Paragraph Poems 3

Snow and the icy patrol of scorn. Relieving strings of beautiful sounds. Weighted by tons of interlude; weighted survives. Where grandpa stands with knitted socks. Gaining on lies as falsehoods. Securing independent solitude. Intermittent dashes the actions of children. Distance from procrastinate. Slipper chance a worry. Shoe present the world. pairs worn. Narrowed down to the blessed response. Exact fare to all feats. Carry contain the surplus loads. Finding grandmas spectacles. Audio woods from all the plants. Attention seeking green romance. Posing for water logging. Soup for braining forms. Ends ours the swallowing streams. Response reflex to tiling. Passers guarding sanctuary. Griddles to the seep that croons. Please don’t bring. Past a self reformed. everything now in grim. Legislative speeds from catches. Cardigan grasp a spa. Fish resembling suppers. Semper the watery burble. Appropriate with hollandaise; van dyke scan a meniscus. Poppy per face marked yesterday. Delivered in turn for a hare to box. Guilty times for the young lady. Heroic life to apply in difference. There appears to be a story for generals. Snoop for metallic medallions. Grovel to signal in national reasons. She to be deserved. Men and women who don’t parade. Tall story. Summon to kill and preserve. Language nerve. Hope to glance. Level with an adjutant. Drum up a party, day dream prospect. Write an excuse for the church. Clap over ruling, thunderous din. Internal yelps and butterflies. Action with Arnie in them. She thinks she may have run a man down. Coming back from the supermarket. It could have been a B road with blue sirens. When she scarpered off to the lightless wood. Gnomish fixtures for Tolkien’s goblins. Dappled branches prone to the seasons. Troops with names like Douglas Fir. Saving her discarded venture. Variations of if and other. Monuments to pilgrim progress. She could have waited for the rescue team. Straightened up with lipstick perfume. Round the mountain, down the canyon. Gluing worry to the opiates, larger things unseen. Many things go missing in action. Plaster cast of belting green. Developed soundly by Mr. Wimpy. Settlement extensions widely. Lamed. For ruining the countryside. Hatch backs with whirly gigs. The young lady tunes a distant philosophy. Picketing against election prats. Loop inductions to the ear piece. It should have been hers at the accident. She outlives death as a supersonic motorist. Crossing her legs at genes identified. There goes colonel rose, tweedy condition comatose. Transporting her to his grandsons. Safe chins in glossy magazines. pores over inheritance. Jealous through wives of luxury jaguars. Exception drive mainstream. Thing is, she just went missing. But luckily turned up in Ceacescu’s palace. Where they did lots of sewing classes; finishing school. But luckily there’d be another to take her place, somewhere to go riding with. They went looking in Harris. Holiday times vast beaches. But the sky got rumbly from the apex part of fun. Dreadful lot of lobsters for supper. Nobody wanted to cook them. But Did they. Waste converted to wife swap. It Dressed as a little soldier. Shedding light on doubtful values. Pre existing wash for absolution. Sort tax as everyone else. Scrub up to peel the aliens. Nobility though the conscience plies. Sea beyond the dirt on boots. Pass by tragedy having to twitch. Baling out the misconceptions. History. Swaddled for every baby to cry. Prompt address eternity. Mother cast for eighty years. One hundred for expectancy. Whatever the presence holds desists. Ruminates the answer quiz. There is only fact in love. Attending to the pace. With sure steps, brushing skirts. Trousers do for practicals. Though the fireplace is cold. Dragon smokes that mouth. Habits to improve. A Home that grew large with personal space. Voices to be left alone. Tapping out the long return. Occasions to return. Single pulse at large connects. With televisions polka dots. Frequencies of barks. Stage effects to beast the arts. Aspiring to present the spirit. Easy days with classical nexus. Grappling with noun endeavours. Calling on friends; chrome toasters. Setting ones to fives. Adjusting the tone of crumbs. Is anyone off wheat? Sting in the eye may blink a mask. Applause the puzzle. Thankless task. Towers of guesses put back by tall stairs. What’s this to the overcrowd. Viewpoint for a picnic bench. Somehow the afternoon evolved and found breathless delirium. Irksome with negotiates. Prying to bask; publican rendition. Sing along in the underground. Loudspeakers make cheese straws. Dictating began at an early age; me first as businesslike. Capital question; how about school? I didn’t have to say anything, only nod. Chase away the monks. I don’t know how the coup was arranged. Cancel doubt as cue. I’ll only get forged if I go to church. Granny doing the apron pinny. On my own there’s no sure return. Though I may by being hitched. Have a hand to hide in. Play hockey that I don’t know how. When the prayer gets going, even wailing. One by one ghost rescue. Telling story to a hint. Margin therefore wide of box. Inspector morse calls it wrestling. Flinging around with cavalier hits. To increase the volumes, bemuse tips. Fall into bets, cheat chance levels. Waves against breakers; turning complexions. Bye got to know.darkness doesn’t really indicate. Who the baddies and goodies are. Mild conclusions of Jewish rods. Cool use for victim jilting. Swing around shepherds with ram hooks. Reality treasure leaves trails. Pussy foot abandon freely; might all round. Dishing jilty getting round. Fateful either team. Response doesn’t return me a good line. Looking tears in sympathy. Can open beans. Properly like. Worst one is that bloke. Barmy fry with stupid lie. Oops that wasn’t very subtle. His achlee makes the poise accuse. Reaches breakfast and the rocky coast. Cambridge when’s the boating cap. I may try to be good. Just to desert him. Only an eyeball. He spent hours on the hill. Sitting in a butt. Seeing the day through. Prescribed it from shell shock. Some people thought he was great. A real hero who never complained. Suffering rights of no English. Learning all the time. In those days no one suspected. Learning rosettas on compact discs. Though presumably he was gluing up the phrases. Drawing heavy breathers. Scuffing passage slippers. Bringing on the hair flick. Something ludicrous in British relentlessness. Performing for those to miss him. Coughing up about the pony. One day All the horses died of grass sickness. Became a new grid. Underground in saying Claudian properly. Neighbours all changed. Apart from Mrs mcComish. She wouldn’t move out. Not till ninety nine. Hoax for I was a stranger. Made to move. Down goes from newcastle. Pen name Could be can for Kate. Current one has the job for life. Arriving on the scene of when we went to France. Doesn’t make me laugh or cry. Doesn’t giggle or tug me. Gets me to sit for a portrait. Pen cottoned onto a hottie. Apparently I’ve got pencil shavings round my bum. Keeping me back from the start line. Ruler is a mixing bowl. Being held to account. A Blow away rise for mirth aligned. Valued member; Sillier than insolent. Shade mascot doing yogi bear. Stretch actions of what peace chooses to cover. Magic stool with a crank to work it up. Partnership for brainless leaves. Culinary expert mapping a prompt tick. Next door replenish the margarine. Spreading for crumbs. Much with nonsense chums. Never escapes leaving riddles. Handy sanction sleeps. Singe the frown. Each time there is a noun. A Church praying that I move on. Peacefully past the journalist stitch. Self reporting being none. Peculiarly lying down with a shovel. Chucking up dirt. Poppy ring up in the window. Silhouette marking dust and rays. Throwaway adverts of guilt. Swapping interruptions wot they wrote. It was decided about candid cam. Therefore God may have to be. person Pan. Private guess pruning a setback. Broken biscuit missing a diamond. Persecution valuable. Vegetable use is casserole. Great many voices. Happier than what they had to. Go through therefore I am. Bound to upset them. Rubbing palms with thought reels. wring in language for evidence. Foolish brave assemble hardship. Acute residue of sentiment. Always copycats. Hand backs of opaque walls. When bad is frank. Serving at provisions.

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