Stephen Fry wears a spotted tie. We group at Middle Temple on the end of The Strand in the Law courts. The hall is Elizabethan. The indigenous plight is among us; middle class. Burberry extensions for things to do. Now that our city is built. Fry is po faced; he is an unofficial general. CV exchange is chuckled through. We have families, unions and plans. charity talks our light commands.

A grey haired man says hello. Sessions sombre on a stool. Afterwards the berks about Richard The Lionheart. Past Fred West. Expedition mercenary. I have come in a wedding gown. Sell a celebrity a painting. Panel chambers crowded with equals. lol loping crowd through elbow greetings.

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Christ lauded with things to do. Regardless of existence with parody too. Keeper of flask, optimist mask. Country implicated in task. Nervous curse at love exceed. reproductive grateful need. bemuse in spirit. states of mind. Wear the doctorate. Guise kind . Think a compelling a uniform. Pass collect art. Watch crown on those. Others let down. plural innocence, interview. Dull more than pseud.

Disperse continue unions . Fake forgiven spake. Old shake to witness. Nowhere tribe. care centigrade. Suited skin the lighter song. Hopeful win smell. Recede rate. camp a light stamp. Woman reveal. due to do. Man starch seal, few to sue. Vet for low profile. Dog has meningitis and a heart problem.

Perception weave insolence; wearer firm. Extent airy rent. Figurative secure one side. Provision conjure and further. Opprobrium complete play. Worse dreary day. Include minus pay. Desert assert the firm. Hunger that should. For everything a packet. explain Dutch.

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