The Old Man

The Old Man
Tom would be the old man’s name, abbreviated. Tom does chat shows on Sundays, he brings up fame. Tom is not Tom’s name, heacts the classics that time understands. The modern day is Russian for all the pace, Tom could be retired. Tom has emerged from his large cave, just like a tortoise. There aren’t many toms about, what practice there is to survive can be wicked.
Tom talks to the man with big ears on the morning, totot toot. The taste of coffe e is planted in the foreground, society is sound. Tom feels personal issues re largely overlooked, trains mark sleepers to keep up with doing cognitives.
In Tom’s day factory sweat was honest and keen, boots were not deodorant. Tom appreciates the living clenan are hard to delineate, simple inspecxtors. tom is faced with technology, goodby ornothology. Tom is enchanted by harmless young applying art. Tom has been invited oto a n exhibition, he’s the example.
Tom is actually called Eon, everyone says hello Eon. Tom does his handkerchief spat at the door, it was blenched in Africa, vogue to the prop room. Eon, not Tom says the lady welcoming, Tom is anyone’s on, they just have to reach grade. There are missuses and moulds bestowing welcomes from souls, tom lives in the chamber. Tom has played sorry reporter, seduced it. Wo knows if Tom is a crashing failure?
Tom isn’t Eton equivalent even if he were, needs no where. Tom does have a television, can play cards. Tom may not have seen E.T, he does the crossword. If Tom had chosen a more complicated option the eight year old wouldn’t dare. Tom’s livfe is out of date, so there.
In the old days, Tom would have blazed a ptath, confuscious of how to tie a scardf, that’s a cravate, not that. Tom is a name, not Eon, tabby cat purrs in coal man’s home. When testicles are discussed in Yorkshire there’s gravy and aunt to face, corners left to cobblers with bent hammers. Tom has posture because of aunt, he doesn’t deny her value. When Tom is important there is no holiday.
The modern impression themes the moment, scruff for the cinema, stud for the break. Claustrophobia herds marriagees to living agreements about pension rates. There isn’t enough time to grow stale until retirement, earn enough money to keep busy. The Russian time is not about homeland. Tom
The Old Man
could have private devotions, he may influence fatherlands for rubber stamp Narnia. Tom will be aware of cornucopia bu t must remain agile with mistaken identity.
Stories on Sundays flourish with costume developkment. Although Tom thinks he is eloquent his lines are terrible, he has to tap his foot at the barn dance. Tom weighs up the old folks charter with back seat charis in all the rooms. The old stare, the young are vague. Monotony is hidden in fluctuate fare, the mark of depending.
What time is the bus says Tom.
tom has been given a sitcom, two episodes. Tom isn’t the godfather, that became the DJ’s job. Tom isn’t aware that he has a job, he stnands in for scenic nob. Even when there’s a huge romance, Tom stoops for emblumatic, his blood is really on the hoof speeding off to Miami.
Boys under adolescence take time to talk to Tom, he does have grand children. Tom coincides with mild habits and false perversity, Tom is the rare treat of Sunday’s land, he stands for cheek dimple. Tom’s grand daughter likes the BFG when she grows up for looking back. Although she’s in the sotry she can’t appreciate it. Tom thinks actresses have too much to contend with, they can only rise above frustration.
Masses of faults permeate Tom’s palace in marble trophies. Tom can puff cigar and muse he is bored by cronies. Cronies develop from frustration, this phrase can be misleading. Where is Tom going?
The problem is dsolved for Tom, his grand daughter has been defined as Gorgonzola. Tom lives in an out of the way place called Lawrence of Arabia, he doesn’t know Gorgonzola. Tom comes to konow Gorgonzola by the political relevance she has with trouble.
Gorgonzola is a fruity cheese that would like to inherit a mansion. Gorgonzola lives in the ordinary canyon, she comoplains. gorgonzola was earmarked in youth, she was rosetted by the Lust group of return performance. Gorgonzola knew that she was lusty and was set aside. Gorgonzola grows up on Gorgonzola, she is fed her own cheese. Gorgonzola admires who she isn’t thank goodness for that.
Tom signals gentle clues as muc h as the old man can, Gorgonozola thrashes 2
The Old Man
her wieight with inference and pun. The lust group of return performace tease Gorgonzola where she goes, what a labyrinth. Gorgonzola fancies she is permuatated, she wants to know how she was created.
gorgonzola entertains the lust camp, she becomes elected. The lust camp set up a membership called features for theatre. Gorgonzola is required to lead an office life, she defies display with modesty. Gorgonzola has all she needs to exxcel in canapes and rosary beads, fit society with brimming performance. The top sledge of human technology needs no Scarlet O’Hara, precious doesn’t advertise well. Gorgonzola is careless and trapped in her ownspell.
Tom can’t grasp the leading lady immunology . It is felt that men whould have mover access to ladies of swell. Hollywood has fountaineered to some extent, there are Elizabeth Taylor feelings. The sunny side of what is nunderstood has direct access to the screen, that’s one pound fifty in nineteen eighty four.
The great tradition of learned men keep together, watch big ben. The perception of distinction in darning was felt to be woman’s rose. The pace of come and go charges electric chairs, blond passes for brown when she diyes her hairs. Grorgonzola gets embroiled in social justification, she does nothing but boast abuout her iron casting.
Gorgonzola says nothing, she grudges.
There’s only one slot for Nicole Kidman, even that is waining. Who could be like John the cowboy, Sunday afternoon’s employ. The wild west i s full of interest and horses canter more interest with William iHill’s live bet.
Resist Orwell is the job aof a green bird on children’s television.
The green bird is called Orville, the children understand.
In many ways the potty trained are vulnerable, they take on tea leaf duty. Tom looks like Orville whe n he does, what does he think? There is a giant link between ridiculous that weighs upon miniscus. The ancient amariner explores beyond feature, too frail to grasp the fish.
There must be constant renewal among business. The old man wait s fror spring, his plan is juggling the brood to respect him. The old man makes
The Old Man
demands, fits his clothes or becomes concussed. When the funeral arrives the sky deals cards of luck and bee hives, high street rates of perm and pectin.
The old man’s gap was tooth before scrap. Tom has a complicated mind in character. His personality gets away with lithe nand jovial even without smiling. The focus of attention was never invention on what had already been made. The odld man is thrashed when he is on parade. What is his grand daughter doing?
The old man’s grand daughter is great and greater yet, there are five generations between her and establishment. The old man has collectible glasses that he keeps for special occasions, reading the knighthood from snall print. The old man spcifically likes Wenseley dale cheese, so do Wallace and Gromit. The old man could recite a sonnet but wouldn’t do it justice with elephant skin. The old man is wise about what he does and imparts, Gorgonzola stokes with brushes. The old man is philosophical about scraping a living, he resorts to sandals staying in from the rain. The ol d man had a vibrant life and then a pretender mispronounced the name of his wife.
The old man has a rival neighbour that grows cress.
Cress laughs at the old man, look at his chest! Old man’s chest is Gorgonzola, if only she were. Cress fancies Gorgonzola, he came from a barren boot that alsays caught Rbubella. Cress is a prure seed that goes with salmonella, the preparation of human dish is national program. Cress falls for lego to improve his astrology. Cress is the water featureof cleanest magnetism.
Gorgonzola does her best to stay dirty. She is afraid of being moduled perfection. Gorgonzola is so disposed to being Egyptian that she mustn’ t wear eye liner. Gorgonzola disguises her charisma with frumpy nouns and slurred speech.
Gorgonzola visits Cress one day, she wants a typewriter and goes his way. Why Gorgonzola should choose to waive her eawantd is oneof life’s procilivities.
Cress and Tom fought in the war, there’s a deep drawer either side of the knee, right and left handed are Cress and he. Tom draws what he can from the light, but the Cress is exposed to catch tom’s sight. To m has more reason
The Old Man
to autobiography, there’s public clamour. Cress sis irrelevant to OAP paseser. The point is that Cress is in the gay relationship with Tom’s gorgonzola.
Cress wasn’t a proper scientist, he was just an efficient collector. Cress points out to Tom style wanders with a sweater. Gorgonzola wanders in fashionable clothing, she prefers jeans. Gorgonzola makes statments with coincidence, sh e takes the nearest trolley in blowy weather.
Cress is grandfather of the sex slave, Tom is grandfather of the knave. Cress is all about rave, Tom is best at home. Cress is unreliably named, purest remarkable. Tom is heavily engraved and only a satchel. Learning firitters Cress as a lost cause, he can be salient. Cress implements what he does, Tom is ingredient. Tom fathered lost strays by losing the most pungent.
Gorgonzola mothers a brand new wave of personal crave. Gorgonzoa doesn’t look like tom, she acts like Cress. Gorgonzola trips along, she doen’t wear a vest.
Gorgonzola enjoys being tussled by grandfathers, she is unwittingly related to score. Gorgonzola waves the cress flag with what was irrelevant to Tom’s stately rag. Tom has no time for Cress and his shine, he grows his own salad. Gorgonzola is desperate to know who she is to embrace better development.
If Gorgonzola could play darts she would be winning in the charts. Gorgonzola admires thunder, fault is the crack down. Gorgonzola listens to Irish music, she inherited jason Donovan. Gorgonzola could have a less remarkable make over than Kylie, she’d just brush her hair. Gorgonzola opts for Shane MacGowan, she’s rougher than Terry Wogan. This is where the young are.
Shane MacGowan gets drunk night after night like th e smell of a skunk. Shane MadcGowan has the modern old man, he was twenty a few pints ago. The point of invesitigation suits Shan’es song, he can.
Modified secrets infect misunderstandign, the old man knows the truth. Old man has a freind called Jacob that sits in Esau’s chair, he tells the monologue to the place of air. Old man and jacob run the board club, their advice is wanted.
Shane is an irish dissident that hallmarks Great Britain with folk bounce, 5
The Old Man
Shane is very scruffy. The plight of Gorgonzola is most amusing with freedom fighting, she is amazed by accents. Gorgonzola socially flits, she is wanted everywherre on the abasis of Tom’s career.
Tom’s wicked role on television plays itself out on Gorgonzola’s pout. gorgonozola has a prettier name but she is Nick to play pirtates. Grorgonzola woadnders around Camden when she is sixteen, she relates to bricks to the teenage point, place is not that it can go back. Gorgonzola didn’t used to like Irish music that much until she realised about the ticket, could she get it?
Gorgonzola is distantly relatedto Shane, this means she’s got an uncle in common. Gorgonzola is so related to xusuccess that she can only fiail to fall in love. Gorgonzola thinks the chimney is her name, she smell fire and money as they burn.
Tom wants a role, what can this mean? the old man’s wish is useless to love and warn. Experience is the only relevance, listen to Shan’es song. Screaming and scattered, the cursed and lfled and prayed want more. Gorgonzola sing sMore and More! The old man dribbles for more, scribbles for more, diary lunch from nineteen forty four. The point about today is carriage for the horse, it must have ornament ahead of the car.
Individuals no longer attain wealth like Wittington. Singular strife lasts as long as interview, who wants the stutter? Gorgonzola won’t reside on any plank, she has her memory to chase. The old man belongs to the war’s club, Gorgonzola is ten to one. Yahoo shout the fishermen, Gorgonzola thinks she’s a marlin.
There’s a good slot for lead woman, she sings Doh and Ray despite all her sex she is contained. The scumbag and maggot are toys to mythology, unnecessary misunderstandings belonging to third worlds. gorgonzola lives in the third world, she red marks victim. Therre are roles for Gorgonzola but she is a secretary to atomic filter. Gorgonzola loses her dreams in tuning up, she hears the widest sound crashing about and has to look up.
Tom is in his cabin, he ha a cabin boy. Tom is cast with the cabin boy non a punt. Tom is aware about bad language, he doesn’t need words. When the television people tell their maximu, m the viewers can’t expect tax retrurn.
The Old Man
The reality for earning the living has staples and rulers and scissors. although dreaming is curently spinning, people should enjoy their time. Old man has more to get away from than Shane MacoGowan. Gorgonzola knows this.
Earlier on, the DJ was mentioned for his wayward pearly. DJ is the applause store of constant celebration. This is the old man’s ultiamate goal. Old man has favourites and knows how to turn. Old man has favourites in everyones, something that age takes to learn. bias thwarts Gorgonzola with seeding futures she is tied with nearby shoe laces, doesn’t thinkshe’s far from hell.
Tom does have aname, not old man. Tom thinks name is jaunty from Gorgonzola’s perspective, how can leather spend time in real terms? let a large circus disguise discomfort for old men’s breeches. What goes on in the old tavern, music runs till the end of the bar.
Gorgonzola is an old woman to the extent of american idiocy. Gorgonzola would laugh at a testicle shriek and look about. The trials of kids are occasionally scorned by Gorgonzola, she has lost her shadow. Sandwich young and old, Gorgonzola applies that she is neither. Gorgonzola is most convinced by the DJ of constant celebration, her ears tune to central navigation.
Where’s the privacy says the old man from the west end. Grorgonzola thinks she has the sanswer to old men treats, she has musical talent. Most of the population oaare restricted to punk. Gorgonzola nods her head to all the traffic, she doesn’t know about swallowing garlic.
Howis the world brought up/?
At eight o’clock breakfast is over for th e masticators, nothing until lunch. snackers eat cereal bars and spit drops of paper cup espressos. The late standers pray for ten o’clock when waters can marginally break. The allowance for cyclists is outdoors, tyre tracks can surprise track suit bottoms. Restless indoors move from mroom to room, the mark of glue is for bed sores and slouch. The hair falls from the ties of slack thinkers, they prepare to slide.
gorgonzola looks into her chrome lamp
she has a modem that old man wouldn’t comprehend. Old man surfs with 7
The Old Man
artilerry and butterfly, gorgonzola has blink with her eye, she discloses her own thoughts to the floor. Old man had practice with his stick, gorgonzola ‘s children press arrow buttons. The old man left marks tfor the dog to chase, he left places where leaves interfact. Renovations reinforce Gorgonozola’s playful choice, she imagiens children on the DVD, they’re showing off the trampoline on two slabs of patio.Gorgonazola knows old man isn’t above packet soup, that’s everything ubut underage enjoyment. Gorgonzola would like to drink milkshakes and chshe chews too saucily inot rosemary to be the guardian of tenderness.
Old amn doesn’t swear like Gorgonzola, he is better at compuosure. Gorgonzola looks to the day when she will enjoy a boing play. There’s a long run for the trio on London’s broadway, the players have all had their day, but they’re no t old men. Old man is older than seventy.
How can old man and Gorgonzola meet in a story?
The troops met old man with hat for beret. Gorgonzola met old man with immortality, she had hoped for moeny. Gorgonzola is irresponsible to thinks he is an old man. The End.1
1 Waltzing Matilda

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