January ’05


Before I opened my eyes there were last years’ companions from the year before. They stood about in costume of do and delve, miracle cure. In blindness they said sit up straight and don’t go to bed, don’t of afterwards. The chase was long about completion, where would it end? Promise has the lance, warrior, worrier, covetous, nonchalance, favourite. With bed time reading split lips are expected, crying or excitement . Why did Saracens stare at the wall to pledge custody? Shelter from wind was bound. TPage fidgets from the printer, staple ties. Dispatch acceptance where it does, paper stone or scissor. The room is cold to deliver, wrap poet says none of them know it, does. Scissor waits to be picked, blame is crude to omit. When tailor curbs on edge moves. main stones freight by tar, liquid gel. What things are pass to rubber. There is enough coal in hearth to feed, everyone’s need. High tech is Purdey’s spec, job to succeed. Rhyme said stone to paper, sounding bubble. VNegligence lives there, wooden may be stone. Uncertainty wasn’t home, past tense. what shall government come up with? Pack splits stones in two, only red and black. Understanding turns up disappointment when table is reading. Harshness says this on reception. Significance of code does mystery through , turn people to owe. New paragraph explains plight, job or isight, is that right.

Howevers fend beliefs, rolling. Place turns by earth, brain spins. Are plates good enough to balance? Random call, here’s chance. Grimace doesn’t pass beyond reach, does that form impeach face? Snoot does paper commute, no reply. Moron laughs example, spread cheese on what was said. nothing is wrong with taste, divine. Gods are bricks there, none temptation, turn led on conurbation. will the cut frequent sausages to mine then saw, cheese to beat where it was raw? Pure alcohol sift press, corners wave alleys and thronges.

Why are there people in the red walking dead? what is the incursion against sleep? Why live stones in walled homes, what does paper out cut to speak? Zeros go clockwise, go back eyes. Where is beginning say deaf trimming, stick through. Almost got home, one to roam stop corresponding!

January is cold without heat, explain that. Settee demands recovering brat. Best pledge dies to speak, rubbish. Imagine the friend and go about, promise. Posture is stiff, shuffle. Wise guess beckons to invitation. Interruption tells suggestion, going. Furnace, mill, brook, distance. Today is long hauled, historical.

Why does the wrap win;/? CGuide men gurgle gjoins, tha t G. WThe world is hungry, slips. Get up moves entertainment, nits. How funny is that? Quantify pasted bat, it should represent. Bat does hanging, days is fence. Elbow is envied, have on rest. TFoot slides back from stretch. There was legislation, folk do feet. Back stab movements worry beat, can it dance ahead, frog leap? Soup below invites tramp, scored ramps heat.

Puritans give theri line to time’s exaction, of that Lord. Heating ticks at six tap drips. There may have chanced better summer, rain. Roughly animal vegetable mineral, stone paper scissor. Roughly friendship for watership, irony clown. At place oregon swims, moving around. There goes objetct from complaint. Stay where scissor goes, keep cutting hedge. Bring in cows till pack battery hen. Sit puddle to lift foot, what is wentess about? Lips get rough from talk, make work. cold room has no perfume, save cat. Warmings from children, quiet. Growth knows comparison, pancake shrove lemon. Egg squeeze lemon cut, break. Opulence turns ferrari lord, citrus yoke.

Did the babe go church or carry? Choice of length, maryr. Lip skins are cheeks of chest, quest. Another hour to spend can waste, holding bonus. Did generation expect swap, see long hare run. Prevent question of crisis, same Dionysis. Legend to adventure has quality vice. About plum girl in sotne, river home smooth. Plum girl hides her groove. When shouters do, encourage., theis eats pie. Mother’s height beyond sight, Disney. Mother ha s zips o her neck, bosom arms. Go to sleep could Uriah Creep, such is work. Dreams performed places, dreads, chases. Was Thomas in love, suppose.

Anxiety lives lines give excellence, slack pastry where’s bakery. Animal in the vegetable, mediterranean fleet. Lyre’s breeze, fingers. Accompany dog among log, suck or fall hair grows. Why does lift shaft says light, get up. All this has human crop, target a words lice drop. Get patience clad in bars fro pretending, expertise certification. Obscure majority becomes right of way motoring. Plus fours have best cars, men mars. Casement builds, pedal nouns. Mr Replacement loves tons, pisses off. what better flu than plum blew, part time once knew. Hopelessness with reckless past sign posts heaven’s last.

Andreoids, steroids, collossals knew Atlas. Spherical pole would call sky flat. Underneath is pound wait, stay with stick. wEathers are gone above hob , ends of gut . Doors slam to shut eyes, end sentence, done. persistence has obscure ways, hasten choice, c’est bon. Lies pop sides, tops crop mends, doorways passport lends. Atlas doesn’t see spot, crooked world, Atlas heads deportment, spins girls. Eye countenance enemy stairs, long way shares. Condensation can mana heat or damp. Sleep happens on file and rank, feet up go blank. Depend words dump inclination, stubborn repetition can go.

Pity jumbo’s theirs, lonely points well dry. Above cotton, glade, mettle can continue soaring. fAsting helps water Kung fu frighting, ties is too taught, complaint. Weakness holds watch verity four minute mile forms calamity, fetch Lassie!

Moseley’s word points Atlas town, descendants. Is it council’s time to swoom? Is it is it. argue leader short comes cometh, has anyone arrived? Slow chops lies to upstair’s bed, instead says time flies overhead. Commentary is bad where it fails poverty, right wing joke. That person that s itself, says twat. It is too early to drink, think. Why switch politeness, go to sleep.
Lampshade drills infernal heat, evening. When clarity raves, pitch canvas. Plot foils marion from start, stolen heart, why is it story bon again. Bother analyse, rabbit headlight. Fairy tops tree by frighted love. Atlas has hands large and small, swivels wrists and halls. What flatness shoves the skid to stop only seconds. Make up cinnamon reckons, guess the sun’s height. angler fishes pointing rod, throw back would smallest prize. Why does it, zit takes o long to waste sight, missing point, there’s why. Soldier and inquisitive peel skins hesitation, let bell ring. Boredoms such toil heals.

Character Jones isn’t liked much besides. Zips catch where custom lies. Could minding protrude documentary prude? Although neighbour s are anxious creatures, participation. Beds settles men on beaches, think it over. Revolution takes four year olds to merry go town, who claps pony? Switch lights to please sights, they aren’t meant. Calender pangs are supposed to send going over When biscuit crumbles, eaten. Skin rolls dirt meet wet hair. Catches tease whores and earls cares. Knock spock whose fair machine turns on. What are features without teachers, long gone. Shift furniture’s box to print reliance, stay and sit.

Dark room clicks rope, haul switch. With development end fix. Point secrecy explodes bulbous writs, catalyst will phone ya. Pour on bike’s departure, leg over chips to go with. Policy no switches switches, invitation snitches. Who took lens to dinner to encounter? Glass cradles , swing to left shrinks, top up. Vinyl image take avm or pss, shoot to point. When is most important firm. Although rabbit moved, it wasn’t mornal to best pose, comma. Position skins do best this cover, and another. Doll goes spare to ages where pleasure carpenter. Strong scent hones badger’s rent keeping in and out. The whole country is nocturnal.

Paper conqueror green lives match to summer , fruit, cabbage coco cabana, succulent mandarin man briefcase, leave distaste. Bounty mangles perfect wash, tiding santsas hus, the rest are stranded. Presents observance, how many gifts. Girl on left assumes piano or guitar, she must choose, girl left o that gets the other. Girl by the boy squabbles for the other, why should she? Boy grabs girls,a about as likely. Mother claims mother to saying bother, eight years is plum, late starter. The Vietcong do brilliance in nappies, so does mother plum, pinning flourishes.

By page end, should turn evaporate? Scrawler wonders equator, what ties dolldrums ground, actual chew. Scrawler has mission to self, must beat Wil Self. If dominion interest, offshoots are smothreds. dickens whats enough century scrape off, Zadie is Mazda, superstore plaster. When fluffy swan, anon, manhole. When duffel float, paddington. Cherish word, cream white lost night. No straight answer tones colour, wear confusion. Game retains personal delusion, private rules. Although David Jacobs is bound to agree, that’s David. Personal is windy slob.

Poor scrawler short of the bar goes to dress copper’s car. In her world secrets pearled, noose bags well slept eyes. Moistureise lips for keeps, Welsh leeks. When Rin Tin Tin snakes thin, broad horizon. Restaurant says no again, everyone in it. Come to the word, bless eyes and dos, curl pages interest shoes. If rhyme is warped enough, lift the cuff by mistake, give shake. Bears on lines entertain, goldilocks refrain, bears on lines have three times. When childhood is accomplished twice, fetch third mouse or get out house. Hence from learning, poor plot wants earning slot. Simply achieved the best has bereaved. What could pick A fro top when goi ns are side arrangements? Close frustration corrects edge with nob sticks and broom beds, scratch and wind tear to bum, wants eloquent sum. Scrawler fits dirty poet drawler, not expected first rate pan. Although dervish loves Cavendish bats can’t run. French visitations channel incubation, what was twenty miles, quoi. Piegeon english isn’t English more at home. Swans love Siberia to English extreme, try the bird beam.

When thesaurs rex confuses pirate trecks, wrong. Who’s plainer to authentic replica. Invistible cost mates pride flour. How is bread made? Soluble depression tells irony profession. Ronnie is funny in a leather chair. Ronnie was awfully boring, there. Ronnie has to to right, dance. Ronnie’s versions are perchance. Downbeats target large greats, obsession states. If argument knew who to call, police every hall. Speak themselves alive, only to bay watch. Object pretended universal interest, series expired. When done learned charm over led the arm, that was um. Simplistic avarice child’s test, only growing.

If saintly crest burns hatred, speechless. Poker arse is sometimes featured. Describe diamond, revert to land, drag the chair, rase foot. Soles have performance balanced on pins, half height forwards shins. Straight and narrow bones reside, tanks of water warm hide. Deepest cold is one year old, fluctuate is lizard state. Bawl at madam’s mask, disappoint lonely task. Although Cinderella sustains, she has mains.

End is ground , coffee downed, dug is mined, six foot signed. There ought to be signature and legislature, hundreds dined. Alongside flat, expensive chat, how are your dogs necessitate fogs. When tact is remote, quote, saying does bland things to lordly rings, stay up or pack up. when Shirley’s breckie wasn’t singed she made her poster fat. House smells what sells, mouse under sink. When Manchester lives there’s a skating rink. Why not park on the block? Heaven learns to knock shock, croc. There must be allowance to drive memory warrants.

Time’s early man springs, taps moderation tries vats, cordial tracks. Too much of this cravats, tell Kevin. Bus trap mediocrities flash mash. What would say to Kevin? kevin dreams without seems, Kevin has notes from teams. Kevin does fix the time well, mad is Kevin’s line from well. Although Kevin is chucked by a name, zimmer frame lands. Kevin isn’ Kevin but code Bernard Levin, parp. Nod problems nod nerd nod. Kevin is even. Used as cheese, snap is teething. Tickle owe for anything goes, numbers retrieving. Labrador is olden too, places heaving. Kevin wants does, rescue fuzz. When Kevin teaches he spells his name.. Christopher is busy, Remington fuzz away.

8.45 Duchy bread, Rowse honey, organic poached egg.

drummers drumming, pipers piping, lords a leaping ladies dancing, maids a milking, swans a swimming, geese a laying, gold rings, calling birds, french hens, turtle doves, partridge in a pear tree.

10 29 38 47 56
13 24 35 46 57 68 79 80

4.45 Schloer, ryvita, houmous

Trench coat man, don’t go there, ninety down to fetch Ryvita, replies of yes or no try to be avoided, see and none of it matters.

Ooh what a choice, what a time, what is the voice behind the fidget dime? Hush goes about where pointers wave and doubt, super armies double over to receive wayward clover, don’t go there! ryvita has sesame seeds, oh dear.

the significant day is on its way, greater than the other way, this apparent is the time, this avoidance is the grime. Houmous has sesame seeds as well, oh hell.

The inclination to eat punishment is properly tasted argument. The most interesting thing about singing hymns is enjoyment. Why does the ninth and the tenth go about with anonymity, one to twelve exactly.

Daughter on the front cover.

Ruinous to standard, blow cover for bandit band ward. Thank goodness for living in a flat.

10.10 fetch the fish from ocean fresh.
10.27 half eaten
10.34 past 33

4th January

8.30 Coffee

Gif 47 typed 46 in save as. Missed

11.00 Shchloeur

5th Jan

It’s Friday tomorrow, its Thursday, bins out six, two of them. Wash the car on Friday, no Saturday, chips and sticks, lighter for the night, wash the care at some appropriate time. The line of supermarket run could be overdone, there are places for fun. Abstinence is thirst making in a different amount of quantity, that would say different quantity. Should the route go to the new supermarket or stay with the same, should the world absorb continuum. Should the page be less clear by the hand, should the should remain its own band. Should the escape of yesterday’s cheese repeat itself on daily knees. Should the best advice remain at the party. Should the amount of half be stepped over, should the parallel straight cross over. Should the sit back and loop pay for entrance troop.

Sunday 8 January
7 Jan

9st 2 (v.bloody g but what is point?), alcohol units 2 (excellent), cigarettes 7, calories 3100 (poor)

2pm Oh God, why am I so unattractive? Cannot believe i convinced myself i was keeping the entire weekend free to work when in fact i was on permanent date-with-Daniel standby. Hideous, wasted two days glaring psychopathically at the phone, and eating things. Why hasn’t he rung? Why? What’s wrong with me? Why ask for my phone number if he wasn’t going to ring, and if he was going to ring surely he would do it over the weekend? Must centre myself more. Will ask Jude about appropriate self-help book, possible Eastern-relgion-based.

8pm. Phone call alert, which turned out to be just Tom, asking if there was any telephonic progress. tom, who has taken, unflatteringly, to calling himself a hag-fag, has been sweetly supportive about the Daniel crisis. Tom ahas a theory that homosexuals and single women in their thirties have natural bonding: both being accustomed to disappointing their parents and being treated as freaks by society. He indulged me while I obsessed to him about my unattractiveness crisis – precipitated, as I told him, firsts by bloody Mark Darcy then by bloody Daniel at which point he said, i must say no particularly helpfully , ‘Mark Darcy? But isn’t he that famous lawyer – the human -rights guy?’
Hmm. Well, anyway. What about my human right not to have to wander round with fearsome unattractiveness hang-up?
11.pm. It is far too late for Daniel to ring. V. sad and traumatized.

Ninday 9 January

89st 2, alcohol units 4, cigarettes 29, calories 770 (v.g but at what price?)

Nightmare day in office. Watched the door for Daniel all morning: nothing. By 22.45 a.m. I was seriously alarmed. Should I raise an alert?
Then Perpetua suddenly bellowed into the phone: ‘Daniel? He’s gone to a meeting in Croydon. He’ll be in tomorrow’. She banged the phone down and said, ‘God , all these e bloody girls ringing him up.’
Panic stricken, I reached for the Silk Cut. Which girls? That? Somehow I made it through the day, got home and in a moment of insanity left a message on Daniel’s answering phone, saying (oh no, I can’t believe i did this), ‘Hi, it’s Jones here. i was just wondering how you are and if you wanted to meet for the skirt’’-health summit, like you said.’
The second I put the phone down i realized it was an emergency and rang Tom, who calmly said leave it to him: if he made several calls to the machine he could find the code which would let him play back and erase the message. Eventually he thought he’s cracked it, but unfortunately Daniel then answered the phone. Instead of saying1 , ‘sorry, wrong number, ‘ Tom hung up. So now Daniel not only has the insane meassage but will think it’s me who’s rung his answer phone fourteen times this evening wand then, when i gdid get hold of him, banged the phone down.

Tuesday 10 january

9st 1, alcohol units 2, cigarettes 0, calories 998 (excellent, v.g., perfect saint-stye person).

Slunk into the office crippled with embarrassment about the message. I had resolved totally to detach myself from Daniel but then he appeared looking unnervingly sexy and started making everyone laugh so that went all to pieces.
Suddenly, Message pending flashed up on the top of my computer screen.
Message Jones thanks for your phone call, Cleave
My heart sank. That phone call was suggesting a date. Who replies by saying ’thanks’ and leaves it at hata unless they… but after a little thought, I sent back:
Mesage Cleave Please shut up. I am very busy and important. Hones.


Black people want the answer to scuttle, Frances thinks. Perhaps turning small child in the street is ominous futures, it is. Position to sort it out is the illusion of here is, Frances is hostage to answer the abad quiz. Although there was a time when the musical conquered, streets are sick of curtains. Frances is friends with the black man with bags, the one that accompanies her to washing. Frances bares her nazi hide with indignation, chuckle to the small probation. Frances thinks she is most porous to those she detests, she gets worked up by hard done quests. Frances is very right on about going home the way she came. However much Frances hates her doctor, it has a different flavour to the black shade of quaver. Frances thinks she knows the words at a white face, something to include her. This sort of thing thanks thin Fulham for suggesting she’s a paper worm, Frances gets vexed. Ping pong sides of shade and ball, batting over nets as tall, the acoustics verge through panes of glass, should she’ have mentioned coughing as task. Frances thinks dumping gravel by the bridge means something to a whale, she’ can’t figure what went on, tries the cryptic thereupon. Although goldfish are pets, Frances doesn’t think the word suits the civil rights movement, so what if her tongue is vicious, only words on . No access is the right of way obedience turns its snub to prey. Get out, fuck off, get out, fuck off has the slavery movement behind it, allies are closest to Sid vicious.

Sort out the riverside problem, haunt the road till shoot down squadron, poor little red riding hood. The riverside cafe challenges, the cafe at the riverside challenges, the road between challenges, nobody will mend it. The Fulham Palace Road challenges, the bus challenges, the fucking pavement challenges, the only corners for bright eyes are perverts, score’s admittance. Nobody likes a civil rights person for the way they thrash about, nobody likes glares that refrain from arguing through taking on the national agenda. Nobody thinks chance decisions are clever when going there and back again is too much to ask.

White dislike is done from School, trained by phrases from the loo, that sounds funny. Black dislike is what was that, side of blindness what’s the knack. Although Frances is clever, she hasn’t a clue what she did in black. Frances draws pictures from the dislike of corner shop surveillance, cafe, burger, chip shop further, why bother to notch pence.

The issue is plainly for PC for Frances, she can’t move forward for black people, lesbians, homosexuals, could she see them. Frances is most aggrieved by black faced strangers, whether they are in fact white. Frances shares cells with concealed plight, frightens the corby trouser press. frances does things to remember, she doesn’t look where she’s going. Frances looks where she ‘s going, she’s useless at knowing. Frances must forgive the human beings that punctuate what she takes to bed, Frances lines up her white side stead, she thinks mixtures are better. Frances has no sense of sweater for some people, more sense of that for others. Frances could be hung out to dry from both sides of hue and cry.

Who the Sade is to Frances is half as bad, long gone. Who the Sade is was a problem for Frances to fathom. Who the Sade decided to befriend, pick on pimping Frances responds to trend. Things can swim, say ting, not satanic. Frances is full of problems about what to eat and stay back from manic.

Frances was going to be president.

In the right company Frances is equality, she’s all environment. Frances is mentally unattractive trying to get out of things, she wants to know that answer. Frances would get out of the problem if she was in it, innit.

Frances patronises language as her own. Frances is emotionally responsive to insult. Frances is cheered up by right wing bovs, aren’t they hard to spot.
Frances says sorry to black people by bugger off. Frances says bugger off. Frances might say once a day. Frances has to overcome negatives by accepting the world she lives. Frances doesn’t go in.

Right people get excited, Frances joins in. She’ll be right in the end because . Frances isn’t accepted by her own people, she is a leader. Frances isn’t a leader, she’s promoted. Frances wants to see her relations, they’re all over the pavement. Frances detests things that go on around because she is alive. Frances is best kept on the shelf of trouble and dive. Frances is saying this to leap frog her demon vibe. Frances comes out with things at crucial points, minute large and all sizes of anoint, Frances has many things to answer for. Frances is impatient in the door, she has said this all year to her laptop. The gap is black in the door, the door is black in the white, the riddle is sound bite. The best leaders encourage frances with feeders, this is her last day to sort the wank out.

Frances will escape to the abyss of money for a short flame of best bred tummy. Frances will ignore what the street trolls think by putting her self in a rose bed. Frances will eat olives and knit daisy chains to get out of answering every fucking thing to blame. Frances drops her anger off by moving house, this is Israelite and dominionated.

Frances thinks lovers are soft options, she has tried for seven years to skip the function. Frances is racially motivated by owning a car that belonged to black people and Robbie Williams. Frances is suspects she didn’t suspect what was coming, she uses the term darkness as a cloak of prejudice. Frances is materially advanced from living in Fulham quarters, her past would have dismissed cabaret as dream play, go away. Frances has only come to understand her problem by engrossing the penance of apology refusal, possession to quit is very individual.

Frances resents the newsagent openly for the way she has gone in to nod and think please and bugger off at the same time. This is the same with sainsbury’s. If Frances was hotelled, she’d get enough cues to tease the game. frances could have a dramatic breakdown or something. Going along the street in high heels is meeting jobs and people tales. Frances could live in strange banishment with everything arriving on the internet. Frances hasn’t received her night dress, the postman has an interest. Frances can spend time worrying on her personal particulars because she is responsible for exploding modern safety. Frances can be ridiculous to extent of cooking fragility. Frances can gain accomplishment by realising she shits at the wrong time, she can paint herself a picture of smaller detail going strong. Frances is not ashamed by the knowledge of what she may one day achieve, that’s a funny line.

Frances likes rolling luggage for the interpretation of pedofiles, where where’s that from. Frances has learned obedience to pander lows without sexual favours. Frances used to put them on for entertainment, she used to be a panda. Frances thinks she is encouraged by the spoilt princess, she thinks that explains the social grievance. frances can’t believe in the social justice system if this is how she sees herself.

Frances is right at every quarter, she’d like a bowl.

Frances knows the jailer is right.

Frances thinks she’s minority. The population of Kurdistan is Kurdistan. Frances is held to the majority, likes to be different, wants the same, she’ll go home in her own lane. Frances thinks winning is for gimps. Frances thinks losing is for pimps, she’ll make a fraction.

The common denominator need no argument.

Drain at nine o’clock.

31st Jan

At twelve forty you are going to be in the room and the room is going to be in you. At twelve forty two you are going to make a suggestion. At twelve forty four you are going to open the door. At twelve forty five you are going to come back in. At twelve forty six you are going to feel hungry. At twelve forty nine you will see a red bicycle. At twelve forty nine and a half you will look for your scarf. At twelve fifty three you’ll say was that me. At twelve fifty three you will look someone up and down, up and down, just like that. At twelve fifty four you are going to make a score. At twelve fifty five you’ll feel bored. At twelve fifty seven you will think of heaven. At twelve fifty eight you’ll slide to through heaven’s gate. At twelve fifty nine you’ll wonder what’s the time. At twelve fifty nine you could open your mouth.

At twelve o two you’ll catch the flu, not realise till twelve o three. At twelve o four you will subscribe the magazine More with over on the table. At twelve o five you will search for a beehive. At twelve o six you may hand round the crisps. At twelve o seven there will be an afternoon party . At twelve o eight, this goes chronologically. At twelve o nine you will feel your spine, at twelve ten next week you’ll feel weak. At twelve seventeen you’ll pick your own team. At twelve eighteen you won’t need any help.

There comes a time when minutes are discarded. At twelve ten the decimals are clocked up with Sven. At twelve twelve your tens could overlap fortnight hours. At twelve elves there are speckles and shelves. At twelve thirteen that was then, this is keen. At twelve fourteen there are bananas on the woindow sill. at twelve fifteen three’s a surprise waiting outside and there’s nobody to dispute with. At twelve twenty there is a waiter in the hall. At twelve twenty four there is a dumb table. At twelve twenty more there is nothing left to do but leave the barbecue. At the wend of the day there is more than hay. At twelve seven ten fetch the red hen. At twelve ten five go there live. In the morning you shall awaken.

I have a little plan fo r you, here is what to do. A little plan for you relax there is a time and place for fax. A little sort of hook and line, and what’s the start of endless time. At little times there are perfumes of cities in their stately rooms. At shorter stretches there are fetches, longer than the password fetches. In the middle oft he day mad dogs make hay. At the end of the day Anthony is on his way. At the side of the day there are people who pray. At the top of the list is a kind of tryst. The most powerful fuel is to be cruel.
there are things that go on that should not be sworn a upon. There are things to hear that should not be taken on. At four twenty there are people with plenty, don’t listen. At four fourty inn a month’s time there are people on the five, don’t take their time. At four fourty four in March two thousand and ten there are things for Big Ben. ThAt knock on the door, let the at at say at. At five four seven there are melodies in previn. At five o eight there are things on plate. Make the policy and mend it five minutes late. Think of eat banana, no, then yes then no request. Plead bargain with banana, let it off. Put the onions on the side that matters, slicing is for plasters. Although understanding is important, listening truly is better ignorant.

The example of better ignorant forgets thorough fault
spelling corrections

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