There, their they’re
The papers aren’t hard to read.
It’s just hard to adjust to affliction, goal and concord all jumbled up.

This morning I had a copy with Rab C on the strap line

By some kind of miracle the dog is allowed in the coffee shop

The string vest isn’t illl from whisky.

But nothing I have read has called me to action

Knowing about is being entertained from a love affair.

Confidence is decent music on a yacht

Talk is cheap in the circumstances

Liberty happens in the name of a democracy.

Clever men and women have always seduced the background.

Anything can be done from the Parthenon.

Get down to the footman
where every man can’t do it for himself

Assert old fashioned rights for a few people with education

But everyone has mobile phones

All the people would be mobilised

Time is as easy as migration from people without animal bank accounts.

If people had heat sensitive paint there’d be no monopoly by fuel

This special paint hasn’t reached the market

It can heat homes


Race creates a mediumship where the representative is of an ilk but not necessarily that person.

When everybody does this there’s a hollow round a reverberation

It seeks to quantify

There are plenty of people clear of the example who can expostulate quite fully without being linked to Jeremy Bentham. But the Jeremy Benthams would be best placed to speak for they are the anathema. Accepting the genetic construct is a civil perspective on whatever the doctor state has induced. Knobbledy old people experience knobbly rejection and Alzheimer’s befriends this consultation. Having a grandchild of an exact reminder diminishes inevitable deterioration.

Children shouldn’t be allowed to be strangers and it isn’t their fault they’re 30% of 200, one hundred awol. Call them all the bridesmaids.  

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