Crepe Suzette

Crepe Suzette misses tea, one leaf behind the peel have gone. Crepe Suzette turns in on top, just to retire to warm her feet. Crepe Suzette is skinny and nice, thinks of the gas as affordable price. Crepe Suzette will use what she’s learned as far as she’s wasted she’s already earned.
Crepe Suzette stands back to inquire, what was that sir, schoolroom to find. Crepe Suzette approves of Disraeli, pencil and paper and turns in the navy. Crepe Suzette would like to do the relay, chip in for Penzance, scrubbing the deck. Crepe Suzette can go hell for leather when she wants to, she really can.
In civilian land, Crepe Suzette is like the Can Can dancer. Crepe Suzette is called to arms, top of the world with icing and buns. Crepe Suzette has heard of Latour, kicks up a fuss when the world about is poor. Crepe Suzette can stand without heating, jumping about with keen seating. Crepe Suzette hears the bark in a middle of the sentence.
Crepe Suzette sees how to confuse, uses it when there’s no time to lose. She might need to be the quiet exception. Crepe Suzette is good at detection, out of line dancing with no imperfection. Crepe Suzette is trapped in a bubble, blonder in photos, look at her navel. Crepe Suzette may have a slightly different story down stairs.
Crepe Suzette is homely and blond, that is a word she may not respond. Crepe Suzette is sometimes a blond, sometimes an action adhesive to love. Crepe Suzette just needs a shove, hesitate is her accordance with dove. In a cruel world, Crepe Suzette can only do what is absolutely due.
Sprouts take ten minutes, don’t they. Crepe Suzette gets up in the morning. Crepe Suzette may get up after the morning, she’s been doing penance for a while. Crepe Suzette learns and takes away, learns and takes away.
Crepe Suzette has one up and one down, devotes the early lesson. Crepe Suzette is roley poley jam, just remember custard with flan. Crepe Suzette has everyone at heart, knows their part. Crepe Suzette sees the tiny age of her own, not the ones that carry on. Crepe Suzette is in her own classroom, rooting for winning against going home.
Crepe Suzette can last for sports day, rosette, hooray.
Crepe Suzette will carry the admiration of the geography teacher with the suspicion that he is imbalanced. Crepe Suzette is good support to later see the chance. Crepe Suzette was too innocent at the time, Crepe Suzette has grown to proportion.
It is not Crepe Suzette’s unique learning that sets her apart. Crepe Suzette is second round start. Crepe Suzette could modify what wasn’t understood, go back and wear a hood. It could have been the fashion sense of Crepe Suzette’s parents that made her dense, they were just trying to protect her.
Crepe Suzette is amazed to accept that what she knew is not answered yet. Crepe Suzette knew that she would learn to do as well as the expectation. Crepe Suzette feels burdened by what she didn’t get, was that right?
Crepe Suzette could join the forces even though the first paragraph isn’t promising. Crepe Suzette could knuckle down to courses, even after this assessment. There are many Crepe Suzettes, and their job is to guard the car park.
Crepe Suzette realises her job is to guard the car park, how grand. Crepe Suzette could be a hound. Crepe Suzette makes the world go round. Crepe Suzette would like to dish serving but might drop the vegetables. Crepe Suzette would like to write that down. Crepe Suzette slightly over cooks the vegetables, makes mash to rectify the town. Crepe Suzette wants to eat it up for this afternoon’s performance.
Crepe Suzette thinks the table is too high or the chair is too low. There are two options. Crepe Suzette is full of two way suggestions. Crepe Suzette is on the ball between her feet, the other players are running around. Crepe Suzette might not say ‘Look what I’ve found’ she’ll roll it up like a pancake.
Crepe Suzette wants a filling, needs to keep up with her toothbrush. Crepe Suzette is escorted through ways to look forward. Crepe Suzette is commended for rolling down the hill, could be a landing mat.
Crepe Suzette is asked if she likes crepes. Crepe Suzette thinks of tent pegs, what sort of policemen are these? Crepe Suzette likes a tease, comes out the other end. Crepe Suzette admires the question does she like crepes, how original.
Crepe Suzette thinks questions have askers, why did that four year old say she knew the way? Crepe Suzette gets the certificate for proficiency and sets off to the district. Crepe Suzette can do things all round proficiency, no question.
Crepe Suzette doesn’t like to answer unless it is necessary, things are going ahead. Crepe Suzette will emerge from the wings, another form of keeping up. Crepe Suzette is not expected to emerge from the wings, another ovation.
Crepe Suzette isn’t noticed inside at all, hangs on the wall. Crepe Suzette would be useful if she wasn’t homesick. Crepe Suzette has skills of Bravo Two Zero, she could be anywhere.
Crepe Suzette thinks page numbering is important, reading is challenging. Crepe Suzette is not appreciated in the document, what can it bring. Crepe Suzette could bring a crepe to the future, imagines the beret with honey and lemon.
Crepe Suzette has two courses, knife and fork. Sometimes she puts them together, ambidextrous. Crepe Suzette does things to load and eat, she could be vegetarian. A lot of vegetarians are pale because they don’t have meat, Crepe Suzette would be a vegetarian if she wasn’t shooting. Crepe Suzette could eat in her fingers if she was a panda. Meat eaters require prongs to roast. Crepe Suzette sees ham and cheese on the menu, crepes to go. Crepe Suzette is a crepe to go.
Crepe Suzette would like to land in a parachute, would like to surface on the sea, Crepe Suzette knows where she should be. Crepe Suzette would like a warm box of sweets to make her cry.
Crepe Suzette isn’t fair, why?
Crepe Suzette gets away with too much, especially during peaceful eras. Crepe Suzette is a subject case, melody from home alone.
Crepe Suzette is Princess Diana on bomb disposal, shaky on the lies. Crepe Suzette between meals does reveal more than her nose. Crepe Suzette may be the laughing stock, sticky paw prints show. Crepe Suzette is tracker to things about. There can’t be too many Crepe Suzettes, and Crepe Suzette herself should not know.
This is vital.
Crepe Suzette’s biggest question is to carry on. Crepe Suzette sees bully boots as the throng. Crepe Suzette’s individual task is someone to overtake.
Crepe Suzette is a flash in a pan, hot for a minute then limp lettuce jam. Crepe Suzette is whey in a bowl, flat are the spheres that learn to roll. Crepe Suzette is on a stretcher, let her on the boys will eat her. Crepe Suzette is Corporal Crepe, justifying what to keep. The Crepe has a misfit stream of sweet mixture without end or beginning until the swallowing. Crepe Suzette is asking to be eaten.
Would Crepe Suzette like some cake? Would Crepe Suzette like some fruit cake?
Crepe Suzette doesn’t expect what she will get any more than frisbee. Is Crepe Suzette planning to report to Head Quarters? Crepe Suzette could know what to do if the intent was clear Christmas. There is a roll that crocodiles do, at least submarines are glued.
Crepe Suzette rolls up her pajamas, could be sultanas. Crepe Suzette could be behind the pancake man in Tesco’s, salivating. Crepe Suzette knows fingers are for bending, she is lending that too much is freezing.
Does Crepe Suzette like crepes?
When the answer is clear the shadow protects. Crepe Suzette had two helpings because she had an interval. Crepe Suzette had two types of cake because she missed tea. Crepe Suzette will not answer yet.
Crepe Suzette goes on a complicated excursion to find out if she likes crepes, don’t tell anyone. Crepe Suzette thinks about light sponge and fruit cake. Would Crepe Suzette like to be the Channel Tunnel?
Crepe Suzette sucks straws for temper, gets lost. There is limescale on her drink, water was not seived. Crepe Suzette is sold by vendors on street corners, mid winter. Crepe Suzette should not be there all year round.
Crepe Suzette wonders why she is seasonal, she’d be good in the Australian gold mines, winter time is catching up with cooler times above the ground. Crepe Suzette started out with navy, got kicked about in gravy.
Crepe Suzette will close at four.
What is the straw for? Crepe Suzette would swallow a small bit but wouldn’t eat a whole one. Crepe Suzette blames the small particle according to herself, gets the sneaky one, says so what very bravely.
The panto puts Suzette on as the tree in the wings, stands for hours.
Crepe Suzette belives in convectional rainfall. Crepe Suzette learns the invisible. Crepe Suzette is puzzled by ring marks on table tops. Crepe Suzette did that last year.
Crepe Suzette entertains people by what she does in a horrific way. Some people laugh but Crepe Suzette escorts them. They are drawn by convection to her paths of detection, Crepe Suzette dooms the way.
Has Crepe Suzette left the army?
Was it the navy?
Universal forces kick Crepe Suzette from home, she imagines ums and mays could pass the answer. Crepe Suzette says mays and ums instead, that could lead.
Crepe Suzette asks what’s the sequence? Crepe Suzette gets left out.
Crepe Suzette picks up her nose, hounding down where no one goes. How unexpected to be left out. Crepe Suzette knows she represents a large proportion of the nation. Crepe Suzette wants simple confirmation. Crepe Suzette is devoted to inquisitors, hello to visitors. Crepe Suzette can’t shrug off where she can get. Crepe Suzette could make it to the top.
Why won’t Crepe Suzette say sorry?
Crepe Suzette doesn’t know how to say sorry.

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