diary 2012

Diary 12.10.12

1st August
Frances siaid she was tired to Gillian and wanted Gillian to take the calls. Frances called one dcustomer mrs Margaret MC Savross or something, she said Em See, instead of muck. Frances laughed out loud and the girl next door said that was another person. Frances has been thinking how funny her letter to Chris was. She has been mulling over what she said, Frances said she hadn’t been successful. Frances saw Sue at the door when she was going for lunch and wondered what she was going to do about Sue. Frances is just relieved she isn’t pigeon footed. Frances was left a message about her washing machine, Sue could take it in to crieff to have it mended. Frances didn’t leave her house open today. Frances had stirred vegetables with rice for lunch. Frances had a cigarette with Ash and she met the good looking Suean who is too busy to play rugby with Ash. Put her head phones and splitter into Gillian’s drawer. Franes is thiniking about Chris Moyles and wants to read his book. fRances hasn’t trawled the internet for the address to write to. Frances bought forty cigarettes at Spar on her way to work and a man in a car smiled at her. Frances arrived for the meeting at twenty to ten in the refectory. fRances is looping on the telephone and treating the customers like the cutstomer beforehand. Frances spoke to Gillian about Pc world where she was finance manager for only £13K. Frances said that was bollocks. Frances was surprised at how low the wage was. Ash got Frances a table to sit at so she could join the group for lunch. Louisa has stopped smoking. Ross says he is going back to college in September to do Music management. Gillian said she couldn’t imagine him doing that. Frances thought about the course she looked at on the interent. Frances thought Sue worked for centrl intelligence because he is a mature worker. He wears a suit. Sue has let Laura work solo because she is good ast the customer services. Frances almost id a consolidation escalation for one of the customers but Gillian screwed it up and threw the piece of paper away. Frances didn’t really understand why but left it at that. Fracnes and Gillian worked out how the splitter worked by turning it the other wa y around. There is a red switch button that transfers the talker and the listner so they don’t have to exchange headsets. Frances is a t a window sit on Gillian’s left. They talked about toys and Gillian said there was a toy shop in South street shere frances can go bto buy herslinky. fRances needs to buy some toys to keep herself occupied. fRances liked the parachutes that threw over the stairs hwern she was a girl. Fracnecs said thre were ball throwers with clicky bits in them. Frances was a bit non plussed about those toys. Frances worde her Scottish and southern t shirt today with her large boots. The rain came down. Frances thins she met Sueny at Butlins. Frances doesn’t want to go to Abercairny for dinner gtonight. Frances thoughta bout Sue and going for a ride yesterday. Frances thinks Sue enjoys all frances’ difficulties. He spent years enjoying the bit about the hungry horse and the pigeon toe. He thinks he is an expert but frances is a slave to all that. Frances has to go the wrong way round for Sue emxaminations. Sue told the horse the word hjealous because Frances was in the stable courtyard. Fracnes just ignored it but frances was listening. Sue does this sort of thing. He was referring to Gerogy, Frances doesn’t like Philippa because she is like Sue. Frances thinks she is more individual than Philippa but she feels copied by Philippa. The surprising thing is how alike Sue is to what Frances does. Fracnes hears the phone ringing and the only person it will be is Sue. fRances doesn’t answer it. fRacnes is paying too much telephone Sue to have a telephone bfor Sue to call. Fracnes told Gillian she needed a cattle prod to get her wato twake up when she took the calls. Frances is a bit dozeya t her desk. fRances told Helen Kirkwood that she wants to see a psychiatrist. fRacnes thought frank Kelly ewas like Sue. Frances likes to face an enemy but she doesn’t like being an example of ridicule. Frances wonders what the title is to Sue Wyman’s autobiography, published in 1991.
Jealousy on feelings week in driveteime. Frances listens to Caluaudia. Jealous y involves three people and the loss of one person. Envy is about two people. Jealousy is a complex emotion, fear about loss, sadness and eanxiety. It includes shame about suspecting a loved one. It eats uyou up inside. In a child its excusable, don’t realise how destructive it is. Best thing to recognise jealousy and then ask yourself about therelationship. People who are prone to it themselves don’t mind it so much in other people. Tomorrow is disgust, the topic for discussion.
Who was frances loved by yesterday? Frances had a vilent dream about he recruitment consultant. Only a abrave man whistles during a song, that was Sue Lennon. Frances often embroils herself in unhappy times. Chris was asked if he was okay by the bbc controller. Frances may have upset him with her letter nd her general existence. Frances lingeredon the end of yesterday’s show, the sweetest thing by U2. Frances thinks she is the sweetest thing to chris as well as the most obscure pain. Frances is listening for a hint of attachment, friendship or genereal reference, but she isn’t sure what she means. Chris pays lots of attention to his co hosts. Frances knows they are more reassuring than hey arey. Frances is fluxmmoxed by the dream marginand wants to capitalise on them. Frances looks to chris for spatial guidance, she is unequipped to guage her own dimensions, she is a sponge to dilution advances. Frances relies on her dream attachments as she wakes. She doesn’t know what she dreams as much as what she thinks she fakce.s. fRances thought she was onto something lsast night when she cried. Where was it ogoing to go? Frances feels a shiver, she listens to my guitar gently weeps. Frances isnot in touch ewith her dream enough to base it on her person. fRacnes is amused that she has anything to do wih a radio transmission. Frances has less to do with acorns on trees. Frances dwellson marvel, a form of pulling off where sohe doesn’t reach. Frances has deployed her perception to far reachesof intention. Frances waits to reel in the clues of a company exaction to her solace. Frances welcomes the dues she sheds, she sheds her dreams for pieces to solve. Frances forms relations with pieces that know their inventions, fRacnes splits the things and the causes.
Wednesday 2nd July
Chris said commiserations to all those that didn’t win the Rolling Stone contest to win tickets on the stage. Frances was listening to chris when she went to the polo. Frances has been thinking about Butlins and Sueny Vetgas today. fRances could apply fo r a job in Butlins, she could do that next summer. Frances has been thinking about tdoing a acourse in perth or appliying oto Glasgow’s drama college. Frances could get in if she wanted, frances thinks. Frances is very internalised with her friendship. She was quiet at lunch when she sat with the new group. Frances ate a lot of salad. Frances went to Asda’s and bought Tuna steaks. Frances helped caSue catch his ponies at the polo pitch. He seems to have six horses. Frances had to atake off Sue’s boots onece and Sue was very sweaty. Frances got Sue’s mobile number as well as Philippa’s. frances has just been visited by Mrs Bruce who wondered if the sky man had come. F Rances reassured her that he was coming on Saturday. Frances spoke to Sue who said Philippa and Sue were going out for supper tomorrow night because noone can come to the party. fRances might drop in at the polo tomorrow evening, they’re holding a barbecue. Frances could do thitwo things in one day. Frances has been on the telephones dtoday. She spoke to Freddie Mercury this afternoon but the line was bad and she could hardly hear him so she talked to Mrs Bailey and added her to the account. fRances spent fifteen punds at Asda’s and then heard Travis on the radio just before seven. It was the song about watching flowers go in the graden. Sue is sworking at Scone palace at the moment and he gives guided tours in French nad Fgerman. fRances missed Philippa, she didn’t wait at the polo long enough but the evening had been acancelled anyway because iof the rain. fRances smoked lots of cigarettes in the car on her way through perth and shwe threw the butts out into the street. Frances’ tent nearly blew iaaway in thegarden and she had to birn it indoors. She dragged it and put it inside, taking with her one of the plants that she uprooted from the flowerbed. Frances feels bad about Camilla’s letter and feels it may bhave been insensitive. Frances sonedres if she will hear back from Camilla because of the working about ostepoorsid being unpronounceable. fRacnces feels that Chris was refereeing to her whern he said comisserations. fRances sat tnext to Gill today but she didn’t complain as much. Frances sewent on her own and took quite a number of calls this afternoon. Frances read the output shee t about the calls and saw that she had only made about four. Frances follows the script and she did two routed enquiries. Frances sent these to Sandra Talbot. One lady wanted airmiles. Frances is looking at the wind form her house today. It is quite windy. Frances spoke to Ash who wanted to know if anyone had hung up on her. Frances said they had the day before. Francces quite enjoyed the calls this afternoon. Frances wasn’t in a vacuum. Frances put her cardboard boxes out for the bin men today so her sitting room is clearer. Francces had to pick the bins up because they had been knocked over. Francces noticed the roaddworks had been completed on the fowlis road this afternoon, theyre are new tarmac patches on the way up the hill. Frances was todld that the kids use the village hall as a gymn on Mondays. Frances needs to take some exercise. Frances was irritated by Sue’s remark hyesterday. He said that Vets were more intelligent than doctors quite often . This is because Polly is going to Edinburg university to styudy veterninary studies. Frances thinks Sue sees daughters ars horses and men as men. Frances remembers how Sue would always talk to her tin terms of horses. fRances used to have strong dreams about whisper as if whisper wa hermother. fRaccnes met all Sue’s horses this evening butshe didn’t ride any of them. Frances still hasn’t asked Laura if she can join her band. fRances is coming to terms with the countryside nd having very few friends. Frances forgot to mention to Gill that when she woke up yesterday morning she had a woodlouse on her mouth. Frances thought it was a spider. Frances hardly slept last night, she was very energetic in bed. Frances likes Sandra Talbot, she completmented Sandra on her lipstick. Frances hasn’t spoken to Kevin very much this wek. Frances was the last to wleave work hsesterday afternoon and when she got inthis morning Laura asked frances where she’d been. Karen said so too and hand’t seen Francces at her desk. Frances keeps noticing one of the cool looking guys who wears a striped shirt. Fro some reason Ashleigh doesn’t look at frances any more. This may be because Frances respects her because her family are in hthe police forece. Frances was encouraged by Sue today who said the sooner she went solo the better. Sandra told frances Sue was giving her a pep talkand Sue was hurt for his postitive input. The swimming pool is thirty five mouid a month for bmembership, frances was told this by Christine at lunch. fChristine has been with he company for a long time she said but frances didn’t ask how long. Frances didn’t speak to Tim or rto Daniel at lunch. Daniel was reading the newspapaer with his baseball cap on. Frances led Sapphire from the field to the tie up quarters at the polo ground. fRances told Sue he looked dazzling inhis whites last year, just like someone off the persil advert. Frances wsa told theat Abbey does Sue’s washing by Sue. Frances wneeds to revise what to say about the budget card. Frances isn’t sure how to set up or explain a budgt card. Sue is going to Edinburhg she means St. Sue’s university in September. Sue asked Frances to park her car straight when she got to the polo. Frances had parked on an angle. fRances has smoked her last cigarette. She stillhas some olvoeives left. Frances thinks about crocokdoilses in Australia and what they mean to her. F Rances thinksa bouttravis and she wants to write to Tanya for some reason. Frances wants to get in tourhc with her old friends again. Frances spoke to laura about superman. Laura went to see Superman returns last night and she was very hungry when she came out. She didn’t eat until ten thrirty. Laura says Superman has had a baby with lewis lane and frances said that she had seen Terri Hatcher on Jonathan Ross’s show and that she was surprised ebecause Terri went through a period of crying for eightenn hours a day at one point. Frances hadn’t heard of the new lewis lane. Sue’s horse threw Sue off at the polo before frances got there this evening. Sue rescured the palomino from the knacker’s yard and said that the horse had had trouble with its pedal bone, which was why it was going to be put down. Frances asked Sue if he wore a hat and Sue said that he had. Frances didn’t kiss Sue but she did say hello. Sue said the horse reared up when it threw hi off. Sue asked francces if she watned to ride but she said that she didn’t. frances wonders if she should smoke some weed. Where would frances find some? Did Frances know where the pedal bone awas? Frances said the pedal bone wasin the horse’s foot. Frances touched the horses gingerly. Shre removed Sapphire’s rug but forgot to undo the leg straps until it was half way off. Frances thinks about Hamish and wonders why she didn’t keep in touhch. Frances got mud all over her new carpet because it has been raining outside. fRances needs to find the front door key so sohe can use the kitchen entrance. Francces was asked if she goes to church and frances said that she doesn’t. frances is too cold to have a shower even though she needs to wash her hair. Frances thinks her job is going quite well at the electric company. Fracnes especially likes jill and Sandra. Frances said she was keeping to the script when she went to the meeting. This is true. Frances uses the script for guidance. One of the account holders said was frnces as lovely as she sounded. Frances said she hoped she ‘d given the right financial advice. fRacnes advised the customer to continue with tehe amounts set on his direct debti. Frances thinks fifty pounds for gas and electric is too much for a two bedroomed house. Frances prefers wearing dresses when she weers tops, she liekes wearing dresses with jeans. Fracnes needs to go shopping. Laura said she is going to Glasgow to buy some new clothes beause she feels skanky. Frances said laura wans’t skanky. Frances went to the loo at the same time as alaura today and laura combed her hair while frances put on her lipstick. fRances sat in Jill’s chari today because her desk hasn’t been fitted with a hard drive. Frances didn’t take her notes home this eveingn because she put hem in her drawer. Frances is going to take the car in tomorrow morning. She musnt’ forget. Frances will put the key out of her bag so she doesn’t forget. fRances will drive it in the right entrance this time. Frances drove the car into the Audi section last time. Frances needs to buy Philippa a present because it is her birthday. Ross asked someone what their age was today when he was on the telephone. Jil’s cheekds flushed with shock at the sound. Ross just gables when he is onth phone asnd he is a natural conversationalist. Ross copied some of what frances said, like thank you for your time and weldome to southern electric. FRoss is sitting opposite Francces at the moment, he knows jill because he is friends with Andy who is Jil’s husband. Ross said Andy woshoudl get in touch with him and go out for a beer. Jill has a son called Dillon. Frances asked if it was the correct swimming pool. Frances broke off Joill’s recollection of her son going swimming in a blow up chair. He likes drining the water. Frances thinks Jill has a sweet face, she really does. Frances bourght some orange juice at Asda’s and she tried not to tremble when she went about the aisles. Frances bought some rose Hungarian bplon k that was on offer. He had thought about buying a case of Stella or Kronenburg but she didn’t have a bottle openener. fRances bought osme bried as well as some spreadable Lurpak butter. Frances saw wehre the drive thru was for MacDonald’s . Frances asked Ross if he’d been swmming at lunch time but Ross said he’d just been to the shop to buy a sandwich. fRances thinsks about Burlins again. It is nine o’clock. Frances ekeeps meaning to give Audrey the ten pound note. Frances needs to buy some smaller emvelopes. Frances arranged with Sue to go for a drink some time after work one day. Frances almost works in perth. Frances wordkss by the inveralmond roundabout. Frances wonders when she will got o ikea to buy some more furniture. Frances could make a day of it but it will probably be a Saturday. Frances has thought about painting the filing cabinet white and balancing her beech surface to amake a desk top. Frances wonders if it will fit upstairs, the stairs are quite narrow. It could do as headboard in her bedroom again. Someone scratched their head at the traffic lights hewhen frances stopped at the red dot. Frances isn’t going to be let off in perth any more than London. However, Perh is less fearsome. Frances wonders who lets her go around thinking she has lost children. Frances escalates unlikely attitudes and possessions much to the chagrin of an audience. Frances has ruined the halo over polo by proclaiming that it is a happy valley before, full of Kenyan intrigue. F Rances has shattered mantles of good intentions by reflecting that something was gory. fRacnes has let down the place of serence oto describe why she is so partially alive. Frances has huge secrets to keep because of her expectations. Frances is from a misty cave of poor subjections, she has triumphed against unpredicatable odds to prove that schoold girl is deliverance. F Racnes always wthought she could think of a better way to justify the comprehension. Frances finds she is lways in the wong category, advising the line deciders that she is the line, exempt from chit chattery. Frances has some kit kat downstairs. Frances idn’t used to understand but sometimes she oes. fRances didn’t thinkd hthere were wrong sides to trees, but frances went to look. fRances is a moammoth investigator, becoming a caterpillar. Some of Frances’ lines were forced and frances wanted tofinish what she had to say on her script. This caused undue stress to the account holders. fRances didn’t always include the part about the high pressure sales call because she find that it raised the pressure to communicate it. Frances sometimes finds it hard to speak up. She doesn’t have any more volume in her voice. Frances lovel s going to bed but it is only nine fifteen. Frances doesn’t need the loo very often in the air conditioning. Frances thinks of the stripey top tshe threw waway to chariyty. Frances misses that t shirt. Frances is thinking about being on stage at butlins.
Friday 4th July
Kevin doesn’t like Tequila. He doesn’t ‘like lemon. Frances has just been to the Hungry Horse. She began the day deangeerously. She overtook arrange rover that had just turned out of the horse camp. Frances was horned at by a large lorry because she should have braked. Frances felt foolish for trying to prove herself to the range rover. Frances went to Pizza Experess yesterday. She ate mushroom ravioli. It was very hot and she had to wait until it had cooled off. Frances smoked ha cigarette on her way back to the car. Frances listened to laura talke about Tracy, her flat mate that sponges and wants to play dare. Laura is looking for a flat mate and Frances offered her a room. Frances ate spicy chicken and peas for lunch. She met ross in the smoking area and Ross wants to find another job in a more challenging field. Frances is listening to Evans again. Frances only has two cigarettes left. Frances has just drunk a pint of Guinness in the Hungry Horse. Frances is going to wait for the Satellite man tomorrow wso she an’t go evengting at Montrave. Frances dcan’t go to the polo oeither. Frances talked to laura she means Louisa and she talked to one custoemer for forty five minutes. Frances should have gotne into Perth and drunk with her team mates. Farances chickened out. Frances would have to have drunk orange juice. Frances thought she would receive a telephone call to go to dinner at abercairny with Hermione buts he hasn’t. frances asked Laua if she need ed a backing singer and laura laughed. Frances wonders how wshe could get into a band. Frances thinks about the Darkness and twhens he was in the grave yard with hthe lead singer. Frances was a Spice Girl for about ten minutes. Frances told Philippa that Hermione could be her betst friend. Frances thinks about the art course that Philippa ran today. Frances hears a car outside and get uop to look.
Saturday 5th july
Frances was listening to a a song a bout Alice when Philippa Came. They went to have dinner in a pub up the glen. Frances told Philippa she still thought she was in the fbi. Frances was told about Julia again who works for the SDP, she used to work for the Labour party. Frances ate frogs legs and was idisappointed. Louisa told frances a joke about hthe egg timer but Frances didn’treally understand it. Frances has snagged her shoulder in bed. Its her left shoulder and she hasn’t exactly pulled it. Frances means laura workds she means Julia workds for the SDno, the LDP. Frances liked the chef at the pub last night. She thought about paul Whitehouse. Frances like ed the chef at the pub. He put on Purple Rain. Frances went to crieff in her nightie to buys ome cirgarettes and she saw a jogger wearing a Harvard t shirt. Frances saw a Scotlsman in a kilt by the garage. Frances enjoyed the high of the cigarette as she drove back from crieff in her car. When she got back she met the postman who had her hub for her. Frances has ordered a digital phone that will arrive in six to eight weeks time. Frances let the satellite man nin this morning. He rang her to ask where she was. Frances said she was by the post box. Frances thinks she should goto hurch. Philippa said she liked sandy bonarw ho has parkinson’s . Frances has had her satellite dish fixed to the very front of her house which ish’t very scenic. Frances decided not to have two extensions, she could have had one upstairs but she didn’t want hee extra cables and drilling. The engineer had a very long drill to get through her wall. Franceds ate kit ktds for breakfast
Monday 7th August.
Frances shouldn’t have eaten the jflap jack that Jacob ate when she awas up the glen. Frances sawy the thomsons on the hill road on her way home. Frances didn’t go t o have lunch with Hermione and rfrances thinks she solved the riddle of the pearl, something to do with her metabolism and peril and poison, she thinks it was good she didn’t go to Erol to the polo. Frances has thbeen thinking about Kenya and the scandal all day. Frances has her metabolism back, it sounds like perarl. Frances has been thinking about nick and when athey are going to get married. It is nick’s fault that she has done everything she has. All because of the hungry horse. Frances is still listening to chris. She hasn’t got her broadband message so she hasn’t seen his weblog. Frances thinks she cshould ring and apologise for being distant when she was camping. F Racnes shouldn’thave shared Jaco’bs flapjack. Frances is going to edinbufghr tomorrow for Philippa’s birthday. She will go starraight from work. fRacnes thinksabout mussels and let’s get physical was played on the radio. fRanes has been resigning herself to a local union because she hasn’t managed to pull of chris evans. fRances didn’t listen to moyles thins mronign but she thinks she might write to him to check the y aren’t married. Frances is slistening to things that are hung aon a Christmas tree. Balls are like pearsls as well. Frances listens to a song about tear drops. Frances has driven home and she is now plugged in. frances is looking forward to the broadband when she an reconnect to Chris’s blog. Frances thinks she has dropped him but she has been onsideringg the local union. Frances is obsessed with virgins and whether they can do it. F Racnes went to supper with nick and did it on the sofa a long time ago. Francces is looking forwards to the episode about House. Frances talked to Mr House this morning and confirmed all his details. Fracnes should give upsmoking. Francces is goigg to Edinburhg tomorrow and so are Philippa, Sue and Sue. They are going to the Tattoo. Frances wonders where she will park. Frances was very frustrated yesterday and she spent much time in bed. fRancces should give up bed and give up smoking . Frances is sitting in a sun filled room. Frances is waiting for the invitation but she hsasn’t received anything in the post. Frances hasn’t heard bacck from Camilla aeither. F Rances was asked by Clare what her address was because Jamie Mckinlay and Fiona are having a party. Frances should have gone home on her own and left the boys up the glen because the sun came out yesterday. Frances has eaten two tangerinese. Frances should give up smoking. Frances ate cauliflower bake and chips for lunch. There was lot sof sauce. Frances wanted to eat chilli con carne but wshe didn’t. Frances read a story to Noa h and Puffin yesterday, she read Aladddin andd thinksshe could go an d retrieve pearls from a cave. Frances walked across her river with her downie when she went camping. fRances is wearing three leayers today. She spoke to Sue who sits opposite her. Sue asked Frances about her camping trip. Frances was invited for lunch yesterday but she didn’t go. Frances enjoyed eating lunch with the new tgroup today, Daniel and tim were wquite chatty. The show is dedicted to the formula one man who won rthe race, something about borrowing someone else’s car adnd a dirty old man. Frances was quite surprised by Sandra’s bad mood this morning. She wanted people to suggest new ideas for the group to have an identity. Frances madde a list for her end of the team including apagjama days and a chill out cornier. Frances said they shouldn’t dclash or use the colour pink because escalation use red for their signs. Frances and Philippa went o the pub aup the road and ate lip green mussels. Frances told Philippa she thought she was in the fbi. Frances hears Kerys matthews who exercises three or four times a week, she runs and does sit ups. Kerys was a psychiatric nurse at one point but she prefers singing to that or being a nanny. Good day for windowshoppers, specially designed widndow to tap and buy. Frances hasn’t bought Philippa a birthday present but she thinks she’ll buy some champagne or something unoriginal. Frances wonders what she should buy. Frances thinks about the tay, that has to do with pearls as well. Fracnes wants to sing songs like Ckerys matthrews. Frances stands up sto see who’s in the car park. They aren’t her fivisitors. Frances is sexpectingg people to turn up. Frances hears that Menzies Campbell got into university for his potential hnot his achievement, he didn’t hget very high markes for his highers. Terry Wogan gets into work at 4am to rehears e for his hsoew. That’s a lot of pereperation. Frances needs to do some hovering. Frances has got crubbms all over the carpet. Frances had her dishwasher taken away ofn Friday. It may be mended in Criedff. Frances is listening to Deborah Harry. A man is talking abut day dreaming on the radio. 1st definition, internally visualised fantasy. 2nd is exercising the imagination. Most material is very rich visually. 1st one is escape from stress and boredom. 2nd one is role of daydreaming in problem solvijgn. Microsoft hire someone to daydream. £2million to daydream for a year. The imaginers for Disney. DCreativity oin businesses. Problem solving to solutions. This daydreaming hasppens on very familiar routes, we have an auto pilot. The brain is a set of filters and things don’t always ggo in wehen reading books. Frances day dreams a lot. Frances was very distracted by Hernmion’es visit at the weekend, she couln’t apply where she was because of her tentative visit. Frances was higher up the river stream. Frances doesn’t have to be DJ. Frances needs to returne her meter reading s for Scottish gas. Parallel confverasations, perarls. Chris doesn’t want to see the bad stuff dome through on the bolo. Frances wonders what she could write in thre furture when she receivesb roadbadndd. Fracnes heard that Daniel used to work at Cathithness glass. F rances asked Daniel if he went to the hot room but he said that he hadn’t. frances called it the bolowing area. Frances is listening sto someone who is selling a yacht. He thinks money is the root off all evil. Frances hasn’t had her PC set up in the place she wants. Frances was sitting with her Back to Ashleight today. Frances can hear a car door opening in the car park. Frances hears the man was bullied for having gineger hari when he was small but it toughtened him hup a bit. Being born into more adverse circumstances, mr Caldwell says. The love off money is the root of all evil, this is the rreal quote, the other waone was a misquote. Fracnes has been thinking about the Christmas party when she was dancing with nickand he wanted to hide. Frances thinks about Lesley and chteh chicken. Frances hasn’t been in touch with Lesley ifor many years. Linger is on by the Cranberries. Sinead O’connor is next for the gobsamakers. Frances hadd a wet patch on her skirt this morning so she just turned it round. Frances ate three cups of coffee today, she had one on arrival, one oat ten hirty and another at lunch time with a twirl for pudding. Frances quite enjoyed being on the telephones today. Frances calculated a customer’s prices today. She wasn’t sure about th fixed prices with the other brnds, she wa a bit vague. Frances consiolidated quite a lot of calls. Frances smiled at Tiem from across the room at one point, as well as Karen. Karen told Frances on Fraiday that Tim knows all the wshort cuts about things like time keeping. Sandra says Karen should learn the full way, not the short cut way though shie issitting enxt to tTim. Frances felt ielectircal impulses half way thrugh the afternoon and she wonders who they’re from. Frances was opuying and pasting tsome information on the telephone line. Frances copies and pastes notes for customer references. Frances looked outside to the roof tof the next fdoor beuilding where there is a windmill, a mini one. She wonders if it generates electricity The sun is out otoday. fRances thinks about the horse at Blarimore who went all sweet when Hermione stroked. It. Frances has a cousin called Hermione sho is about hirteen. The horse looks mysterious. Francces word a bicycle. She rode a bicycle and she played polo. The polo course has been postponed to this week. Francces may bgo and visit this week. Frances otold Caroleine whow sweet Hermione was. Frances is at six forty eight, she is listening to a story about Sinead O’connor. She came on TFI Friday and she waked on and she thrust a cake in to Chris’s face. Chris likes her because she is unpredicatable, he hadn’t expected a cake from her. He might have expected a cake from Jane Asher. Frances hcan hope for something because she is unpredictable. fRaccnes might look on myspace to see iff she scan find some friends. Frances is desperate for broadband bto be turned on. A phone is ringin ing the bacck ground for the Nigel man on the radio. Frances only bought ten cigarettes this morning. Frances needs to oil the bedroom door. Francces is listening to Niegel Mansell talking about Silverstone. Frances yhad a huge birds nesst in her hair yesterday afternoon that she brushed out and washed when weshe got home. Frances needs to recharge her batteries. Fracnes is listening to people in love get special traeatment, that has got a kind of pearl in it. Special and pearl. Frances needs to rechardge the batteries on her phone. Francces heard it bleep in the dcar. Frances kept butting in when Lorna was talking to Sue who used to work at IBM computers. Lorna said Frances could have her tray. She is a student.t She says she’s never seen Star wars at themovies. Frances said she thought Lorna hadn’t seen star wars even on the telly. IT turned out she just hasdn’t seen star wars at the moveies.
Thursday 10th august
Frances spent Wednesday angering over the weasel in Edinburgh. Frances spoke to the weasel and said cheese to him. Frances needs to get Mrs Bruce to sign her sale. Frances has just spoken to Deborah and DSteve and promised that she will send htem tomorrow. Frances doesn’t think she can send the docmnents by special delivery because she is working in an industirial esatete. Frances thinks about stones and wonders about the wall. Frances got a bit diasappointed about the local union and she drove away early from polo without staying for th e barbecue. There were lot of people at the pitch hyesterday. Frances showed Wallace how to tack up a horse. She showed him how to pick upout their hooves. Frances is going to look after softie the hamster over the weekend. Frnaces spoike to Ashleigh onher way out from work and laughed at the thought of Sandra listening in to her call. Frances needs to write to Deborah with her bank details. Frances thinks about being stoned. Frances doesn’t have a weed supply. Frances could get htat from Rachel Philippa says. Frances slept in the sitting room on Tuesday hnight and she drove to wrork at seven in the morning. Frances was quite tire d on Wednesday. Frances got to polo quite early and stood about in her block eheels. Frances shouldn’t target he local union. Frances is wearing her black Joseph skirt. Frances has left her contract in the car. Frances thinks she could give Mr Hewitt permission to move into her flat but he can’t move int until the contracts have been exchanged. Mr Hewitt is homeless at the moment. Frances thinks she has got fleas, she has an itchy thing on her leg. Frances bput the recyclig box together very quicly this afternoon. Frances gave her ioriginal box away, it wa whisked from her hnds. Frances impressed some of the people at the meeting by her quick response to assembling the flat pack box. Sandra handed them out. Frances set up a couple of direct debits. Frances encouraged many callers hto have their preparyment meters to credit meters. Frances can provid e this service rfree of hcharge. fRances
On Tuesday Frances looked at Julia and measured her puffy face against the medication she could be taking. Frances is a bit envious of Julia’s job in the Chambers. Julia workds with some old ladies but her boss is younger than she is. Frances thinks Julia wears cashmenre jumpers. Frances received her national health information today. Frances hasn’t got any food supplies at the moment. She needs to go to Tesco’s Frances liked Sophie swho is singing songs in the Edinburgh festival. She has got a Parisian violinist who arrived on Tuesday night. Sophoie’s brothers leave their plates lying aoround the falat and she has teo tell them to clear them away. Frances liked steve who went to Glenalsmond. Frances wonders what the corner is. Frances thnks about corners. Frances needs to cross thesauware and ask myrs bruce to sign her contract. Frances sis a bit coldand doesn’t want to go toblairmore because he is hungry. Frances offered Sue a lift in to Blairmore but he is having his driving test that willfihnish up there. Frances moved her computer yesterday afternoon by adjusting the screen so she wan’t behind it so much. Frances adjusted her monitor so htat it was more in front of her today. Frances
Friday 11th August
Karen says Frances should laugh more often. She has just been afor a drink at the Hungyr ghorse. Francces enjoyed doing this . Luara talked about ffit men in House moves. One walked past and Laura pointed himout b ut he edidn’t come to the pub. Frnces feels unattracted to the people Laura likes but she would like them as friends. Francces has gbeen lusting today, she has been mulling over the pull and wondering what sheishgoing to do with hierself. fShe had a kiss on her bottom when the bmoon came out last night. Frances went over the stats with Sandra and sancdra swas complimentary. Frances has arranged 22 direct debits over the past month. Frances hasd her name in highlight.s Frances asdded quite a few people together in joint adccounts. Frances was almost wlatef ro work this morning. She lfefft it ito the last minute. Ashleigh says her group leaves her out. Frances told her group she liked Ashleight. Frances isn’t sitting opposite e anyone at the moment and sarah was off today. Francesate chilli and peas with past a for lunch. Frances told Louis a her boyfriend was sweet but she meant he was hot. Louisa’s boyfriend came to the pub last Friday. They doidn’t go campint g in the end. FLouisa is leaving in two weeks time to go to Perth ocollege but she hasn’t handed dher notice in heyet. Frances spoke to Liz today who said was she from Aberscairny bu t Frances said she wasn’t. Frances said she was from Fowlis wester. Franes spoke to Sue as he waslked daround the desks today. Rfrances likes Sue and she laughs hwen ehe pspeaks. Bo by used to towork for iIBM. Frances has been flashing to the polo vevent and wondering if she elcectircfieds Nicks to some extent. Frances showed Wallace what to do with the ponies. Frances encouraged Wallace to speak and Wallace spoke to frances about Crieff the High which iws one of the worset schools in Scotland oaccording to Wallace. Wasllace told Frances about all the dogs thatJim Metcalfe has. Jim gave frances a clock when he came and visited. Frances wonders if sher hinternet is contntected so shec can olook up a course in music. Frances sat in the car and listened to Clive Anderson talking to Rbert Galloway at lunchtime. There was a man who put Feidel Castro in his place. Frances has a sore thumb, it feels like a thorn. Thre is a large fly in the window. Always look inon the bright fside of life is on theradio. Frances found softie in her house when she got bacck from work. Frances has just let the bee escape by openeningg the window. Frances wonders if her potatoes have gone green in the kitchen. Francces could do some hooveringgi this weekend. Frances watched House last night but it was a repeat so Frances was disappointed. Frances got back from drinks at Fort ottage with Jamie and Georgina who came to snoop eround her house. Frances was just out o f bed, she had red cheeks. Frances sat in the sun at ht Hungry horse and she absorbed the heat on her back, it was good with the Guinness. Frances httinksa bout going ridingg. She needs to go shopping in Dccrief tomorrow. SFrances doesn’t really lieke Lixz who says things like Are you alright. Frnces is listening to a coughing man on the radio who is taliing bout IBM> frances was talking bout school in Harris yesterday. Frances said thy were better at mental arithmetic. Frances mentioned the coloured custard and how they used to guess what cholooure it was giongg tobe. Frances used to eat pink and blue and borwn and sometimes yellow custard. Philippa did reading aloud. Frances remembers he school, she went there for tweo weks Philippa says. Frances wonders if she was anything to do with the catching of the airplane terrorists, frances might have dreamt an defficent line of exaction. Frances might have knowns what th FBI think during the night but Frances doesn’t know during the day, anything more than what she is saying to thepeople on the telephone. Frfances aragnes budget cards and irect debis and she enjoys installing prepayment meters, or at least suggesting thatpeople swithcn to standard meters. Frances could cost Southern Electric a lot of mone by the away she says she thinks scredit meters are better fvalue for money. Frances seesthe cloused outside, the sun has gone in. frances had to pretend she wasn’t embarrassed when jamei and georgina came round because she had just got out of bed and there were things all over thfe floor in her bedroom ads well as poo stains on the loo. Frances ahasn’t reallyc leaned the house at tall. Frances is waearing stinky lothes nad she nees to do some washing. There is a meeting a t nine forty tomror, Mondya morning in the canteen. Sandra was in a better mood today. fRances got ten ponds less on her pay packet because she had a doct’rls appointment olast Monday. fRances still thsn’t received the invitation that she was promised form Fiona and Jamie. Frncces doesn’t really blend with Tim’s team when she eats at their table for lunch. F rances thinks about when Wallace asked her if she new any bands but rances said after college there’s not much opportunity to know the new bands. There are four bands from crieff and Wallace went to the perth festival hall and listened to the, m . Frances kept picking her face when Lance looked up from his computer tosday. Frances frequently dusts her eyes for sleep. Frances picks her earsnad her ose and she rollsthe dirt. Frances was attended to by Liz today who wiped her desk down with a wipe from a packet. Kevin said that Liz is obsessive about wipes and that she does her hands all the tiem. Liz has lots of different wipes for screens and hands andd everything. Frances has two cups of coffee daily so she needs to throw her rubbish away at the end of the day. Frances is listeining to some children outside. Frnaeces wondere d why ash sits at separate tables to his wife. Karen says she loves being with Grant her boyfriend. They’rve been together sixteen eyesars. Ash said he likes having a seaparte life. Frances feels a bit sorry for Alison who looks lonely with her friends at a separate table. F Rances thinks about the way she passes the local union because she dips her eyes in a fform of understanding that is barely perdceptivel. Frances hasn’t written any more letters to hris but he wonders about the loal union andoasis. Frances bought cigarettes at lunchtime today when she shouldn’t have. SFrances doesn’t feel any about the weasel but it could stop her gardening. Frances should have got a lapt ltop yten years ago. Francces recites her laptop during tantric moments. Frances often feels frisky after world,. Fracnes wshould have written work. Frances islistening to al ong jumper on the radio. Frances has been thinking about hugging a lot today. Frances wants to go to bed. Frances needs to go to the post office tomrorrow to buy a special delivery seticker for the return of the documents. Frances will bgget mrs bruce wto sign them. Frances stil thinks abut tangerines and the Christmas party with golden baubles. Francces wonders if the teenage people who are actually twenty somthings will include her on hteir list of doing things after work. Frances imageines befriending the younger generationof local polo players. Frances wonders how she will patch things up with Liz who finds Frances fdifficult fbecause frances finds her annoying. Maureen asnswers uquestions very fully when frances asks and frances feels impatient for her to end the explanation. F rances just wants a quidck answer, not ans answer from customer services. Lizz is a bit like that with wet wipes. Frances asked for some meter keys and liaz was very helpful and then franes flet guilty. Frances hears the telephone go but she int going to pick it up. Frances wonders who it ould be. Frances is hungry again. Frances had dinner with rice and prawns andd tuna. Frances hears that a lot of Nicks work at the radio staotion, too menay mto mention. Frances
Monday 14th August
Frances alaughed out loud when she watched the Dawn French show yesterdayt. Frances laughed at the alsanitary pad joke when Dawn’s friend did an eimpression of a teacher describing what to do with the pads. Frances has been laughing internmittently at theis joke all day. Frances teied to watch I Claudius and she took the hamster out to play with him. Frances just receive doconfirmation from debrorah that the sale has gone through and the nomney is ogingg to be transferred to the bank account. fRances didn’t send it special delivery on Saturday but it seems to have ggone through. Frances spent yesterday doing housework. She lifrted u[p the lino in the kitchen and put it in the sehed. She painted the front fdoor white on the inside as wellas the filing cablinet. Frances got bitten bythe hamster called Softie but he was wearing gardening gloves sho it didin’t hurt. Frances likes Softie. Frances talked to Ashleiggh today and her birthday is on Wednesday. Ashleigh is talking some days off this week. She wona bottle of wine this week. Ross is trying to get his stats up. He went for a Macdonalds today. Frances still hasn’t swapped lunch to be witht hthe training team. Frances thinks about rodents and lightening flashes. Chris was playing golf in a field iwht lightinng , sheet lightning lyesterday. Frances wonders about dDT. Frances feels a huge sense of relief about pest control and the win through from yestrerday. Frances has conquered the ick clause. Frances tried to stop laughing when she listened to Jill today, that’s Gill with a G. France s thinks the script for the telephones is very funny. Frances was on CONSOL today soshe was answering a wide wrange of queries. Frances filed a salesman complaint this morning. Frances ate vegetatrian lasagne for lunch today with chips. She was starving. Frances is hungry again. Frances had intended to buy some loo cleaner but she needed the loo too badly to stop at the supermarket. Frances washed her skirt yesterday and it has droipped into theshower with brown inky stains. Frances has been rauching with the captain today, she went through the script for Scottsh and Southern when she was in bed. Francces did hilarious impressions of the telephone call dcentre andd ow frances has reached her material. Frances laughed oso much she nearly died. Frances felt a bit too dressed upd today in her red dress with flowery sandals. Frances sat in the sun with Maureen and Gill at lunch time and she said was Gill going somewehere like, instead of saying was she going to Spain? Frances is listning about squash, that’s like walter. Frances had tea with Alison yesterday and Alison showed her her apple mac computer, an original old one. Alison said her sisters in law had moved out of a street that was oringinally white and that it had become full of Indian people. Frances didn’t say anything. Francesa te thepie that Alison gave her. Frances looked round the house and heard that her husband loved model railways. Frances thinks she saw the railways when she looked around some years ago. Frances can’t think when she went round before. Aslison’s husband got spinal cancer and worried a lot a bout the neighbour’s girl who rushed out into the wquare when she was on her bike. Alison’s husband got knocked down in the road when he wa a boy going to get a bar of chocolate. Fracnes has taken to drining tea from cups and suchers. Frances has a very old tea pot that looks like Aladdin. Frances drinks leaf tea. Frances received the Amnesty Inaternational magazine and she saw a picture of Harry Enfield. Frances saw Ian Hislop on the back page. Frances painted the filing cabinet wheite yesterday and thre are streaky drips on the drawers. Frances is going to feel the filing cabinet to see how effectivethe coating is. Frances put the tv on the cabinet before the paint had reallys et to bedome dry. Frances watched the micracles of Jesus yesterday with Rageh omar. Frances is watching the Seven O’clock channel Fournews at the moment. Frances has just eaten a tin of sardines. Frances heard the hamster go round on his wheel last night. Frances still doesn’t have curtains. Frances shouldn’t wash wool on a Sunday, something to do with the fold. Frances is glad she isn’t a rat anymore. Frances thinks about vermin and Rentolkil. Frances
Tuesday 15th August
Frtances went to Connachan and got some glasses out for the boys’ tea. One of the boys cut a large slice of the cake and Frances just stood and had to wait for Hugh the cook to intervene and rescue the cake from cbeing cut disproportionately. Frances only wanted to collect her washing so she went to Abercairny and fetched it because the alarm swasn’t on. Frances said hello to Philippa on her way in and she had just seen Philippa on the drive. Frances looked a bit naff in her track suit top but she is at home where she can change. Frances spent the day doing internet dcondsolidation so she manged to get through more edetails. Frances didn’t set up very many direct debits. Francces olooked at the stats and was quite satisfied but she isn’t in the winners league. Frances had lunch with Maureen and Gil because most of the table got up and left when she arrived with her potatoes and courgette. Francces always eats the hot meanl and she ocmes in on her own. Frances fotgot to give Sandra £15 for the Huntingtower Christmas party. There was one girl who died of hypeothermia when she went out into the back road because she wanted to dance. Francces said hello to one boy called Callum. Frances rushed out again and presented herself as the shixzonfrenic one. Frances thinks she can cope with the teenagers. Frances could think abouther next summer in butlins but she is really considering tddoing a cooking course so she can cook in people’s kitchens. Frances should be tidying her house in case she has anyone to stay. Frances may have Alxander to stay because there is no room at Connachan. Frances watched Sue get the pillows out of the boot of the car before she lft to collect her washing. Frances is looking at her hairbrush on the table. Frances wonders why she used to think she was mother to the giner boy but she looked at the ginger boy and thought wahat was that aout. fRances has been thinking about the electric storm that happened in the weekend, Francces was crouching on the flor of her kitchen. Frances had tea with Alison and she thinks Alison is a fox. Frances hear dAlison say that she went hunting on hoot after badgers but francces said that Badgers were protetecd and then Alison said that they were uhunting for a foxx in the middle of the field. Frances saw Tilly sittin next to Philippa in the four by our car on the drive. Frances said that she held Softie the hamster because she wore gardening gloves. fRances took a reckless turn out onto the main road when she left abercairny and the car behind the other carhad to slow down. Frances keeps noticing the man inhouse moves. Laura is off today and Louisa has been stacked. Frances told Marueen that Luouisa was very sweet and laid back. Frances wonder sif she should live in edinbuhg to tdo the food course in cooking. Frances wonders if chris meant that he would persue her when she he said that did Sueny persue his wife at all. Frances has a grupbby track suit toop with gubbins down the front. Frances has a whole load of old knieves on and forks ion her sink draining board. Sheneeds to clear them away. Frances is listening to a thinkg on mainteneance products ofr men at them oment. Frances hears that metrocsexxual men anre grooming a lot more. Frances is wonders ifw omen prefer airy men at all. Frances thinks she likes hariy men. Frances doesn’t know what mandals are. Italikan men groom a lot more. Sue Prince is the deputy editor of GQ. Where does the term blackmail come from. 17th centryury in Scotland, rent apaid by coins of white coins. Protec t rent for this. Whitelmail is the threatened revelation of someone’s goodd deeds are revealed to a gang. Like hcharity works. Frances thought Alison’s decoraion was very gloomy. She removed the train set from the upstairs bedroom when her husband died. Alison went for a walk swith Mrs Bruce and she didn’t see theosprey. She says the ospreys go to Africa at the end of August. Frances is sitting on the sofa doing some typing because she has lots of time until the party begins. There was a jeep at the end of the drive wih nobody in it. Frances didn’t see any rabbits hwen she wentup the drive. Frances has only got one cigarette left. Frances islistening to happy hour by the hosuemartins. Frances thinks she’ll get ajob one day and she’ll enjoy what she’s doing. Frances is just relieved with what she is odoing. Maureen talked about prostitutes at lunch today and about working form home, she said she’d like to log on without getting dressed up and Chriestine agree.d Christine has been with the company for ten years, she spent two years temping. Frances hears Sueny has an adolescent back. Sueny nmet his wife and scored in the back of thenet. Frances htiks she’ll get written to by chris at one point in time. Frances wonders when this will be. Frances still doesn’t have any internet connection. Alison has an orange skoda.
Wednesday 16th August
Frances has just given 465ml of vlblood in a donor van in the Southern and electr, Scottish and southern car perk. Frances ate a taxi biscuite and some orange juice afterwards. Frances wasn’t found on the database althouth whe thought she gave blood in 94 or95. Frances went twith Ben Howard who went very pale afterwards. Frances thinks she may have given the blood under a false name. frances is sure she did give blood at tehe Edinburgh Infirmary. Frances went with Jill and Lorna who finished before her. Live and Let Die. Frances is listening to theado show again. Frances danced with Mervyn yesterday but she got cramp during the eightsome reel. Frances often gets this and she wonders what the significance of this is. The eightsome changed direction during the figure of eight when they went round the figure of eight theother way. F Rances last got cramp in the eightsome at the polo ball about ten years ago. Frances talked to Philippa sporadically. Francces wetn though a period of thinking she was Philippa’s egg mother. Frances is over this stile, sh e is resigned that she can’t be related to all her cousins. Frances didn’t eat the chocolate cake at tea tiem. Frances sponke to Gail who asked Frances how her earrings were attached. Frnces hasd to show her the backs of eher earrings but she turned her attention away from gGail when janet came over to speak to her. Then frnces was asked if she hada light so she had sto stop speaking to Janet who was aking frances whenther she was paintin in oils. Frances said she was doing graphics and janet said that London whad been full of worries. Frances liked the way Janet touched her elebow and Frances ewent all flucshy but she had to go to the car gto get a ligthere. Francces had to squeeze a paper napkin to get her blood to blee off at a faste rate. Frances had no local anaesthetic. Frances didn’t receiveany post today. Frances receive a lot of post from Catharine who forwarded it from London on Saturday. Gail talked about India’s ridding habits and showed Frances how tall Otto was. Frances spent the evening determined that she wasn’t being outside with theteenagers. Frances was resigned to talk to mervyn but she made mikey feel like rmoving seat because fracnes aske Mickey about polo in an odd way. Frances demanded to Mikey who the man with the tweeed coat was and frances then introduced herself and said that Sue liked the tweed man’s jacket. Francces didn’t like the tweed man’s jacket when he put on his Scottish accent trying to imprersonate custeomre services. Francces spent the day before laughing at Gill’s accent but Frances wanted to ask eth tweend man about his bookshop. Frances thought he was a twit and she wa disappointed because she thought he would be an intellectural when sh heard about him. Frances once went into foyl’es and bought some Shakespeare. Frances also bough a map from the bookshop on the Tottenham Court Road. Frances was introduced to faf riend of Philippa’s callded Lucy and Lucy wa very friendly. Sue introduced Francces to a girl hwho came foruth in the Kinross show andd fRances said she did a bit of Interbranch. India is doing interbranch at themmoment but she is only about fhirteen. Tanya is working for Carphone awarehouse apparently and frances hoguht she was selling antiques. Frances hears Tanya is getting married. Frances is listening to the Lotto. Frances isn’t going to polo today because she is staying at home to recuperate and watch a tractor of hay bales going thought the village. Frances spoke to the bankd members who live at ShPhilippachar house. Francces pinted out she was a sister of Philippa and Gerogei. Frances is going to the barbecue on Friday. Frances shoud have gone To tesco’s today. fRances wants to go to Edinburgh to buy a sound system. Frances needs to buy a jumper. Frances did strip the willow wih Sue yesterday and also with Danny. Frances numbered the set from ones to fours all the way down. Didn’t drink any punch. Frances held noah’s hand when they went to the car to visit Softie in the car. On their way they stopped to look at th e ferrets and there were three of them. Frances
On Monday Gill and Maureen and Christine were tlking about Nicky the new manager and they siaid that Sandra might find it difficult to co manage. Frances din’t think so but Christine said they might get on. Catrina has been off sick for a long time with a fracture d foot and at lunch today Christine and Tim said that she might be hypochoncdricac, but the main point was that she kept changing her toy and apparently she went to the pub even thought she had her broken ofoot. She feell over in the street apparently. Chatrina trained Richard for a day and then she went of sick so Richard had to sit with lance who taught things in a different way. Lance’s friend joined the team today, he has been in training. Lance is going to a rave in twwo weekends time but there was only one ticket at the record shop so he might have to go on ihis own on the bus. Frances thinks its gerogey’s fauglt. She dind’t know if her fiancé was called Armstrong or Armitabge and she said that he had been trying out for the sADS. Dan said that Tom had depth and that it didn’t matter about the SASL. Frances thinks its good that dihe didn’t get itnto the sAS. Soft cell is playing and frances islistening to references to her blood donation this afternoon. Gill said frances shouldn’t smoke ofor an hourafter the donation. F Rances is smoking at the moment. Francces hitnks about credit card and club cards, she has been listening to them talk about cards, and that sounds like cardiac. Frances hasn’t heard form the mental health hospital. Frances keeps thinking about what Janet said because she said she should visit her and htat it was a date. Frances sometimes looks like Janet because they are cousins. Frances wonders if she oud shrink her in some way. Frances gets ired talking to Mervyn bcause Mervyn likes Gerogey. Frances ges violetn with her enmotions when she has a finger ot point but Frances still gets cramp. France thinks she should look at the Rick Stein website so she can go to cronwall to do a residential cooking course. Frances thoughtthe ptotatoes were uncookied last night andd thice chicken wasn’tfot. Frances stretched over in front of Sue to get the potatoes when she was at the buffet table. There’ wan’t wany room to eat the food last night, it was very cramped. Frances feels tired and she thins she will have a cup of te.a. frances was underdressed in her jeans last night and she got dressed down to go oto the party. Noah looked very sweet in his jabot. He wanted to wear it because it wa Scottish and he didn’t wear the tartan tie. Noah wa wearing a very sweet bonnet with a red Sueble on the top. France s wonders where it came from. Frances told Noah she needed to find him soeme gardening fgloves from Ffrank thompson’s in criedfff. One of the thirteen year old girls looked quite bosy and like a ladette in some ways and frances stood andd looked at her during thereel becaue they swerre standing together. Frances opened her eyes in an ogle wa y at iona when Iona was talking about cmeras. Iona seems to have a lot of camera equitpment. Frances spoke to Jamie at the end u sh has stopped thinking he ilooks like Geroe Clooney. The girl hwo came foruth in the kinroos show could’t go to the polo because she was doing th Kinross show and another reason. What about wings and blood donations, they had to think of ten things tht fly during women ‘s minute. Frances can’t be bothere d to dsort her gas account our t or to fix the direct debit so it is set to the right amount. Francces needs to ring the bank of Scotland and cancel the d/d with hammersmith and Fulham. Frances made quite a few joint account holders today, she managed to get some names to put on the ysystem. Francces wonders if she is pretending to be geogy and if this would explain why she keeps getting things wong. fRances is ilistening to getting over the hump and woohoo. Garlic lowers cholersterol ad prevents heart disease.
Thursday 17th august.
Frances has just reeved training for boiler cover in the canteen. Frances told Ross ehe needed to persue his music scourse. Andy Murray has just beat Federer. Frances thinks about theweasel who talked about shooting. Frances isn’t going shooting tomorrow. Frances has just paid off the debt on her Sue Lewis credit card. She has thousands of pounds in her bank account. Francces is goin to writetot the edinbuth company to arrange some investment. Francces doesn’t know what an optometrist is. Frances has been thinking about he ginger boy and how she ddidn’t dodd i.t Frances listened to the lady on the radio about shoes and moods. Frances was wearing trainers on Tuesday and she wore jeans so she was underdressed. Frances wants to go shopping in Edinburrgh at het weekend. Frances could stay in Howe street. The ginger boy went stiffw hen frances had to turn him in the reels. Frances strung out parental affairs during the moment sho she cast herself like a woman in ther ed. Frances made a tentative date with Janet at the end even though she had cramp during the ieightsome. Frances is listening to oh, crystal ball, crystal ball. Frances will hear how the music sconcert went when she goes to commachan. She heard the teepees had a sectioned off area that was more civilised than the other camping part. Frances couldn’t goto watersports yesterday because wseh was working. Frances couldn’say goodnight to the ginger boy all those years a go because she crumpled and the Indians had come to dinner sos he wa consumed with visions. Frances didn’t pass the bright eyes burning like fire test, she didn’t pass an onf the tests and she thinks she got spat on. Frances wtched Russel brance’s big mouth yesterday evening and there were blow up dolls beign blown up as sex dolls. Dara O’brien was talking about pandas being bred in captivity. Francces missed the title of the show, hno she didn’t it was about optometrists. Frances thinks about the ginger boy and chris is talking about bins no comement hthere because of the beginning of thenames. Frances shouldn’t have had isions when she went to dinner. Frances spents ds a lot of time trying to dispel her rumours about children. Francces had to gignore the children at the party and she had to standinside so she wasn’t mingling. Frances had her shoulders shrugged. When Sue Sadid Sue was cool Frances felt disappointed because she might have thought she was cooler. Francces was being dispelled as a cool person by Sue because frances has a dangerous edge. Frances is litstening to how mums met dads. Chris’s mum and dadd met dancing at a ball. Frances isn’t going to the ball because she frollded her eyes at her cousin. Frances stood in the passageway by the loo and squinted through to the dance room, she was talking to Philippa. Francces had to dance with Sue but she should have danced with skandy. fSkandy didn’t have to stay in the end because she stayed at the lodge to drink. Frances phoned hugh today to tell him she would love to come to dinner. Frances wonders if Hugh knows Jude Law because he is cute and brown all over. Hugh is engaged to Sohie. Frances resings herself to dinner but hse hasn’t fixed what she isn going tot wear. Frances held HnOah’s hand on her way to see the ferrets. Frances said Francis felt scared of the weasels because he said he needed the loo. Frances heard that Philippa let the dogs out and that one of them hadn’t come back. Mervyn said a pole cat had been killed by a terrioer in the newpspaper but frances was unmoved and nor wa s Dan. Frances ws told that Ross Leckie was the minister’s father and frances said she remembered. fRances told Mervyn that the re was a piece of tartan in the church that had been to themoon but Mrevyn was confused by the story and thought frances was talking aobut the forties because he ahad just been talking babout Chariots of FFire. Frances told Dan that the man had told the boy not to run because it was a suncday. fMMervyn knew the name of the runner but frances had fortgtotten it. Frances rang Manish to tell him she had just changed address. Frances is going to be rung by Manish tomorrow because he is going to confirem whenther ther details have been updated. Frances sadid she would be at work. Frances spoke to someone yesterday who wa ss an old amaid andd she said she dind’t want to be supplied bythe French. Frances said she wouldn’t like to work for the tartan heart festival because it sounded like too much hard work. Francces keeps telling Ross to manage the bands from criedff because Wallace mentioned them and said that he had seen them perform in Perth. That is where the ball is ogoiing to beheld in the new hall. Frances imagines wearing her new dress and twirling in a different set to the ginger boy but it is probably good she isn’t oingg so she doiesn’t have to have ginvger boy perifpheral vision. F Rances had ginger boy ‘s sister’s peripher al vision during the reels on Tuesdyay and she called Eliza EIdina when Eliza is yougnger than Idina and Mervyn said Eliza musn’t be put off going to parties because she wa so youn.g Frances has been having eye comntatct with Sandra Talbot recently because she thinks Sandra sis going to bepromoted because frances can’t see why Sandra is managing hsuch a lowly team for consolidation. Thewoman who trained frances in the canteen this afternoon has a name that frances hans’t retained. Frances was with Laura when Laura sympathised with Ash that Ash might get picked on for being oasked out with the other team. Frances changed her lunch ohour this afternoon, she had intended to go to the lunchtime lecture but she opted for fish and potatoes on her own in the acanteen and then join the rest of the team at the café by the front door whenre Sandra wa ssitign round the corner so the tema couldn’t talk freely but Sandra walways sits there. Frances doesn’t know if her lunchtime reschedule is permanent or temporary. She wswapped with Liz. Frances had a go at being authoritative on the telephone. Frances told all the customers that their direct debtis would canecel automatically but Sandra said that a salesman was losing £57 this week for promising the same thing to on the doorstep. Francces wassurprised that Philippa had wanted wto work in her call centre. Susannhan knows someone called Stacey at theall scentre but Frances hasn’t met her. Frances heard that CPhilippa was going to Spain next year so she won’t really be around. She still has antoher year the year after that because she spent a year doing law and she din’t enjoy it. They ‘ve been eating potateoes on the radio. Gravy and milk with mash. Francces hans’t cookded potatoes for some time. Frances almost arranged to go wfor a drink with adnrew in Pertha but she doens’ thave his moiel mnumber. Fances spoke to Sue in the queue and held the queu up. Philippa ate some of Frances’ pudding, why didn’t she eat her own? Mervyn said that in theold days everyone was introduced but that nowadays everyone had to fight thir own orner. Francces roller eyher eyes again and mrevyn said that it was nodifficult not to be in the throng of it. Sue Murray is just over 6/1 and his mum thinks he needs to eat mmore than he does. He eats pasta and tomato sauce, bakedpotatoes and he likes chips. The trainer didn’t really answer Frances’ question when the trainer told Frances about her boiler scenario. Frances asked if it wa standard to have an assessment of the boiler before the cover was arranged but frances didn’t word it accurately enough for the trainer to understand. Frances told suasPhilippah she had a three seconfd memory like a ferret and that she haddn’t realised the impact of moving from London to Scotsnad. Frances disntgust osme people in the team by regularly picking her nose. Frances watched Vairi pick her nose and wondered if VVairi knwew she was doing it or whether she had schizofrenic tendiencies. Frances wonders erer the earring back went, it fell off Philippa. Frances was given thearring by the man in the choir called something Catholic. Frances remembers he was called Jim. The earring cme frmthe science museumand it flashes brightly in electric blue strobes. Frances hasproblemsaround door areas. Frances is usually in thesya. Way. A cadaver is a dead body, that’s how a mum and dad met. Frances didn’t know that word until here. Utube is a website for looking at viedeos. Francces sdoens’t always hget her bank statements together. Frances will receive bank correspeondence to her new addrewss soon. Exposure not payment is the way forward for internet websites. Institute for public policy research. Frances sawa a fat man at wokrk who looks like Sueny vegas. Ehe has blond hair but he can’t be Sueny vegas can he? Francces watcche d the little fat man amake his way out of the bullding with his rucksack. He took a long tieme oto go around the corener. Fracnes sit with her vack to marueen. Tehre isn’t enough room ofor the new interns. Gill has a new listener who is Scottish but one of the team sid all the new people were old ladies. Soeme of them are old ladies. One of them wears a stupid cap that looks like a bath hat.
Friday 18th August
Frances went to dinner and she came back over the moor in the pouting rain with Misrs Melvin when there where frogs on the road. Frances talked to Mrs Melvin but she was thinking about Dominic. Frances sat next dto Dom and got a fish bone. Frances resisted having a cigarette with Jamie dom’e broher. Frances did an enormous poo this morning when she should have held it in. Frances doesn’re alise that she shouldn’t poo between certain company. Frances ate fish and lemon with peas and chips for lunch. Frances has just been to the Hungry horse for a half with Ross, Karen, Kevin and Richard. Frances got Ross to buyher some matches. Frances thinks about the teenie weenie yellow polke dot bikini, she thinks she got tied up with dom. Frances mustn’t follow dom by taking the example fof shopping at ASDA’s or Tesco’s. Dom said whe went to ASDA’s at lunch time to fetch hi s sandwiches. Francces used dto get followed by Dom when she was a teenager. Dom said Frances could babysit the children but last nihgt was less embarrassing than ususla. Frances was almost late for waork but she didn’t over take the polo. Frances found a palrking space at the very far endof the pacar park. Frances saw a picture of Linda McCartney on the front page of Hello at lunchtime. Frances had a cigarette with aSh who hused to have to stand in for the head chef wen he ahd to make five hundred asandwiches for lunch. Frances is wearing the same clothes she wore for the dinner party yesterday. fRances talkied to Georby babout her wedding and Gerogey is going to have a pony carriage. Philippa is goin dcamping at he weekend, perhaps the rain will let up. Frances is going to a barbecue this evening with the village. Frances took Mrs Melvin home the aback way when she went todrop her off. F Racnes sent Dom a card with plusm s on the front shen she had to send a thankyou note. Frances hears that Chris is wearing a bikini into work today. Sal is wearing a jumpusuire. Frances wants to goi shopping. She wen spoke to SPhilippah alast night who is an artist and whe gave frances some postcards of her work. Frances likes Sandra because Sandra said Frances had a nce dress oon and where did she get it. Frances said she got it at LK bennet. Frances has been annoyed about dumping thie ss morning all dy. Frances hears about Trivial Pursuit and Chess. Frances did some robot dancing at work today. F Rances was told roby Ross that she looked spaced out. Gill said had frances taken drugs after Frances asked Ross if he had taken class A drugs. Frances did n’t get any calls off the dialler for some time and she had to log off and then log aback in again. Cliff Richard is playing we’re all going on a summer holiday. Dom got bitten by a lot of mosquitoes when he gwent on holiday to the west coast wso he thinks he’ll go to spain next year. Frances is relieved she dind’t marry Dom, least of all because he is a cousin. Frances was necver asked to marry Dom but she had alarms when she saw him in the supermarket all those eysears ago. Frances was asked by tom if shewatche dEsast ednders. Frances said she was already in the SADS. Frances should ytype the SAS. Frances likes SPhilippah, she apologised for not replying to the wedding. fRances aked Hugh how e caught the fish. F rances spoke to Philippa about the rock concert, Philippa said she’d had a boddy gurad. Chris is going on a wlking holiday but he is takig his blog with him. F rances wants toknow where Ikea is so she can buy anew bed. Frances wonders what size of bed witll fit up the stairs. Frances told gerogy her bed had to be dismiatnteld to get yp he stairs. Frances was asked bhow her mother was alast night. Frances made an embarrassing exit by not kissing the Irish couple who are here to play polo at the weekend. Frances liked the Irish man but she didn’t feel she could kiss him. Jameie had a matching Timex watch with this wife that glows in the dark. He says he can find out where the loo is by using it at ighte. Frances didn’t get a chance to talk to hugh the hef, Frances had to take the cleaner home. Mers Melvin said Hugh dind’t clear up after hmim. France es managed to pour some water for m uquite a height when she was at the table. Frances agrees with Karen that Tim is a bit of na egit. fRances thinks Time is friendly but only to girls whose hair he strokses. Frances keeps looking at the manager of House Moves. He was wearing a pink shirt today and frances saw him when he cme out of the loo. Frances didn’t tneed the loo but she wanted to go and look at her self and papply some olipstic.k. frances stood in a puddle when she came home though the garden. Frances wonders if anyone has Luouisa’s phone number for the outing next week. Tom said there’s a good play on at the festival called Black Watch. Frances said ther’es a play called Mickey Mouse is dead, is on at the pleaseance. F Rances told SPhilippah about the standup called Rich ahall sho is on at the Assembly rooms. Frances heard that Gerogy had a dinner part at the Howestreet. Frances might go to the polo ball next week in gerogey ‘s party. Jamie wsaid Frances was a good hshot when she poured out the water. Frances wonders if she was gun pointed to snay extent. Francces has been invited to go uhunting in the borders. Jamie’s wife is preganatn and when frances talked to her about midwifery frances said she was surprise dhtat Bmidwifves don’t have to receive hnursing training beforehand. The waiting list for midwifery is substantial, Denise at Scottish and Southern said that wehen frances sat next to her on tWedThursday. Frances is thinking about the dress she is goig tto wear wehen she goes to the ball but she isn’t sure what suohoes to wear. Frances wonders if the ginger boy is going but he is tiny and probably not old enough. Frances is down to go to Huntingotwer for the Christmeas party on the 23rd but Laura and Karen aren’t going, it ‘s only Richard. Frances almost suggested that the pregnant lad y go in the four by four up the hill but then she realised it would be bumpty on the track. Fracens is considering whether she should go n the thbarbecue this evening tbecause it I s raining. There si a walk and then a barbecue. Frances dsoesn’t think that Philippa and noah will turn up either. Frances might have to go on her own. Frances dcan hear a car go past on the wet road. Chris is playing Sue sleigh in the studio. Frances thinks she did Sue sleigh onecce and ownders if it counts with the bakewards part of revving up. Frances used to be friends ith Kerry Packer. Frances like d the chocolates last night but she refused to pass them round and just sent them round the table. F rances said goodbye by ggoing roiund the table the wrong way. F rances thougt it was very vunny when Dan said that he had to entertain the monthly nurse for a long time when his babies wehre born. Frances didn’t listen to tom when he started talking aobuthe seven S/s. frances needs to bgo and buy a sound system. Frances
Sunday 20th August
Frances isn’t at church like Philippa and Philippa. She has just been to the garage to fetche the papers and some cirfarettes. Frances has lit the fire andd turned the raio on by the television. Frances is listening to Michael pearkinson. Frances has used the firelighters. Frances has been anxious about dom since Thursday when she went for a poo on Friday. Frances doesn’t know why she didn’t hold it i. Frances did some gardening yesterday. She also [ainted her fdoors white, the front and the back ddoor. Frances had strong urges to go up the glen yesterdaybut she resisted and stayed at home and dind the gardening. Francces found two bowls in the gardening when she was cutting back the hedge. Frances applies d her scrubber and got most of the spots off the bowls. They had little red spots on them like Lady MacBeth. Francces has been invited to the polo toaday but it is raining so sohe doesn’t think she will Frances filled in her direct debit form for Peter Jones last night but she htought she hadn’t received it so she told the woman on trusaday that she hadnigt received he direct debit form and the lady had to apologised for not sending it out. Frances is drinking tea from her Aladdin tea pot. Frances has put some rice on the hob. Francce ws went for the walk that set out from the village hall and it was raining so Philippa Didn’t come. fPhilippa rang Frances yesterday evening to explain she had hit her headd on the swimming pool frances was tempted boto byuy the Buckingham green to pain ther door with but she stuck to the white pot in the end. Frances also bought a pot of lavender that she platnetd in the garden with a doorstop. Frances was given a postcard from ZPhilippa when she lefft he dinner party, she was given three. Frances is looking at the firelightere and wondering if it will meke the fire keep going. Frances is waiing for the churchgoers to leave thre chrusch and visit her. She has the fire on and she ahas turned thre rie off in the dkitchen because it is ready. Frances is watching an anorak go into the churchyard. Frances sees a little old lady leave with a colourful supplement in her hand. Frances hears a dog bark. Frances sewept her doorstep when she painted her door. Frances couldn’t go to church ecause Mo has a cute little boy that Frances thinks looks like Jude. Frances had to stay in her house but she found out after church that they hadn’t been to church anyway. They probably went to church in Crieff because the service is earlier. Frances is going to eat some rice andd apples for lunch. Frances has lit the fire cbut she has to enjoy it on her own. Frances spolke to Sue who wsaid that he was making poham sandwich es for polo. Frances hasn’t rung back Frances who rang because she is going to some show in Edinburgh. Francces keeps intending to ggo tho the art shop in Perth to buys ome oils but she isn’t sure where it is. Frances didn’t sgo shopping yestday but she wants to uy a sound system. Francces has managed to tune into the raio station on her satellite television. Frances is quite hungry. France s saw the old lady close the gate to the church after she cme out. Frances was expecting her cousins to ocme out. F rances wonders if she will be visited later. Frances hasn’t been riding for a long time. She wants to go and buya riding hat. Francces could buy one in Crieff next sweekiend. Frances spoke to a lady who has a daughter called Annette. Aneete still rides. She had a horse that had an injury to its eye and Sue lent the horsebox so Annette’s dad to ake it to the Dick Vet in Edinburhg. The horse is fine now. Anette is ociming through to to Fowlis Wester this weekend, Frances isn’t sure whether it is a bank holiday or not. Frances is going to wait until one o’clock until he heats her rice and apples. Francces is quite hungry. Frances wonders who the person is that keeps movin her bin to obscure the post box and telephone box. The person wheels it over to this place on Sundays quite often. Frances has been worry ing about what will happen when the river bursts its banks again. Fracnes wondrs where she can buy a fireguard. Wonders where the cashand acarry is. She wonders if she could o shopping there or
Frances watched he program about Maria and Sue Lloyd Webber eyesterday. Frances is sthe sor of person to think that the soprno was going to go through because of her pure voice andd classic looks. The maria that got throught tho the next week’s round turned out to be the Spaniard with te flat voice because she hasd a dispensable quality that would have been unattractive to reject. She just didn’t look refined but there was a wellbeing sensation to including her because the other one was a bit arrogant. Frances watche dhtem sing Audieu, Adirue and the Mraria’s were all dressedin dresses as pinafores. Frances hinks about fashion quite a lot. frShe thinks she looks good when she is well dressed. Frances has been mulling over her impression on the teenage gahering. Frances has been whirling her style along the arm swings of what the teenage faction bmight have concluded about her. Frances left her coat at he party. She hung I tu p near the punch table. Frances didn[‘t point out to anyone that they were looking a ththe keepers’s hut for hanging things up. Frances parked her car out of the way at the end of the farmyard, by a triailer. When Patrick was in the sitting room Frances and Patrick watched two people walking down off the hill frances said they might be staying and Patrick thought they were intruders. Frances noted the csual jumpers they wore and thought they looked uite middle class. Frances was prompted by patricck to shut the windows before to stop the mospquitos coming in. Frances told Patrick he was very forward thinking. After dinner the heavens opened and the rain fell down. Frances was glad to see Patrick and ZPhilippah. Frances dind’t like hearing that charles lived in Edinburgh. Frances watched Alisair Macgowan talk about the ocmposur who was obsessed with purity and white. Heonly ate white things and he wore eccentric clothes the whole year through. He wore cord suits and they were all the same, so he head seven of them for each day of the week. Frances needs to watch the fire because she oen’t have agfireguard. Frances talked about children in an odd way when she went on the walk. She said it was tha. She said it was nice that the children just went aout unlike London because they could play anywhere. Frances saw a girl anin a luminous jacket and said she had a friend because they were both wearing the same gear. Frances said that Sally would have a charmed kitchen because the man she wemployed was doing a lot fo jobs a the same time. Frances said that no, Sally shouldn’t be unpleasant to the man who was doing her kitch.n. She has to dclear evvertyghing away when the man comes so she lives in a n atmospehere of suspense. Alison is uite switched onand Frances retgrets saying that she hads no friends. Alison is a mixture of a witch because of her house décor andd the fact that she has an orange skoday. DFrances didn’t notic e the skoda parked in the square until Aslison parpointed it out. Alison feeds the birds and they talked about biefrds quite a lot. They talked about green wood peckers among other birds. When they got to the field with peas, francces pointed this out and they all ate some. F Races dropped one of her peas when she opened the pod and there was a drop of disappointemen in the atmosphere of doing things completely. F rances shut the gate behind them when they went throught he ield and Sally said want’ it ogood that Frances was tall. F rances was made to feel that she was a martyr because lFrances laboure the favourof being the strongest. Frances didn’t recognise where she was and said who slives in that house? Francces only realisdd at th last minute that hthey had come back to the village. Frances described the madderty footpath as something that could be identified with ronrwall because of all the arrow.s Frances thouth this was quite funny. Frances wtalked about KMrs Peddie and Sally said the hand onher mini ws racy. Frnces said Mrs Peddie should havecomplained that she only had a cold tap in her house. Mrs Bruce waved tat frances through her window when she went for a walk on Sunday. Alison said that Frances had lost her hamster because Alison had seen the hamster throught the window of her house. Francces told Alison about thegardening gloves and how the hanster bit the gloves abut it didn’t matter. Frances was in awe of Sally’s husbandd called norrie who is a sheriff. Frances met him in the car park and he gave up his place in the queue so he could talk to frances because she had gone inside to buy a ticket for ahmamburger. F rances didn’t know what to say to Norrie. Frances told Sally that smoking a pipe was an appropriate habit for a judge and Sally agree.d Frances kept asking sally where she lived because Sally said she was from Angus nad the barbecue was here. Frances felt that Sally lived in this are a and sally told Frncces about the hogmanay party tht is fun. F Sally’s son is a deep sea diver and he wants to wrok in Mexico. Frances told Sally and Alison about hefilm called the big blue but that its waasn’t blue ias in miserable. Frances said it was quite a funny film with people in Greece but it didn’t come across as a very good ilm. Frances said the diver didn’t speak and that thephotogrphy was good. Frances likes the film called the Big Blue and she often tells bpoeple about it. There is often a pregnant pause. FwWhen Frances was in the village hall Frances saw mMrs Hubbard. She had already said hello to Wallace outside. F rances went red when She saw Mrs Hubbard because frances has been singing Wallace’s praises. Frances told Philippa not to treat Wallace like an egit and frances felt like a mentor for Wallace at the polo and sh might have impressed him into htining hse knew about music because Wallacee asked frances if she knew any bans. Although Frances thinks she was in the Spice grl.s frances din’t mention this and she said that she went tosmaller venues. Frances didn’t tell Wallace about her injury from the Oasis concert. Frances lies reassring people from lesser means into the importance of polo activities because frances doesn’t relate to the umpires in the same way that she might. Frances felt relieved when Dan came and sat down with her and mervyn because Fances feels like wyeawning and saying things that Mervyn can’t hear. Frances doesn’t like having to repeat things and wshe opens her eyes in a wide sort of way as if she is stupid. Frances doens’ thave much to say about general knowledge and she doesn’t even read the paper s very much. Franes wonders about people who do the crosswords. Frances could susbscribe to arieal. Frances is thinking about doing some Pru Leith instead of ioing some Rick Stein because Pu isLeith is a woman and Frances wouldn’t be shining her fancies aon aln old man. Frabces has got an unusually grooved loo that harbours three dimensional worms that ar visible to the eye. France used her kitchen gloves to scoop out some worms last Sunday when she was oding the house lceaning. F Rances did wacsh the gloves in jif afterwards. F rances thinks she might buy a harpic attachement that flushes along the rim of the loo. Frances can’t apply a seconf dcoat of paint to the door today because the weather offis wet. The paint sayis it takes sixteen hours to dry butt Frances thinks the intstructions means t six because there may have been a line of paint to interpret six to sixteen. Frances nees to write a thank you note to Audrey for the tea part along twith tad donation of twenty pounds for the breast cancer charity. F rances has sht two dodors of the sitting room to keep the heart in but she ins’t adding another log. Apparently it is not raining in Perth so frances may be missing out on the fun at the polo. Frances could go for a walk but she ould fall into bed andd go to sleep. Frances has drunk three cups of tea today. fRances is frustrated by throe thought that her internet connection won’t work so she hasn’t tried to rigg it up. Frances will findd it more disappointing to try the procedure and find that she can’t engage with the ISP or he LaAN or the local distribution or th e SISDN> frances has got the instructions and she has put the CD upstairs in the upstairs sitting rojom. Frances is in the downstairs sitting room with the rifire but she . /deBFrances thinks she mut learn how to cook chicken or fish goujons. If she can do this then she will be relieased. Peter ackroyed says menus are like listening to war and peace and that food is tiresomely explained. Frances spends a lot of her time convining everyone that she dis doing th e right hing. Frances should get on with what she is doing. Frances fold ed the raffle tickets when she was at the hall. She could have been riding roughshod over the presumption that she could take up such a position. Frances was mustached by lone lady at the door. Frances goes mentally alert in a n alearm sense hen she sees a human under age. F rances thinkssshe must do what is appropriate at that point and frances raises her eyebrows andd her voice and trieds o be bsensible. Frances is anxious about what the esmall apeople will do but frances pretends not tno notice. Frances saw a shooting star that went across the sky, it was scheduled as a flight on plane earth but the light looked just like a star to the eyes fof Frances. The fire has lasted until now, she lit it at twelve thrity nad thnow it is two thirty. That was a load of coal and three ologs. 07930388227 frances Rattray
Monday 21st August
As a result of the Thursday poo Frances faces the high jump onece again. Today Tim said to Sarah that she was dead. H signalled an action with his neck and a cut throat movement accmpanie dby a keek noise. Frances still feels stupid about the Trhursday poo, she could easily have held it in. Frances doesn’t know why it was a hot poker. Frances necver suspected that it was a hot poker. Frances ownders why she has to pay for a phot poker when she shouldn’t have to. Francces has been considering daeath by recognising escape language. Frances thought the Thrusday poo was just a pbone of contention, not that it signified theremainder fo her life hthat she flushed away for econvenciendce. Frances has just had Philippa and the boys and Philippa and her fiancé Tom for a drink of a bottle of bubbly. Jamie from across the square came a nd joined in and Frances handed out the biscuits. The biscuits all disappears. Frances left the square to go to Crieff an byuy som e cigarettes before Geory and Tom ahad left the car park. Philippa wants to get married at the house on site and not in the stables like Philippa did. Frances is wataching Cornoation street and a baby is abandonesd in the car. Francces wonders if she is going to head for a car crash. Frances is looking at the girl in buches with a playboy dress. F Rances spoke to Philippa anda seked her if she could join fher for the party on Saturday. Tomorrow is Bil’s birthday and they are going to Fort corrttage for dinner. Frances sat outside with Philippa because Philippa thought they should . Frances ought some fig rolls. Frances paid off two credit card debts over the phone with telephonee banking. Frances is thinking about the way that everyone changed seats today. Frances had to get Suey to come and unlock the computer she was on because he whad sat there. Lix lent Francces a go of her air machine. She blew all the fluff aout of the keyboard. Frances borrowed jif wipes from Liz and baby wiepes from Gill and she wiped her whole talbe down. Frances is sitting next to WSarah but there is noone on the other side or next to her or diagonally by the window. Frances is sitting with her back to the bcabinets sos he can see the whole room. Frances is watching Eastnders because things have ggoet so bad. Frances is looking for clues as to how tto survive the next year after Thrusday’s pool. Frances may find the sanswer by payin g off her hcredit card debts or by dancing on Saturday. Frances is going to buy cream and ice cream for pudding for dinner tomorrow. Frances bought a bottle off champagne for Philippa and Tom and tilly came and looked afer the children when Philippa bought thrm over. Frances Told Toilly she looked like an actress and Tilly said she liked doing the wordkshops. Frances thinks Tilly looks like an actress and Frances told tilly this and looked at Tilly’s breasts shen she picked up Jacob. The boys were running around the garden after the football tht Noah found. They are playing old on Eastenders. Frances is watching Mr Beal doing the putts. Frances thinks about Chris Evans on his holiday. The girl in the uschia jumper misses the hole and they shake hands and sy bad luck. Frances has got coal aunder the logs in the fire. Francces heard tht Philippa had goods results in her clas sand that the girls all passed thri A levels. Frances didn’t encourage the pair to stay on for much longer than it took to stand in the kitchen and discuss the following day. Frances liked driving through Methven and seeing that the cloud stopped raining on the other side of Methven. Francces switched her windscreen swipers off hlf way through the village. Pat is on th tv again she is one of the few people who have stayed at Eastenders. Pat says Go and hve some fun. They were talkingabout clowns on the radio nad Francces wonders if she could be a clown to survive the next year. Frances is watching a couple in a hotel bedroom. Frances is looking at a girl in ta turban towe. Frances wants to have a bath. Frances wonders why she did the Thrusday poo. Frances watches the girl buff her nails. Frances thinks the soaps are rooting for her. She listens tho the dialogue carefully. Frances hshouldn’t have done the Trhursday pool frances is looking at a naieve loking policeman toalking to the cockney girl in the story who isin a summer dress going down the club. Francces is going out with her team ofn Fraiday. She has been invited by Frances rattray to go and visit Craignhall sometime this week. Frances thinks the people on soap operas are wizards. She thinks their words are chartered to steer her course after many years of being cnfursed by Frnces’ oaccasional appearances on set. Frances wonders why she used to appear on he set of Croonation street and she thinks that this is her return, to sit and watch some wizrds try and help mend her mistakes. Frances will be out on Wednesday at the next episode. Frances feels mostly accomplisehed by paing off her credit card debts. Frances could go on a biking holiday. The tractor man smiled at Frances when she made a turning to go up th hill. It turns out that Sally is called Lindsay and that she may have stayed at pitmonie cottage in the old datys. Frances wonders why Lindsay dind’t say so. She thinks she rmembers Lindasay’s grandchildren, she could bet hinking of another fmily. Frances heard Philippa say that she dind’t like small children. The small children played with Tom on the lawn and they grapbbed his legs. Frances wstood about and took tht e ball off the obys and made them cry. Frances has had odourous arms pits today, she is wearing a vest that doesn’t cover the sapace between her aunder arm an her jumper. Fran es wants to survive but she wonders how she should change her manner. Frances is determined to beat the scythe but she doesn’t spend enjoyment. Frances saw a man at the cigarette stand who touched his chin and Frances thought about Michael Finnegan. He grew whiskers onhis hinaginthe wind got up and blew them in again poor old Michael Finnegan beginagain. Frances is ooking at a lot of baby shots on the tlevision. Claire’s mum has cancer so Claire left the bab in the car in the park. Frances doens’ think Claire istellign the truth. Frances wondersif they will all fit into the cottage tomorrow because the space is small. Frances blew up one of Philippa’s wedding balloons this afternoon but she didn’t give the paket over. Frances can take the balloons oto the birthy party tomorrow. Frances wonders if Claire is under a lot of strees. Claire’s husband is dreading the day when his wife blows up.
Frances looked at Philippa’s clothes when Gorgy wa in the kithen and Frances thought the top looked a bit Boen. Frances quite like the pink butis but she still dressed Gerogy down. Franes does this quite a lot with clothes. Frances saw the epoele on coronation street walking backwards, it looked quite fun. Frances wants to do something involving but she only gets to watch the television. Frances still feels unpurged by what shedoes, she is always avoiding. Philippa said that shewas sorry not to get get dressed up and that Frances said that who had dressed up. Frances feels dowdy in black but sreflects that wshe is wearing her Camden black dress. F Rances thinks about Geory’s perception later and thinks sthat she shouldn’t have had to defend the fittings. Frances wonders if she will meet geroge Clooney iat the ball, if he can get to be invited in disbuise. Wen frances was at the hospital there was an old manhtat ould have been George Clooney. F rances avided ging in for meals in case it was and she htought the ol man game was a sick one. Frances persues strange lengths for much of her life but when she comes across them she htingks how very rent. Frances is established inher new home with a fire and she thinks she may go for a bth. Frances has switched on the prmoms on four. She can’t leave ther omm with the fire burning as it is. Frances needs to eat some muesli.
Frnces rather relishes unresolved conflic and she thinks she can survive on look avoidance and humid conditions of skirting. Frances likes thinking there is an understanding somewere evn if she can’t reach it. Frances persists with the objective to remain calmand boirngg. Frances wonders how she could venture into an emotional spasm. Frances relies on emotional spasms in sleep. Frances wakes to watche thetelevision and all the people walk by her unregarded. Frances doe intend to have good relations but she keeps her relations in check. Frances reflects on borin convesrsations o agreat extent, wondering how she could have pu it. Frances imagines that she would be doing something far greater if she only had the incident. Frances is fresher when she passes the blunt statement. She encourages the suggestion that whew is warped but she really didn’t mean it. Frances likes to gb e grilled on a daily extent but she doen’t know how to surpass it. Frances is a bit interested in what people are doing but she is more preoccupied with what she means to the orchestra in the Albert Hall with all the bi drums and secretive notions. Frances could understand the musicians if she was inlove but she would have to fold and concede that there is a ggreater need. Frances wathes thee trombones playing with the magnifiecent man in the middle, talking notes to people with fine performance. Frances looks at the gods in thepit and thinks there they go with all thri practising. Frances could be an acress if she nknew any lines but she’d forget the words. Frances maintains her own words by talking to bogin people who don’t understand her woes. Franes suggests that she has woes by the mere exaction of her absense. Frances used dto drink abscinthe an d sing with the girl from Iceland. Frances was in Coldplay and also the model fo Pink Floyd. Frances is larger htan she cand handle it. Frances has seen her own deah nadnow she waits outside thegrafyear.d Philippa laughed at all the paint frances applies to the front door, she applied a very thick coat of paint. Frances has seen her coffin go up the aisle and she ahs wept at the limitations of it. Frances oculd have been o much brighter if she didnn t say and do so many wrong things. Frances resents the X syndrome and the lady hwho sent her the Fragile X information. F rances doesn’t really want to moan oall day but sh e feels let down by religion. F Rances wadoesn’t want to love a dead person frances must keep drinking coffe in the morning. Frances spoke to a paramedic today who said she sounde d unhappy or ynwell and frances blamed it on the coffee. Frances could be consuming the worng ingredients but whe coul byuy a juicing machine. Frnces if very tense but she doens think it wise to do some skipping. Frances has noone to atalk to and wnders why she din’t do a course in acting. Frances couldn ‘t afford it of course but now that she can sh e thinks its better off to dwell on the virtues of hang gliding. Frances whirlx s with the mysteries of wheres that she isn’t she isn’t where sihe is, she is only getting stuck ino it. Frances sis stuck about the prospect of havin a car crash but she shoulddn’t worry for herself. Frances thinks the best thing to do is to join and ply football but frances doens find the words. Frances has few talents apart from typing, so she keeps typing to explain her possession. Frances makes things awkward beause she has no ulterior option. Frances isn’t exactly not fun to be with but Frances just downs’t engage in doing anything. Frances still wonders where herlife could lead her andshe is amzazed to find two tears drop out this evening. Frances is bold with her I dn’t cares and she wonders what textual phrase to fit them to. Frances doens’tnd releaxation in the music, nor does she find displeasure. Frances just applies her attntion to the dream that the others have spoken for her. Frances wonders what she could do to get out of her postion. Frances could have a pet ofr buy a pavilion. Tilly said it would be nice if her father bouht her a cottage but frances didn’t say that she just rented it. Frances didn’t listen to Sue when he said that she should be a hsop keeper. Frances said she would like to devlop the building next door to her. At the moment it is a garage. Frances wonders why Philippa wan’t invited. Frances listened to Terry Wogan this morning and the radio show stopped broadacasting because the qequipment failed. Franes feels this was interviention on her bhelf. Frances feels like a spiritual spresident of mystery. She has her own religion of keeping things at bay but if she really sat own to discuss them she would only have fingers an pinting. F rances reaches look what I have done on occasional instances of resolving. Frances occasionally sets the record straight, like thapart pabout the altar when she realised he wasn’t a sandwichl. Frances has troubled herself with the doingso fDon Hujan for many years. Frances listens to the comeentator speaking. F rances thinks she has hurdled more windmills than most on the spectrumof dispbelievingg. Frances is continually disbelieved and redundant to the pledge of washing. Franceshas hair in her plug in her bathroom. Frances hears theman is acalled Coilin. Frances sees the orchestra stand up and everyone is clapping. What about the performance france gave at the Festival hall when half the dead were patrons. Frances didn’t intend to give a psoessed interpretaion of life, but that’s when she pull off her most fantastic fstunts. France sees the director I callded Sue Stevens. Sue Betjeman is being hailed because of the centenary. Summoned by Bells ison Saturday at ten past seven. France is hearing about a worl d of betrayal and deceit. Frances refuses to be interrogated, Tinker, Tailer, Soldeir , Spy. Frances has towrite this down to refer to it when she is under hallucination. Kenneth Branagh is on in a producion of Perry Wig Maker. Frances thought She understood Kenneth Branahgh ant one point in her career when she went about in Soho and tried to reach the famous people to go to the cinema bu frances was on the wrong circle of Dante’s chamber and she dind’ find th right people. Frances scan see a man digging and the music is all atmspheric andd a byaby is crying. F rances lives to be haunted. London 5the September 1665. The plague is high and the fire is aliht. The miserable people in the city scream and a wooden pinnochio stnds form his bureau. Frances sees someonein the ewindow wilike the pinnocdcio. Frances hasnno light inher room apart form the embers fo the gretae in the hearth. Frances sess feathers and old books. Frances gawps in confusion at the mention of Judi Dench and the extras for Mrs Brown. Frances sent for a pee on the grass when she went to regen’ts park. All the people in the film are dolls. Frances wonders why she wan’t part of the production, or whether she may have been involdved when she ws deep in sleep. Frances always looks to productions for reference on her interpretation. Frances relies on the supernatural harmony of being off location. Frances doens’ tregard herself as supernatural, blook she is eating and talking. Frances sees a doll with red hair kneel in the sand and the music intercedes. Frances likes the flicker of light against thewalls. Frances has three sititng rooms. Frances is listening to Keenneth Branagh so sh is applying his interpretaion. Affluvia by the breath, the stench or sores by the sick person. Agitatedpspirits go about in the plague. Some people with infetion are carried on the air alone. Frances sees the quilldrip. France sees the girl cough at the window nd the doll sighs at his books. Frances can compre with extreme, she is the oice of reason. Wher reason lives fRances gives. Frances can explain the simple pleasures. Frances sess the girl get smuggled by the mouth and carried off by a man of age while the doll blinks at the widnow. Frances hears knocking but the man doesn’ alwer and then heap uses. There is thunder in the backgroun but frances is safe in ther picturesque cottage. A girl whispers some words ot the sounds of the flute and the girl says she shall die tonight to the man with the quill whose are eyes are wide. Frances puts on wide eyees whne she doens’ want to give answers. Frances pus onher wide yes when she is unwilling about concentration. Franxeces is full of anxieties but she doesn’t disclose them. A man with a cart goes about the hazy atmosphre and the shadow of a man puts down some bdo linen. F Frances finds they typing a form of relaxation. Frances doens’ tmind she can’t spell. F rnces has to wait for punctuation. F Rances will be corrected in the goodness oftime to where she lies in silence iand non confession. F Rances otold the tea party that she felt embarrassedabout the teenage boy for the affections she had for him. Frances thoughtthey were innocent to begin with but she does spend times in duress of proviking. F rances counters the claims bu manifold torturing. Frances is the problem of blindness that sees in large print Sues. Frances edon’t need thm. The girl dies and the floor is of wood. Frances still thinksabout Timand his exetionary note. Tim doens’ sit near frances, he leaves ther to it in the far end of the office beside Sarah. So in the plague it came that people sat beside one another abandoned by despair but the near view of death would reconcil e all differences. Frances doesn’ see death in her normal life, she only feels described by it. The show is over and it was very shor.t
Apparently a reasonable human being can implode with oernight success. Samuel Pepys 1665. Those two sentences are unrelated but frances hears htem and reads them oconsecutively, the nature of televison. Frances chas o pya for something worse by not accepting glorious confusion. Frances still is n’t convinced tha she ever was successful. Frances is priving tha it wasn’t up to her that she was just in the place at the time, butshe hadd to go back. fThe program is about disestruction, called Destruction, about Hollywood overnight. Frances wonders how she could go to barbecues with fame but she isn’t there and she doen’t remember. SFrances only remembers her tiresome solution. Frances has to deal with coping. Frances copes quite easily by being marginally retarded. Frances watches Overnight a storyville story about Troy Duffy. F rances seesm to think she ran for president. Frances wonders what happened to her address book or hwa happened to her life and why she has no leads ot the spice girls other than suppositions. Frances can watch Americans talka but what they do but all Americans wear basebasll caps and they are different to frances. There he is on a rooftop jumping into aswimmngtppool. Frances dind treaslise that she caoudl docome and go from continet to conteinet. Frances still thinks that it wa a trp awhen she beame reall from the dreamhood. William kmorris agency is a thnkg that Miramzx arranged with Troy. Sloan’ bar is in Wetst Hollywood. Frances imagines being in amongst the beer, is she Troy Duffy actually? Franceshas never heard of Try Duffy but she doens’ write this fofff. Frances could have known troy duffy because this is th extent of her ailment. Frances thought she went for a drink with the Weinsteins in South Kensington. Frnces went andsat there once and she ate lunch. Frances sent her story about boomerangs to the Weinsteins but she dint’ hear back rfrom them. Frances is watching a bud being poured by down someone’s ullet. There is lots of food. Frances could watch the televiosn and go anon holiday and remember it just as clarly as a ten weeks old episodeof Esasenders, not at all. Frnces doens’ teven now the names of the people in esstendersa part form aPat and Pauline. Ther’s MarkWahlberg who I’t good looking. Frances find the documentary boring, something she would wake andwalk away from. Frances is only interestd in the dream scenes that get played back at the orange film aAwares. Dfrances watches them stand raroundf ilming but she sould hve to be onsomeon’e arm. Frances sees Troy and he isn’t ver attractive with a goaty facial arrangement. Boston, Massachusetts, ther’s ther airport. He is filmed going around hugging everyone. Tilly siys she doesn’t like people going around hugging everyone. Frances ovserved that Tily should be an actress and that she looked like one. Frances said this in a blunt way htat din’t prove ot be genuine. F Rances painted her dooe in such a whitehat she suggested to Philippa that it needed another coat of piant. France could be watching another peorson’s life ecaus that is what she is doing. Frances is looking a t aman indungarees smoking in a reastaurant and the cah hmachine is bleeping. Name and face recognition is something he is talking about. Peoplethink we’re fuck ups. He says the right peopele see the talent. He is talking abou overalls and moking when all the men around him are in suits. The man is looking like a lumberjack as if he is pspecial when he just looks like a lumberjack at a table with some dudes that look like drop outs. Frances reflects on the reality of most people and how they could all be found an d pumped up into a situation. Frances is wwtching him in another restaurant, a woman with dangly aearrings. Frances doesn’t want to watch this program but she still thinks he was lamost on location. Frances sees a car drive along he looks like he is in the passenger seat of a taxi but he knows the woman. The photography is very daylight nadn supermakrket. Frances sees the man pointing and there areMobil signs in the sgreet. Troy is rwearing some shades but he deosn’t look like acting. The man seems to be the promotor the fhe man on the show but Frances doesn’t really distinguish between them. Ther’s that dudethat was in the reastautrant. F rances wonders about prostitution and onow long things go on before the foling. There’s a talke of some Casting. There’ are some black and whit shots of themeeting, then a downtiown bar with some snooker. Frances could be in si milar situation. F rances see s a man tlak about the ugly girl who was after him the night before. The dudes are saing ah, shut up. Ther;s Jake Buey, hwoever he is and Jerry O’conell. Frances still thinks she h seen to America. Doesn’t she intend to go travelling. It all looks abit raspish and Frcnes doens’ see much luxury ther. Ther’s Patrick Swayze it a car park. They’re tlking about ewan MacGregor but frances doens’ talk like this duede oeds. He is on his mobile. Someone is fucking upn. Frances watches him call Mr BrPhilippagh, hello this is Mr Duff calling Mr BrPhilippagh. Can’t fuckng act he says in an acrmchair, not Kenneth brPhilippag shpeaking because he doesn’t lift thephone. Frances sees the dude in a saints baseball cap and th fire is wdwoindling. Ther’ isn’t enoguth time for a bath. Frances wonderwhat she is going to wear tomorrow. Frances culdd buy a riding hat oton Saturday morning before the ball. F rances wants to buy her nephew some present. Duffy is funk in the bar and he is twirling someone an deaing some roses offa table with bongo music. They’re talkinga out Junior high. And a viola. Theya re smiling all teethandlooking hungover. All the way, anthen smash the glass on the floor. Apprently there was a band. Duffy might have been a n actor. He is in ihi production office. Ther’s an unringn telephone and a jeans dude perching on a table top. Miramax did a oundtrack deal with Duffy. Jeff skunk Baxter if off the DoSueie borthers and he wa s really eimpressed, something ot enhace hthe music business he sys. Frances ownders if hersense hare hgitedned by the imminece of danger, frances has to odme up with the anser in typin out her questions. France hears wind in the microphoene and a dude is standing on a roof top saying something unmeaninful that wouldn’t want to get written down. Frances din’t realise fduffy wa a pop star and she thought heas was a film star. The music has not put us here, the movie did. Frances wnonder what th wscript is. Frances lingers on the last words of the epiode of Cornotaion street, that somebody was dreading something. That was the personal explosion. H wants this prborhterhood,this company, htroowing tmoney for people to spend the rest of their lives together. Frances ownders ifshe could be anartist. Frances expelianed her job toaday saying tha she thought she was doing busenss. One woman wsaid was frances wonddkn gas astuden tin asummer job andd frances said wshe was a Hollywood would be. Frances said she couldn’t articulate information yet. Frances intends to send ome information out to some of the customers but she is building things up in her ray. Frances ouhht tow packet sfo crigarettse fo r£10.66. Francces reflects on drunken handces and prostitutions. Frances isn’t sure when things begin and hwhere they end . frances ahears a trumpet narraign a swimming pool lifeside. They are dirnking form pineapples and doing things that people in luxury do. Frances sees the hard reality of fuking Hollywood and ohm y chris.t Frances sess coffe ups on the table and the dude called Dudffy is speaking throughthe speaker phone to some producer who is coming over all fuxzzy. Thereporter has faces of eightwomena is qsquare. Someoneo else from Mirzmax. Frances imagines reading this writing as her own narration. F rances wathes the dudes about the speaker phone blowin smokeand looking epressed and rubbingghteir eyes. An dupuffing smoke. Ave Zen is Troy’s assistnant. He says words likewoop. Harvey. Hey. The probgram has a heading aof loss aboe it, it was supposed to be a doumetary success sotyr. He says he doesn’t hae credits. H efeell into it from Boston and tha he never hadantyhing. Enough said he says. Troy wants to know why havey is ginorinng him and thinks he is playinhard ball because he is hollywod’s new hard on. Frances sees the camera man go up some steps and knowkc oon a doo. The reporter is bing flicked off. Words like turaround. Fuking Harvey burying a talkbar, all tak nothingever etting done. Story of Miramax buying a bar. Some blue caollar guy can stilldo it but it wa all ullhit. The dude is sitting in a kithcien iwht expletiatives. Heis wraing a t shirt that says the Brood. He says Harvey is goonana pay., pay, pay, pay. Eric Green span is Troy’s attorney and he ois on the phone. Frances looks at Duffy in a leather char on a white cord phone. He says it can’t be salvagesd so he’ll htik of osmehting else . Frances wqaatches theman saying he has to produce or ihe is done. Frances onders if he was being a voyeyr bu can safely ocnclude that she swan’t one. Frances sees him sitting with his head on his left hand. The man is frestnting wods wlike Maverick. They know that we are gonnabe successful. Tha’s maverick reores, hot an adjective o a person. Frances worries about her impression at work, maybe she shouldn’t wea black. Frances could wear her black trousers with a coloured top. Frances oul dfashion her way out of bein g a person in forn to fthe televison.
Tuesday 22nd August
Frances feels quite clever about paying off the credit dcard debts. She managed to escape the booby trap that she was n yesterday. The rado s talkinga bout phobias today. Frances went to ameeting today where Sandra said ther’s a 50p incentive for direct debtit set ups. Frances managed to refer someone eto Sheld boiler services yesterday and she talked to the paramedic who said she hould drink more water. Frances said that in her diary yesterday. Frances spoke to a couple ion Inbound calls today who both listened to her at the same time. They sounded very sweet and Frances was surprised that thirteenth month offers of free electricity would run on year after year. She asked Gill and Gill said that would happen and the man said was her colleague a know all. Frances often asks Gill, sespecially when Gill is behind frances reaching to get somehtin g formhe cupbard. Frances still hasn’t passed Micheale Jackson tests. Fances wspoke to someone called mr Jackson when she was litening to Michael Jackson on the radio. Frances is held responsible here tby the ginger boy who Frances isn’t sure about. Frances has a lot to answer for. fRancces is going to the ball on Saturday and she has joined aparties with Philippa and Sue he r cousins. Frances is the second extra girl on the table of about thirty. Frances will be lucky to have any dances, but she does like jazz. James doesn’t like jazz and frances suggested that they went and saw jazz when she was sworking with him in London. Frances should reply to James’s email tha he sent her asking if she had settled in. Frances has just been to ASDA’s even though she said she was a Sainsbury’s girl and she spoke to the warriora bout tesco’s and Asda’s. frances spoke to the acashire yesterday who thought she was under eighteen. Frances bought some champagne for Philippa and she felt she should have bought two bottles. Frances bought some fig rolls and some hobo nob biscuits. Frances thinks about the rain that rained on Sunday and how the world looked pretty gloomy. Frances hears that phobias of harmless objects are caused by associations. Frances rescued a daddy long legs yesterday when it was caught I a webl. Frances ate chicken and rice today, it was sweet and sour. Frances went to ASDA’s after work, unlike yesterday when she went during lunch. Frances ate cauliflower and cucmber yesterday without much fibre. Frances has bought three varieties of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and two bottle of Tattinger as well as some Florentines htat have white and dark chocolate. Frances ate hese last when she was at Catherin’s in London watching the World Cup. Frances is listening to the radio on the television at themoment, she as aboandoned her didgital radio that she listen s to upstairs in her sitting room. Lance and Lorna were playing catch today with a yellow and clear ball. Francces waved the ratchet today. fRances had a cigarette at the same time as the fbi man that is sharp and says Hello Sueie to someone at the cigartte pagoda in a n oasis fashion. Frances has aestablished that the fbi man doesn’t lieke her as much because he smniffed when he went past oher on her way to the loo at half past nine this morning. The toilet was out of order so frances went in the disabled loo and laura was there when she cme out saying she had earache. Frances said Laura hadn’t had a good two weeks and Laura looked tired out. Laura sometimes gives frances lip smiles in response to frances looking up when she is passing. fLaura does these but doesn’t mean them. Frances feels nobbish among the group sfor saying she likes Sandra. Frances is just glad that Sandra is a ball of energy and not someone dowdy. The group think Sandra is bad tempered and bitchy and Frances is aware of this but hasn’t been under terrible scrutiyny. Frances doesn’t adore Sandra but she is close to blushing when Sandra borrows her pad during the meeting to take note of how much people are going to pitch for arranging direct debits. Frances agreed with Laura’s point that there’s no real way that people should be forced to arrange direct debti if the y don’t want to. Frances went to the meeting with her headset on because she fwas in a hurry to log off. Got a raving fans neclace from nicky who is fances’ manager. Frances attcehd the pac key to this so she could have two necklaces on. Sue spoke to frances this morning and asked iher if she liked where she was sitting and Frances said sh did quite but she left a pause in her punctuation so Sue aid that it was an enviable place, out of sight, out of mind. F rancces told Sue he was in a throughfare and then she laughed. Frances finds Sue amusing. He is a mature student sort of person. FSue used to work for IBM and he asked Frances if she knew where Dallick was because he thought the Dalicks lived there when he aws litte. Sue has cycled up the sma glen. Sue used to sit by the window next to gill when was between him and Frances. Sue is good at follow up calls. Frances likes the way Sue assigns time at lunch to read the paper. Frances is watching Hollyoaks. France is surprised by the prettiness of the girl in the gren dress hwho has a lovely dress on. Frances amused Philippa last night by the amount of white paint htat she’d used on her front door. Frances painted the brass knocker and Philippa asked if it would stick, frances said it would knock anoffand then she showed Philippa the letter box that was almost stuck but frances pointed out that she had received post and that the letter box did open even thought the paint had almost glued it gotogether. Frances told Philippa that she was going to apply another coat, Philippa and that the paint was called Weather shield. The paint is decieptively thin on application but on the second ddcoat it dries thiclkly. Rances thought about he paint ofn the front door when weh was at work toaday an it made her laught. Frances was just assaying that she is defined by people sniffing at her. Frances is only put in her place when she recieveds scrachy nose looks. Frances doesn spend a lot of time glorifying posh rescue. Frances often harps on her religious encounters and refers to family trees and historic buildings. Francces has never forgotten when she came out of the overcoming, frances was overcome with religious presentation aot various points in er life an she tends to perform to audience. Frances doesn’t feel targeted by Hollyoadks that she is watching today. She sees the story is about boys in bands. fRances is just relieved to be out of the booby trap of yesterdays grims. There’s an advert for bonjela. Frances thought about Pete Docherty on her way to lunch and she had to admit that she did take an interest, in the same manner oas Michael Jackson and band reclamation. Frances does realise she is beyond the pale for recruitment into a band at this stage in her life but she should have realised this earlier. Frances used to think she could give advice to teenagers in despair, frances felt that she was one. Frances worried a lot in paris. Frances never expects whetat she does to be concluded in favouritism. Frances finds that choosing must be a result of shared difficulty, like being left with the boring person in theroom. Frances has to cope with what she chooses because she isn’t short of opportunites. Frances hides her bushel in the manual of denial that she doesn’t read or want to verify. fRances has to be independently crucified, he ddoesn’t find it painful to be as she walways is but she spends the cost by harbouring a manner ofresentment. Frances must got hrough the unlikeable before she is realised, frances aexplains her problem by illustrating her situation without understanding it. Frances knows how she comes aross and has to be faithful to habit. Frances used to find it strange to watch womenof forty finding themselves in champagne lifestyles but maybe frances will take to painting oils and manicures to release her into acceptable gossip. Frances doesn’t orchestrate gossip but she manifests the unspokens. Frances usually catches tail ends after saying what did you say. Frances cherreies hese nuggeestsand forgets them with dispensing civility that she doesn’t mind. Frances thinks she has been genetically targeted by dom and she thinks that this is why ihe is horrendous. France looked at dom at dinner and dom asked frances about Maggie and those sorts f questions. Frances looked badk and thought he was trying to look genuie and frances could see that to some epeople he is a nice person. There are some boys outide the church playing with sa skateboard. They are in school uniform. Frances gets a tingle in her big toe. She is going to dinner now.w
Sunday 27th August
Frances went to the aball last night with Sue and Philippa. Frances managed to arrange it so that she and Philippa and Tom could join onto their party. Frances sat next to a boy from Englad foing in to do his PHD and Tom on the other side. Farfter the first course she sat next to Nick and Rodderick. Frances had aheard about Rodderick through Philippa. Frances arranged to dance with Richard who was sitting opposite and he had an inujured arm. Frances heard the note oto the party at then end when she said goodbye to Sue. She lefft before she could show him how oto do the Inverness Country Dance. Sue ahas always been keen that Frances fancies Sue and frances doesn’t take much notiece but she doen’t seem to get it right. Frances bought some Adnrewx loo paper on Saturday att the handy shnop. There was no more muesli left. Frances thinksshe coaught Philippa at ti tin the garden once and frances accepted a bacon froll from Philippa at the party. Frances didn’t like it and it swas oall cold. F rances munche d it up and down. Frances chased Lucia’s thusband out of the tent by walking wtowards him. Frances thought I’ know, I’ll go and talk to William. Frances went and sat on a rug by the edge of the polo pitch instead. Frances had a alrage lunch with five course. FShe left some raspberries in her glass. fRances sat next to a wife of a n intensive care dotor on locum, they were south African. Frances didn’t ask the Seribian many questions, she was told by the man from Puerta rica that it wasn’t Costa Rica like Francces suggested. Frances spoke to Robert Turcan and his weife along with Sue before coffee, they awere in a large tent. Frances spoke to a lady in a atartan jacket who had to say that her hfather played polo because frances asked her if her husband did and iimplied why was she here. Francces took a photograph of Sueby in the sunshine facing into the sunshine but she didn’t touch his hat. Sueby had to go off oto the tent to find some conversation at onec ponoint and frances talked to the joke shop owner. Frances didn’t defend the commentating and said that they should hear gossip about people as they played, frances was in earshopt of Sue and shnow she feels a bit mean. France s went treading in with Julia and Catriona and mervyn said what they were dointg was handy wehen frances waved to Sueby andthen he said that francces was lovely. Francces dorove on the polo pitch when she left and she steered through some hay bales. Frances saw James sitting in the boot of his car when she walked past but she igonored Sue who was wearing a tweed jacket. Francces told DPhilippa she looked like a professional polo player when she handed out the prixaes. Frances has just had a bath and stayed in it till she got cold. Francces accepted islan’s invitation to supper on Tuesday. She is going tiwth tom and Philippa. Grances waited for Sueby to invite her to come and have dinner and she was going to ask him about his business but that whould have implied that whse wanted a job. Frances said hello to Philippa and thanked her for the night before. Apparently Roddy and Richard left without saying goodbye when they were camping. F rances acted strangely yesterday when she followed the bride and groom down the road in their vintage car. They stopped by the hay bales to let her apss and frances was in a position of stealing. Frances went to the hand y shop after that. FSyhe went to the gareage having parked her car on the curb. Frances had riddin up on the tyre but not actually mounted it. Frances smoked a cigarette by the car becauseshe sas desperate. The bride and groom drove past. Frances bought some danmson.s she crossed the road in front of a whteite fvan. Frances explained to Richard that she was a tagger when she sat at the table, that she believed in fairy stories. Frances said Richard wanted a home an dRicha’rds’ eyes went watery. Frances did quite a fst twirl with Rodderick when they danced and then she let spin. Frances togt back from the handy shop and mrs Prichard said one step forwards and twenty five backwards. Frances thought about this in relation to the ash htat blewover her carpet when she left both doors open in her house. Francces had to hoover it up. She pruned the thorned bush during the wedding ceremony and there was a n april shower. Frances tiedied up some of the sticks and wondered if her timing was ba. Should she garden during the ceremony? Francces heard today that Angus Pollock MocCall got married at Fowlis Wester. Frances told Sueby and Angus that she lived with a hamster. Frances hadd Jacob on her knee at the polo andd he was very sweet playing with her sandals.
On Fridday night Frances went out with her colleagues from work. She went to That Bar and then to the Ringing Bells by St. Sue’s kirk. Frances concluded the evening well ater a meal of chicken Caesar salad, a pint of guineas and a red bull and some lemonade. Frances said she’d pay for the next night out because she was so rich. Frances heard from someone e that Tesco’s in Inverness is really nice. Frances liked jane’t’s dress at the ball, she used to wear black. Frances had a row over adnrew with Philippa once. Frances changed her hair tyie round when she spoke to Sueby. F rances used to lust and confurse over Sueby’s jet set string o girlfriends. Frances had her espadrilles ruined by Sueby in sapain. Frances spoke to Puru a t lunch and Pru said she’d like to live in a commune with a ll her family around her. Frances told robert’s wit e that her son looked like superman at the ball. fRances didn’t go onto the stnd whene she was a t the polo. Jennifer gave the prixzes out and had to kiss the polo player.s franceswent on a night out in perth on Friay. Frances didn’t respond when FrRoss asaid that he hought Frances had a wild side that was like bein a stripper. Frances said she had made her mistakes and that she was boring. Frances lisetened to Laura who said that she had dressed up as a pirate once at a party. F rances told Angus that Maggie had been bitten by ea waspwhen she was eating a truffle from marks and spencer’s. Angus went and visited Maggie quite recently. Frances intended to go and talk to Janet today but she didn’t. frances had intended to get Andre’s mobile number nbut she forgot a out that after she got out of the car with Chris Rea. When Frances danced the Hamilton House she excluded the people at the top of the set by dancing on down. Frances
Bank holiday Monday 28th August
Frances touched the stand with her index finger when she was talking to Sueby. Sueby said Randy Ox and frances said Yeah. Frances got spanked by Sue for abusing Sue. Frances actually got belted for it. Frances has taken this on board and she speaks to Sue dismissively, Sue thinks he’s lenient. Frances knows Sue prefers Gerogey. Frances is older than Philippa and needs to take responsibility. Philippa has more responsibility thatn Sue. Frances has less responsibility thatn Jennifer but she has beenthrouggh more. Frances looked at Katie and thought she looked common. Frances spoke to the man at Senegal and agreed to give him her email nuaddress but she ddidn’t mean it. impressed by the fact whe was taling to a man dressed for an international conference on AIDS. Frances was asked if she was from Randox and frances said no. frances has to describ e the man from Senegal and say that he was black with a large mauve shiny robe on. Frances shouldn’t have to say this but it exaplains why she felt like a mediator. Frances shouldn’t have touched the stand at the polo. Frances woandered in with the man from Senegal and then an Irish woman comame and collected him. Frances was left behind y the irish woman and the man from Senegal because she proved her worth as a bit waifish by the ticket desk. She did a good twirl with Rodderick. Frances Frances is watching celebrity golf. Frshe heard the radio this morningand they were talkingabout Borwas Sueson. Frances has just drunk some slightly fizzy orange juice. Frances is watching Bruce Frosythe pulling his sociks up at the celebrity golf match. Frances likes the sound rof Ronnie Corbett’s voice. Frances didn’t like the cocktail at the party be cause it was too watery. Frnces had one glass of winde. Frances had her wine filled up at lunch the next day but she didn’t drink much of it. James Nesbitt has got vsome very tiht boxers on he says. Frances went to bed early in all her clothes last night and she woke up and got undressed. Frances thinks about when Sarah laughed because she bureped down the phone. Frances is going riding at four o’clock this afternoon. Frances could put her sheet inand hang it on the line to dry. Frances is glad she didn’t follow through with Mr McDougall. Frances went for a drink with Mr McDugall after going to see him at the Tryicycle theatre. Frances had to hold onto her sofa when she sat next to him, he is the most highly charged prefson frances has every met. Frances thought MrMcoCougall looked like ucnle Sue which perevented her from playing with his banana. Frances went for a meal with Mr MaCDouglall and she was told that she was a very sexuall being. F Rances decided to go home and not to go on to have a shot of whisky. Frances won a cork screw at the ball and the raffle was in aid of Save The The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruely To Children. Frances got the number 615. Philippa just rang Frances to check about riding but Frances was smoking a cigarette when Philippa rang. Frances finds it easireer to dance with her shoes off. Frances raised her eyebrows when pru said sh’d like to live in a commune. Frances said she coulddlive without telephones. Frances is watching Chris Evans playing golf. He folded her is arms when he played the shot, Frances had her arms folded too. Frances smiled at the television as if she was smiling at Chris. Franes met one teenager who said he dropped a coin into his beer so he had to save the queen by drinking the pint in one. Frances introduced herself to one of he teenagers who then stood up and walked off. Patrick Duffy is quite tgood at golf. Ian Wroight tdid a good T shot. Alic Cooper is playing golf. Philippa asked frances if she had a hat or if she hadn’t got round to it. Frances didn’t get round to boying a riding hat on Saturday. Frances had intended to go to Auchterader on Saturday, at one point she was going to go with Carolien. Frances is sad that the riding shop in Crieff had shut down. The lady still lives in Crieff. Meatloaf went on a diet and took of eighty four pounds onece. He just missed the hole. Chris is guhugging everyone on the green.
Frances has been lusting after Wallace recently, Ben, not the teenage one. Frances has been going through the scenario in Clapham swhen frances was wearing her Joseph skirt. Frances went woops and lifted it up and she wnt side ways and did the pieta. Frances is very experimental in some ways. Damien Lewis and Jodie Kidd are in the lead with three and a half. Frances was surprised by the sharpness of the Damsons that she bought from the handy shop. Frances thoughtthey were blueberrieds and didn’t realise thy had stones in them. Frances saw meatloaf hit a ball into the crowd. Frances didn’t ask the man with thet tattoos if she could shee them. They wee on heis inner forearms, buttoned up by a shirt. The man with tattoos had an operation on his arm to move the nerve. The man with the tattoos called Frances a liar and Frances laughed.
Frances is under the impression that she rescued George when he was a baby. Frances has introduced herself to George who is a teenager about three times and she always says sthe same think. Frances saiys she went to school with Georg’s sistersn and George walks off uncomfortabley. Frances once had an epic display when she was at Sue’s and frances always gets caught up on the mission about the bridesmaid. Frances want’s Sue’s approval and she also thinks he is wrong. France3s defines wrong by being unable to compliment. Frances spent much time thinking Sue was a mocking bird. Frances spent a lot of time explaining the book she thinks. Frances was going to have affairs with nell’s friends. Frances said she was Helen keller be ause she thought she was a mind reader. Frances used to be friends with Sue but Frances is now like sue and he is a weirdo. George doesn’t know Frances but he is a sensitive teenager. Frances thought Jennifer was dangerous because she hthought he had a real gun at the wedding. Frances likes Angus because he said that Jack Nicholson was behind her. Frances hears that wind coan make it difficult on the green, tha’s what Burce says. Tom has gone hoe because he has to start work tomorrow. Frances could have been cradle snatching when she danced with tom for the jazz band at thebeinning. Frances tolod Sue she was an individual and that she wan’t like Jane. Frances kept going on about Frerris Buler’s day off and she was determined to be distinctive’ nanyone? Frances lost her temper whens ehe was at Sue’s house but sthe still isn’t sure what set her off. Ther’es Bruce Forsythe with a clink of his golf club. fRances used to watch slalad days with Becky. Frances is wearing her Kaiser chiefs sarf because she is cold and eighty percent of the eheat escapes through the head. Frances thanked Sue for the gardening secaterus because she has been seeing hto her hedge. Frances is looking at an inverary inverurie car adverty, he didn’t know how to dspell it before today.
Frances impressed the doctors wife when she told her that she had been to China. Frances went in 1995 and she told hier how horrible the loos wereon the train. Frances thought she had a baby when she was in China. Frances knocked her pants off the back of the kitchen chair when she answered the telephone and it was Philippa. DPhilippa akseked frances if she wanted to stay for supper’s spag bowol and frances offered to tak Philippa swimming and she said yes please. Frances bought some eye shadow from the body shop ion Friday, it was going for a freduced price at £6 from £16 or something. Frances applied her eyeshadow when she was in the lunch queue. Frances has also go some blusher. Ian Wright could hardly get out of the bunker of sand, he nearly got a putt from the sandy bank. Frances quite likes playing the moves off suspense. Frances had to drive the car forward when she parked on the North inch because she touched the bumper behind and Philippa said she had to move forward. Frances thinks Evans looks like a bunny rabbit when he takes aim with the levelling up.
Why does Frances wanted to be invited by Sue when Sue put her in s a straight jacket? Why does Frances receive independent treatment for mental illness? Why does Frances tell Sue lies? Why does Frances perform so well under pressure? Why do people like Sue and Sue and Dom elect themselves oto see to Frances’s life? Frances has just eaten spag hobol and she has to keep it in. frances ate a toffee clotted cream fudge but she ate inti in two.l franes is watching hteh news at he moment and bombings have taken placein widely separate locations. Frances looked at Sue across the tent but she didhn’t seek him out although Frances thinks she would have liked to be invited bacck. Frances probably asks for special treatment. Frances was quite rude at dinner and she frowned quite a lot. Frances watched Coronation Street with Philippa having told Philippa not to describe Nick as a pedofile Frances didn’t explain exactly what a pedofile was but whe said that the man on Corontation Street was just twisted and that he was a psychopath. Frances replied to the RNIB’s email and asked to be sent Vision formats of RNIB updates. Frances went for a ride on Cleo with Catrina, Philippa, Millie and Fidra. Frances cantered through a stubble field. Philippa said she nearly died in the stubble field that they went into after the first stubble field so they just walked. Frances cooked spag bol but it was quite bland. She put courgettes into it. The wheat was gluten free, Carolien says she is allergic to gluten. There’s an update on Hurricane Catrina on the television, it may take ive years to recover. Frances shoulddn’t have smoked after the ball. Philippa said she liekeed frances’s roses. Frances found her chaps in the stable today but the szip has jammed. Philippa sang Ther’s a hole in my bucket when they were upstairs. Frances ate three hob nobs today. Frances wasn’t that friendly to the Australian gril who Frances danced with. At the beginning of the dance frances introduced herself to all the peoplee in the reel. A man is throwing a football around on the television. Frances should have filled in her tax return letter today but she hasn’t. Frances gave gerogy a blank cheque for the ball ticket. A girl has been abducted from the Western Isles. Interpol hae been called in to find her. Sue and Sue have gone to dinner with the Lowsons this evening but Sue says she doen’t like the way they all dress in tweed. Frances said that tweed is like Sherlock Holmes. Frances will have to sleep without a sheet today because her sheet hasn’t dried from being on the line. Frances has a ndw washing machine that cme from the stable.s Frances tried to buy some muselie from the Handy shop today but they hadn’t received more stock.
Tuesday 29th August
According to Georggy spag bol is the same as the ball. According to Geroggyy, Goeorgy drank Frances’s wine so the fact that Frances won a cork screw at the ball doesn’t count. Frances has woken at midnight and ten to have a cigarette and write this down. Frances knows that Geroggy is a Chiristian. Frances was persuaded to have spagg ol because she hassn’t seen gerogy very much. Accordingg to Sue, Cleo is another name for Georbbggy. According to Sue, who did Frances ride? Frances srode Cleo when she went out. Philippa rode Cleo after Frances, apparently Cleo was full of beans. Frances mustn’t poo . Frances sat in the same saddle as Georggyand she ate spag bol afterwards. Philippa warned Frances about tomatoes inadvertently. Frances still doesn’t understand the meaning of tomatoes and she hdoesn’t undrerstand the meaning of eating certain dishes. Frances thinks that it is unfair that she won the cork screw and that FPhilippa thinks she got away with eating Frances’s cooking. Francces cooked a very bland pot and Philippa added the sun dried tomatoes. Frances was asked if she liked tea and frances exapliended that she drank loose tea. When Sue came for tea at twelve this morning he asked for sugar and frances banged the table so that it spilt onto her saucer. FSue said oops. Sue is on Philippa’s side because of the jacket. When Frances was leaving the polo Sue’s jacket was protruding on the sight horizons. Frances looked at the jacket and thought what about it. Frances was tied iup in a stright jacket by Sue andd all his friends for being a pedofile. fRances has twwo jackets in the back of her polo. Frances wonders if she should go to polo o on TWednedsday bu she doesn’t think she will because fPhilippa is going. Frances said hello wto Wallacee at the satables and he looked shy. Frances waved to Wallace’s mum on her waydown th drive. Frances doesn’t believe that she should be outdone by a dish of bolognaiesse and doesn’t find this a very attractive part of religion. Frances has to resinge herself to the fact that Philippa is smarter about things than France s is when it comes to spaghertti bolognais,.e. rances didn’t have seconds like Philippa did but sh did have a toffee after dinner. Frances didn’t want fruit or raspberries. Frances said no in a grumpy way and she didn’t try to charm Katie who is Gerogy’s frien. Dfarances said that Christian union was for tope snogs. Frances and Philippa and Katie all competed at dinner for remembering the names of pop bands. Philippa described who she liked in terms of we. Philippa said we like Gorlillaz. Frances remembered the name of Narls Barclay after some deliberation. F rances explained that she was ggoingg to be helping athe G8 summit, but she didn’t meniont Edinburgh. Philippa had tickets to go to the concertu, but she thinks it was in London. Frances told Katie she din’t think she tezte to win tickets for the convert but she thinks again and thinks she may have. Frances is often unsure about things. Francces shouldn’t have said the word ‘bleach to Katie and she shouldn’t have said the word ‘Cleo ‘to Sue when he was leaving for dinner. Francces watche the golf prize giving and looked at Chris who was shaking the bottle so that the spray came out. Francces is all bricked up and ready to poo ut she hasn’t yet. Francces thinks she can hold it in tomorrow but hta is no good, sh’ll have to wait until tomorrow or reven the nest day. Frances waill have to wear pants in that case. Francces needs to buy some more clothes because she hasn’t got any jumpers. Frances meant to retrieve her jumper from the best spare room an so she thinks sh’ll do that tomorrow. Francces could go to the handyshop on her way to dinner, frances wants to cance.l.l. Frances doesn’t like katy because Katy and Philippa are both to do with eating. Francces keeps smoking but she doesn’t mind. Frances saw the osprey ontop of the cedar tree this evening. Frances sint’ going to be outdone by Philippa and her bbolognaise. Francces is very determined and has considered putting a cork in her bum. Frances thinksshe couldh holdi n the day for another week if she did. Francces hasheard about this andonce sherescued a cork form at oilet. Apparently the vintage ones are best but rances only hsas standard d Rosein her fridge. Frances could rely on her sphincter but she idn’t srure how strong it is u. Frances iss having to sleep on a blanket tonight because she doesn’t hav e a sheet left. Frances raised her eyebrows when Katie asked her what she’d done etoay. This is another word for masterbuation in Frances book. Francces explieained that she had n’t achieved anything manificent. Rances has now identified what she doens’ like about georbggy. Frances was just getting over thisat the ball, when she didn’t see the significance of it all. Anyway Philippa was too young so she isn’t culpable so she may as well concede. Frances thinks tha t she comes to understand things after theyare done. Frances doesn’t like Sue and Philippafor the same reason. Frances responds to Sue’s questions in the air. Sue just had to look at the door for frances to say the word piaint and to open it. Francces follows Sue and Philippa’s cues for what things she does. Frances got onto Cleo and din’t mind when Cleo walked off. Frances opened the loch gate by jumping off in a sporting syle but frances was stiff whenshe returned thfrom the ride and fiound that her knees jarred. Frances left the saddle on the floor when she mdismounted. Frances didn’t act completely disturbed to cartina but she described her job in a doleful ay about whow she worked in a call centre. Frances takcked Celeo up from the wrong side andd she wonders if it matters. Frances wants o smoke in bed, she is staying up late to type her diary. Frances realisds wtht when her eyebrows shoot up infornt of people olike Sue’s teenage son that she could be referring to Philippa insome way. Sue’s sonn is called George. Fran es ats hesitantoy and she wsteps backwards in Geroge situations beyond margins. F rances waved at Philippa when Philippa waved at her. Frances has automatic responses to given reflections. A refletion is like a reflex and frances follows the negative reflex on manyoccasions. F Rances still hasn’t fixed her internet connections. Frances spends much time thinking about the ginger boy but what if he has blond hair like Sue’s? What if he has dark hari? What if there are multitudes. ? frances doesn’t speak to her cousins very regularly. F rances is refereeing to the pre teenagers. Philippa eats just like frances with one fork. Frances has resolved to change her manners so she is dfferent at the table. F Rances doesn’t like the way Philippa eats but frances knows she shares similars. Changing the fork from the left side to the right hand can be seen as cross overs. Frances shovele d in her bolognaise with her eright hand. Frances didn’t usse to see the importanc e of this but snow wshe considers whether this could be the blitz. Francces won’t have a £150m opportunity again, what was so precious aout the timing of this weekeid? Frances hears that Peter is coming back apparently. Frances wonders about the right to party. Rances described her dihs as bland before she left. This word sounds like and. There is a large moth at Frances’ window. Frances wonders if it is special. Frances relies on special signs to indicate that she isnot maligned. Frances almost said the word Nils Tabube at dinner this evening, she had o rethink her words for coming up with narls barclary. Hthere was a urglary on coronation stretet this evening. When frances was at Edinburgh someone broke in. frances wonder s who could be ebehind the burlary and who ould be behind the planting of the farm sheep. There waas a sheep in fRances ‘ cflat onece and she just chased it down the stairs and siaid be gone with that. Frances once spent the night on top of a bus stop when she tried to run off from some thugs that were chaign her. Frances has had to put up with being abanshee for many years and frances ahas cometo identify herself with this. Frances was put in the imdle of a hurricane by her strigght jacket. Frances found that the winder was stronger than she was. Frances din’t get blon away actually. Frances ishere writing her diary. When frances kissed peter she dint’ mean to thinkof the value it had. Frances fleeted scores past his cheeks of target place and special speaks. Frances hears peter makes one and a half million pounds. Does frances need ths upport of a large smarquee and a tannoy system to make her settle into innocent position? This may well bet he case and rances may have to chase and chase. F rances may not have another oporotunity until the next full moon of blue shades or iimpropriety. F Rances has acancelled her invitation to the health centre on Tuesday because they din’t give her enough notice. Frances coincides isla visits with straight jackts as well as Suzie, her godmother. Frances gets jacketed all over he place and sometimes she ienjoyes it but then she forgets it so the hwole episode is pointless to all Frances’s obserabation s apart from everyone swho has sat around and listened. Frances performs best under torture. Frances wondersabout seepagerislks from using corks as stoppers.
The next morning
Frances wonders if it was because she ate a hamburger, hadnd buger with two hands. Frances took a photogrph straight into the sun. frances is an idiot. Francces is planning to fast today. Frances wonders if she can hold hr poo in. frances should take on the empathy of a nurse instead of feeling aggravated by self aggriveieved feelings of remonstration. Frances should not do stupid things in her life. Frances needs to buy herself a camera. Frances could pass in any number of ways without having to pass the spaghetti Khyber. The lady on the raio talked about the M4, this is a form o f spaghertti. Frances is desperate to track the sequence to being free from abuse, Frances can’t even set up her internet iconnection. Frances needs to go to the chapel inn and ask them to do it for her. Frances shouldn’t have ridden over the staraww when she went ridingg. Frances shouldn’t have prevented a photograph being taken of her by taking a photo herself. Frances thinks about the time when the eagle went off with her knickers. Frances thinks about the time when she killed a rocodile in a river when it took her and did a rollover. Frances told Tom about this when he asked her about her crocodile strap to her watch. Frances is smoking to pass the time. She wonders if she hould give upsmoking. Frances needs to buy herself a padlock for the oil taknker.
Frances has just been at supper, looking at Sue to see if he is his father, looking at the man from sotheyby’s called Andre, thinking he looks like a genre painting. Frances on ly ate half of her summer pudding, she noticed the coffee crystals. Frances is watching Cambridge spiees, thinking about the beautiful garden. Frances has been thinking about the crocoile all day, how she stabbed it when it rolled her over. Frances has been triumphing over her success with the hoover. She leaned the car out when she got back from work. The hoover nearly blocked with ag green tag. Frances talked to Asheleigh today at lunch about the business aspect of policing, about where steven Hendry lives, about looking after hchildren for wealthy people, about goats in Comrie. Frances didn’t mind that Doug smiled at Philippa pointedly because Frances is now in the acre of legionary, she is a tropper, a trooper for the loopy sect. frances spent quite a lot oftiem removing pips from her teeth withther tongue. Frances didn’t say anything when Sue coughte on his lamb. Frances had a cigarette. Frances is is watching Tom Hollander on the bonnet of a car saying God bless the free after many esxpletives. Frances didn’t speak to geroggy veery much at all and she hardly talked to Katie who said di d she have any friends up here. Frances is watching the man in the hat and a coat with a brolly and a fbriefcase. Frances said she saw the sosrpry on the cedar tree yesterday, it was right on the top and it looked down on her. Frances said she’d like to see a wooepecker. Frances asked Sue about the bank asnd he explained agin that when he sewent there it was urun likea n estate, twith the guy at the top atnd the serfs audnerneath. There’s a man in a red telephone bos. Frances is still thinking about the ball. Frances has lost thre hread about the corkscrew. Frances took some rose just like Philippa but hers was from hungary. Frances will have to turn religion to her side tot see if she coan counteract the hooded bride. Frances has just been to dinner in a castle to eat fish and lamb and summerpudding. Frances got a epeppercorn in her tooth but she didn’t munch the summer puccing. EIsla makes marvellous cream that iw all whippy. The kitchen has been cnverted intoa a large room. Frances talkied about idkea furniture at dinner and it was compared with `habitat. Frances is looking at a swing on the television, it is hung in the garden. Frances thinks about Doug on the GFulham Road at the pub called the Parrrot. Frances went there many years ago for a drink. Whyat is Frances implying/ ? Frances is going to thave to stop smoking. Frances went inher jeans and a punk top. Frances heard sSue say he liked working with his peers. Frances has had many strong dreams about hthe castle and Catherine Cookson.
Wednesday 30th Auguest
Sue used to lend Frances his Jeans and this could be a reason for walking with Sue. FSue used to eat ice creams and dribble down his front. Frances thinks about money and monzie, visiting the chippie. Frances thinks Sue has had hair treatment because his hair is black and thick and Frances used to taunt about Garibaldi. Half way thropugh dinner Sue said that people should be gracious in both victory and defeat. This is because Frances has lost her temper when she has been at Sue’s. Frances is almost like Henry the Viiith. She has let rip and thrown herself around, to th taunts of games about hangmen. When Sue choked onhis lamb Frances shoulnd’ thave followed suite with a cigarette but she did and the embers met. Frances was going to ask Sue about his girlfriend but she didn’t. Frances was going to mention how good the window seats were, but she didn’t. At onec point there was a discussion about gelatine. Frances has previously volunteered the information about mouse but she didn’t last nihgt. Francces knows that mouse mousse can be made with gelatine but she qkept quiet. Frances was expected to say mousse and that hwould have been it. Frances held her tongue sto some exetent. Sue went tho Buckinham palace to buy some e prince William chocolates. Frances was going to say how sh’d like to visit Buckingham palace but she never did. Francces remembered that that’ was the treat for the monazie cleaners, to go and visit Buckingham palace but this would have implied Frances as a wPhilippabe cleaner. Frances didn’t make a bitchy comment about the woman who had plastic surgery this time. She said that Joan Rivers was beautiful. Frances seems to remember complain ing about having podgy cheeks whne she was little. She often wondered why she had cuts inside her cheeks but now freflects that her complaint was sorted with plastic surgery. Frances thought that she had been hidden in disguise because of her cut up cheek.s Frances used to blush you see, she coulddn’t understand why. Frances used to bite her cheeks and FGoeorgy used to store food in her cheeks to make them bulege in a way hat Frances maight have looked when she was little. Frances remeinded Sue about the godlf dcourse there used to be at monzie and Sue said that a long fairway of forty yards was needed and that some goldf courses mosw their lawns three times a day. Frances was surprised by the compact composition of the grass. Frances liks the monzie garden that has tbeen transformed from a wildenrness. The kitchen has been knocked through to incorporate the oold loo. Frances heard that the lamb had come forom Forfar. Frances said it was well cooked. Francces worriess Sue by her creative writing. Sue was nice to Frances and disguised his fear of her. Frances metntioned goats at one point and Sue kicked his leg out and asaid Um a lot. Frances ouln’d remember the name of the comedian who had gone to France to relax with goats, she now remembers it was Sean Lock. Locke. Frances thought this was very funny and laughed a bit because Sean said that going goat herding with wine and cheese in the hills was more stressful than working inhte London stock exchange. Frances said that the goats in comrie should be taken to the Perth show. She didn’t realise there could be wild goats in fenced areas. Frances got a whistly kettle for her kitchen, just like the one that Sue’s aunt used to have. Frances discussed the surface space in her refurbished kitchen explanin gthat it was good to keep the kettle on the hob. Frances admitted hat she watched a lot of television, mostly on the cue of television hype. Frances thinsabout Chris Evans signeing oall the autographs a t the golf. Frances wonders if she should go bacck and slive in Surrey. Francces has been thinkingabout buying some crocodile shoes. Frances thinks she could get some over the interntet. Frances doesn’t think Sue would like to read this about himself. Frances hasn’t said anything. Sue always mentions tealithat when he wants to make Frances feel like a numby or someone less spiritual. Frances is amazed by the power of words. Frances was informed by Sue that he marched up to the chief exe utive of Aga and announced that he should get trade rates for agas and Fracnces said Oh. Mrs Robertson told frances that he r hair was looking nice and frances said she looked scruffy. Frances wonders if she was a plotter in the aga saga with her grandmother. Francces’s grandmother took out the aga from the holiday cottage and frances itmthinks frances couldn have susggested it. Frances thinks she might like an aga in the Post office kitchen. Frances remembers the saga about the aga and Frances thas spoken about this to many people in the past , eulogising in how terrible the grandma was. Frances talks against herself on many instances. Frances is shocked and thrilled by tddoing this. Frances remembers Philippa describing teenagers as sweet at twelve and eighteen but confusing in the middle,b ut still okay. fRances always s eyes Philippa up with satisfaction that she hasn’t got her lothes right. fRances thinks she is more fahionable. Frances didn’t speak to Katy very much be ause Katy is just like Philippa and Katie said did frances have any friends in Scotland. Frances eeexplained that she din’t see anyone in London anyway and that she wsaw lots of people at work. Frances didn’t look at the man from Sotheby’s for much of the tevening but as dinner wore on she tuned into what he was saying, wondering if he knew who she was, the famous francces. Frances listened to he conversation about Vittirano and his interest in small girld.s Frances preseumed they were hildren but frances dint’ presume they were dirty. They are dirty of small womena with dark hair apparently. Isla is quite small with dark hair. FSue must have worried about his hari because his mother has hair that is thinning. Frances drove down the drive dismissing what she presumes were daivid’s fancies when he was a teenager. Frances used to joke that Sue would marry aPhilippa but Francces used to want Sue to talk to her. This was because Sue went to school with lots of cool people and Frances wanted to be in Sue’s gang. Talithat is in Sue’s gang and Sue has long conversations with Talitha. Frances always thought Sue was brainer thatn her and this could be true. Frances came to the cocnclusion that Sue looks like her cousin Jonathan. Frances imagined a hostile recognition between the boys and f they wondered who should inherit the acasle. Francces often does this with people, thinking that people play their parts well, but with an underscore if only they knew. Frances is watching a wiuthering heights edition of Hollyoaks. There is narration over pop beats as people recline in their thoughts. Hollyoaks are trying to interest people in books and the tap is dripping to a strewn about kitchen. The murdered haunt the dad in this episode. Frances saw a picture of Charles who was Sue’s dad. Frances went through a terrible period of thinking that he got coppe off. Frances felt responsible as the hang man. Frances thought isla was a judge in a writing competition. F Rancces was told by Isla that a whacky woman is going to move to owlis ahnd that she works at Bellhaven. She is moving into a n ugly cottage but the view is beatuful. Frances was honest aout her state in London. She said that she had ground to a halt. Frances parked on the right hand sigde of the castle, a position true to the exit point. Frances parked on the left as she approached but she was going to park on the right. Frances didn’t see any dogs but she didn’t ask where the dog was. Frances remembers tripper who used to be ehte tterrier. He may have passed away. There used to be geese and a large dog called Magnus who barked on a chain. Frances has just eaten some hob nobs. Philippa went for a run yesterday and Katie said Philippa was fit. Frances may have snarled at this point, she may have curled her lip at the thought of trying to compete. Frances is watching some people in f food freezer. Frances has been in this situation before she thinks. Frances sent a piece of creatinve writing to Isla, it was entitled Corfu, a hot place. F rancces needs to have the car fixed because there is a dent in the bonnet from a deer hta her step mother ran over. Frances needs to ring mr Addison. Frances invited tDoug to p pop into her house and described where it was but rancces didn’t really mena it. Francces looks at the Lacoste advert for scent, the smell is a perfume, the image is a crocodile.
Frances wonders about other people’s experiences. Somethimes frances becomes distraught about the various situationsof peropery inheritance. Frances wonder s if this is a sign of understanding or frustration. Frances knows she is frustrated but she doesn’t needs to buy some toilet cleaner because she hasn’t sorted her loo out het. Francces is going of the idea of visiting Idkea because of the conversation last night. Sue said he had one foot in the grave this afternoon. The group talked about Sue and said thatSue had never had a girlfriend. Frances is bound to have a soft spot for Suey bevause he may be a virgin.
Frances thought about Sueby esterday and would describe him as the closes thin to Drocodile Dundee. Francces knows that Sueby isn’t Mick Hogan but Frances has to amake do with chances and television. Frances is warching porn CCTV on Hollyoaks. Frances is an idiot for what she did by taking the photo. Frances togt tweaked on the neck by Suey when he came over to her edesk last week. Frances could be a soft spot for Suey BNSue because Frances is easy to talk to, Sue says. Francces didn’t eat very much yesterday so she is quite hungry today. Frances is cold and she often warms up by eating food. Frances has’t urned her heating on yet. Frances keeps expecting to receive statements from the visa companies. The man is offering peanuts on the house. Frances sees a dyson hoover on Hollyoaks. Frances peed her trousers at ten this mronging. She wiggled around on her seat for much of the afternoon and Lorna said she doid bum exercise in her chari. Frances should go and buy some stilettos. Why did Sue say he didn’t know about clipping the geese wings? Why did he say he didn’t know about gelatin? Frances knows ewhere Steven Hendry lives because Ashleigh told her. Asheleigh’s sitster knows Steven because she looks after his kids and does shopping at Tesco’s forhim. Frances needs to buy some toilet cleaner. Laura bought a small lighter tha Frances fovorrowed off her today. Frances used matches from her bag tto lighther lighter. FRoss didn’t turne up for work today because he is sick. He told Sandra he would pull a sickie on Tuesdy and hten he actually did. Today is Wendesday and Laura says that Ross’s girlfriend is a bitch. Ross’s course at Stoewe starsts tomorrow. Maybe he won’t come back. Ash was off sick today as he had a sore stomach. Ashleigh got food poiseningg fom a restaurant in Auchterader last week so she had a doctor’s scertificate for five days off. Frances sed to hav e House of Commons writing paper. Francces is watching a film about Rober mugagbe on the news today.
Frances hovered her car yetsterday and she tiedied up her clothes hthat wer littered all over her kitchen. Frances is watching an archbishop from south Africa at the moment. Frances had to tie her tracksuit top around her waist this morning when she wet her jeans. Frances sdoens’t think anyone noticed and she had to seitt with her legs apart to let the path dry. Frances wrote patch.§ Frances heard that the Gibbons’s barbecue was a bit odd on Saturday because the date ws the same as the ball’s. Philippa had a nice time with India but apparently there were lots of people from Comrie, as well as a rosast pig on a spit from the Robbs. Frances told Sue about the hairy bikers cookery program on the television. They are roast pickg when they were in Portugal. Ashleigh gate prawns when she got food poisening.
Thursday 31st August
Frances has just beeen to AsDAs to buy a towel rail, two wicker baskets, a bathmat, some towels, a toaster, a pestle and mortar, a kettle, some fairy, some bin bags, some cleaning cloths, some loo cleaner, a loo scrubber, some washing powder and she paid £132 for them. Frances didn’t wait behind the right hand cars, she went in the let and interrupted a motorbicycle. Frances has a pedal for go to overtake sometimes. Frances has been thinking about Garibali today. She spoke to Sue about cows in Argenntina and Sue atalked about Fray Bentos. Frances puts the two together to make Bulger and thinks what a oloss. Frances is wtching the television fof peopele walking on sand and there sis television interruption, frances was at her desk today when her system freezed and gill had to sort it out. Gill is sitting nest to Jake and Frances introduced herself to Jake because Marie wanted to know who he was. Frances said weldome to Jacke. Francces ate one of Lorna’ s fairy cakes but she didn’t have any of the cake that said GoodBye with a photo of Lorna snotgging Scotton the front otf it. Frances went to the car to smoke to wo cigarettes with her legs dangling out. Frances bought wsome wedding present materials, considering the number of kitchen utensils. Frances also bouthg t a spatchelor and a wooden spoon. Sue won a wooden spoon that said Loser on it. Frances picked it up, she just about used it. Frances bought some clothes pegs and she has hung her down ie cover out today, hearing hollyoaks say Get a grip. Francces ate ahlf of her haggis, neeps and tatties but she has been keeping pher poo in more so that it comes out like cheese paste. Frances has sresolved to stop buggering herself because of the Bulger. Ford has diesd today, he was a Hollywood star. Frances bought glasses and towels with the label George. Frances has been shopping uquite a bitt at ASDAs recently. One of the shoppers said it ddowas down to laziness. Frances bought four wine glasses and four tiumblesers. Frances used to have a thinkg about Tracy ulman and her godmother Suzeie Frances thinks about words like August and Go and jaw and china. Frances mulls them over and thinks that if she golues her fairy dispenser back together that things will gbe cleared up. Frances has a port decanter, a wine cdecadenter and she is going to mend it so the stopper fits again. Frances has been thinkgingabout how she ate the bacon in a bun with two ands. Richard tried to give Frances a glass to hold in her iright hand but frances kept on munching with both. She finished the wholde bun, every mouthful. Frances was ging to stop at the beginning but she didn’t. Frances thinks of the Gorgy road and the Gorgons and the railway. Frances has drawn some graphics that look like a small boy coming out of a cave. Frances was short with Richard this morning when he asked her if there was a downstairs meeting. Sandra asked Frances to make some toast today. She said the toast is being made at ten past nine tomorrow. Frances doesn’t have a bread bin yet. When Frances spoke to Ashleight she looked into her face for signs of people she knew and came up with Farquqar. Frances doesn’t know if she’s evr been to a ball with Philippa before. Frances needs to write a thank you letter. The word is stuck, it is used on the news and the woman on Esastenders ifs having an abortion. The word grandmother and the word termingal. There ae people on Holby city with bulging tumours. Words loke blood. Frances bought a Philips toaster, not a Russell Hobbs one. Frances bought a white kettle and the pestle and mortar is gigantic. BViulnerable is another word.
Frances rellects on the habit of saying things again, for instance what nice window seats is two minutes later what really nice window seats. Frances has adjective versions to what she does, sometimes she brings up the same story. Frances often responds to store is in the same whay when they are presented to her. For instance, tell Frances Cherry lips and frances says Oh no. Tell Frances Garibaldi and Frances resumes for italy. Frances is pressed by cues for go, like she said before she’ll fill in the empty face of said. Frances does like to be inventive in conversation, but the flow through of script is a time for extension. Frances has practised what she said before and it worked, as much as linked the stretch. Frances should gather her anecdotes and measure what they are, she should know what is square nd what is by far. The long way round for Frances is oto interpret her own dreams as her own. Frances has taken on board words like Mousse and Cherry as if she should be shameful. Frances has been far more shameful in ways that she forgts but the description she gives ofis of another’s shame instead. This is a form of diversion from feeling shameful. Frances could deny her own scapegoat by masking anothers, quote unquote. Frances could be a princess for irings and strings to her bow, she could be a hostess for someone to know. Frances
Friday 1s september.

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