It’s Father’s Day and I’m at the Lyceum at the EIFF watching Ewan MacGregor in a reality. He talks to Edith Bowman for an hour and a half.
An actor’s nightmare is to have no lines he says. There are two press men from The Times either side of me in the grand circle. His Uncle Denis and his mum are behind me. A dangerous project is a red rag to a bull he says. Oh really. His shirt is purple and his trousers are short for a pale blue sock display.
His movie is about Jesus and Lucifer, a fallen angel who has met God. Jesus asks Lucifer about his father who he has never met. He wants a good description from Lucifer. Nash Edgerton is the stunt double who goes through the lines and the actors swap roles to rehearse. They find separate people. Nash doubled for Moulin Rouge but is also a film maker. Rodriguez wrote the script and Ewan gives him an audience wave. Holy man of rabbi carriage. God son.
Ewan found incredulity by seeing uncle Denis Lawson play Wedge in Star Wars. He left school early after getting into trouble and had his ear pierced the next day. Did a one year theatre arts course at Adam Smith, Kirkcaldy.
Caught a train and said to a guy ‘ watch the pole’ just as he walked into it. The guy punched him out of the blue and then continued with another punch from behind in an ensuing chase. Denis took Ewan to the school gymn and made Ewan swear words he would have said to the puncher which connected words with feelings.
Perth Repertory Theatre did A Passage To India. Joan Knight called him ‘darling’ out of the darkness, and he was happy to be one.
Ewan was the only person able to say ‘The Sheriff of Nottingham’ at an audition. It got him the part. Edith asks him about women like Streep, Roberts and Horrocks. Streep directs with pointed gaze methods during filming. Gave Ewan a special look when saying ‘Sorry for all the pain you have ever suffered’. One can only imagine. Ewan goggles.

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