R & J

Juliet’s placement as a heroine is carefully reared.Instilled is a code of honour.

By love we mean the rivalled honour.

Filial loyalty shimmers in rivalry for an all new majority.

House of rent a car marry house of conservative dominion.

Hire by day remark as permanence bay.

Establish seated ‘pon security.

Toy come rushing to preserve a new condition.

Burst of sun break down to a camper light.

Absorption for whom the frisbee free.

Provision of company and Aye for food.

Afford disdain to turn it away.

Child endorse remorseless product.

Stand employ condition.

Shove an impact.

Completion manufacture


Greet friend on an eye.

Squeeze to restrain in spy.

Sufferance of reading the notices.

Everyone else keep pointlesses.

South vet foreskin.

Sensation is enough for injury.

Wind in verbal ration.

Game account in reasons.

Faith inset amending thief.

When of what

When madness love in conduct.

Outsource risk to each in consort.

What of a crowd.

Cheer in a rueful load.

Tether in containing ode.

Requite in flavour.

Fault in sour cream

Fault that shrug.

Commit thereto in pressure cooker.

Lid press down for a show.

His by exertion, hers by coercion.

Call fall through as the modern alarm.

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