpa stands with knitted socks

gaining on lies as falsehoods

intermittent dashes the actions of children

securing the independent solitude

distanced form the procrastinate

that worried and slippered the chance

shoe makers that presented worlds

all pairs worn at the same time

narrowed down to the blessed response

exactly fair to all feats

contained to carry through the loads

finding grandmas spectacles

audio woods from all the plants

attention seeking for green romance

hydrangeas for blue petals

posing for waterlogging

braining for soup to form life

swallowing the endeavours of steams

reflex response to tiling spouts

passers by guarding the sanctuary

griddles to the seep that croons

please don’t bring up the past

self denial to the account

reformed but everything was grim

legislative speeds from negative catches

fish resembling chip suppers

attempting to swim with watery burble

very successful but unattractive

appropriate with hollandaise

scanning a meniscus for van dyke


she calls this her survival plan

creeping round her home to turn on lights

by herself with static artifacts

soldier memorials to capital goods

disquiet keeps her ab bay fromfriends

quick to spot her scurvy intentions

to prey on the lime she glugs coke

romance with sugar and tonic

she may belong to the sultan’s fleet

current buns to pic at

making havoc wioth snap and coincidence

never brave enough to set foot

they all go by with brass bands

worthy souls of risk and parliament

capable to mouth off a national anthem

while she and the other young stare on

muddling without a general, hooking up

short tricks to rork the frequency

brief flings with fashions and fads

collectively unbilled to react

no cause to assert with surrpetion

ontentiously awkward and boring

mainly wrong wcould give up smoking

airy volumes of passive buyllying

celebrations to depress plath

that soul mates are hard to find

concrete thoughts for flaggelation

a posh house with jackanory

disco prues go to the youth club

then middle age qcquires a pet

natural judgement fwas all too fast

waying no the long rrun spirit

temptation arresting the ego

tired of the grouch club

after the spur of genitalia

preferring the dog and weeding

the lonely soul is blessed

with far too many relatives

cookie packets, go to Maryland

find the continent of Mozart

likely chances happy to bystand

short refrains of knowing that tune

difference poles of skiing between

getting had up at the checkout

thereis a perfect list to buy and do

shoulder to dshoulder guessing flu

challenging the handkerchief

confidence against the sniff


no outward signs to the art of listening

tensions growing to know miss marple

wen the news concludes theres scare to go

hurry up and water a tomato

there is a room to let things take place

but likeness tortures the second hands

bargain faces seen before success

pre determined pincess looks for a mews

the young lady may have special pedigree

cruft answers too boos and cheers prepared to be rained with bending poles

owned by grooming and hygiene

or a rebel retiring to bodily gases

nticing the shame of it all

gripping on to blend with escalators

hair raising the apparent chance retrieved

producing a floppy disdain

conveyance to annoyance

honestly coping with subjection

the sounding board for thickos

siding with a thrill for the rabble

ones and twos of devolved participants

thumbnails ofr the trudge whispers

embarrassed to be responsible

lives curtailed by please and thank you

acknowledging the whims of ghosts

spectcular to the secrecy

of how the enemy lives so modestly

starving in trench crusts

dusty blinds at half mast

miles from colourful hearts

anti socil to niimum wage

support from a central curriculum

browsing news to sale days

absorbing to the minimal choice

self selection is handed out

snippets of things to read

graspec by eyes on straws

catching the last minute for hours

television chocolate the fortean summit

learning rules for wrongs

self preserving detonations

clever joins of Ronnie in prison

every four lines as cross bars

somehow the pulverised is addictive

yes diversions to knowing less

copious gluttons play adjournment

electing the pretty picture to work

flat and still with contemplation


the happy ending leveled on a burning sensation

complicates the task of which end has revulsion

being disposed to wretch or make pants

feeling tiddly while the risotto ferments

it isn’t anyon’s fault to the extreme

of why the whole battalion were laid up

suburbia can expect to scream

fantasizing for a mystery guest

big brohering the code of what to do

instinct ensnaring the stench of a neighbour

misunderstanding the pause to divide

clearly exposed by hedge appropriation

the heroine hoped she’d be sick with love

but produced the effluent of being aware

surrendering her hope to bounty and creed

conditioning the give to elastic waists

bending down with maority curses

about the res of forgranted

cuddling the jibe of suffering on

the bleak reign of imperfection

regulated to eternal detection

having to admit quilting smocks

holed up to the inward sensation

danger mouse the harboured crawl

at length for what stays behind

prominene tfeature fish and chips

puzzled with newspaper wrappings

hints of vinegar to taste

verbal vernacular to cleaning goods

hidden with potatoes and soggy mops

giving up to element compoiund

resigning chance to stt e of the art

fiding a perfect identikit

needing to be less than best

resigning history hapless laboratory

given the chance, the anne Boleyn

many regal pretences to thank

nourishing ghosts of the silent rank

despite the flaws the super evermores

given to depose modern times

geriatric with listless vines

made rigid with portraits and stones

fortified by anyique prides

impositionso flayered measures

five boleyns ago to dress down

plaed for sphyx on toilet seat

traditionally Tahiti I wreathed

game up could be signed over

the tweedle dees just share plates

sympathies for vegetative states

flavoured and creamed with compliments

chefs best to vast perspective

filling the consensus early

before the gut alludes to treacle

comprehensive drains to meet

any time till next week

lately should resist the force

cluing up extrapolants

playing squeeze to privatecourts

heading the joust full tilt

the escape this evening wasn’t tough

precedent to poetic scruff

bang on the nie of a watershed

leuchars jet to stain the bite

as a warlike contender to chaos unstuck

preparing for a program about crackdown

nightly sifting cat winks

from wild panthers at loose on moors

oddly fouls of decorative flaws

tnding to daily normalish functions

squaring the misplacement wth radio pits

all nighter sreen powers without warts

the commune exchanges woulds and wouldn’ts

apostrophe rules of who belongs

never crried further tha the park bench

but linked to the reeption’s next step

in the old, allwas beer

taverns with dodgers hats or hlong plaits

skim here suffers from low fats

whether th answer is weight watchers


the feeling that the good guy is going to rape you

that the marooned lass is really asking for it

that all the frightened dogs and cats must be deranged

that the symphony is the made p stutter from boss returns

reminding lullabys as good time cheerios

body surfing for twitch and dribble out

sadly lucid for going solo, it could be okay

after the interval, past the minstrels and ie chocs

letting on to sweet symbolism, hydrant perms for snakes

conducted at length by lte arrivals popping seats

and berlioze scarpers up to the rafters

tending sachets to pick me baskets

alive to the rip and ready stir, further away

from what old times left in the gangway

whooping cough, t.b polio and the black death

a back view of flat listz, attempting to sound

nice above the din of the bare feet and cobble stones

revising the day with mystery programs

understood by the top man as a long oar

the argonaughts as great fu for colouring in

good hearty speciments in the pub

prevailing nothing to think but boyo scrub

gladiator fees of something tsty between the chops

preening the slvation for balance

when articulate things are too complex to promise

personal defects

lining for bitter rates

exactly commended to stay at length

California and the celing mirror

Completely the best tune at that

Conclusion confections to what turned

And left the grazed knee to get brained

Labyringth of antisptic

Supporting the bottle to pour no patient

Acid flows to being right

Classy glass identified

Brave heroic martyrdom

Antiseptic for farts

Linking the warp to knighthood

All revolving tops

Attempting to live into

Smarter dress or powder puff

Ten minutes of hairspray

Relinquishing each light

Bingo for a giveaway

Cloak and airport rights

Clogging up the relay settling non selection

Taking things forgranted

Terror to reveal the hole

Wood louse in back side

What they all did was persecution

Impersonal energy for the rebound

Come again to fall and rise

Reordering the prompts

Successions with forgivemess

Rudely applaud hors doevres

Nipples with tractor nodes

Get everyone to starve!

Prescriptive selection to hurt

Crabbin of the walls about

If only love was here

You would all find out

This is where m appears

To darkened walls for caged thirds

Snooping for a shared grievance

Please be special or notat all

The best part of being shut

Closing time applies to cupboards

Century with centurion

Gargantuan fesasts beneaths

Warehouse puffs of mist

Gooly wooly griendly dogs

Say hello to UHU

Shut the shop from treasure hunt

Hemingway is on the make

Revived to secure royalties

Nosey ned from bay leaves

Hinting through a likely nose

Friends with noble spines

Iliad and Gulliver, supermarket clover

There are no people

Involved in sacrifice

Denial gulps hold close

Bin men carry off black bags

Threshold runs

Precipice drive

Curb jumps

Caution post

One lane auction weight

Quite heavy

Those looking on

Suddenly agreed

About the moon


The order of diabetes

Sugar grades, clockwork

It became a national conference

You and me or i

Perhaps in a bath tub

Who knows

Those looking on

Had lost or won

Crucibles or inventors

With loads to do

One thing does

As another

Empty ones

Laden waters

Lubrication wives

Pretty boats, woods

Out of character bids

Happiness in floods

Gulliver’s manager

Born in port

Dinner drink adventure

Talker gas

Drones, seucers

Normally awkward

At large

Planes of dreams


Monotonousl paced

For all viewers

Bad ones learning

To stay away

Covering traps

Wishing wells

Gratefully delayed

Teas maid

Those days


In a tin


Todays date

Bring indoors

Tossed seasons

Compass shares


Nobody out


Ah! 1984

Further ahdad

Street lamps


Post coital rails

Piped cons


Its covered over

Today lost

Reviewed bitterness

Resolutely backward

Own expense

Keep this for me

Throat lozenge

Peppercorns laugh

At sneezers

Head turns all round

Indian catastrophe

Essential stock

Happening pasta


Every now and then

I have to eat

Corn on the cob

To see if I like it

Afterwards theres

Usually a cough

Come to think of it


Round the world in atey ways

Sothebys examine me

Occasionally like

I got bought

For interruptions

O yes o no

Relative intentions

She bouht marmite after you

The larder has become a shop

After me

A golf club membership

Our family

We swapped chairs oce

She actually said

So she may come after you

In stripey socks

Puffing a cigar

Stammering we’re not alone!

Her name is anyone

A kind of cross beween

Bills and invoices

That’s because she went off

With my jewls

She’s quite nice

Burlars came for lunc h today

Experts from sotheys

I stood them up

Took the cat out

Bought a metronome

Every day is school time

King kong

Wonderig hat bricks do

What the hell

Fizzing on the world with

Grapple and do you mean

Half dead to the height

Of stopped groth

Tumour bound to

Language oath

Said it didn’t mean it

Wooded forest

Only cat calls

Keep me blinking

I’ve been on courses

To get dispossessed

Yes, I say I’ve been

Until then

Its matter of fact

No love

To scribble down

Gone to pick beans

That’s the line

I ought to say

Shouldhave a

Kitchen garden

Six white horses.

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