tweet bank

turn out to Soho
why what the clever love
family sum a pony
yank reach the lead; dog defend
return object mark
object return object
hands up to work of art
lap curse patron selves; restart
bound fig poke possession
penitent lick translation; stress harbour
lose to dictate; mallow
trunk duck
tent boat
fun wants to be sarong; panini tuna chick pea
luckiest alive stop complaint
skint drop mint
cliff stair wave
public exercise; throw call
gilt sledge the overshot
obvious the recollection
up to see what; mission shun
band reserve the daughter
runner print the rush away
land reclaim the passing row
spiffingly decent; bailing out
maths as shy to call the try; never went to Rugby
five alive in IVF; fourth estate
there goes caravan man; place from a portrait
rescue every life a home; destiny to pass
it may never be known; a wash that courts the bus
yes does two sues; no is orangutan
fare go the answer surfeit; mannering rise
injury the warmer seas; Malibu election
liven up a question
sack mother; take shares
privatised the sanction
made a signal, kept the scream
calculated coz for art
made a picture, sent the part
ignored an observation sad
told three old ladies was was bad
paint splatt the potent
study clean a dormancy
perfect review; the hour is true
compartment in freedom alone; most drag a ring
slack again the meaning fine
viewing on the ruling; read a sign
lunge a route to tee total
square route of paper crepe
a mother
elevator pile
Marple bean the after none
buried under the greenhouse #nemesis
knew the woman at the dying; and the man the week before
Am now beset with riddles; I am fish
Heard Richard Holloway, recent Bishop of Edinburgh talk at a funeral today. He is a very living version of Christian.
mouse for purple arrow
curb recite the kite
cope land belling; pepper pots
screen affair; light the wheel
digital piece
singly claim the opposite Murdoch
just so employ despair; set up the catch
appropriate a confidante; bungle equation
shortbread tip the rabbit
confidently fuse the sand
line after next
lie steady; at the ready.
no longer act refer to court; bitch on jean
Godiva stay abreast; in case
framed for being; hanging
over take surround
my recompense, my weir
of lot; so what
just off beat the shark
prime of importance; defend
meffet every fondant
pick not, pick add
like as ready to go
fit the give on share game
lofty love the over
suction share a current skill
ditch a vacuum
song to experience; repaired
forgetful turn good
example bide feud
arrive on grace; set relevance
in front of at large; miss and be paid for
decade on the pearly chief
seek the refusal to cry
safely forge the grief
joyous escape the leaning
no result from the tache; only hurdle
runny nose off the old man wish
restore the bulb
Perth Cinema
@next_home and thank Mr Daly after his honeymoon.
it happened to a skip
whether be lean; continue and bend
precedence of logic; awning
read to be compose constriction
dance as soon to bite distraction
ban despair and lark on a shadow
@Lorcdy timing
nearer to crave at the browning for pie
Brian blessed first to judge after kid
@Beathhigh watched your Open Doors last month and the bonhomie burglary still plays in my head.
frozen of a plastic least
hold close to reform on stubborn
real on snub; favour sink
each jerk reject the clink
rend as seen on blinky nod
seat replete the verve; quieter riot
refer from decay; laconical mushroom
put on a pass; the obsolete right
felt in getting deafer on; tune up to mars
locked off at the stringy button
page that three will find me
frisk an awkward cor
ouch the synch; match the pinch
blind boutique; bump the Stubbs
scan the stout remark; head for soft
oh that I may drown; beget the spot. plague on a funnel down; cram hope
she won’t be able to see me; but I’ll be the one that loves her.   I’ll be fish fingers.
predict to collect the hollow; sadden a gaze
go home cow and earn the shoe
large calf
medium crow less impotence
mother done
buddy guide more than
mother love thee for
scrape to emulate
gene by law
rivetted start; apology nerve
gussetted be the lilly idol; long in the booth
@ProfTanya @ferrifrump free of a skull it could go vegan
strain stress the good
personal fail appoint the mail
mourn oddly for a lesson
loss assume the sun
albinism; built in find
purge eventual prospect by command
milk the ovation
absolute truth and reprisal
St Ninian’s Cathedral Perth, 11am
The end of fair trials? Tell your MP to vote against secret courts here: @38_degrees #secretcourts
@HugoBeB have stripped back the honeysuckle
@TomCraine you are good in a foyer; almost missable.
RT @John_Cooper_QC: So the Govt do not accept the jments of UK Judges (Theresa May) & now they dont accept Judges in ECHR. So who do …
not permitted to defend; plan on side
yes at the inquest; dreaming
provisions of nap words; licenses to clues
sips of praise on modesty; camp on feeding
half a flask to be a woman; manuscape the manly diction
felt a trans sexual all day
leaf of the diamond
enter to darn
funny stone the crooked
picture; reprove
guide an alcove
muddle middle peddle; safer unalive
replay core a stamp
follow shy of the trial
Marilyn Monroe says no to puddings #meringue
Stand to thank a President.
Going to Alumni AGM at The Playfair Hall Library
save up for keeling over
choice any plot
so many friends as rare as sleep
commit to separate and spot
weight wait the state about Arnold
ignore the toxic wonder; pick it up
think she may have had false teeth
met a woman with sensitive teeth on thursday. woke up with sensitive teeth today.
RT @usainbolt: “Them ago tired to see me face, can’t get me out of the race.. #BobMarley#Word
RT @aspaul: A more accurate closing would be “Not actively wishing you harm, but not spending a significant amount of time wishing you t …
lift a leg to fold away; flat pack lump the trip to stay
in the group to input angst; other wise the darcey bussle
green the Byron curtain
tutti fruiti tee the mow
lend insinuation; sherade at the spartan
stave off an indulgence
swamp the mood responsible
@HackedOffHugh happy doo dah baby
head gear balance
and finish the line
wait outside
angel-ina helmet
half a side a blinder; blinker on pretender
if go at the bat and ball; game of a rule to call
Do love Tom and Tony; then to them to cheat.
trifle rover find a wisdom
Lord of Such invisible
concern a prop to dignify
client smart exchange to mourn
be gripped about stock; due to care
mercy form the awkward landing
congregate the task to spit
straight and even go west
slippery mime punctilious
don’t collude and jot the focus
ironing mountain
breakfast at the hangover
Scottie after a hare
grow up to group; set off
save to disarray; lock a manner
manicle of good; pet fie
stoic on the raw
save the elephant
string on a rope
leg left over snap
captain hook pitch in to search
at the helm; the iceberg saw
patient; one that doesn’t count
Artist; Lynne Bowers
off with judge to share his beach
when; the prompt of grand
matt lucas
strongest trip; when is the end
@Marthakearney less is the fix
found tweety bird in the roof gutter. buried her near the pigeon.
diary cost; year of the pear
badminton prayer; sling a sling
duke hello; from the hall
fun apart from put away
swirly mile to stairway
chippy bout; a memory
am a Duchess
next; according to gentlemen
willo the wisp
oh happy day
glisten sop the sigh
chin follow a heel
apply the head of a monarch; toss
step up the pen
twang; of good note
spy on the monk
waffle stuff the up code
conk in a chunk
skip share the off beat
onward reprise repeat
and so to weave the onward tune
plight of a light
clutter up the access to withdraw
point protect a core
peeve for want of supply
deck the crate upon a lorry
ping the dart for distance
medium the guider bow
honest is to hide the spirit
agog away the mugger
as if fist; litre
fox up, locks dash
lean off the pass for a hind
chore abound a doodle
scruple ply to cool in scuttle
such as depth as charcoal
lice advice about the head
hear an equal banana
close too and correspond
cheer chop at corridor; meet to carve
love about for anything; slam a think
cap let the yoda
not grossly offend; borrow a mend
soap off the Pickett; cross through for a double t
feign true; exact cheer
point of repair; innocent displeasure
diploma lack to rivet
alert that import bruise
according to dote; do I
must with mash the banger
pimp, but only as a dullard
snow melting the Jacob sheep
either gaze the turkey dove
pimp invoke I am not love
we were wed in java
legs and bows and piece less rolls
as I am without a gain; proofless, you less, armless
could be glue, the wrench of blue; proof of karma after moo
polite and stiffly melt the candy
don’t know, don’t know; know but don’t oh
beat for bronco, beat for bandy; one for morecombe, two for randy
is it a group, is it in lanes; scarlet beat the pimpernels
only yours the passport pine
the name I’ve got may not be mine *WTF
Whoever there was more frequently
Ken Clarke gave my secret court
missing inaction from sewing
the object of affections is a hand up
Yam yam the muppet
obfuscate from a pit; be in charge
crime enlightens the graze
Law makes no sense to me
basset review is living a coup
off streets to quality sorts
the privates of surmise
fall out and latch the need
that man one beside a stilting
the planet in the quote
and another thing sir; my plant
all in the hour
judge the bafta personage
shade a stammer
bean commend a jitter
feather cap defeat
good thus guised to treat
swallow tail trend a watch
diverge, but follow a fork
wot smack the ember
then extend a blend
motion thus the prize on cheaping
be swisher from raw and edge a curl
colour of pearl
truer to the nerve; shed with dissidence
creative escape of consequence
exaggerate round the record
depart from the onset; chase
likely as a swear for grace
allow the victim to lie and be a free man
@guriben put on ski suit
vehicle in reversing
sulken to cling to violin
move up to remove the order
serve up justice to subscribe a repair
all about the bright; stave the glare
permanent a prompt
scope the onward fart
event the flame to relinquish
cook about the match
distance pass no entry; phase
given up the toast for dammit
be foresworn around an agent
fleet never mind the life
distinct with riches; all grey
union bound with sedative; ward of love
Left behind; a husband.
The closest thing to an outside box.
Had breakfast here last Thursday.
am going back to Abernethy when the tea room opens.
strategic hospitality
good morning world
be the aim of side; due to the round
goes where through empathy; slap of a wave
devote the quote to sanding; pitch of a sign
that love could shave away
corrupt apply revoke
bond avert the choke
see, see, and get not to
scupper throw the pamper
stay friendly to season
the novel on a peg
drawn on a dry collection
date a keg
spectacle arch, conserve a harvest
side on to involve the staff
miss the earth with reprieve
can’t I can’t I can
yet the fuse to edit
arbitrary choice to burn a part
heading for a guillemot
thought up caught sank
back to tack the spanning index
could be; true for Monty Christo
refer the train
series of reserves; spinal
pack up the leap; talk
man from a book; leap out
about to be married; cured
married in separates; prepared
let hove be in this life
fresh beat flake
wear off a polish remover
as plastered to shelve the initial
theory of a be me
negative plus; make a fuss
coast of remorse as losing space
shuffle dasher; dozen exception
eminent bring surrounding
Biden as much to solve
a beautiful room
stand in play for who’s who
how long does it take = grandma
get married; be deposed
Met Rob Brydon in person on Saturday. Actually quite unpleasant.
pick a chase
didn’t know I did
fiddle denial in turn
implement the age group; gone
turn it down with an offer
ability at least excess; further on the Coward press
Finest moment, alas to pass; Shredding on the bias.
@SteveHills @mrboffly @moonflowerchild catch the ferry, then get hungry
@SteveHills @mrboffly @moonflowerchild Saturday job; never paid.
The show I am doing isn’t curtain
obstruct admire the season
hitch a weightless log on stone
let of rest, as bog the ton
careless please the olden day
always hard at bay
distance by sound and roman luncheon
save off, and seize export
less be doodle on a wangle
positive wear the stranger
haul up to curl
patronise a northern star
tease rev a toll; raise a bridge
goal shift the eyes and share
at stead, insistence; pack off the prize
arm rest
New Theatre
mister cigar the V sign
quick think round crime
guest as best repair
counter poise the awkward medal
overlap a theme; link a brink
often finer than advertisement
Scholar able feller of cloth
Muse, lazy tertiary
Pitch enchantment for loss
phonetically uninhibited
@SteveHills piste if binging is presented
@SteveHills thought you were only intellectual
mile stone
found a syringe in a hedge this morning
st Hugh’s college proprietor
all relationships are
frown in to hear
similes are better than original warnings
foreign is close as coaster
oo oo a language
oh to save beyond
ears brought up with steering off
better bet wouldn’t pet
pony yard for telling off
beautiful rounds of turmoil; green
itchy pea design a steak
got a bit of a stiff neck)
cast away want a group
through follow after; spare
hint of service; absolute wine
None yet by line
Could have had a hundred; would
Joe me owe and Rulie yet
sheen face from bad lands
settle down; poke first
strays on equal terms; funds
Drink; traditional pub
Christ Church, Oxford
plod on the quiet; cork to endorse
mark to win the times
give in a chance
lie back the feeling
mild as for bespoke
tune appraise the dope
each as hapless
Friend shape a cue
Tout the £7 ticket
royal; beg to agree
This Morning
Sunday Morning
concern maraude the open
blind attend the style
save got to have
place; heard of the host
intrude enquire
remark expect the shift
swallow tow the bend
commend a rule to dive
render exceed the given portion
Dine on Oxford; holding stick
drum tip to beat
device attend to composition
bid quiet rim on roll call
as of dominium; Latin lease
material do; co-reside
The Rt Revd Nicholas Holtam, Bishop of Salisbury
bear the cross without the blood
Mediocre co-define; the relative for neighbour
Bounty back to stand.
Subliminal rental; chocolate eclairs
Lend up the end and fade.
Circuit the day; maybe two. Then back as punch to staple glue.
Back at Rewley in Oxford. Last here a drug a decade; high to low but don’t know how.
day glo miss the issue
open spots the choice off
parade an ode; strip a crumpet
hack a pool
discover core the sea
grain a grand
textures of early life
the hug about the despot
pre disposed recall a catkin
post lobotomy; success was high
was best friends with Ewen; isn’t the same one
The mental health exhibition is displaying my picture from 9am-3pm today at Crieff leisure centre. #special is brief.
but by tryst
awake a wallow
stepper thin the molar sole
less of make; roll up roll
vaguely beleaguered; all pine
light a serenade with length of service
compute recall the staff; with permanent fume
flinch inflate a parrot
acclaim go by the Gobi
face by foot the turning sleeve
hop in a raft
effect could talk for mirth in order
likely pave a squeeze
abound the act from strife
spit except the life
foreword to harrassment
why from empty parchment
intend a howl to run on
condense the link, extract brink
one on a second left finger
Wart; there’s a wart up my nose
place the heist
ounce advance
surrender check bliss
stoke of quarantine
universal study
sling discard maze
proffer and bemuse; fray
stalked by class; therapy
thank the retreat
brass maintain the ace
offend to blend; muse
turn the winter; barley
set a part for nearly; all
glasses on a face; cram
un for in; sporran
cork doubt; be honest
owe mess; save gravy
plane interest; flatly
wave abound; retire
happy kip; sunk
of a group; with distance
balance of cause; bounce
flag a watch; dismiss
RT @QuiltingMuriel: Foster care has always had its problems. Elder abuse is on the rise. We should team up and make new, good “families”.
Fight like a penis
to antarctica
disappoint the winner; send a bee
blue rinse
sentries of leeks and apples; nettle hops of zig zag scratches
polar bear
Mother; she was buried in the fruit part of the veg patch, behind the great yew hedge.
@colinmccredie mm
what you will
am bush
snow bugs
Saved a nice pair of trousers in a shop, Tuesday. Went back this afternoon, and they weren’t there. Bought someone else’s. Left.
snowing got me sainted
snowing got de milo sainted
working with Tarantino got me fainted
some things put the straight away
leg room
time out
man the logistic
RT @VeryShortStory: The dissection didn’t go as planned. Mary displayed the symptoms, but we could find no physical evidence of the Devi …
cannibal overture; golden rule
profound place for fielding
keep a few
singly in mid sarcasm
happen any position
perfect got me on the run
worth it swore in a wig on
get back marry the front
Pocahontas plus
Sticks of once believed
Locks and cleanliness
Mean as a song
Be dressed up until
The baddie goes away
Come back baddie
Oh to be called to
Miss is the nervous breakdown
The catalogue of ermine
This is the way the reels go
The movie sporting auntie
RT @BarnabyEdwards: I absolutely adored Django Unchained. Fabulous cast, witty script and superlative direction. The soundtrack’s damn f …
Empty up the trumpet
Why, we were in the bells
Chandelier the crystal peeling
Match a quote to the ceiling
Sweet as a nut for hard to do
Why floppy ears, there’s Billy Ray
Thumper pound the hole from bleeding
Submissive charge the over banging
A man may decorate his sweetest part
Why even a carnation can smell of shit
Tarantino; there ain’t no other teller of history
wall to floor; eavesdrop
love in the vault
violence by silence; mystery explained
muddle due to recall; previous discus
flamboyant wire
gimmick stripe conversion
devoid by suffrage
give at risk of pot
apply observe convention
self made cause the road
thus of contentment; cry in grammar
kip on consent and fig the politic
being enslaved is organised
RT @DerrenBrown: So sad to hear Michael Winner has gone. Met him a few times and adored him.
body armour; slippery mole
older answer shock a frock
derive, and don with mock
cause of action
pain as over private
claim dross; reactive promise
five hundred dead; the other dined
of the view a thousand minds
broker a pleasant lace
blank response comply the wage
link of a pile; deck the split shuttle
of a light; the velvet claret
latex crown the crucial wean
staff as half the balder prospect
band on clutch; posh as butch
scope to roll away
twinkle skip the passer by
loss by distance, reign by catapult
win on a quiet thump
thus from stow to bowl
guarantee the climb
disinterest with stealth; who to sue
reward to hide a panel
man the season; cousin the dozen
aid by shackle; courage clamp
suppose as soon for interview
preen cold by crate
lot shade up a human thatch
derivative; by whose hold
redemptive cue the universe
krypt of partnership
avail the skill and shed the spirit
knowledge only so; not mine for a diamond
pick a favourite; guess it out. Lesser the odds; they can shout
get carried around in Neptune’s cup
last for both in a boat
Godot rend debate
compose and sign for extras
drag for the wait
log for the elephant amp
bottle nose for ivory
dress a sign for a rhino
dabby dabby safari
come comb beadily
precisely Miss for Scarlet
solder char the violet set
lamb bleat the law
drama respect the poor
zero is boiling
repair cremate the icicle
hollow through a ricicle
Madras for plaster on Paris
sock in a curlew
spit report the butter
frisk a few
biscuit bake a spec
prize of wife on land
thus by piece of sand
gird in, park out
comprehensive mention the form
bend out a chute
commence afar and lapse
oh and oh
some are in the weather
identify barley; hatter tat
apply and reduce; tie
be made a smudge
left behind made a smudge
claim the beans; be the judge
cut to taste; fantasist
Fail to succeed; fill the serial
@BBCRadio4 declare the contents; all horse, all cow, no sawdust.
@rich_dyson actually no, but lookers always say they do
@rich_dyson drive out to PH7 3NL and wear a ski suit
@TJHeneghan sitting room has huge wall mounted radiator and wall mounted plasma TV.
@TJHeneghan My Perthshire flat bought for £65k in 2009 with 2 wall fitted radiators & new sash windows.
@TJHeneghan hall; radiator visible
@TJHeneghan bathroom
@TJHeneghan bedroom
@TJHeneghan kitchen
@TJHeneghan sitting room
Gingerbread man
Women’s heritage
DC Metro
where I had dinner; far left
pop up
snack; California
diamond alley
heart; centre stage
Parlour maid
Booked a cabin
pass of yo
why, honey
downtown tram
stars at the stretch; in drug
we’re all the same because there are two Charleses
rapunzel with red hair
after lunch
still with me
brain return the claim; conviction
pass the flask; hug a hunk
act less ex; hunger
audition less than a year; look at a life time
exhausted instead of staff
@franwords rebellious actress put on drugs for discipline.   it’s a cliche. No longer act; no longer bullied.
@susb60 A jab in the arm. Crystal meth or less than heroine. Hey Fran, get your flu jab!
@susb60 the US; just back from a session of reconstruction.   Think I spent a week there 10 yrs ago in the form of a stone.
even found a birds nest; bottom rhs
illegal picture of a work out
president reception
residence; free waffles
me; maybe a lamp post
saw a proper Indian
sat here with Sade
Bloomin gorgeous
Who set me up. That’s who.
Didn’t mind Baltimore off drugs. Surprised to find it was a place.
Fetching man on the Dulles BA 6.15; watched him sleep
3 days in a row; couldn’t find Gary Barlow. 3 crab sandwiches.
Rocky Band Stand
Neutron Particles
Washington DC
easy bisto; growth exhibit booth
outlaw the file; bar defend a hoof
seizure of the finger; crimson bog
from anywhere; disband
mark lift a runway; left right
went to Life of Pi in a van with the man from the b and b. 5 min walk from airport. caramel wafer.
Glasgae; an arm and a leg
follow the lead abroad; bird ignored
roast of hardship; self defence
get by without apology; zoology
dee day zippety doo dah
prevalent version; windy day
wing to be wound in
distant chart the fun
vein without review
plight redact the kite
brevity learn endurance; care
architrave the archive; renaissance light the anchovy
purge the surge turn off thinking
melt off the cosmo; neapolitan
how much wave to stow away
hallowed the subject for altercation
soon to be; engaged
attention to function
attention court inclusion
rhyme dissolve manoever
sequel bland to elevate
monsoon band stand
feet the yard
fender beat the word
notice up the dead
notice up the blind
blot the spine in blinker
A5 fold the A4
rummage; whisp the coup
stationary forecast
procession expect the passenger
trample past and see more
citadel the beauty spot
be used to prove the wadding
@susb60 everything can be fallen; though not all are touched
easy to set off; press red
@susb60 7 billion options
fall in love
make me up; make me down
summer half a year away
factor the plan on new years day
grow a stem and root in
hold the spill
@lizzylovesart well ridden
@lizzylovesart you aren’t following
pretend on faith to subsist force; turn a bowl
do; make the ache
set back the beady choker
Ferrari cannelloni wheel
safe to lose; a squeal
cage in stage to borrow
what start the ferret
except the dread
exact the oversight with luck
strum upon the engine
commendation make no stain
manage only property
more than could be hoped for free
semi skimmed
special election expect detection; gone with the wind
quiet pass non sequitur
assembly gib the loom with air
effect the department
cord of the rota; bring
yeti the bone among
dispute wither; smile
of the like the other bough
muse the like; allow
coffee every day; filter where as present bean
tidy up
#FF @rustyrockets @revrichardcoles @rorybremner @gabrielsnyder Even though I’ve stopped doing this.
@TheJulianBlack where are you
RT @caitlinmoran: Decided I’m going to become Marc Jacobs’ new muse by repeatedly Tweeting “I THINK I SHOULD BE MARC JACOBS’ NEW MUSE” e …
conch own a pair; fish a porter
play free for free and stand around
bind to play unwind; faith know how
decrease the asset; sale
value the subject to own; inhale
cognitive bale; milk the farm
meet at the spin of the aftermath
iron out
cross a leg
rage the high in principle
fit and be upset
wonder cause to brood; muscle
excel joins; hustle
keep a line in freud; patent
embody the mood of zinc
save despair from coming back
class as high as the business
Gruffalow imagine why
Marx low; elbow high
gust as just
fault of none but handler
surrender dupe the robot
lung a share
magnet pose for torment
slink off the bother in private
refusal for affection; disobey
opinionate on peaches combs
lend off despatch
Mythic then be cheery
Havana the banana
early far as Graham Green
accept the news to correspond
continue to end; kind regard
would be stern; would draw; would speed for patience
bless behave the childless
my children missed for having shone
eat a wardrobe; stitch
cleptomania; eat
perfectly normal
RT @Pinter_Quotes: You go out of your way to give them a helping hand and they fuck it up.
child elect the guarantor; slate
merry Christmas
grandma smile on senility
dedicate the woman
X rate for Barbie
level plain the risk of conviction
Love friends as valid idiots
insufficient toy; plea to save
assisted sense; treble feat
deaf report the double; neat
expect to show; keep
Constance pack kindness; contained
please by gain; refer
weight of shelter; stand about
flatter; imaginate; shun the ton
flatter, defer and assume
flatter, reserve and complicate
belonging dismiss the crew
light export surface
blind verb to sheen
love mend love with consequence
absolute theft; warrant
easy access; notice
one scoop or two
argument by constitution; preferred
peace in hand with explanation; fine
Tab, return
Hold the world
Herod and Mary; don’t say
fat controller quite polite; room for hush
discipline fret the robot; style
scab the scale to drop off
dragon; a remedy
pout pick the sore
walk on daughter
stream leg; step the bridge
rally burn permission
grandfather; clock to strike
preserve a distance; snore
appropriate wound; see
hunch to grinch; full
best before the chest for ice cream
instinct; ought to find
@susb60 arctic sprint
less bless the fume
dumb struck for a polo
awareness; the intervention
yank wrong; she rang
tight story; tong fan
nation take hurt; one man
knickerbocker glory
Hoover pan the inside shout
check spink at the car wash
shake a gear
thought desist in order to probe
garden begonia
study home on the back of again
culture erupt emulsion to violet
turn me black to inside white
Jackson pack the brother
Nigger can; nigger run
noted for incompetence
a bit black; the indignance
borrowed on instruction; book
grade recollections to resent; have standards
RT @rustyrockets: Brilliant new @FilmAid video #WhyFilm – their incredible work brings vital info & joy to refugees. Support them &a …
Danger in the Manger. Unchallenging Christmas journey; even a donkey
pass the person
own up to know
soup sink the puddle
be promised away on faith
too crackers to pull one #christmas
miss belong the look; not my father
Reflect; symmetry
The Old Church, St. Fillans
Kung Fu
@RevRichardColes could for your panto as the sleeping policeman
@susb60 que ce?
held; identical knot
absence of bond; stop the story
till the brown; finite earth
contend with reticence; moan
otherwise; stump equation
friends as hurting points; missed
paint the lift
those as just with dominoes
right against response; ability
Salvage; stone ruin
house my heart to punish
cost u me to go together
lavish material, pounding man
all fears are true; think them up
horizon end the hook
lie down reel the speech
gain stand off
no protest prior but personal quiz
RT @ChrissyBotto: Hold your loved ones close tonight life is precious so sad innocent lives taken away x
After I don’t want; annoint
end up your sleeve
program dance on tale
get wet, be impaled; go viral
know more than the book; be alive
magic synonymous with Tolkein
rod twist on band
secular tool; store a crown
hockey squash the bully off
saved in sauce; bean
canned late for sandy
gone arrived on zooming round
blare against appointment; remind
wish for phantom Father Christmas; past is granted
their edge; spare a bear
dry the dewy eye
right to crack; like
charge as warned; bond
phantom father Charlotte Bunty
word up front in perjury; settle awe
un green tea break; Kelly kettle
Lady Mary’s walk, Crieff without @ewan_mcgregor
dull treat hate; edge off
no reply
wank; the interview
safe report; meal
drip stress nerve; throw
consign content; casual
emulate beyond habit; worship
save dream; leave life
chop chop
command the time; be owed
site of kidnap; name a relative
patronise material; fluff or rustle
interest the plain; do don’t do it again
hair save away; strand
be done for; order
true what they do; per square
track won’t run away
@susb60 Only job hunting
Hannibal fiddle
turn down the proposal; go out
save image
Pope Benedict is a crook
ask yourself to lunch; pope
flesh; always useful
body on prize; all over
watch by thatch; clever green
Atlantis parmaham
minute of tender town
bereft as left with song
thereon in round the mountain
struck as god as bothered
leave on me in path
love, love; two told
torrent; insured
commit none; pseud
as luck could avoid
sweep; rotation endowed
room by absence; loud
then shrink; millimetre
enough; this of seizure
plight; recall a height
RT @iflorist: Our @BritComAwards competition ends today as the tickets need to be posted! Make sure you RT & Follow to be in with a   …
no out for opposite
leg off in return to ravel #freetravel
eave on light; gone that might
succumb to harden; pot
disgrace; support
slander as fonder
pay respect; to hope
Alice in stead of Alice; not Marjorie
head on time; without for injury
surface depress sleep
dues pronounce existence; cease
talk over a baby; light
argument provide a child; peace
receiver on void; clutch
manner of bad news; denied
safe ale
give on the fallen; spy
dam brood the valiant
shadow incline to share the sun
epidermal row; windscreen swept
friend with a job on the act; get through
rearrange a face; the same but with a layer on. Just seen uncle james star in Skyfall.
spin go bright
active call to steer
ambidextrous kit; centigrade at Fahrenheit
toy alert the deed; soda
pass on the chiffon
future flame a goose
fish finger ships out
dream clutter the pain
excuse you about; to fornicate
borrow a choice
could song the impression
fit a frugal spa; wide
vein chap a lip
state lift about the current
chime river island; mock
fix return the runaway
gush and wrestle; twist and stop
asphyxiated cupboard tap
how and where Andromeda bad me
prod at the map
mile file a Louvre yawn
back and forth; once a visit
single common; might have
praise clues and strive
off go book; off go part; cause
lack a limb; leave receiver
superimpose adjourn to settle; become a vegetarian
Vincent O’Brien, Poet
dahlia; snow
hand in return to sigh
suspend may fall; taut stall
sack the man beside HR
RT @SalmanRushdie: .@jonathanjmain Please read #leveson recommendations: free speech to be enshrined in law, govt kept at arms length. N …
@susb60 may petition with hacked off #Leveson
butter stone
fry a fairy
know all show
tolerance be beat
no excuse; going strong
direct sensation; at the puzzle
inhibit the gifted as the lesson
buzz weigh a helper
substantiate the stress #wild
the importance of being rejected# mild
Ernest enjoy the worry; favour
leave a notice; distinctly spare
replenish the myth in a legend
@susb60 then you won’t challenge
@susb60 play bridge
@susb60 tv form of moral support
@susb60 baby sitting Jeremy Clarkson
@susb60 enter Susan Black
skip a bad reaction
number thread the vacant beat
spill incline to greet
tapestry adjoining; squint
forbear the following
@susb60 legislation
filter the full to purpose; as casual
feed the birds
Sir Don
of the north
delete the stripe
don’t expect the soap
fast cause a signpost
down on ski; complete descent
clump of substance; deuce
be vamped by the tin at the peak; choisir
should repaired at silent
review before a show
day in with art; on gaps
being the odds; prudent zoo
clamp on living
heap toward scales
main path to leave; coarse
er me; er boo
feel enough delay
boum boum; success on the side
quite like a fortress
news of love befriending wrong
contour of music; art a view.
sign of the department; liberal pledge
dear @twitter; after 4,999 the tweet number is 5,000, not 5,100.
99 red balloons
acquaintance affected to own; Lear
RT @Toltecjohn: “Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” — Mary Oliver >
bosom; brains matter
miss Tuesday on Monday
past of which to be
revise with every second
construe the guarantee
occupy the sharp to fit probation
defend; a tack to win
fix aside
helpful endeavour; to know the person
deconstruct the doll
advise enlighten Goa way
share and grind; tougher sign
splice the compliment to wound; parting comment
self a scribe at ten in bed
of one instead
rest of what
sanctuary free way
cultivate a force; divorce
popular bend a garden
make up thy dozen won
let the feast apportion
way on sage for doomsday
it be gone for being heard
just as pass tomatoes
strawberry stint the ripening bells
ever glow the roundabout
scorch occur to light la triomphe
top prize avert the rise; bake as long as the bean in
tone of eviction to redress; come unsettle to bargain
widen beg the ending
defenestrate the light
less to excelcis
exact gradual to depart
bore of dance
pitter patter ton comeuppance
incline to wince
each as bold
grid the joy for witness
close allow despair
centimetre mile inch cuff
in constant distance prove
host admit the tee pee
sort good to go
critical sweet the relay
respite at grass with bees
opinion slack; method
hole a foal; set to led
kick remove reprimand
compliant to understand
maximum wax on stress
ready frame the bill
recall a habit; move the day
story summon the baggage; swap
concern kit the cynic; smash
Dome EH1; nachos from Marco
squirrel W1
other clone the competition; dirty hands
exact don’t speak at big
money to ripen; scantily craven
aye; body blue deletely
account to be the stealing heart
ever forever early
stand in do for voice and contrition
even rave on vaguely
trait sap a mallet
link less but spare me
exonerate with tie die
approach confession; persuade
god but golly
how amiss the sticky
positive for all fors
manage suffrage to live
among amock; alack
priestly eye contact; conclusive bod
love a swamp
presume distinction; chide or chill
room; a third out of door
swoon adorn charade; pot perform for open doubt
reserve before love; indices
hour the honour
mineral animate
appease to accentuate
Adonis glass; ferris
and of notice dereliction
not of papers; part to fiction
vigour of the hound; one man band
stands at boots
don’t mock the paparazzi; don’t knock the relatives
propel on crumble
paparazzi all together; even after dinner
zippety da da
issue force the whim
cane citizen; sugar
fully describe a raspberry
dote say won’t in dean
thought might the placement
miss a sit
Atlantic generation
romantic lead a gargoyle
feat of each suspension
rate the state in ever the stone
point of heading round
run say fling a bone
pillow shrill; captive roster
let down go faster
light freize holly best
rap endorse scruff to collar
chunky knit
participate to hand over
take off the y; add ing
a to a; b to b
sieve restrain the loyal
copy claim the font
on in shine
mole in the cold of may
ivory note a crust
hamlet felt the course
howl and back
more than empathy; stretch
breeze equate calm
empathy if the bullet; sun
@MajorPaulSmyth RIP
tsar the other Sharon
@RevRichardColes assamwij
barrow claim desertion
serve to laugh hang over a crib
and hide until eruption
lid on the egg; a life to beg
fluffy reef and folly
pass bus by the charlie check
cruise Romulus and Remus; roam
substance craft by fettle
dip out of retail
tong to a bottle; carton
placement of pasteurise
under a pound to kip
muse of sassy cords
what doesn’t know on a throw
exempt with trying; pain
RT @350: Stunning poll numbers: 88% of Americans say it’s time to step up to stop global warming, even if it has economic costs: http:// …
like a type of treaty
sweeten fine a florentine
advertise the corn; suede
slap custard on the crunch
appreciate the itch of making
foreword; aid on card
hello tutu, fit the jigsaw
offend and parlez; boisterous on bland
pancreatic joy; touch not by the surgeon
clobber salubrious gray; rayon marlin
sense or exert; bean twain
galaxy my apparently; Labrador the lion guide
license to drill
vent upon the happy torment; spray
children of expectant buffet
one gimp the rest at bay
anyone close but Roy
bound out the chemical door; hearty chop the clipper spur
surfeit skit to fit the bit and button up the mind
colour appointed with candour; manage with grey and do
you that’s me in spite of thing
journalism, auto manual
find wound on the mend
as a matter of fact, this is it; er
demented introduce trop
skelaton gelatine; skinny late
knead abound elastine
clue clock the curve a question
guide or indeed or doe
inside voice the cat flap toy
coast walk the hapless penny; chicken licken look like henny
study alter circumspect; fingers of eight
praise my soul
Ill annoy the screen
somewhere fast
shame common any canon
wist off lever smite
huddle and crane, box and pine
medallion solder crispy creme
drip invite the right to steam
patio praise the barbecue
pain point out to parasite
dull and essentially violet
marzipan the quake of man can
marzipan the quake in can can
make me the head of the orders
funny juice, rummy borders
afraid in starch and later defect; crush
person palace, curtain chalice; whither calls
starve and be halved; every front
ball the girdle quarter pounder; caps lock
fuzzy don’t go near the craze; rounders
lap a cat to purr the rat; blofelt
apply the course to Rudolph’s horse; share the reins
RT @charltonbrooker: Fuck it, make Paxman the new DG.
move anywhere
teach and freak up the dairy
library line in step to sign; anyone seen Willesden
@HugoBradyBrown copyright the gift of sleep
RT @adeteal: I am entertaining my grandmother on her 83rd birthday. I might steal her antidepressants and have them in a sandwich.
truth from trucking; dock
related adverb
slalom mountain
plate skate wish
pop on wane
pull through try; pearl
knot tuck ton
Yoke owe key
art seclude seem
play craft off craft; timber pea
accurately subject; taken
inference at glass
manner lull the stranger
the draught in my house has stopped
spiriting a wrong conclusion; April shower
shouldn’t be out of care; towels and literature
beholder stealing; pitch rock a see saw
@ecossefilmmaker all about tricks; who’s rab c straight?
@mcgregor_ewan same going on here; expressly irreversible
apply to use; charm
importune decency to limit the bamboo; panda down wind
intoxicate for good
blame the food
oven keep the give away
salome detach the meal
under bonnet pan’s head
tea towel an Aga turn
top to bottom; green to burn
wicked report the wicket at length. Oval run round the cross.
self invoke the counter
bo peep to whom arrest
yum yum tin find intonation
collar chop wire and furl
prop declare aficionado
shoulder sling the border toss
wean on Flanders trays
chipper pry the macho
cork weightless vice; regrow
construe spit the planet
play a long life
@gabrielsnyder amnesty sell bio degradable dog poo bags
enquire the run of light to burn; switch the aid
reserve the self a pause in shape; therapist of rancour
overnight strong in the head; back of the skull. bemuse result the betters
@Harkaway good nail polish
stun to converse; fax machine first
@AmFortyish as soon as I can jump on
canon ball run
globe crust the friendly beast
any man a mare upon; giddy hat
take away the muzzle
haste export the ski to Fintry
amble for the over eighty; five alive
thirds of corridors to chase
low lean the silver screen; hands crack the tough delight
safely fuse on common ground; kick a Skip
have it in for packaging; love is for ketchup
toy on distance advance; dew escape the lid
pluck and apply a flower; cellophane last
nature frame a separate course; pass and recede
grip to lichen emboss
quiet part the name of stick and stone; warbler cram the woodland
shock stand the face of children; transfer the byre
judge set the memory rake; grasp observe the surface falling
12 years for baby acorn; crystal chariot
gloom in peace
sultan spire tiara
flame condition throw; to bury the arrow
tweedle easy done
stop another mighty mother
extra limb go slow
stead reserve a permit
claimant in time
bunch gather baptist show
stem boot star
abandon complaint; moral arrangement
tribe of convalescence; frail as the grail
apprentice is now nice
given wine given in
worry take fine
dolly borrow hair pull
blink on possession
Nell had my ring
body scotch; amber mansion
spirit view; grow the ballad
predict those with future madness; all
be my friend
children are never witches
what is the nicest thing to do; without the who
gig on logic; standard flap
transmit flute for exhaust
way up construct sound; internal tow
evidence of irritant; sue
network surround the real
forensic wear the t shirt
ask to be involved; un blame
Dick Salmon measured my windows for double glazing and recently had a heart attack. Somerset Maughan.
honesty at worst; mines chance
require the me; cripple
glow worm the woman on
petty dark; every night
caught red handed; invent
leave after lime; afford relent
duty find out go
submerge reuse the future
leave more frightened; retreat
sling by candy on the arrow; exact a treat
visited by which to which the word in person
used in reserve; equal slight. cover up load on thirst.
lash apply the kind remark; ping pong the bongo
brandish banner pyjama palmer; tidy wave at coconut
stumble and catch on stretch
relief prescribe indignity; glide
blessed and deserved; raised
mimic the carrot park
prompt phrase by back stays
shower frock the peeling
request back the over throw
behave and form late
band stand the damned
protest admonish nice
love split the lentil tree
mock on sense presiding
waste on scruple; device
additive the rosy urchin
board on brood; destroyed to praise
welcome charge the gentry
stain and dry the press up
glad in frond
due by wynde
extent the mark of freer
soften the husky
column devote peace
purpose jibe throng; counterfeit run
joy fix the lady
flour quake the eye
scale glue tra tra la
division attend the bar
lock levy and groan iron
good rinse
swathe of hopeful deceit
surprise redeem virtue
revel confiscate value
privilege extra license
three plus Spock; third eye
silence to body; comedy loan
rights to witness and profess; weakness
@Harkaway they’re online
@Harkaway edinburgh lighting shop, Howe street.
@Harkaway Anglepoise desk lamp from Conran.
stage nerve a smurf
sanction pickle from a dime
old wither hysteria
heal cheer the royal
thine be the oversight
pardon claim with presentation
same stream to catch the light; sequins
explainer in demand; surrender with mischief
leave one behind; climb
vegetable bush adorn the lake; husk on berry
shrill of the meeting; present soon
notice post a tune
cookaburra by gum; find a plum
billboard of the early age; tufty leaf
green man
Love @JulianClary
enter peas blossom
place endure the agoraphobe; scene
solitaire; all sides advance
complete the set up; confidence thick
drift adept the quandary; scope
it snot you
perdition to agree; log a table
English PEN has published a book of poems in aid of the imprisoned punk band Pussy Riot. Buy it now!
the walk home
muckle burn
pan pipe
@DAaronovitch organic and raw if the option can such as grated carrots w large bunches coriander, chives &
question to surrender; calm gown
stick at diagnosis; wire line
good march the target
not as bad as good
impale a head and concern the box
indirect presumption; air tight
flit rove and not to argue
manner deposed by drooping eye; hasten on
plant in possession; lightning the corner
separable ream, art to go; bacon shop the ice.
mount the frame
glue stiff to unstuck
maintain prime; average shine
crew attend an individual; dual
does not trouble at the double; edit
open studios, Braco
red currants
phone full up of photos; I don’t believe it
recognise a promise
same cow
nose to tail
lend the fair to animal
rhythmn fade
mile above water
lease appoint distance
compliant prison of hope
pointless flux
jar shelter jeopardy
sign on age in plate
stone counsel to drift
contracted to live in service
Paris beside
account more on doubt
RT @FamousWomen: Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved. -Barbra Johnson
stump up the pole, Cassidy role
the wrong one gone due to feely peely wally
memory renew the Hoover
store and commit all over
immediately through the play
one to translate fathom
use against report; dismay
book in part, protect and grade
life for a radio bride
you and me in you on side
lose the gentle psychopath; poring over human rights.
chasing all the fathers I can, am reading Peter Owen Jones
yesterday was good
after finding trolley and filling it with rubbish reached Perth
quite a good gate on the way to what could be the almond
could be the Almond
River Almond
walked past a very odd bucket of wasps
almond path
over the bridge
green man
variant knobs have restored my chest
sharp sport the child to answer
was proposed to in Henderson row years ago
good save away the good
lace the jostle or grey delay
discomfort set to dim the lights; necessary form
job description clever clogs; perfume
inflated from the bottom; wilt and recover
Francaise et maintenant non plus. Toi; je t’aime; pays sans personne
cast for temple
burden to dream again
obdurate the softener ode
reserve range
on land in lung
caution to indicate
blest on part
substance guest
Constance rove despite but
blink and shut the babel
bound up survive the file
bind of the slum; except condition
crispy ledge; inside option
envelope laid down
anything but marry
induce forgetful science; conscience
Tom Hollander
RT @robolollycop: nothing is lost in translation, it’s still there, waiting to be understood: we just enjoy the luxury of comforting ign …
needle on the disc-o
you win JR Ewing
listen and shape the blurty love
target stop worlds end
recreate mistaken end
head for now in Sony
postpone postpone post pony
company with taste
pension as the friendly link; bag a seat
RT @CSLewisDaily: It is when I turn to Christ, when I give myself up to His Personality, that I first begin to have a personality of my   …
thousand island floss a lemming
murder one or two; can’t decide
out point mph
cork on efficient service
limit reduce the Bentley boast
ferret lift the spirit in a hole
patch on Ferrari tin
good for worse to bring along
bench about to sit
tamed in colour, purple mother
galley rhododendron
pull, idle car on clutch
spare gaps the flotsam
shark the morsel, king to kong
hook the code; cod
fiend approach; hardly
clause the instinct at sea
share go nowhere know
denial appropriate fun; Nile on the run
coffee scoff on warmth
carp testament before cheese
manon des sources
man odder the umbrage
raise the urge and be expected
pitter patter talk on thrill
hat brim around the bill
connect attend joy; long line in the sack
@DuncanBannatyne get well soon
back side of a business card; reward
head on topic; complete
day on fold; tug sleeve
woo the stig
stain maraud food bed
dance cue slight; stark
message wheat to eat away
earth farce; clean carrots
stand out pry to wither
conquered by dice; approach six
complex brave perspex
surcharge on fix; dodge sky
uniform issue the sweep
gig after glow; bias made
grass grow horns and meat the giro
trot on by ton buffalo
span watch on direct growing
imperative grade; stare that shook.
RT @tonycomley: There’s no Universe in which it’s not imperative that I repost this picture of a hedgehog dressed as Dracula: https://t. …
thank you AA
puncture, Keele, ST5 5HG. Fitter Man on his way
The Foreign Secretary
Channel 4
love w hague
shy condition free; self restraint
distribute rode burns; bail for ale
hum and tramp; luck and late
mend on scoop; quip
flag reserve, extend gripe; trill
review waiver the day; he
though there balance to show
automatic consecrate
discipline flex devotion; wait
deck the perfect autumn
darling levy strain the gymn
buffer lemon, melon green
thought about post event drinks with Tom and Rupert but wandered back to watch Downton. #plain
proposed on a knee to take this picture
traipsing round after Tom Hollander who loves me. #cheltenham literature festival
stallion stand for nothing
incomplete without repeat; treble
Cheltenham race course
act attract defense
geese; 9.11 am
escape a pier
sea so not to scope; lump
send the committee; dump she dare
tricycle standard; guide
love the mild
fast, trivial ordeal; consequence the undersigned
bunny drop the saw dust
trumpet next in promise; handle at the hutch
fascinate the fascination; take off the e and add I owe em.
chemical dry and clean
wist on pass parcel
circuit set from prevention; bangle permit
contentment rest the butterfly
full view pick a nose; was
cold prompt thanks; care to tell
luck less for pure drain
focus cost the malleable
steam suit beside the rank
prank rock the elder flower
guardian dispense the phrase; all done
rumour preserve the sense to annoy #jam
good tidings of comfort and joy
moral against conviction; terms of history
bless blindly from children; dame regard the spinster.   impression swim the ocean.
quote relate a thought; sums
shut up the joints; trend repair
square on but to listen
@isratine is rail is a walking stick and the palace flag isn’t up
Israel the really lame, Palestine, they won’t be in
planet day
swoon lit the bust
level artist, gravel planned
wince to cheer
what and opposite bland
decider whiff the patent; sprinkler of the ear
pepper croon the filling
tone of choice; service
preposition tall for all
in animate things; wit
bow love a berry; cane
render spot on entertainment; crimson flush
brick on thick expiry; plaster appeal
appointed by the game; mercy to draw
@stevyncolgan there’s a yellow man
wish depart the worry
prostitute delayed
greed dismayed for pumpkin good
trade in medallion; beef welling
pay sir be gin; esteem from desperation
castle night for one turn; veto man in leg burn
badger on form
two diaries stolen this year; conservatory ear
focus by carriage set; strain alarm
matched up to anyone
nominal sky the soap aspire; there goat
guard default to gain on spate; festive check the terminal
oathe at; that
owe the oh in few
black eyes, sweet brush
ariel wash
on show on show to leave
licorice without the taste; capsule candy
belong the body of argument; all cry
give away the stolen clothes
leave the stalk, escort the ring
bottle from fence
trust and be scanned
edited stint the flat
roads of print
RT @caitlinmoran: Four paragraphs into this interview with Rupert Everett & it’s already amazing (“She deserves to be fucked by a go …
mow Tarmac through music
live clover; give a strip
landscape coat; jumper portrait
roll chop sheep, skittle dolly
bowl in fillings
element shunt
animal tame the wild
charity attend hide
flaws flaunt beyond the court
shelve be ruled; compose
compliment doubt; let
offend to involve; squirm
reminisce on self; hack
awa, awa the reflex flaw
shift reckon crow; equal scoundrel
failure to be tender; cosseted pose
release any guess
imagine up for perpetration
worry out love lock, motive clue
bench of stone
distress set the scene, furniture stock
blameless against attempt, handicap argument
only clear for insult; knack knock the hunt
dislike the clearest end; renew and renew
lend to read slightly
claim of glass, luxuriant tie. report flit for passing. sand form of gold to clear a finding
bag from wood
carefully left
good luck
recycling, though am keeping the milk bottles
glide with exertion
clever down tender
@Mr_OCD the heart may pound
stress profess drink; blink
of what command; farmed
stress on bones; moans
frankincense or sneeze
group afford a tune; nosey guess
mount insult the valley; Barbara welly
tidy grind the furthest point; poor charge to hear
calmer fade climes; beach of wood
following maraude; Lord
Ovid understatement; bounce well
fumble, shove the pill to rule
live day light daily; distant silhouette
surpass result for finding out; twist
impatient toy, respond annoy; press fix.
RT @GregProops: Busy little day. Still the bitterness persists. I blame Romney.
tap sentiment. honey puff of less. yes.
rosy leprosy; bunch of bored.
carol code refrain; else bit thanks. grade reduce maid; up and down.
recruit admire a pair; punt
ours; our yoghurt. diet scrap the appetite. raised as fleas bruise egos.
twin twain the weighing; honour leave a beggar.
half dislike the choice, half agree to wallow; stealthy clap.
Dunkeld road
I am; I am world famous
scold record the equal course; sign upon thanks
monger end of day; plot minuscule relay
pseudo record of implosion; meter tip the clamp
tomatoes wrestle common; fresh verses can can
hope seduce behalf; bread wake list loan.
shape hunger, tread the land. notice care and stand by; gone against fun.
happy harvest
RT @AlanCarr: The last thing I need in my life is free pies
down even to launch; pain fry the pancake
profess dislike of memory scores; be supplied
snatch example, wear and shed it
rumour contained to tap the mad; sense might chase
convey admit to flood
lead at ready dispatch
mercurial tow of shine on shade
hold of a group; ease may
ply wounds to dress mats
of spirit to suffer, reverse
health disclose the make up
spirit of use, of spirit
September hedgerow
on hand the county alley, end at the start, then marry.   Sue the fit for there there Harry.
never send ignore; forget by blend unsure. reason rhizome season, weren’t the yellow through the blue.
pane of chess; friend brisk as sequence. ya-hoo Gulliver sage; led by tights.
gain on magnet cleave; as if to store. barrel hutch the rabbit paw, malt like hay.
desist recover spares; shuffle cutting lawns to please. may and autumn leaves about the rolls.
raise loud as moons, landscape screens. free wonder.
pack pop at the float
acquire love of jaunt; of quote
scribe derive room at the end; curtail call the manner.   before as law surpass the hour; expect.
Burnt Island
reason crime; require pace
drain entitle drop reserve; link the favour to abscond
limited addition
24 for 26
evolve minute to the sign; cast about 51
safe in charge of jest
romance rather bland for butter
like don’t like to file
cower the creeper pause; digest the space to resist
bridesmaids to godfathers
@RevRichardColes I want to co write
I know a disproportionate amount of people who have had brain tumours.
exonerate exclude axe. wind lute sugar puff. hug preserve a fig.
cause graze to roll bets; suited to smile.
touch judge, earn dream. Braille under foot.
riddle prize the cycle strike; ceaseless trail.
character such the phrase; sum of like
gallery paper aisles; print the carrot.
hint the rogue of interest shades; all round. boom at the flat.
knot halve ends neat; one pair
lassoe pump the drum; boom the um.
shuffle surface, gain to value; set at stock.
under wraps the X pot.
less effort endorse the play
bloom face fan; courage oblivion shared. lull self with less belief; of modesty palm.
by once the oh did; violet close. prevalence of hidden days.
comment crisp expiry; oggle and deliver. haste at lumination; form close.
as directed light to lease; convex ruby concave.
unlike as preserved. mountain reach the vase. shelter and stand by me. decorate the earth.
@jimmycarr kiss me
disregard except for use; leg room space.
laminated animal; labour to indent. nominated madrigal, dusty serviette
hawk the shackle claw. fish the smile.
proverbial to govern; plans verses. hypocrisy quote improvement; salute complaint.
serious respect for sacrifice; evade the picture altogether.   abstract gravity to weigh the body; flit the cheat
faith or a seance; measure mince with scrutiny. talent enhance vitality to pounce; self restrain the weary.
inhibit nerve at the market to be; all end.
not allowed fine pens; glob on the escalator.
proportionate vision to burn; have the whistler. shrink provide the gammon; meet back the rascal.
@mcgregor_ewan we once had to go as community service.
Freddie Mercury stagger to save
@WilliamJHague @foreignoffice you did Syria too soon after Libya. #meetFS
RT @BoyGeorge: Hell yes! Happy – DJ Yoda featuring A Boy Called George: via @youtube
laugh lose the staff
glaze the fee; delays.
propose nose in a moment.
seven star hotel, pouty eviction.
may be all day; um for er.
back up the super force; might wonder under purpose;   milk float the milk tray; filter soft to centre.
link blame lack; close thanks as quote. parlez vous the work out; feel as difficult
bendy swag potential stray; camp night out.
bones about elvis; permission to suede. go by the quake to swerve; let the slice.
then every matter the flutter; gamble leak as reserve.   steady reserve and be not told.
purvey to teach and spit; result the dimmer duraglit. aye, but to spey a river and roll an arm.
and so it came to pass
coincidence contrived on blue; down the even quality then.
bargain dominion less within. know not what the orchestration. admit the groomed.
can’t account for failure; parade to disperse. gannet with a seagull eye, trophy to sue.
make big of the name to lend repeat. sure on the server of use. deaf renown the horror stammer; who why.
accounted for with superstition; insurance claim the 42nd.   p for s with render 13; mutual respect.
computer duress at contrary compress; bind the flesh at compost.
lessons for the scoop. leach back the hand out and leap.
claim mystery to talent; hand over heart. one guinea pig to appoint the route.
proof of attachment with frustration; modest showing.   closest force of sincerity; working in spelling.
tell the curl and corrugate peal; undulate. witty dud, hope too wide; conquer for fortuitous wrong.
big boot false crust; ear worm for giving. spam doubt unwanted nut; vertical signing.
bold as brass to share deceit, once as the hidden habit. then seam as the mainframe; ride the cost
stranger mistake correctly
enjoy the curse, revel misfavour and represent nobody
tension; the add about reform. plea apart a bribe with normal form. Chase apology to admit the hood.
denounce example by retreat and liken lace the burden. out of the A, say Ah as lightly, temper sense to cheat.
taste of reconstruct. bolt the farm without a parrot.   quote the views elect of service. weigh in the jockey.
don’t know to all the verdict; contract grease and shut. on from worse to share survival; back the passage dot.
speed date the plum to last. kernel to the actor. shell the pulp of cube; fresh to compose.
wall along the market place; discount calls a third. often steers on all fours. mingle the raiders.
treat the load preferred to weed; lover by thanks.   weak as kind to be designed and fasten the axe.
treat of dude and skeletal spoon; cram ricotta to line the session. skipper the crest of main presumption; stick around.
crave deterrent with cream; blue fins brave with latent lead.   brilliant edition to pudding.
Furniture move Napoleon to fit with Neapolitan. Bear the card to felt a biscuit.
Robert Frost’s “Fire and Ice” read by Richard Burton via @youtube
RT @NPRPictureShow: Portraits Of Holocaust Survivors
RT @Beathhigh: I’d wish Van Morrison happy birthday but I doubt he’d thank me for it…
pigeon living with me hopefully till it’s feathers grow back.   she’s weak; anyone have any tips?
@RevRichardColes found 300 metres from this tree at home by a lodge on The Coal Road. Quite near Norway.
@RevRichardColes here is a coal scuttle; good for migraines.   You talk most truly. Thank you.
render asylum with permanence; dip then aggregate; lift sleet by lashing object; seep away.
Elliot from Sheffield to York. # vaguely
tens of deans and hundreds of thousands; aye the child to glow in findings.
hot potato keen; ransom by dare as seen; aye the condition to hate; lightly as repose for mercy
damned by none but wince; deity as described. one big foot, run to the gut and slice.
ravage the lead; drop the plonk and raise the steam. come, pliant mirage to be lean.
appendage to enjoyment; share a god before conversion; toast
love defend replacement; that by dull romance, under play the lense and pearl as freely.
step mother the other her; shadow blue the virgin bow.
left along incongruous count; associate the golden rule.   learn to mean a memory.
public to the fault of disbelief; share of motive emission.   pity prompt a puzzle to re state; blessed moderation.
seeing may not be the same as meeting. likewise with Christ and rainbows
I once met @revrichardcoles with Christopher Hitchins.   this afternoon @robinince said he liked objects. #greenbelt
eating dahl at tent No 10 near the jumps at Cheltenham race course.   found a nice t shirt in the loo #greenbelt
generosity of health in spirit; marvel at the camels.   famine over self preferment; daze towards pills.
genuine out of Jesus best of drift. friendly for incompletely; license to scheme. day off the property; souvenir. #greenbelt
hang the absent person out to dry; kick back on a chair.   apparently log the deed and cope to guess for why.
recruit trimmings to safety; loop hole the phase to bruise. tender does the blue and white; copydex the potter.
luggage change for antique; gobble the rubber hammer.   christie porter on the ton;   weightless ride the catalogue.
innocent crest dismay; theory the fry see.
sudden all day then giddy one; pop up the plankton.
round in the spinner; take find and boulder hold the reed.
clearance against the fuse; worry rub the clone. exactly glad to hurl glee; caution exaction.
resolute riposte; crepe the paper pancake. uniform distrust; revile to go a whaling. best good buds at sabotage.
malignant fury supposed; install the run; one link none done. boot a cup to explain; why kemp a desert.
duty dart away. green the grocer. cram the bower and fielder. over hand the bounty and plaster face the lease.
preside with likeable doubt; mean transfer the mode; knew side the lead and else to shaman.
flush attention, lacquer chance. means bluer to sway. shuffle dishy washy, move bat the clatter.
sarcastic to bead the feign; in tense that worsen perfect.   weigh fly for a crowning moral; opus dei.
Text Box
RT @Kurt_Vonnegut: Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.
wire skirt the lost before the host; patience is a virtue.   rhyme without a hand and thumb the arm.
@jimmycarr I’m going back to the band b we stayed at in October.
boot off bologna, a pint long with Serbia. wish of the binge to a part with a glue who.
say nothing to mend the ships; roll by the lost advantage.   scupper the Etruscan way and varigate Bolivia.
know and ask for watt; course to set completion can. interest divorce the gain; interview be random.
take a number, fix the spot and sing, Shirley, bring a sigh.   Dinesen to Diane Fossey all the same to guess a lolly.
earl grey grope the slope; karma spoon the night reader.   bounty stay with seven up to be marooned in passive state
child by wild defence; hairy giant maize to tea. other gold to pose distort, that semblance have no mercy
fetch and recollect the frisk to go elsewhere. podium snail the curly tale, but drum sticks and chicken wings.
ably by a brief delusion; on and one cue. base to save and bounce.
lie then glue the frown; worry wart the hobble caught.   exact the cast to exalt; some thick as thin the stressing.
grasp thicker in space; hopper extra crime in bold.   fade by the vertical day but opt for cream.
this complaint against discernment; force against increase.   why fold all the diary mould; sheathe
@RebusTours I’m sightseeing tomorrow afternoon; could have toffee at half past four
@richardbranson the future should have concurrent rails; lay a line alongside the M6
edge the claim with met and not yet. spare eclair for income.
@philiplarkin can you arrange a tour group for the Olympic victory in Glasgow 14th Sept ages 40 and upwards
@frankieboyle I may be in or around the st johns shopping centre 2-4, or the bit where the pan pipes stop playing when they seeme
@profpieface I am a professor of muesli
pock mark the stalk to the ivory husk; token left to use the beast.
race against the bar of expression; rag the casual right through
rolex the drop of a hat; tube serve the please fuse; hope and send.
hyper condition in secret sanity; do up the blare too loud.   huddle shiny ode from wet leaf thumper stamps
multitude ahead of surf; happenstance the poster smurf.   true blue to queue alone; thread the brow on grape vine
rare report insistence; special to be. code sort the foreign; enclosure to mission
RT @SteveMartinToGo: Today is my birthday and I’m happy as can’t be!
lend the pitter patter on the inside; gut the use of string side.   concert why banana knickerbocker.
singly bent conundrum hoe to go; spare lip for summer pudding.   reuse the strawberry phase; mark a little bitter.
elect object objected; single and move in the armer. dear over here and set the gown off.
aid prefer the fur than stranger; bend to scold the fuzz in.   life the sign of interim; stage without folk.
put off the view to love till all the stiff hooray; harvest at the hop
frieze the mighty hall over gilded rail and pane; everything by wonder to the statutory chain.
halve a squash; chamber city patience to a shorne bean lawn.
beat the day to sign; comb horizon Philly lean.
grumble mumble crumble on the lift and stow; back yard the Idaho
what goes off mr pertwee; finish just as usually
hogs bogs dogs logs; grooming dales
fresh, spare and ample blend; all commit the cancel
earth at joy to bell the pie; diaphragm the hungry bosom
parody point that capital found the country
kink on dime; call con curfew; ever the leaver.
satellite loft of angle spray; hook upon a pencil
cauterise the draw inside the hinge; mark the arch on pivot.
bystander fix the stay; run off the glass to water.
concentric to growth in rings of hundred; dot starts the day
psalm eat the soul to hanker the gallow; fix a move in facing backward
climb a royal calorie
refuse to disclose to insure the remorse; oh happy day
ladder the line the coat hanger vine; shoulder to boulder the bards. make do the shrinkable duds and write lay the slate.
plain pearl and dean to alternate the tragedy; laurel and hardy
extrapolate the baby; squash the butternut. roundabout be gun on a ream of knitting; steady the jumper.
Olympic torch
think the sprouts are ready
@paulineagain pirates may find insults hard to tolerate but not if they’re given away
be insulted for a pirate; leech for a breech the fly to rescue
was disgusting over the mat; cap over coat to change in late.   nice fit device to weave a retrieve.   so strong the cheerio
wish a star a promise repair; wood louse do as Dougal the dog.
lead long gone the croak; shirley as bold as a temple
don’t do the foul; or do but pick it up
carry the punishment for long enough to catch the disease; no excuse for later saying please.
@mrmarkdolan spent £76.42 on porridge in Holland and Barrett this afternoon.
participate to tangle tango and look after the spy and thespian
lack the role of a pair; fly a kite. parent drink the milk and sweet range the file. #Starbucks
@nightingalefred not true; interest rates are invasive.
@IrelandBBaldwin peaches and basil
RT @solobasssteve: a handful of you (well, about 7500 or so) still haven’t seen my new video on youtube. Travelling North ::
last word from a grub that stirred; jump around.
thus collapse a serving wax to string down the candle
claim fine, claim and grovel; effort despairs for thwarted.
acre by creek and fallow; move on the concrete marsh and borrow
has where found the verse; pick lace and crop the fitting.
length at the jaw of reading the door; income reserves to advertise
this friend a task; dispense and bask. there goes my tummy.
path of flight, a migrant right, and set the scale to flute
and so, and so on, gather and groom; go get begat and snip at the chord.
reflect success but to crease the excess; ever to exact the saver.
tale told the edit karma; spill a curve and smile but to see one.
independent nirvana
disabled software; pardon me, enabled software; thee.
impatience rove the strive; I do do I writhe.
wake report the creed; awake. simple fold the shake
@andy_murray superkalafragilisticexpialadotious # your gold
mild and wild, the mute disc
service as the second spoon; cause to spit
as to death as to last with every breath; none stay
plot the commitment
wrangle weep the wager
hither high share the thunder; down mark as wonder
evidence by list; vaguer as the absent kiss. yet stood, yet stored on condition to blunder
oh rare, oh common despite not to sing; all the tower for owning ignored
drop to win a groan in
nature second portion; arriving dissection. hey, whence from doubt to putt the calling.
bark back the ode; tint for a move on. wink at the dark and easy restrain.
back an ounce to protect; fridge may cry. suffer the hum and gaze for a light on.
pocket to wince for good use
separate fare as strong as webbed charisma. haul foe, haul joe, on the fumble tetrathlon.
peddle glass, peddle on; beseech from the urchin.
construct a facade to howl for the count; add a kiss a swan.
@RAtkinson1955 ok
hand brother a sister; unexpected rowing stint. oar to the bird
time without a watch; welcome cue to town. sack the double for free
@RevRichardColes everyone could bring a banana
Sam; a message unreceived when overheard. # welsh mountain
@RevRichardColes I am taking a trangia that makes banana pancakes and hope to come to your talk.
@RevRichardColes have you ever done Greenbelt?
hunt, dry the nut; next wisdom whim. loan life in store; bind the cold.
try, request, restrain; reason depress the living room.   man the leery pleas for use and shove along.
@rorybremner @danieltrask when you do there’ll be a lovely man in orange on a g string.
beautiful dressage by Charlotte Duchamp #2012
RT @TimMontgomerie: Who else thinks @clarebalding1 is a jewel in BBC Sport’s crown?
@JFDerry mm, often check back
@JFDerry follow me, I am.
RT @MarthaPlimpton: “Every time a friend succeeds, I die a little.” Gore Vidal
It was…
compete for a plot; successful carrot
it could be sibbert; the view to hunt. chase love with a midge and hear a spade.
@RebusTours lovely composed tour with oblivious huggy readings; hope to return for round II.
led not as lean; distinct for need. glow from a rave, encourage the shoot and hope to fit disease a glove.
trump, take the low road; just as well.
same close same dame; there door a divert. snap grid snap grade; court flock the pace.
as fad the like to share a cork; cottage cheese the district talk. history made to dip the sheep and celebrate the chou fleur.
relight delight, soothe the draw and reapply. again by gain, the daily seine; look ahead the driver.
twist the spot
thanks with dismay and heckle the reload
sum fit the pattern; thus prescribed and so delayed. roof of the rum to slant the sun and shade.
@RebusTours the girl in the middle was applauded; thank you too.
accuse as far to divest; face the crown of a VIP.
super psychosis to render allowance; think up pain for a Khyber pass to thank for.
looked after children at the barbers and retrieved an aeroplane in return for a book. home grown error is marrow.
I passed this this morning
best peace with clocking on; reserve to quit and fall in.
thee the fuss; marshall use. thee, respectable turn to. thee; a floral worm through; just as go basket.
meddle in exchange; instead that does as well. pinch thee then go.
@hewillrockyou find me the year
flat match the ditch, convenience mile; say er, say um and reject.
Colin hurdle to aerial caution. never as if the trial; raid on.
stay way away play and look left over
extra suppose the cheer; one game forever. surrogate clear the edit
incentive to fall for one; remind and scold the marathon run.   version hit the spray.
ague on light that maketh dark
@mcgregor_ewan and having been in your class at Morrisons I am expecting a hug xx love fran xx
@mcgregor_ewan just had a long stare at several car loads of your friends at fowlis wester but you weren’t amongst them.
solicit the dean ahead of the end; after bush beat the friend; punch put with a gimmick.
shelter drill medal;
friggot water stitch;
suspension haul.
mark such as lightly, given the dues; by thee to dye in different rain.
climb, atomic day; barge through belonging. substitute coward to deal in a warning.
no sister but imposter; pin in a heart
RT @RexPickett: #Writing: I view #depression as rich, black loam piled in my hands. I don’t throw it away; I smile gleefully at its pull …
blame of my doubt extend a greed; win by doe the wow.   on, on, nitty gritty; crunchy diamond glow.
love the fifteen thirty: platform 40 game to Paddington court. #CPR
stone a ton to roll the cymbals; racket swap for ripples.
a cook no less to hash the oil; treat the sweet and dress defeat
blenche the applicant; advocate salle de bains.
berserk stand by marble; lava vault Pompeii. rope the sprawl of hanging over, cinder kit the pumpkin day.
feather yet some bother; St. Andrew curl a lime. E before I; see.
garden lawn the lank composure; move the statues Greek
for the love of a toddler; there’s the charge.
light by the Muckle Burn, Abercairny.
do be told where and how; think on. never going to hear a sober rant; read the disposable choir in mind.
as long as it didn’t go anywhere it isn’t hate
thoroughly padded with shade to the brim; name wynde the satellite action.
jacket proclaim the hunt; set sip the underneath. a history of cries to fortify desertion
kink the misunderstanding; choose choose not so.   forthright the sanity glimmer; seizures with instructions
bank fill the tank time; one controlled. each on discount from the mill; wrap up the flow
world won by how do do; automatic nerve. shut by term the halves; say so seal.
conduct restrain to doddle; easy done the wist. falter whether tip to laugh; expense the Tarmac plate.
tangle to embellish the brain; occasional bye moon. then stand the to and fro; what course
politics; always in trouble. friend best beseech the time to fit the quote. I love you the takeaway for Hollywood.
pale; oh but mine. season all rain to mind the will; everlasting clock; set to go out.
left good in bad company
type of a nun but less to reason; love less bones, the knitting sun.   grate mud off boot, then to jack.
nightly they were; fortnightly; monthly, all year. and as much correct; signed against black ginger
neoplasm hundred runs; squid to pot. super gram off she goes; back in scruff
know not of report; dust as presence wake no princes.   cries the seas; no voice but inhabitants.
sign up to wit; would that got. rhythm through the coast to bathe and miss the jelly fish.
@stevyncolgan advert for rogues
call the roll; call one without ham, extra fig
reflex to pick at the body; poke the oops to wear. grit the land upon the sequence of comfort.
caterpillar: via @youtube
man won woman gold woman told one man band woman planned
RT @DaintyBallerina: Instead I’ll just make up some headlines. ‘Church of England says We Won’t Judge!’ ‘World peace announced.’ ‘Shakes …
soft where fortissimo; lay off
smudge an urge
number hug the flow core; stick by dime
cagey bee the combya; faint complaint
crinkle slowly; remedial the dilute
silver back the table set
aside; your food is bad; go home to view
fish in the fly in the fish
waste not to agree; abstain the advance; by trial to saddle the led
@cracking_cate summer doesn’t try
craze to draught; crow the stone. come by petty coat, sense assist
drum load the skid; cleanse the mark
the tip to laxative or by thirst; lord
plummet phase the seam to drown; cotton gin the noun
fantastic waste ere they err.
escarpment to view the leak
under done the red to pep the stop to orange green
thus by words the awful grow and soothe to stake the hearty
creep then clown the great; stalk the boards of habit
fear cost the fright and sped; match exposure to lubricant way
discover just the chin; close reflection
scoop fall back to price the cream
don’t know about the watch; just don’t.
RT @philiplarkin: On the train to Glasgow. Sky getting darker & darker. Choirs singing in minor key. Rain getting heavier. Desperate …
piano segway through the pimms; scissor action calf the row
ball at the eye, ball at the foot; heel at the hand the Cairo practor
sweet scent the musc
eyes at the ends of nostrils; piggy
soar; cannons lead to swallows
crane lock further away
sponge off wean
clog it clot the cream
limb through lip
the tower of hey, the 53rd story
blossom the shy
sit up, sinbadonna
cast the furnish
sleeve, any arm requite
enter left, exit light
could be govern warp
thatch the switch
render roam to weed
press the menace to enjoy
way about for starch
tell ten to half
six and seven; don’t move
terms of thermals, creosote for post it
love the IOU
frieze; courtesy cause reprieve; all
might, suppose; report the limbo
route but pears of bowls; not put out
yester you, a while my clause; then for tiffs, the size of worlds
take to the plant
atmosphere the deed; breath shall fall
lend the wax for dropping out
fish by the scratch; appoint
come in from the rain
predict the dare for a fortune
surface core the shark;; empty cedilla
clue back the dynamo; target to dream
talent exchange the line; one dim
sly nick the slack; one vibration
growth over surplus
bone behind a stone against a tree
year on call; month of debit; partner flask the picnic with a role.
stand by the porter cue; station the ball
exorcist with loud reprieve; service to architecture.
paste admit thé slip; word fog lové
track thé street; make à squint
seek thé task to forgive, thén play
@Good_Moaning_ O2 makes porridge
ROCK OF AGES #soft ‘n easy
sniper to dante; sit by and fuse.
hannibal the flame to consume; love light the loss
money fit the paper to invent the crater
fit crap at the metal; glide through the lance
buzz the phrase
good versus honest for a dual; play tame the rover. print off equation; clap at the china
@juliangough please ask twitter to fix my account; cannot reach them!
number expector stare; ply truth to offset; wait for, wait up; chemical defect
Spey improvement speed the rummage; debts to be fit for
certain doubt stagger improvement; gain to begin last; fall back the clerk
first time forget me plot; again and the same. baggage any manage to catch the beetle lane
Shipping News
rose pick the finger
apple bid dyslexic fear; strand a worm
head cob deportment oble
upsidown the window; foot up the Jane Air. Down girl the Billy Joel, spring bored of Cameroon
crease skin the layer; guide berate dismay. Oo, er, Ben Dover; crumble go away.
shi boom, sign the plan.. link through bikram. sink holes with jelly runs; more on the iron
rod tip the slate; Sir Kiss Kate. Glide the dean to slippery fortune; butter the cafe.
twelve shut the way; does not really know. too right clip the frost; even Brisbane
glaze face the pot; love to handle
broke effect of souvenir to struggle for an answer near; make the stars contrary
bond a book, class the dunce; element the miner
thicker than the trap and therefore free; doorway pie.   squint ahead as ought to be; solicit the wage
RT @Good_Moaning_: Good Moaning Twatter. Ticking the Vulva to the gurridge this moaning to fux the bricks. I hop it doesn’t cast an orm   …
deprivation work the button; freedom glues the shed to litter.   everyone contain the plaster; twist and blow
nanny go fast; chauffeur go past; flower the rats of sugar
deli deride the vegetable; fruit aspartame pack the foil
bothered not the being to display
operate ownership; pet for toy.
cast off round the wheel; nut bolt the cartwheel. glimmer take off a puncture
regret the guide of a back foot; stand the stirrups. pedal push the ford fiesta; rising trot
quiz port instructions do; see a squirrel.
leave self to relay
Radiohead, Jude Law, and Greenpeace make a sad, sad polar bear video
opposite and compose; bleed the phrase in roses
crush the arrival with present fence; innoculate the snare
@TheRealJackDee yes
@nightingalefred time to share houses
man am pan am; set me up. grace gram the roam; according to pilot
never left the capital; base compartment.
face none but seas; er yes Pisa
general moo, advance to cake
what care not odd; resplendent army
answer chart the segregate; mood comply the catch.
settle, thrash and burn the yawn. sleep stretch a golden morn. bid soda as devine; small deal.
blessed solace to report, foul deserve a second helping.   you and you know me; all clear awah
none left none happy to consort; prospect length explosion ivy.
mince parlance of the tower; clear dues, idle cover.
gangster discuss; aye the cleaver.
fall of breed; stale mate angina caught. hoax to whisk some cream to pull the face off Michael Finnegan.
croon forge the normal. then bend away.
strange not to work but reset; bower pin the capulet. oft as vice discover, done by fold away
name of ages less persuasive; come bid the look. set title to hide the store, come manage the wonder
cast the fun to duty and claim nutrition
pimp require the press release; jack the orb. break come by pump to catch the go go
dear emma thank you for the step pole, it actually belongs to captain scott.
snack at hand the night; shampoo the hoover shoe.   scatter must requite and reform with lick the.
scar the mad to invitation; join the watch. second flint the stony arrow; hunt, shunt the interval
less may not have; bucket and wade as deep. thimble bright the canyon scar, pin richter doily udder
RT @DougStanhope: I’d defend @jimmycarr if he were found hiding assets in the rectums of orphans. He’s a good dude.
godless to excess; run the reserve.
seat for a bottle top; free can crunch
glance back the raise and boo
led a square; crumb a bull
ferry straight the conflict; think through pawns. none known but slung; love under the fraction rung
vision bind reverberation, all disused.
edit but the quiet, good for wearing
dun slip the tote adopt to sink a bird for calling
give up give loam
too green to strip; special search a beetle. whale light invisible krill, politic the music.
@juliefowlis chose beans over a kipper
actually met Jimmy in palliative care; no record of it anywhere
pains of a frank machine the inky red a nice cream.   toggle the shoulder blade to butter up the slip
belittle the guarantee and mark the work experience; down with level play to woops a daisie shut eye
friend of corporal Johnson Beharry VC on the esplanade before the show
we were green gaged
back at the been bee having a seizure; silence as usual, compliance with tofu
I only love @Number10gov
knowing everyone in show biz is hard
@jimmycarr is a best man
@jimmycarr how are you are but you say all and I the reach for wager
thinking what to say to @jimmycarr
Isn’t ignoring is the bank; isn’t representative, shank.   bowl of a dish to rinse Tourette’s. Thank you very much.
short circuit strong board; couplet frisk forensic whisk.   segregate the lasting thought to loop a float.
goblin go blind and delay; tea leave scatter the stray and revive the chore
pause; cease to see the rest. version from next of kin to favourite that has to be; pretty to a necklace.
house within a box for scales of lace
thus; allegory fuss. ticket expulsion pass to core the afternoon.   then scones and jam; shutter the stone
Gob stopper sock to silence the shout; Scare crow a suitcase to stand in corn.
forbid a diet and insert; count spectacular bits. mercy health a silent breeze; pipe up the wild.
under slog the crimson virtue; heavy weight the gift. natural the super pipe to irrigate the raft
back the survival rate; lost dried and bordered. luck back strewn for inflatable ring
per version perry winkle; scrub a cause the billy idol. tide mark the decoration; countless meniscus
investigate to cultivate; break a code. shut the action to stand out
Simpsons all Samson crews; mike the over draft. Cinnamon toast the rock on clay, soft the hard destiny
RT @adeteal: Watching David Dimbleby documentaries is like being an impartial observer at occupational therapy.
right to slight twinge; savour syringe. look by shared concerns and lean loan.
agree to be sad about the box; white coat mud locks. shell sincerity to shift moves for hermit crabs.
emerald the make at home the guest afford the keeper tone; something about
father sped brother manage; trot round the wreck. tango beast raise the yard; fatten to ripen
had up on self; arm of coot and equate. gap of go the other way; expedite the guarantor
abdication from the dog; shook out of crop. bound the demand with confiscation; part companion
RT @GKM77X: I’m a tulip in a cup; I stand no chance of growing up.
Fiona Apple – Valentine: @Katttttty
@rustyrockets nam a stay
RT @Good_Moaning_: Good Moaning Twatter and a Hippy Feathers Doo to earl the dods out there.
proof of is she a fish #wonder wine she swallowed a vine
buried a bat and two birds in cheese boxes this evening.   RIP.
earn recital and braid a tether; short ships the wing. O for rome O.
smell of life with age to clink; pair prove the composition.   love instance all nouns; stand by come by.
health in return for flies; clung. you bat for greens with ping pong.
G G on #SoundCloud
fan the composition; what halt a pew.
claim dislike disperse the gauge; scoop the axe. though bestow the rhyme the cousin
advance, portray the need and suffix compromise; feed up, hold doubt and revolve
agroinment, meddle refinement; fix against the spit. like lie look
cross then shocks; allowance of creed; verse by human shown.   as like as flinch to march away
body cooks the socks, liner lane to wake the drops; no one mind a shapely find; back up the thankful stray
finale by third; word of wreath; by foreigner a chief; dim stays to outlast
ridicule replacement; taunt the try. accomplish fresh, act spry. lolly foam to stand in time; nicely tone to draw the curtains
rubber coping blend; deceived for safety. dumb as much depend; lead the log
mockery knock the home; sensual scream of bacon moan.   alike as a dish, and just as fired
invective life in the face off; circuit shorts the green code.   carrot for twins to welcome; sets of bags with treads
@IrelandBBaldwin think a beach
goods by code of hindsight; then relent the parson; rub for a catch of seem that the notices are light
avail to aid the crook
did as opposed. swipe the thought; stalk herbs a moment ford. all best a theory pack; handle to miss
mock of post the soldier toast; dip away aside to say. now call, now free; come to look
good as yet the nanny; plush surround the simple. keep then grind the bee, conditional the know how
pigeon carry a ram; drop at nelson’s bell. shoo pastry swathe a crowd; lower the order
full range to injure; stalk on holiday posy. clasp of birthday parcel to unwrap velocity.   spend life on a duck; watch it go
@KEdwards57 influence and happy danger; twitter bug strikes followers and blocks dms
signal spare a warp repair; sheep a pen the day relayed.   empty after full, an over rule; chit from bid
drop away the why and reason dismay; doubt but a bolster the tether to reason
instruct not to remind, charge to inspire; maintain before accomplishment
Logie Almond beacon
letter writing
free parking
At service to Her Majesty.
I love Abraham Lincoln; repeat after him and satisfy the voice.
whip mouse round circuit, square frames 100. multiply scraps and prize the waste
dreads to resist refresh; what of longing hedges. bet to grow up; grab the lunge
the deads against the fors
puddings from purge sweet William. Sums of autumn. climb a rumour over bricks.
politic stack the time; stop now song sign. against relent what meant; invite back the foot
rake the mannequin lock, pose the burr with stately rigour.   perform the excuse two ways to stitch the pass
body odour hum the be, syncopate catastrophe. 5,000 at a time, waver to perform.
less fault less peck
orange wax the channel, ears by single double.   present these hands of left and taken, confound a wound to study.
@nightingalefred soundcloud franwords
@alnicholl77 hello local man
that of this by triangle; saving to do
end confess disuse; interpret space
so what miss the picture; polite move out
RT @stevyncolgan: I have eaten too many of the wrong Colin the Caterpillar sweets. Urp.
the serial man isn’t necessarily made of serial; maybe drawing pins
cope aside; gauze toad
owe a turn; have to take a guide
strange correct the gear
circumnavigate the pier
compliment subtraction; millimetre action
gauge by enlightened reach
map chase to dolly project
fault by toots and toodle; buddy ready
dombey plot by countence; drive inheritance
calm pry lame, assorted husk
lows rink the ask; doom au fait
@RapIsPoetry so long, traveller; shelter but unveil yours..
oh my mango
shiver to burn
West fit at the young stop
write, never write
country home the hot shop
back with receipts
Fled to the Somme field
Bunbury took one gong
Lure patch the capital
Fizzy Spain mend Barcelona
Back with wrinkles
Good recluse come from
Set point the beat
Why on reclaim
Sweet loss the scream
Bull doze
Ounce of grass
Vache polishe the charge.
Tease, tiger, Camembert.
Bits do weights, sway.
Tidy surge the gum.
Brush by fuse all may.
Shy but charlatan, deepest hurricane.
Enclosure comb too late; course void the clash.
Grizzle fogey bear the care.
Pack the cast, jealous mention.
Richter then stay; flip collection.
Better for worse, adrenalin nurse; one by keen.
Wire, clean the guard and prime attention.
Wait; then wait. Anon, the drift.
Bien, nous sommes arrives a la campagne, en vacance et tous le monde est pret.
RT @frankieboyle:
Template past withdrew; medal scored.
Assert the chill to split the sight; grow up the ground crevasse.   Set cloth to the shapes predator.
Threat in the taste of triumph; empty each. Equal defence to self pretence; realise the special way.
Yield and fix a tempo settlement, arms to stretch jazz. Wake to wear the capital views; make a trip.
Meet replete the voice, red to green. Sweet side inform taste the hero.
Shed of a bruise to plum.
Whacked retrieve the hit; beam the ball.
Preserve the rights to confiscation; reap and applaud direction.   Save opposites from selves; like Dietrich.
Shocking result to clear up; remove positive trace. Pool, whisker, spat of marge. Bean replace previous; thus and without.
Solitary conduction; dumb to haggle. Were but man but court but slam; risk anything.
Blue lagoon
Bully believe instead; thank the burgher.
Never ending book end; thwump.
Stave the vellum till the join; bag for boot long. Book to phone a trapeze. Enough isn’t printed.
@Amanda_Holden uhu
Stilts within shins
Birthday of orient; a play group of volunteers; part the part of taken chairs; broadcast the spares.
Heat the frost from cannibal rum; good boy save bad boy.   Permit the pipe to run for smoke, mental fix the pincher.
Camel value to pain; run down the wind. Front at the back to hat the guest, porridge in a dollop.
Hello, a loo, a haiku, message dub the shiny who; get back, get next, there is a crowd for brass rubbing.
watch the box with laugh to posses a punch sign. Whens the inn to lose a pint and smock the salutation.
Settle less etcetera, bloom shitty pang plan. Not of the bunch but of pot; wait upon a bumble bee.
@SimonCowell choose my time to do the gardening
Shame towards the charity case; climb in the van.   Coronet a cream cone to point out a fruit flan.
Out of action to resolve a crack. Leaf in annual returns. Then pop the coconut.
RT @rmws: Spoken hope is pity soaked. The hoarse and throat. Pix, a signal shown. It’s neverknown. Tricksy, host elect. Noise is golden, …
Of the right to collapse
Immature to cheat the fix, inventive to a business. Rummage the change and require.
Brave work the wind screen; never threw a sand bag. Frisk the drops. Buoy of a slat the cow pat.
Want without want and the darts concur; fix the shed to fix.   Wet the dry and rock the boat; upturn the trouser chest.
Nuclear from top to top, calm to be barren with put downs.   Wisdom fizz with courage; defend every world.
Only don’t love don’t see
Rite of passage to elect, afterwards the pastors. Chivvy grow a chive a shelf and stand the stead with health.
Every one berate the million; loaf prescribe a brand; one live at one time.
We are not your friends the commentator; for employed the family shrewd. Act a step away and chain the gang to bicycle.
Raise a balloon across the valley, pat a shove to catch the cord.   All bright around the coombe, do look it’s nearly gone.
Stick in a tree away to fetch and find the string a different wretch; pull on the tug a stranger shrug and fold away the helium. #kite
Rascal with mine to do; 99 before be done. But what a kite the kit to wave; string along the love.
True so stealth a squidgy gram, enhance the ritual terrain.   Oblique the stones to trace past tones and fit up on the summit.
Left of the place of advent plans; secretary mother cans.   Brought up the same with a difference.
Quickly forgo the down Jones with a sense of appeal. Airs raise the pumps to spill, accelerate the search.
Match yarn for a guardian; hear for all forget; emotion mine is your fault, put away the spear.
Split the child to an orphan, then agree to a terminal. Live the separate destination just as if the treat.
Head to a line, the laugh shade; once approve the share.   Lost a pity dunk MacVitie, pack a layered drum.
Art for a pass, muse the stay; best reserve the juice.   Round the mountain down a river, sift the barb.
Bother with a coma to prevent the going over; maim the watch to light a house. Live let the fixture.
Dream pretty to lie; boast the sin.
Claim the story to a tool; hammer chip the city. Spirit thug to call for love; thump the Seine.
Allegiance cookie cam, high on a wall. Come by the overhaul. Memory of a bean to hide until the sprout.
Squint the stir to spoons with prospects for blurred visions.   Incite to forget the right, and scram the plan.
Aquarium reprieve to box the wave; soon the crown of Neptune.   Effeminate the catch to cope, bounty for the slave.
Behalf behalf the exultation, fit the glove; pairs of why fronts at the keys, querty to the Mexicans.
Brother bowl the vole; track an eclair to gloat; then emerge a careless urge to stow away the note.
Shatter a patch to nurse; evidence the rival verse. Could as a despot, can as the candy, interim the lentil shandy.
Stop Stan to con a sultan; plant some wine. Then approve a liquid curtain; pancake mix the upside frown.
Send to sold to clear the chase; sign to the giant free.   Mercury the right to cry, inferior to Venus.
Pip at the lead from past to present; it happens to be. Midas turns to try the gold; bond to the friend.
Time from balance to travel as sheep; mare, mare to sit with a shepherd. Fly on a seat with a cow in stirrups; a catapult fling.
Sheep’s heid for Heidi to feed; never find the dingbat. Plush sense the rush to milk and mow away the herd.
Table a bird to sing through a quill; stands for pegs to clamp the lines; honk the chirp.
Script, music, act; venue the disc. Announce a gnawed piranha to a nick knack.
@WelshIrvine visit me I’m bored
Run around the descant shadow; away to one apprentice; not more to hear except to clear; none of that our subject.
Revolve on an apple, pick of the day; vegetarian tartare sauce.   Good buy to goodbye, remember to peel.
BB 1988
Flow chart for a family chore; incline the equal to drop; in for a check, plan for a peck, any way Onegin.
Sight in receipt of arms length; stationary food the burning cuddle.
One of seven wins, hope at the tote; bag of shoulda got.   Bit of the part that grew; manufacture knew.
Cloak the spring of destitution, irrigate the salutation; cause left over the edge; cleanse the channel.
Beckon broom of the mess; face of the earth. Look for nothing and procure, easy dim the trick.
Multiple witness to bad mood; principle do some foreign.   Indulge in lipstick scars, beet root stand the charter chairs.
Spin with pouffie flair, slide a bat on the pole.   Glasses bridge the reading focus, panes apart the building dress.
Match position from retention; escalate the pass. Scream size to refurbish material; delve the unforgotten.
Outside for sermon calling; role my lee; stretch centipedes for short legs; rigour the vague. Say faith say save, myself to own.
Satiate method with doubt for higher calling; rock chains to meet a dragon. Invigorate bait with taste to sit; trouble a judge to hang on.
I am at Millbank Phone canvassing for @BackBoris2012 where I have met Boris and @kdponson.
Sulk to a crowd, receive and keep the effect. Stand up at the end, then spend away.
Mistake involvement for argument; something for port at the stalemate chug; brim for a fresh take and spill that.
Send rescue to boom the ear; scale a pretzel. Scrum the individual run; dear oh dear it sue.
Mind woman the starry gown; silence less the tempting praise.   Groom at the arctic. Flimsy disgrace a furry feather.
Gum to nurse a worry; prize a schizophrenic coke. Large rubber doll on board; spirit fame spirit beam.
Duff in the tube near fades. A glutton to shove at the symmetry. Doubt with costume, extend the delay. Just another dot dot.
Foot work without bold; arrest to legacy. Acts, with oat so simply; happened what the complimentary.
Aggravate the next hint, forward of example. There goes that way; Toulouse. Grand dam to tap and go; what do I do.
Cranial electra with tarrots to simmer, piece a sentence to take a shower.
Blister survived on bare skin and then the air got in; once upon its first and last #breath
Let you let me be; dumb against the culture. Plan out from a crime to fiddle away.
Against enough for everyone; sub let the group. Within and writhe no patch on a single.
Belong to the gallery, visit a coat and smile the calorie file.   Turn around a dozen rooms and come out to go homes.
Swap a frog and a buttermilk pig for Three Little Maids from school; wrap up the god in birthday names and christening numbers.
Variant air to occur in triplicate; 2:1 or watch. Wrong recalls to siphons runs, writing down the contributions.
De rigour the shorty shave with planks removing tar behave;   lean on a lamb with once a dear; pet the carpet.
Two sisters replaced with facts; mine aim coal pacts. Fling spots to posy; lime light the catchy cosy.
Worse best straight throws; crank the exclusion. For beats for bars the almighty hand.
Window to wall, the window to shade; safe to pick depression; proof as reverse to calm the enclosure, glance to wish the relay.
Effeminate the extricable place to be amiss; qualify the charge to bloat a screen.
Little man, little form; hot role to fix a kettle. Speed the cloud to reform; yo yo checks to string the combs.
Sincerity to prowl the trauma and dole scorn; head at the foot of chance.
Amnesiac the empty dot, butter to the jam; manic attend exquisite poise, spread along the light rope. #toast
@RoryStewartUK canvassing for @mayoroflondon this week in London; here’s a scruffy hello.
Leave the things with lending returns; piece the shields against the airs; why what a wide spectacle.
A version to china in plates to dip; finish the cycle the story to skip. Water slosh the bush to rattle and hum; 20 sulks to independence.
INXS the flare to the spa; energy tan to mark up the puff; what, plot Macduff; be my rinse.
Esquire remote recall; as of entrance to spiral; firm green suggestion to self examine.
Conclusive to fault; try damp with crowd affect; soothe privy swerve, aye furtive to engender.
Gill jostle the side show; margin weights from tic tocs.   Muse the extent to reign the beast, and settle with the difference.
Inside the outsider roll; peek at the circus and bridle way the short cut. On with blinkers, repeal the catch.
Rift to twist against; affect the crane. Silent night to lift a drain; bottom the invention.
Inquisition to strict pretending; step as a prophet without a favourite. Small infamy for a furl; outside the flag.
Then this charge to up superior; guard the sleeping misdemeanour.   When is the rise for salads.
Years of guests to house the annex; the lasting stage of bed and breakfast.
Hunt the thimble couldn’t sew but got the tale. As right to divulge secreting snail to leave the salt.
And so the stand from grand command, the booty to the shoe inside.   All shapes as like behind; from from from isn’t realised.
Recall likeness to stars with bows; this hurt as many shows.   Poor to sing the number of days; tour amongst the migrant birds.
Prize larger theirs; unfurnished less than fares. Man that man regent; appoint the grease proof paper.
Of no status but report; what was tack to what was caught.   Any struggle bears a caption, this one of a mental nude.
From a thief the subordinate dual; rob a mile of parenthood. From between the Kilometre, inches to the centimetre.
Endearing vowels, incorporate fools; vista flinching far off rules. Assert the tale of closer hand; spill the milk and spool.
Any version to the ground; by garden by mound. Stay then in Babylon, inasmuch to seek abreast; claim to sales.
From a whisper gain; denial, goal, denial. Threat of a whisper, whisper. Inventions constrict; run times sand castles.
Lucozade, the one and only, potato picking basket, laundry basket, 3 beats in a Barr; hand it back.
Bang came the sky is falling; the one in the white suit.   Clap, clap the commentator every grey the reinstator.
Mind, find and run out; don’t mind, find and run in. How awfully kind to have a nerve; at least cricket is outside.
His estate and the other estate; both run by bears. More than thirty three and an extra; or thereabouts.
play from heaven all around; ask to catch the bucket; acceptance to displace the thirst, la la la
Play what comes along, familiar to ruby pattern. Thus a stile to question the fence; propose, spot, curve; un propose.
Former self a glory wolf; popper to haunt the button.
Fault here for aye to appear; command to correct and with hail a forfeit.
Owe heaven to disown the right. Detour quids to Doris Day. Accept no abandonment upon circumference; every self own homes.
Giant the orient book; lively house to the creeper vine. Outside rooms to the stalk in fumes; thus spake the Seraph.
Private for all to see the task, of knitting together a face mask.   What was wearing, codes to shrinking, when all about play swap.
Evidence of tips distraught; cooling the favour to a murder.   Passion to passive acceptance to hide; hand over the ride.
Guise to the shallows with shades; ever the stain to shine what lands.
Stall the brevity fiddle to contemplative swatch; theory to stall the sound and ripen intrusion.
@rmws I ridicule the compliment to hear the echo; thanks though.
RT @paddy_o_c: I’d just like to come out as lifelong a fan of Status Quo
Point of which to kick Puck; some kind of relevance to prize.   No one after one to score; a different profession.
Elastic pants to ping pong bats; pot the serve for a rally.   Marrow carrot and the sunshine; all the year in an afternoon.
Friends maraud the ties, of a measure to the coach. Some expectant breach, for instance to shock.
@stevyncolgan I would have.
Proffer pop to century; gifts of parcels from cleaning hounds; one more Cif, another joinery; something to sparkle.
Poise always to plunder goods, as if from Flanders or from Victory; ever deride the fairy quake; audience of minuscule.
Cerise, Lancelot with blossom fruit; gorge the cream and stench a boot.
Next song overt, squid of plaice; course of trap to spot the dent.
Not that am, am won; empress construction. Deacon the wave to bolster inevitable next. Time to crime, admit one.
Want beside recovery; fare to glow. Oh, but our junk; we knew. #last
Slightly ahead to cast a story; reinforce the bind to fold.   Feminine tap at the crank; my way this why spank.
Wrote croak the throat of instruction; apply to pray or wrangle.   Either side the camp of bramble; fruity to some, crumb to pier.
Flour with flames refined at Dwayne; safe miss the rest of range. Tire; ever shy to the shelf.
Scoop at the waist to hands among the diamonds; corn to the fruit of the violet storm.
Up, up, leave stillness at bay; tractor hand sow crop lofts; illuminate fridge the pick to tack; why bend.
To the dread of a picture; squat. Away to stay with the messenger; melody plot. It was not there, the dream; only a plan.
Reappearing from the pond as rescue nets with dry tongues; flag palms the pull to filter all of nature’s bad behaviour.
Leaky vessel punch for a stand; blue bottle reprimand. Good to hide to power the need; up and down pulling through.
Guardian dimension low to longer spans; so live level floors to revolution; top to top the starry window.
Only ever an abbey; left great with bones to pick. Luck as the state of hunger; carry to throw away lines.
@rustyrockets stay here for a luxury recuperation where you can hop around friendly bushes x.
@CrankyPappy thanks
Then for bawl and counter call; those from a piece.   Desert box behind a hedge; pick this.
Any fetch a donut see; prayer but part spoons; cotton goods for wake up jokes; picking teams.
Wander, woods for a night and day, mother teresa every way.   Find mound and kneel; under a hat.
Benches further crones to duels; group sit the visit fakes.   Halos for hi advance; sleep snack the rocket rules.
Behold; sun in a rainy town
Forgot I was a nut; but I am to this address; Polonnius, Caius, any elected Constantine.
Galilee believe the lake, a fugitive shove. Haste coordinate fun, a Pilgrim prove; ponder the same but cast a wilderness.
Then hunt Jehovah a thousand rocks to ashes for a thousand gardens, a thousand beats away.
If I live in Bethlehem, I live in Israel.
Balance to understand; none bound to whimper; swirl, mystery unfurl, the cause of love.
@hughbon @anfb92 We have yet to see a single athlete apart from clompy thingummy on his work bike
Allegluelya, all igloo Lear
Alleluliah is actually spelt Alleluia.
High running for out; message over teak, tusk and paroley biscuit.
Peace abounds the company; false as a host to fuss on behalf; a cluster example of lines to clodding.
Fervourless slight; mettle detecting araldite; can to box to bag to bin; then sorbet dashed from a raise.
Hearts all round the memory. Belong to a calm collective. View from the queue to follow a wally; a gong.
Befriending ends as brazen vistas; some way round about steer.   Read up weeks from years to series; and on with mashing potatoes.
RT @mrchrisaddison: Some #bedtimemusic for you from tonight. Goodnight, Twitter. x
Instead of dot, send laundry to the shot; degrees of 60 rinse, lie comb to the honey spun. Tough is to shift with massive attack.
@zachbraff happy birthday
Brisk so to seem of wrong; wired course with mesh, drip the cheat.
Goose flecks by tapestry
Take off the ear, have the bird round; plane of suspension dot to dot. Beauty fix the pronoun; dot fly away bee.
Wicked escape the dead; trap the pony. Tunnel ahead; pool of golden light.
Deal talk to give away; one stance one thousand bead; multiple send on sound conviction; though only to one.
Clip board to paste the sight; any strength sap. Duty preens to cover the gap, come what may.
Malleable cold pool; jar from a jam. Skip the piste a rugged crown. Up clockwork, up down; parallels of face to face.
Never knowingly undersold to smile or make reason of love; bid forgotten as the dove to recount loss.
Scrape stiffness underfoot; ears steal to choose a thief; fast blind liquid mind; slowing motion apprehend. #hangover
Responsible exclusion; dog to the dog room; mend not the level dog but wane the volume; bark to tinnitus.
@hughbon a lot of the unemployed in brasieres subscribe to intelligence and it is not fake. I am a lot and am not sure what not.
Log for a flog in standard. Sheen beside the constant eminence; out perform as a job, but not as a character.
Buff, to contain Elizabethans. Singular code to vanishing senses; apply without complaint.
Level of entry unclear; feast of rage to disappear.   Waft away a relevant crow, clue the perfectly nice alert.
Did afterwards was done to you, so rush, hither, bull rush.   Maiden blind and pretend to be blind; acknowledge the set. #bull ring
Shy pray for a loan from valour; enter, return.   First invent the chip of perfection, to scour debate with bottle.
Daylight exhumation; so groan the monkey sparkle; hear from beaver to live, snatch over the current.
Stack to remind by host; semi extraction Elizabeth Taylor.   Seven star woof hoof; apprentice to start up Thackeray.
Hush Puppy the shoe chum; warrabat someonelse. Lead defense of never ending countenance; look like look, and Luke.
Soil creep to stand the fare of being any under where; peat in time; in time.
Deprive heath of flavour; blaeberry near coot; once a winter flute, wide as the particle.
Excuse, oh that I die tomorrow; come back views a pearly dream.   Plaster cast the grief of day; yet to become a lion.
Type to excuse a kaleidoscope; program to watch a family with Neighbours. Nothing known of antiques, namely knives and forks.
Grey the question of golden hello; faith to leave go; inflame a region, hoe; rubble up the grass.
RT @RevRichardColes: Then delivered he him therefore unto them to be crucified. And they took Jesus, and led him away.
Fought at the start with Cheerios to Golden Grahams; sprinkle pepper picks the kettle chips.
Living remain to survey the stain; very swirly in the grain.   Serials to stand the code, most of the best to Advert.
All set to confiscate, land against the mascot. This way to Timbuctoo; are there any Isis.
Erode balance about the silence; preset the hobble scope.   Defer the answer to former enhancer, never making the mind.
Not here got with an I am; assembled Ming the Chipperfield.   Choir except for the vertical transport; house the gilt about Reynolds.
Pharaoh mummy the daddy vote to expel the rubbish from Hadrians Wall; a day nearly from 1402, Marmalade to Paddington.
This is my hem, oh Bethlehem; Spartacus was BC; went to fetch him on the coach; he was listening to Ketchup.
Come here and take them off; boom chitty chitty boom; most exciting is this path, cleft of a hand the Canyon
Every chortle a heart, rock the drill day; One of the past was a perfect fit; discarded for a boot jack.
Colonial beer; slop a frieze the Michaelangelo. Every spare to confiscate the spread. #here
Rumble the shuffle for a Duke box cuff; sing along a cruise fiction #titanic
Seive cup, relent the talent; bid cards to deal a lot for a centre point. Save everywhere for the rain to grow the future.
Sooty friend on the drive. Vow me owe to forget. Owe do; do away. Prod recall a fossil clutch; off to fetch the paper.
Ned owned a Nice apartment in common with Shirley, whose nose was holy.
One a day one day to two away through hay in the free way
Sketches for after rates; going for whirls; quip the dump in the scream from heros.
Second run the outdone; applaud one and three for tunes.
Rasp at life; then clasp a solipsism. Vice for a suave vice; feedback a vulture prove.
Every trial turns to wolf a fact; howl at absorption; phrase the empty meet.
Men skip at strual hall; squeeze calls to a press roll; bun after Brando to lift the rock
Await the sling; nothing yonder. Sit for a cloud. Middle pig well in one attention.
Inward sides a fee; apply to vouch.   Ginger circumspection; skirt round trouser files.
Honour the bunch from ’66, and the plight of Peter the loo; take on the mick from Howard the Thick and merrily condemn.
Rest, red mist within DNA to a spade of wood. Hand on the plan and watch it grow.
Sofa tell strange, the saint range. Could cardigan wait to a dress come down. Count remember as many to sort.
Assemble me to go. Down to you go. Then my wage, earl throbbing, my collection. Manner brim; accord.
Play with a bug. That one.   Bun in a roll on slam. Preventative to blast. He Man.
Then of a cartridge; bung not to vibrate.
Sink to see; don’t know to know blue. Toll by edit to a whoopsie urge; all ignored for a violin.
Brought back all the same along the beach; Joe man smooth frog to peck on the ice caps; clink surrounds the volume.
Rootless carrot, pluck against saw; donkey rope to a tree stand.
Hello extradition. To the square. History in tradition; follow on.
Best clump the strain, then bin to hell; dog throw basket.   One answer to you who; a crowd round.
Calamari quad; beg bean for a bowl with a hole; take back apology; pasteurise.
Window in wine; worn in a lung; no, a glass case; there a crown; pensive on retreat.
Compel earth to grass; further desert a two inch stretch.   Prang an active skid; jar a nostril.
Any to pull against; one at each time then bell for muddle digest.   Goon for set piece fix; tweezer.
Huff and puff nor weep nor laugh; face occasion swede to review the soup; wash the barley
Only lately only loop, as if one thousand were a husband; fun as a show, once to know; rave review then less of a flounce
For what would have against match crop but swathes of ears to bid the harvest.
Pressure then a selfish charge; ever present wish bone; leg up the harrow of fume; keep mist and serve.
A desk fee daily; fresher with rinsed carriages . Lift away with distance deportment. #adeste fidelis
Snap a prom, twirl and boo, stand the point. Stop at the falter, rain elope the pick.
System of a faith to recall and not show up; advisory on the land; vibrant display to rust and preserve
This is This
Bruise, city craze against the flea; rush to hurry certainty.   A while, pest in service; wrong day.
Currents of air, another gnat, circulate the Venus news.   Of a dream, of a Pratt, some answer to swat.
Wizened at four press the command; supply to want a bridge version; plane to see an automobile
Part of the who, then mercy diminish the core; rest for a draw, Elsinore. Look the up; lack the grow the early grey.
For a chanel to sleep in the kitchen; number my dish; then salute the range, preset the scrawl; how sandwich flows on spate.
Court the strange against a back; overture to shun.   Picture retreat as if to moan; then coup the invasion.
Led the science under foot; stray pass to shadow; pause, then poise a solitary hallow #discovery
Say keep a handy Andy. Architect spill the draw. Spec, a whit more; tidy the share.
Wall to imitation /Swans round to duck; look after bobs up/   Night under foot in swim; Brenda meniscus to RSJ. #haiku
Dial focus, horn wave; mustard
RT @_IanBeale_: Just caught Derrick Branning stealing my garden gate. I don’t want to say anything incase he takes a fence
Resign with answers, tie up a shoe; less than one with minute flew.
Convey the find to charity; ten pence poverty till. Make what contact with conga; strong as abundance.
Allez Tallullah; gain a commission
Do you for me to do; me to task your chit; blessed messenger mind we sit.
Page upon behalf; have an autograph. Find a vent for Perspex rent, causation wailing hoop for hula
Holy for the use of one; sock. Empathy whim to feather the eye. Binder twine rib to like, dash and defy.
Oh really oh no; small believe the read. Receive to have a flat hall; leave ING to collect.
Advanced life honk the crack; pick of the spit; thwack. Road block round up; like pathetic. #roar
RT @SteveMartinToGo: Feeling sleepy a bit early tonight.* *BASED ON THE INCREDIBLE TRUE STORY.
Are not rushing, are not mission, are not prudent to hunt; serve vinaigrette with a flirt; stay till the future.
Back to check the tenant can, the partington shoe; balloon string the pole sign, night light the mud #wish
Vision split the spite of we; a gang of Eddie see. Injured all to wend a pose; thicket of the bracket.
@feexby man to man a woman
RT @DerrenBrown: Hilarious Ian McKellen impression…
Mind to mind and be kept out; rush requisite pout.
All chip the gain for losing; run on down the bowl; pool red dot a town; example to school, this blank verse
Ascertained, prelude, share shock rectitude; exchange semi for toad, another relent
Advertis the knead, yet ply with eye; they. Gurgle knell the girl tell; raw as a boyfriend seventy shell #poetry
As in pond distress; league, as of stolen times; image. Ten years at the steed; watch out sorry hat.
Then strip to back the set down; cook with glaze the sparkle dual.   Drink, yea put to task sceptre clunk #poetry
Oh God conceal to share a dog to be cruel; merry to lead #poetry
Lack against happiness pays; often by rare chase. Once a conch a chunk tell. Of a feel; sound the alarm.
Say nothing; famously morning, famously evening; rearrange.   Then sit, then stand the hour.   Braise, oh praise the sea; these.
Tube, discomfort, squeeze; come to give up starch, apostrophe please vowels; 21 leans. #haiku
Session of ooze to use yours; shower the bower. Trespass to grant impression U2; scout out and go through.
Pie the comment what to try; bereft.
Subtle hypothesis rubber band; bounce at the grip of fitness manned.
So say so sigh, winnowing lee; less as colourless, modest forgiveness; half you, half fee.
Eager caught as right as who to send away the whitey. Odd I sea, the eye; peel of bell or toll.
And watch on that we all; diamond rows on mannequin mine, jump away the sale sign
My old line to tone; owe my thank you, owe my pleasure; you.   And with down we both; yours hired overview.
Mill of the crook, micro sum; ground to the stand. Word adrift, say car, say band, pretty with either side; nod.
RT @MrBButterfield: Just caught up with the apprentice. Can’t believe Billy Idol got fired. I thought she did very well 😦
Sidey antipathy; harrang, harrang; intelligent choice when bellow the dim. Scan tall the man mole.
Rancour vented to viewpoint; despicable odds to admit. The squire may emerge ahead of the steam.
Concur to estrange, subsequent apex; dissolve the aid of brinking shawl. By no means have affections to do the cross word.
Inventory to pose for Freud; cold wear the off side.   Tennyson bounce to turn heads; gain the Cohen brothers.
Banana medicine, Atacama resin.
Masses are the isolation, pieces towards the puzzle brew.   Watch the entertaining wait; who cries.
Over the walls, over the crones, embellishing the ultra moons.   Is it slow, whizz it quick; the bit before the few.
Cast time cast wits; re resound the drowning nits; help, plehse
Of a proportion, only seconds to shave; of a devotion, only hunches
Scalpel the crit fee; illuminum; so many minutes to tee; count down extreme expiry
Solder the ration ahead; oil it down to crinkle bread; flora or olivio
Anti discretion spring the ring; locker left the link ID.   Anyone can swim.
The day to be other; a gain for again; drip led to pass time.   Hapless the get go; nutrition condition to want show
No matter; on with Fargoe, etched. Resolute a bendy vote; man up, man down.
Already at the end in the wages of kinship; a servant, a porter, a creamily awkward biscuit
Incline the affair to slope away; eye up the happy pair. Make selfishness depart by taking on, look out from a cone.
Clips about the struggle to blend; mostly bitter with a dash of peachy. Spare to persuade after desertion; what so.
@GeorgeCIooney lay for me for lunch
RT @Chris_Lamb: @VictoriaCoren @RealDMitchell many congratulations to you both – best news from anywhere for ages – have a long and happ …
Really to want; go back and want a Yankee Doodle.
Me a pound sign; what to approach; business model frock roach.
Examples, close to money, the hide of the relay. One guess to tick a profit; carry on pound sign.
Use for the same; bewilder set to going strong. One mince, one prince, and garnish to smock it.
All of a sudden a dove; though it quotes to do. Struck the list of shopping lane, an avocado ball who.
Directed to a team of snort; sober be plaintive. Agreed; this is decreed, that changing is a growth pattern.
Gardener of land lord, to be in birds as raspberries go; all survey the stops, with jetting round the world cops
Spontaneity jam; true before the lord arrived; then usurped to abdicate, that thou hast called a pie.
One against zillion box, about two. Not for thee, not for shoe. Proper evidence, refrain; what was that is a song.
Say for you what is wrong with me; detoxify; compassion down to thee, my fly.
Spare for a policy; recalled. Faulty goods of good moods. Spare acts to be ordinary, and pep up the information.
Oh, the leggy gates describe; policy fuse to please derange; concede.
Any wisdom then communion, flaws to be sadder. Dunce no bottom line; big letters ultra marine. Sulk the hulk; incredible Kates.
Menace foam inside; short of sleet. He keels lager through the rough; a bendy joint. Cylinder trees the elbow juice.
Occur to you today, defer to you tomorrow; miss the you a kiss away; my loan.
Eat me don’t the biro.
Step lover; further ballerina Leda swan.
Except the deuce to crow; cave earn crumb. Change tape ton. Days of yore for in; house a seminal cruise.
Westward ho, the last word of peace, tyrant show; How good spells fro; Emoticon under bonnet.
Something about you about me; we die together the first from A to B. Gone, tagged as a Mormon grill.
It occurred to be cold delight; a day at the station; platform shoes in office re.
Look at the fuzz, dopey does; practition extra libertine.   No harm stamina ear; confiscation.
Is my name down, does it cry; lift abomination. Sigh couples; mussels corn the hood; be practised, baptised to trade.
Then silence about, shuffle glow, hit the foot for pastry.   Love a death, to see, to see; mortal as enquiry.
Gentle genital toll; aim. Then a guess, confess a simile. Owed to include epiphany; break a record.
Float to set the shelf; construct the reach. Advance the balance to leave, and retreat.
Physics guest attending fracture; move on mode, convey the plaster. Silence rise returns to thanks; planks.
Defeat as a stave; improve growth by withering pith.   Kinds amongst ovens; attentive to boots and dog days.
Love insured on one side; speculative to defeat; lamb in a coat; accept. Jive a dress of rosemary.
Shout the put, route the soot; guard flames by low lease; yawn.
What form as undeclared; pretty, pretty strife; catastrophe lice the pause; the very laws. Sit down, amen a name, curl language in remedy
Sent you by and by; glean the grey, lovely as the starchy wage.   Isn’t ready vet band; not to leave. Stay as a hoe, a bag, a crease.
Cradle prelates to scour the search; reigns for one endorsed in sibling. Reap the lamb, the exercise, the skin; oh very curfew as a horn
Mother the rebellion the revolution the scream; all blues fix a raid; exodus leads a cuff hug.
FF @RealKiefer @LeoDiCaprio @cher @Beathhigh @SuzyBrown @MissDaisyFrost @BoyGeorge @SteveHills @SteveMartinToGo @stevyncolgan
Yo yo, the ladder to ring for arm and navy blue; tugg against UHU to get to go
Love for thugs and none for Susan; glum pets the so profusion.   Middle march the skeleton; a little bit allergic
Steal the image; an ode ear; two scale spear. Grams in bowls for cherries with stones; scrap the flash
RT @AmFortyish: @strathearnrose museum and art gallery in Perth is so small for a city. Should use city hall?
Rest ye in vogue, try the plague. Back packet butter scotch; quote the source. Shout at a despot with a spoon; fish with a finger.
Tidier worth for Watership Down; arm shares from sippers of mettle. Some hopping, floating title to close habbits and silhouettes.
Then but solo; otherwise. Then courtesan to listen on. Ply the day, serviette; this watch, this guard, Mr and Ms.
Refrain the dim view after this; forever points with instance.   Pass by is telling to seal; spare parts
RT @FredericBrussat: A good conscience is a continual feast. Richard Burton
Save an intermediary; aunt port book talk; liken lace to soften hammers; dainty cups the mug look; spanners
Power screened to provide; veins. Either assault; suns with poker; with, without. What form, expectance see.
Tease to be colder; the room tram. Heart start scam; cordial rim. As meant as to be beer; flu hungry disjoint.
Steadier clue; useless fun, sling back the long run. An each for all goodbye; one day.
Grass, in the end; swap shop coals for stumpy tears; bucketed whiskey over graze heard.
P. S God touched my shoulder on Sunday
Then buttercup a falling elbow, bridge a lawn the upturned face. Dribble wore expiry; call
Spam a quilt without a boat; horrible fork. Then prade upon the lesson; axis as to others. Biden to fix, hooray for a gripe; parent
Shout, quick senate. Lane, lean, vine, stone; bemused and sickness seeds; disappoint meant spam under dressing
This is my reason; redress; as of the spit from here to Paris; yet to acquire the hoard; a bullion go after attempt.
Fancy hands; strange thumb; half way to oxy moron. Encourage borage for what cop; nurture the same route. What elder, what shot a spasm.
Fire the band, the spade, dress peat; spongy forms gloat all good ignored; bad, sad and hard to grow.
Scrape to fit then bawl what. Exceptions unheard; bright hot. The fit, the quote, the ream to enquire; a ballad, a team, assure.
The use, the shortbread; puce haggis a paunch, a locket. Half a grouse the wave; out in a group; starter platter troop
I am no trench, yes I am. Card a six is card a nine. No win deed what sham; dive a dual and forbear.
And but the distance core; disguised and amused. Foreign trails return the theme; resign. Then a job, then a grade; mist.
Restrained as starch the colour plast. A screen, a ditch, an owl, a stitch; some baggage from chore; delightful score.
Stake braised lines return capital and Rome. Dew Andromeda Who; the lair performance go. All sets of union boring rigid.
Give through nonchalance, mild tones of reproof As daggers as G; pop the creaks. Claws swill the bowl; praise as a monster
The rest ah the best. Take care upon the ward. Dismay set store by indecency
Scare virility; the loop amongst thieves patrols. All room for rows; bobby jumper the life of injury.
How dare blond mince learn to mime; the shock of slit; yup for playing hogs; tips from spikes; neds with Eden brylls; advance
Third word dyes; up yours prized. Again the odds, open spooks; creepy fallouts; heart plus heart is all ready.
Quote alas a bawd with shackles; addiction to skittles; fine but for the state; crystal but incarnate.
Extremity survive; compound to innocence depraved; as a sparkle, the nominee; stand back. Sunny pram of annoyance; empty may think on you
How are the precious fettles; all fine. Worry on pound sign. Passport to do anything glitter and for that matter
Cure; the dead endure. Earlier to lies flaunt; as procured, a stalker potted. As by Gods, as by loads, astounded
Cherries for years from pain; retired ports eased up with jam packs and bumpy rides. Calous mystery to chemistry; stick or repel epiphany
Light o light with earthy tones; then spires, then urns; zones; how magnate how then you. Dream in voice; young flame blinky
No bribe to face; pause; how dull; then of bones. Tales tall or a full burger: choice before the illness. Clause to all wares; a force;
Bleaker frieze; Giotto a crypt equipped to walk; more semblance greased the pepper pot. Then according to talent, worth a visit.
What plans invisible sisters; besides to all equation; free fall all bins or tanks; aside whims, aside seeds, lay off the splurge
Vast, empty, bleak, the guess of the weak; no forms, no shears except as mothered as Herod.
All’s me go moo the white stuff; super natural healthy silk; cocoons to run a yellow river.
And what of bile, fizzing cheerily; tonic mood, tonic don, the rest appliance me the invoice.
Considered of God, hopeful to waste; amuse, peruse; ease haste. The rich with half a fortune; lapped on shoulders, standing broad.
Afforded once and yet by debt conformed; resolved to warn; sight, site Big Ben.
Know facts used; primed, of themselves defined; as of.   Listen stowed; learn timed; foes.
One ply genie; goose, spread about the plates. Tell goose; plant trees; trees for saws; waves.   The sling of multiple choice; cues.
@wingedmessenger x
For what truce comes appalled; empathy pledge, dig about enthralled; wired but stalled; self evidence to use a treasure.
Know to one, the funny thing is. About the siren; madness yet heat; self protracted feat. Sauce in the silence of perfect seat.
Everyone relieved; the sequel interest. Walk on perk for a perk; match patter the autograph; first and last.
So and so’s friend; there you are. A line with Constance Puce; a form filled. Name killed; address drilled; there shall be a holiday.
Not dead enough to be rescued. To be or not go be. Staying in a pudding. Bug by grit, a ham let omelette; everybody invited is.
Future requested; try hards, dudes, work tops. There had been only one life from any vantage.
Time was justified. Morals of the story maybe names maybe keys. Living through another Arthur. Who would become.
Fred went to heaven and became a janitor to an apple tree. Rose was the apple tree. There were lovely ducklings. Normal people were.
Next door
Water boatman
Water ski
Shoe lace
Weight lifter
Face mask
Hands and knees
Pea shooter
Arch way
Head down
Lions den
Gregory peck
X file
Bass cleff
Highland Chieftain
Background blend
@ecossefilmmaker @JFDerry @Cuinntessential the three of you would make the distance..considerish
Eye smile
Night shift
Ever hurt, ever cold, something hypotenuse. Then to demote the bends; after sum, sum’s friends.
Passion to bill at all; ever ready tense; slick sly the milk round; dog to shepherd dog.
Tarred to toll for lady shares; grand gloves too shy.   Vapid proof read dimly; one of those ears. Better with tremors than veins; lanes.
Horse a lamp charged to uphold the enlightenment. Abolish slavery as the example; forge ahead in one place.
Quip smells blood; brood. Quite likes to search; spits. Does not really know; dead right; alternative negative
Opinionated checks the stoats; any loves castrated hearts; crowded conquest; rancid ransome holes; neither golf
A deaf girl, wild but keen; enraptured by death not to seem.   Crowded quartz; a resemblance of what; some time.
Conjoined wits as a speaker, crash the parliament quiche with merlot cogs. Ever close the whizzing sledge; salt solution, lake one tune.
A text implored to copy host the order; all round a coaster, up.   Personal not not the crux.   Everybody a such; base establish bash.
Emotive to deed, sound and rescue; pitch of sway the p for double you. As assaulted, marred, displayed rent the disaster.
Terribly proud to skim; dash dot dash; power but wane, chasing on. Troubled flaw, delicious waste; food sounds from need; misconstrued.
@zachbraff you left me
Sea Land
Moon landing
Yet by morse defection, as of by love denial; rave.   Nothing on lie but liver. Then by master; this doubt this way.
I am to be dead; deliver from a shower; a wick report aught; remote. Go live with bubble; squeak. Leave detection to take it.
Can at the names, the do its, the woods; any soap lay the difficult task. Catch coke, fast. Good woman; basket crying.
Yet not as not sowed. It can measure, it can wake. My clan as disgusted as frequented dungeon.
Think, prop smote. Yon soft, yon gymn a stile; fix a graph revile.   Lifted to fight at terms; strange ways on bruised goods; boiled.
The whiles, the sours, the makes. Cover up the drops. Love heart water. It was hymn and hymn 300, but to cheat and hit; stare blind eyes
One multitude bleed a refund; dare. Some headache to sound; back fetch. Complaint aboard ground; include.   Silence should; yatter yatter.
Some law teach; it just links, creaks. Bed rot by instance got; goat. Another pause, around; not one sound.
Active chord a sheet; pry as a cloud
Cower, craze, hatch plan for curl spam, a scythe, a risk, until pearl by plain stitch.
Riddle precluded fact I am, I am not in. Angered gauntlet sung, melons. Cover up inspired; go learn birthright.
Semi pleasured scrub. Included nothing but this instead of sin.
My righteous hand is for a waif, yet roam, expeditious my race; slot solemn as mine as cold.
Tame notoriety howled; less crack smiled. Every nine eleven, child. One form to haunt applaud. The taunt: memo unsafe.
Ho, glorious waste; passport weaves my band; abuse thaw misuse, must.
Ho, waver tuned sat, and it was next; Ermine two, tall. Might shift, call. For without spirits, here is no memory.
Most horrible stricture endured; fallacy mild as a fish reserve. Here to bloom; proud, defiled, nastier.
Prejudice thou wast immune; yet for a method vacuum; two feasts for tyranny, one disbanded. Infamy as yet conspired, deluded.
Not trusted with writ, for each is case; self assembly strained, never to fight the priest. Use attendance, convert the fleece.
Elocution, the imitation; daily monotone G to reel in the radio. Exalt the prism’s hoist; reply with you.
RT @DaintyBallerina: I was behind a woman earlier who left the supermarket and pushed a trolley miles to her car. All she had in it was   …
Resentment as the stern; avoidance charging ahead on mint.
Survive the cheat with fun; charm to stay awake; borrowed light shone; hold the torch.
Safety courts disuse; end the disease.
Sir, I came as a maid; we have surfaces of dust betwixt; fetch shoes in return for princess.
Hungrily trouble a thought, get behind redemptive transport; be prepared
I can feel my knee caps
Sou wester in one man, increase the cone
Called upon to reset foam; implore the fizz, fix the seas
Yet prompt by manage to report
The plain truth imagines nought
No Summer for Summer in Autumn reach; clause for spades and roundabouts
Winter, says Spring; I’ll be your summer
Flourish at the single coat; season does what it says
Then disgust used, as good as a tin
Stay in squats to talk squats; disguise the wait for 20 years
Retort the mark of prestige from ill; prompt the module
Home fled from home stream; brook to a pike, a drip
Then bounty for all, so was is no more.
Irrespective to whom, giving place to Barbarella
Frightened by the living that justice may fall to life
Marple selectively; instant arrest befriending smiley.
Padlocked with croquet hoops; what a rare pain; set out, put up, refrain.
Brimming with success to catch ties; not these but those; and so we part
Itching for an honest jot of panic; the crush broke through the snares
Gnawed with suspicion’s breed for a coppice reference; maddened to version a group in person.
Cleanliness from sober hits repellants to reprimand; then wrongs become the strong sarong; carried around
care less to betray; harden the feature of caution; delicious warden
Debase words to scratch carvings; divide crumbs to hunt thimbles; an ounce.
Cowardly ledge of stem selling; every distance presumed used; yes the vanity multiplies, multiples by guardian.
I sack Putin
@JFDerry Don’t mind the heart attack, leave yourself alone
@JFDerry don’t take aspirin
RT @SteveMartinToGo: My motto: Unless someone has the courtesy to ask me what time it is, I won’t give them the time of day.
On 18th Feb I found a pile of drawings at home; please browse if the stratasphere hasn’t already singed them fran x
@johnmckayinc @Beathhigh RIP Davey Jones
Paper doll
Service station
Head case
Sweet pea
Swiss band
Drying up
One short
Love thirty
Oyster catcher
Pigeon hole
Unread book
Ghetto blaster
@OnTheRedCarpet hash George Clooney
Sunday 26th Februay 12
@junglereds @WendiSheard @bellaandre @chrisfholm @John_Barlow_LS9 @author_jeff @gamesafoot thanks…enlarged
RT @MrBButterfield: Back up your files with Butterfield BackUp!I will hand copy every doc, icon, excel + double excel file on your compu …
RT @itssylviaplath: I don’t care about anyone, and the feeling is quite obviously mutual.
Rainbow chicken
Mummy boy
Lolli candle
What big dot dot
Life interval music
High wire
A mangle
Back to front
K Glory
@domcobb180 yes
@Moonflowerchild is
Excuse me
Maybe they’re certificatish
I have five books of drawings to tweet
Susan after a hug
Portal 2
A moose
@SteveMartinToGo can’t find the one without the n
@SimonJCLeBON From the rocky mountain
the card
throw you in
know you know; oh you can go
the case; what sit about
edit the shape
happen plug the overflow
find what few have drowned
stranger that knows my response; insane; yet published all the while, affording glass
@nelsonnium snub me
love york rose whoever you are; it might belong to tea; fall off on spectacles; be drunk
The money has gone, so make love our alternative currency via @guardian
lower the weak in deference pills; unblamed, untold, free; smashing punch the lunch flea.
Miu Miu 2nd hand shoes worn twice £78 on eBay all proceeds to War Child. Originally £425
summoned, shied
Quiet, client, lash the blue
@Schofe does your dad look like the one with eyebrows
Grass that points the sky high; sift the shoes of thin leaves; flatter frieze every drip of oil; compress the apple
As vexed to recruit notice; droop cajoles as wilts; all over the starfish, grown on gongs clang other service
RT @His_Grace: Tonight, His Grace is remembering the Rt Hon Rev Dr Ian Paisley, the Lord Bannside, in his prayers. Let’s hope the Big Ma …
Have a flat in broughton street; I have a farm in Africa
yes but no
valuable worries; the lime light
each vision starched and by the crisp as good; she sings let that hide
find the prompt
th eden tist
Verse relents to be expired and exhumed. Making funs of Larkin. Feel is to eat at the factor; then becomes half past.
Patch against auto cue; read against deeds to be wise; proportionate swerve as long to. Less of sweet distress; no token of more.
@stevyncolgan melts colour the snow
@Paul_McGovern talk to me and sleep
More lettuce; moral greens; crops distribute pasta towers; sheep dips in blink the pen; cowardice for grouting.
Don’t say where the stool was; it went away; got cottoned onto bugs because it was a hot day
Coast lighter empty dreams
Day to the sun as ends to shutting down; curtain signs to boxing patches; open all the daisies
The bottle cut my finger; object as remote control; slide the card to turn the face; thankful jack it isnt deep
@francesbarber13 not watching but so do I
There was nowhere to hang, and Aphrodite wasn’t in the cafe.   The beginning of the story was rewound; signs began in ’76.
The poor traits arrived from the estate in time to make love go home. It was the wrong scene.
@thegambon exhibit the raquet
rabbit beat stoat; had up for carrots
the aisle
one of the rose
sculpture ticket
@Paul_McGovern if its me I’m leaving
@Paul_McGovern alright mr love path
@Paul_McGovern i may withdraw if they’re under thirty seven
@Paul_McGovern when we are
@Paul_McGovern i wouldn’t think much if you talk back though impatience resembles acquaintance
advancing counts
@Paul_McGovern pansy fumes from hot runs
musee door say
drawing room
five from five; foot the split
receiver choice preferment hoist
clear words for thieves; no such thing
RT @Beathhigh: As the vinyl night draws to a close, it is left to Mr Aidan Moffat to provide the coda: ‘look after your teeth and try no …
surplus of response to statues and choi e; treasures from owls
@thatdanstevens I can pretend to remember you from wales; consent to be my muse and i shall become gifted
Back from the doctor with a new face:)
RT @DrAnnabelLecter: From Admin: Trying to contact Dr A. Sadly, she chose not to take her satellite phone opting instead for a set   of p …
All gone wrong won the detective
aesop’s tortoise
matching luggage
nothing done
All right about the gum; blew in the winnow of slow motion
face the wall
blurred to apparent rhyme yet not conferred to want a sign; undo as redo to reminisc
the impaired dance
@stevyncolgan 🙂
I support #wikipediablackout! Show your support here
@ajimsweeney the incomparable tweet; I too am that was
attendance due for bring to row
@SteveHills @drinkmeforfree she is a twerp
@BarackObama lovey dovey
haystack in a needle
marks out of tongue
cork lid coving the dart to toll the animal
desert island discs
@ClaudiaWinkle x
Advice from the article
Heard apart from love is wrong; the route to mat applies meniscus; purge drudge
the excuse of composition
@PrettyTory @Telegraph she patronised the law with hypocrisy
nothing natural about a concert
competetive redemption; undeniable clout; resemble the fees and retain the doubt (okay, it’s artistic)
@Julie_ManicArt yes, oddly enough I want to wear @stevyncolgan but the words fall off
@Spangila you are thoughtful
@JulianRWPower you are funny
@scatterkeir your sound cloud rocks x
Fake mourning for wont of else to do; the cast is too big and the clamour snappy twos
@ayetunes 32 of me
@ayetunes can we go in a coach
@stevecolgan thanks, your book is a painting
@stevemartintogo heckled to sort on less catastrophe; geese vanishing the orange beak
as reliant to grade to cram returns; from quote of cumquat the vegetable bird
8hr scissor day
@thatdanstevens aroma
low fat view
carried away by the whole scene
garden statue
@charlieshentall wine
@jackdrsm happy new year
Tagged: @thatdanstevens –
depicting the secret
pointy hearts
@stevyncolgan save me one
Privacy stands to draw bliss moons; vital occasions trade the cogs
the emperor’s clothes are clear of traffic; any side
Claim not to claim
These eyes are hanging up side down so I had better sleep
I’m fundraising for Red Nose Day using @JustGiving. Check out my page #JustGiving HAIR CHOPPED OFF
picking fire with emblums of liberty; ragging walls with daubs of secrecy; only bland foam to save expiry
the greatness of trial in punnets of virtue; requiring coils to fetch the squeeze through manners on fruit
told by those who sing for supper
galleries of life and shade; could be mild
pliant for relevance in tragedy; reaction reporting on panto parole
at home
Sounds from Tuesday night Sounds from Tuesday night on #SoundCloud
meeting round a wall
Who is a vantage point; contain the mountain
@salmanrushdie the interval
@charltonbrooker animated pate
fresh crane in desert vintage; friends commit Atlantis
Great habits from the books; fiction to paper drinks
suitcase with wheels
@barackobama snorkell
composure; at tipping the lever
ink glass cloth; looking back
@randallwrites hopefully lost in translation; there you are, you’re muriel
@randallwrites a blue genie floated past, face down
One of the Archbishops of Canturbury knew Chaucer
extraordinary fuels contemptible hope; stand by
plagiarism won’t renew except to graft the subject through; lead fleets of rolls
scope exhibits from facades; the fly is pig at heart
orbit the bash with courteous lash, as if to seethe wistful means
chimney sweep
feature among the space of dot
personalised in tragic crack; awakening to open skies
irrational fears that spurn false clemency; be compromised
pope doves as doors post; was is safe
Latest News: via @AddThis
configure doubts with Jaws for what states should swim; thrice as fast to sport a fin and smile at seaweed all the time
Thatcher epic by night-Meryll; sore stars are sociopaths
@LevesonInquiry maurice was remade when the star disappeared; 2 and 2.
course governs the past as how it protects the insane; babbling water under ferns that calling bricks report the forest
change of subject
@BBCNewsnight when you interview @rorystewartuk, you are The Hague
@BoyGeorge where did you get your burkha?
orator of peace supports despair; as much reused to inkling fair; blank as praise on lights beseech, as yet to sparkle in defeat
orators of tune relief, wordless as the prattled verse; accept mistakes through polar magnets; core the who
potency to think the line and thatch replacement through reprieve; versions of the praying other, notes to famish silent blether
FF @ayetunes @AlecBaldwin
the borrowed slate is absolute, measure piranahs, pleasure the supplement; extra goes as duty free, with deluge in the guessing yonder
pointless to love @thatdanstevens considering I am in Honolulu with Bond, Doctor Who and Gromit in a bowl of trifle xxx
I’m fundraising for Red Nose Day using @JustGiving. Check out my page #JustGiving
@josielawrence1 fizzy
@Wintersonworld I think you’re a presenter
@MrMichaelWinner you are a bumble bee
Reading the cruise in active repose, a plane through a bog and a tiger in bows
I am a power plant from peru; there shouldn’t be a ransom for me; boo hoo #fart in peace
Squirrel guides beside the past above the gallop of the cape; abbey trunks for going swimming, pendulums as submarines
@thatdanstevens please follow me 🙂
The opiate of sleep returns by blues to start before the rest; and by the same to ring again the causeway at the golden crest
“http: Membappform.pdf”
RT @RoryStewartUK: Apologies: this is a repaired link for the article I wrote for today’s Guardian on Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq http:/ …
Who is speaking isn’t asking others left to advertising; in a play the jury venture; one to one the overthrow
Camera prints rewarding fluff though only is their story rapid; terms of wishing splitting wellness from the drooling opera guide
Devolving use from crowded harm to liberate a steamy plot; carrots, beef and onion gravy dumplings for a pair of boots
Expect returns without dismay as criers blare like musicals; dress as cats to ask the price that furnishes the satisfaction
Digressing from the slot to talk; to think a tree a lazy walk; climb a stage to sit and watch; one day
Or her first father was a belgian #here we go again.
that she shouldn’t have fallen in love because her grandmother was actually her mother #deep freeze
@wingedmessenger harp jehovah cherub putti pegasus cupid
Proof as air that floats away as writing opens pictures stay; hollow canvas set by lights to just accord with framing ribs
Sleep with your shoes on; fact
parents of nouns as lard as in bricks; the house is the child of everyone’s quarter
Lovers and parents as priests to one another; commitments unpaid to voluntary jobs
91D East High Street, Crieff
Ambitionless to not intrude and yet aspire to clinging food; appetites for hanging shelves to store the rows accomplished books
Meticulous as garden gnomes to find instead the holy role and fish about the fairy ties of harvest with not want or prize
Goblin face among sweet peas a hologram of fissures troll; as held to hand the perfume lynch that beauty isn’t picked at all
The rain without a sight would match for petals and the gully rank; as dreich as winsome to the pane of window patting to begin
@Rowan_Atkinson yes please 🙂
@PeterFlorence would love a lap dog same size as puppy..if i could call him peter pan maybe he wouldn’t grow..loved talks at British library
@PeterFlorence I would love to have the puppy x
Though the rites enfold the use to paste and squat the mould to glue, though the yeast, though the part, keep besides the exodus
Leaving prints upon the ground for hunters with the hare and hound, that ladybirds have library spines and tortoises have all declined
Clothes alike as horses charge to canter at the pace of mud; skim the clue for pounding hearts to brink the move from phantom quotes
Motion slow for picture best the gallery of paint or film; reins as cables to the bit where cummerbunds revolve in air
Backwards to the active state that brings alive the neat review; as missing as devolved to speed, the whizzing junction of repreive
Illustrate as fictions load an afterlife of being good, but to restore the gaps endure and wrestle with an overture
Tougher to resolve an itch than toast miss marple by the book; release the spring for dogs to run and tend the poppies on return
@feexby hug x sorry if I worried everyone xxx
To call upon the self in name and surplus to begin again as saving woes for beach resorts that kettles go from rainy ports
Quiet under the brood that by countenance collides as sumo chins dig granite nouns
RT @robertflorence: Harvey Weinstein has just told me he’s flying over to Scotland “as soon as I stop wanking”.
@AlecBaldwin show him this!
@feexby eat a banana
I have the greatest respect for stella rimmington but am a simple poet #muddled
That remarks with what goes squarely thought the hope is wiggly wavy
Fractions from the compute set that round their rs with laser jet; as burdens thirds to speak of envy ticking on for nicking gently
Cultivating minor means to measure as expectant halves; the other ones as quarter rates each assist with special seals
Though bism hears and bism wins for other bisms wither sends
Rumours bibbed above the cough hilarious as bisms myth
So dish it back with swash and suds or mangle swamp a precious noise
Astonishment is the manner of all other, bringing up the rear of under cover
All befalls to strangers ears as juxtapoise with moulting pets
As friends might hint to rest in state as player hearts in scattered tons
For who began, some carry on and birds go perches to and from
Sad to say the chest men kiss though which is which may overlap
Peeling skin for surplus time to least expect the solstice halo
And spike the graft with salad math for lame frights in overcoats
A secret life of torture probes to buckle odds against the guides
Leading champs to broadcast routes against the seats of circumspect
Irresistant to be compressed and coset clearance as the rest
Strung to spy on family plans, picking quiche for armadillos
Why bother the network when all is one down
Classification seives the bod of umbrage, mapping stick strains
Roger shows that the going gets deliberate; help is at hand for those who pass out
RT @VeryShortStory: I used the eraser, dragging it across my mind to forget about you, but I went to far and forgot about me.
@mermhart cod your pottitar way
RT @AlecBaldwin: “@TooManyCubits: @AlecBaldwin What makes the world go ’round?”
The profound repect, admiration and love between me….. …
For hunger from an apple capture bend a bow for flighted quiver
Scale to balance retrieve, yet elegant things in the mud
Freedom’s invisible aunts to express and astonish the nephew
Crawly tiptoes on my face, thing I used to shoo away. In actual fact the fly is does checks for spirit lord forgiveness thanks
Move a reflex to the wave, swim the channel to be brave, glide along on belted rubber, cats will visit one another
As eaten by the bite forgot that bridges open by their draws; boats arrive as current maples, innocent as climbing flats
With pairs of odds in happy problems, gucci beans or falstaff sideways
Respecting the lesson to flinch on the oath, that doubles are mirrors to stagger the order
The poise of a snap on a venus plant, that trapping is bated from buzzing along
As smooth as oblique to the seizure of place, that bounty is watched through expectance to sleep
Since panic entails resorting to signs, procured for fulfillment to follow and mend
For purpose to slow the pattern exchange revolving among   kaleidoscope halls
To challenge the gift as a bribe or a probe and censor the good in a secretive lift
With safety entwined in the health of a risk, survival resigned to outnumber the sack
In love with the wish of a guaranteed role, endorsed by a sense of adventure prevent
More likely by look to arrival at all, that leaves trace the green to the orange and fall
A similar patch to contrast the sea with further away as high on a tree
That screens reduce the sound of the mind, so proud apart from the person beside
Adversity judged through decades aside; with progress to lighten the suitable dread
Attentive to trophy from corners as glued; sup to the power of raising the lead
As a nobody does for everyone’s arm; at once for the beat of a chalice to earn
@AlecBaldwin please can you wake me up?
@tiffanymurray its the address of my home in perthshire x
Blame upon the lifeless vague but vague thereon to skip the same; and go between the shoes and pots to brandish space on portly woes
She dropped the cards on purpose bent to tag assistance as was fit; then the gap was not a job but a service to a bob
Borrowed birds for jobs to sing as minstrels tune to kissing words; the brilliance of major c then left among the marshy flats
RT @clemencybh: ‘Not just boring & offensive (but) a mass psychosis where what is real is despised & what is non-existent is desirable.’ …
@BevStubbs does @RobBrydon look after you?
@BevStubbs what a beautiful horse
The apple woman fed snow white and gold became her alchemist; she lost her face upon a coin and begged beside the city gate
Bleak signs to crowd the stands as trojans help the horse to sneeze; flew as birds from migrant bands to settle in the forging haze
@sixthformpoet oops
@MichelleSim1 we are the three musketeers
@MichelleSim1 only @feexby bunnies; such a happy person, rather like you
@MichelleSim1 though I am a crackpot, thanks for the enlightenment #eye of the beholder
@BevStubbs I may not know how to care but angels live in limbo
@BBCNewsnight @tiffanymurray @jenniferehle @BevStubbs @clarebalding1 #all welcome at my post office
@TheFishJim @scatterkeir @emperorsclothes @Eryth @vallethor @alaindebotton
#ff @feexby would have to drive three hundred miles to come and have lunch #explorer
As with names what are these things of oranges and factories
Complicating the aid of the word thought it be assorted in letters
RT @suddain: Seeing the press be nice to Winehouse now is like seeing a pack of wolves dolefully nuzzle the body of a hiker they’ve run down
@AlecBaldwin 🙂
RT @IkenCEO: @mikejulietbravo I truly believe that there is no dirt actually to be had in most places, especially the judiciary. It’s ab …
All in a line of grandmothers footsteps
Collected like berries as contributing arts
Hunted by a family; everything done undone as of doubted
Rescue source of agitation till review as set in stone, then regrets in grateful adverbs for the storm of inky burn
Directed at a crowd as such of multiples in actual wares; prescribed to float and point for hope to shadow wandring scores
Best preserved to make decisions, though by calculating pounds; wearing thin on doves perchance to pigeons at the square in towns
Proffer this from middle age and what becomes of living stars; neglect is but a monster charge to eat ones self among the range
Subliminal princes on the go; hacking back with usual scythes.   Some are clever using ladders but they’re toppled so they crawl
Slurring fairytales with distortions of sequence; such guards as thorns belonging their sleepers
Reality to squirm from chess and blurr the birds of happiness; only the help gets wounded
Balanced by some other loss to some career or district pass
Each soul has a heavy agenda to equalise; x=mc squared
For should the match win the world would be united
Disposed to watch the lovers bid by lessons and the undersigned; then turned away to think again and blend for independence
Mistaken reach to hound the benefit; this site needs a lot of work
Self extraction from the bait; improvements value to the sonnet
Could tragedy stalk the pairs to hide themselves from languid flares to sit apart and watch the films of others in their pop tunes
Boasts unshared to plaza villas, easy vengeance where romeo plaits
Not that torment denied them pride; examined torment to necessity
Then arrives objective sought to wave upon the thin and lovely; let them pass as guides upon the heap; go lightly
harvest thoughts distracting whims and then corrected to the fort; against admitting in the struggle
For adverts bag the hook to sell and catch the word where some were fell; as cheery on the free for all
Mistaken to the cartoon gymn of proxy by the violin, and then resumed to be behind with solar plexus sore resigned
Magic pits to iron breaks as outward to the craft of loved
Hunting laughs for teary frights that shouted down the snow whites and trod in raisins
Conditioned to respect the flinch and muse upon the hurtful bit; why should it scurry away?
So what became of kindness flows to succour breaches of their ills; circuit ones to halve the fence of rounded fields in marigolds
But one surveys the skies of blues and rubs the noise expectant dues; so many doubts to the fullsome headlines
Adoring, loyal, trusting and uncomplicated against the stilts of clowns and bouncing seals
Its either a dog or a man to become a dog
Other people work in twos but their thoughts are measured with four legs
Obliterating by resolve the task of survival when dreams are intermittent
Bewilderment doused with expectation through the course of an owl
Eons and blisters to eternal discourse; the waves of completion bite for cherishing laps
Check out this site: Blog for Tom… —
Determining to succeed against the easy option
At a distance to the crowned seas with kelp and rocks in evening tides
We still have the secret though the glass is smashed with invisible wants; you are my empathy
@RapIsPoetry hope you arrive safely in Inverness x
An arial so infected with interlude perspectves and the dizzy aunts of sacrifice
And wished for slights and backward crooks to knell the horrors of the forks
And shared the war to dish it out in vexful arms of utter clout
I damned the house where love bestrode in lentils and the diadode
With fights for lines in steam tins and corrugated fashionings
Stiff guts and a tense neck to dread the stalls of all gapes
Why should I need love? I have my lighter and a television host
As is but dreamt to cross the hours with daft procedure to the echoing miles
Elusive to the end with bows and ties the reckoned bloom; always to the pairs with apples and the dandelion
Claustrophobic amongst the ready press for flowers and cream buns; particularly damp
Scone scenes admit to memory with cross legs and cheese sideboards: help selve drafts in climes of alpine mountains
Above the clouds of greying noons where spattered shafts uplift the mood; tomorrow we shall dress with straw hats
Greening plaits with daisy chains and soporific rugs for haze; yeah the lights maruaude
And move the posts to frame the yurt for picnics at the crust with jam and peonies by season stem
Hunker down to bright tints and beach dunes to watch the seals
@GumBootSally et moi? Comment tu me dire?
@feexby think you’re hugely supportive to those around you; so friendly mr good egg @MichelleSim1
A ricochet from something elephant drags some wood with a grew, that fell..and the highway
Stupefied by gusty grit at the meadows edge; close as mown daisies to flourishing harebells
Hop poles and corduroy hips as ruminate to gargoyles and echoing swallows
Afterwards in half a streudle keeping tips to ports in snails
From and to the eider snip as much to swish the elder silk
And then begin where after turn to all the fuse of excess fun
@ayetunes *arrow
As art as wart in water ate the complex dove as over cast
And yet reside to lobster size the dali phone by walk to buff
@ayetunes you are here
Bizarre to scrimp on shrimp imbue while all the world in constance due
From the pea to goodrich oat amiss the pinch by bracket putt
Minor keys to choices round to dim the chords and stem the brow
@amyflyingakite take it as a compliment; you clearly inspire them so maybe they’ll buy bob dylan
@emmafreud very good tuesday morning listening to @BBCRadio4 with you on bob dylan
@amyflyingakite clothes allow artistic expression to those unable to indulge in real artistry
Then down falls the rain, upon the meets of time’s expulsion; remedies for things to grow and runners fit the puddle blue
@LiamRudden worse:(
Pretending to be gobbledegook; masking slips of neurosis
Aligned to lose in arctic phrase for none to herald bounties urge
Dafter the doubt/ and after throughout/ theme tune/ triumphant pain
For all the praise/ goes by the surge/ wobble pops/ a meaty fugue/ and compromise/ allowing peas/ among anon/ elbow grease
Mystified to know the least/ as watches by a cardboard fleece/ and ruminate to box throughout/ with twinkle toes a marmite plate
As blurred to this and that without; to say the worst in measured height; and glean again as once was wrong; to fold the fur and carry on
Pin heads in cheese for trikes as like a moth to twix n tights; to recognise a printed stage upon the cherry fasting wage
Random ports with dismal flies for all the scent of parakeets; as yet to blast and seize the toast, as modest as a fragrant ghost
Smiling through disposed bags and clings for all the lubricants; mustard bowls and sign hams with green vetch in lime canoes
Discredited for open returns to city crates with wheels and peppermint wands for teeth
Shouldering aclaim to dog digs and pieces of fruit; towards hope arrives with platforms and smooth slaves
Cruelty to people that deserve it #baftas
Pips to the taught spats about globes and onions bothering the wheeze
Mince music from the politic art of being relieved; somehow to express the lift with two sugars and a bagel
@swichman U2
@Shequeen exactly; a weird form of elation? I walked past him on the set of notting hill and like to imagine I made an impression
@Shequeen very dear friend of mine found herself reeling in same set as HG and said she felt sick
Finding none but seals amongst probes and purple messages
Mottled understandings from dappled lights against the face; shadows replied with mirrors to embrrassment
Prejudice to the flow that tips away from every day
Grappling with brave claims that stink from washing
Subconscious blames from honesty ‘fears’; as if burst mouths could enlighten effluence in buckets
As apparent to the learner; lost to be condemned but otherwise not unburdened, for the size is cold
Saying unpleasant things and then remembering to notice them as an exercise in advocacy
@jjwardy friend, you’re in good company
RT @feexby: Once more, with the hashtag. And please, please follow @franwords an abnormally euphonic bit of ambulatory DNA. #ff
Seeming to have brushed the volts and bruised the shift from hunts and bees
Disinterest in vital moulds of circumstance and knobbly folds
@mikejulietbravo good to be noticed:)
Slacks and tans with zebra stripes in peals and pepper rounding leaps
#ff @RoryStewartUK @mikejulietbravo @Boss_MI5 @arvonfoundation @CWheelsTheatre @feexby @DailyHitchens
As blank to the vision of cream cakes with strawberries
All soldered down to humpty eggs and bacon feeds to mash the spokes
As sheltered now to wear attire in crimson sheilds in perspex rows
As alarmed to rythmns beat to hold the flinch from barley sleet
As surgeons sew and curtains grow floral patents chicken stew
Laziness to window tasks to watch and purge flashing blades
Trips on trains and bicycle tyres where fitness bodes for apple doctors
@mikejulietbravo @MajorPaulSmyth I’m amazed by you bedazzlers; didn’t mean to imply anything other #notthoughtthrough
@ayetunes I’ve meant to say hello to you; hello
@mikejulietbravo I make no claim
@mikejulietbravo out of circulation is very in
@mikejulietbravo the white beard with seven dwarfs
@jjwardy in london 16th and 17th, can you come to grandmas boat in chelsea harbour for a fiance conference (twitter leads unlikely)
@jjwardy never actually spoken to him or @mikejulietbravo who looks like god
@jjwardy might want to check out @MajorPaulSmyth who is very on message (maybe we could group)
@jjwardy boo hoo I take this pause as a well advised no.   Might have to marry @feexby instead #digitalunion
@jjwardy or a manifesto for continuing spiritual growth despite the 25 percent discount in council tax
@jjwardy its quite nice to have a friend who isn’t married but quite surprising you haven’t #doc? Let’s make wedding list for digital union
@jjwardy why not me tee hee
@jjwardy your heavily pregnant ex it seemed you wanted advice about whether to pop the question then I thought that a bit public so said
@jjwardy really hope you’ve got engaged; what a great dad:)
#how to lose friends and alienate people
Crackling middle country tunes with spit fires and lame bones; minor pains to grind the addict, with self destructive hormones
@joemoransblog keep wanting to stop smoking #repercussions
Tapping times on silver tips with corduroy pans in rushing streams
@jjwardy (that’s me you’re asking; still mulling).# public affair Xx
@jjwardy pop
Not to disturb, not to rake but mileage on the snoop; as helpless yet to guide the paint and implicate what should
Haunt in plights escape to glance and chill the babes; only a hook, maybe a spark when flatness is ambition
The mediterranean bind of hope to cypress trees and olive scope the desert wind to tropical limes and salad bowls of green beans
@garethlpowell tidy
For bias to the colour and the aftershave of flower to the intricate diploma on the seas and to the tides
Not yet but by the camera to canon glean a temperature for health at least the stamina to whittle and applaud
Across from Nice to Africa in boats to Nicaragua, then puzzles spread by gondola to punt and bid euphoria
Roundabouts of pizza slice with peperoni gourmet tights and dripping cheese to feed the bites as soft as afternoons in france
martin luther king
may be capable of blessings
@daisygoodwinuk love the description of borrowing jumpsuits and boots from pegs in the arctic #solar
Oh to be held to account
Extended forever with forgiveness, last for plus in single discus
Spoken then to termination, paltry seize of elongation
Naming aches with dried up tins of matterhorn and woe behold
Not exactly taking part to stem the tide of fissures grid
Unmuttered stumps of autumn tents to camp outside some garden gates
Fun jarred to mince and paste, sealed lids on thought disgrace
Each time matched on the word before as thus describing boozy decor
Natures bent to kernel feet to walk aboard the shipping fleet
Seasoning the scan to time with buttercups and daisy lines
A coy flume to wrench a square, deliverence in ice cream care
When all this is celebration, untoward the inflammation
Screams to hegemony and oral arts are but the panes of gather doubts
Moving down to order sums and but remove the latex pangs
As if to survive is but to loath and gaze reflections to the grove
With nothing wrong but tickled stints to bruise the elder clawing wits
As to deceive as waiting times for all the symptoms co defined
The burst of sun, the humming bees, waking early, digging pits
Saying no to one then yes anon, as cancelling to pledge thereon
About virginia woolf and the beautiful day; finishes in premature runs of rinsing dyes
Should have stood up for what is good but got muddled with my own defeat
@MASieghart smashing foreign policy but do we want it at home?
Peering brims for faces shadows, wearing teams for other harrows; there are fields among the country lanes where himalayan bounties show
What need of print when place is booked to alphabets and counting stops; all messages are seamless as the angles vice for bonnets
@DeliaCabe hello birthday friend; I’m 37 today
@PoetryFound rubbish, doilies are very ornate
Tidy folk with horses grooms and belly flops to jumping beans; insatiate to thanks and pairs for polar sighs in corduroy flares
Ash trays to smokey risks and half sleeps in messy loads; the principles are spotless clean with sparrows helping gardening
Nominate to suffer here on easy street with leek soup; virtual to coal and spam, the bare essential retinue
Perplexing for attention yet to cling to worse defection, as saved as restorative to ice
About availing space
Always get stuck on that bit; hardly eligible and also superior
Not particularly secretive yet not fluent by the peace that drives the argument
Chocolate hoops for bouncing dogs and kiwi cake for passing by
Right subject askance for assumption ignored; as simple as just to the right kind of lord
Wrong subject perhaps except for a calendar; a book; a hand and a neverending chapter
In sum for the measure of tuning a pleasure but reading aloud to the course of a valve
As much perturbed but to speak a great distance; though quietly held to import a cavalcade
The doubt of the lens to cough and reprimand; the others are starved but the plovers are good
What then of bliss for the language of hoax, entangling briars in juicy blackberries
Stereo squats but meaning pavillions and garden follies for thruppence a bit
Particulars for green signs to irish taverns with boot leg motorbikes and velvet conkers
stereo types for fathers as digits; individuates for greek prose and statues
Wearing glasses with a beard and a comatose tortoise tending barnacles and fossils for time team atlantics
My god is a tiny flower on a path by the sea; it is pink, it is higher than a dandelion shrink
Braising loads with argument shields for pick ups and back ups to concrete discs
With luxury hence as the nemesis comment to manage the brooks and the puddles with after mints
Drunk from sloes and having bad colds, deciphering blues as the neutron decathlon
Tested by faith to hand in the keys and live in a hut with putrid fairies
Holiday plans besotted with gins and molly coddle turns to speak in luxury
Though that was yon week, so what of the chic with brasses and flasks o’er safaris in quantum breaks
With keepers and bankers and earls and romancers, as shoppers and gangsters delight in neon bars
Both working out in the gymn to axel foley and don maclean; wagered to run in the london marathon
@mywordwizard a thought gives way to blossom boughs by humming birds in distant hymns to gypsies and princes weaving tartans
@hippocampa funny to think I have a degree but don’t speak english
@McCallSmith crowded
Mercury maps with quicksilver toasts to glug and beguile
Swashbuckling boots pricked with golden threads, mazed to brandish
@DuncanBannatyne @nidge1uk welcome new follower @nidge1uk with big hugs xx
Symbolic purity matched with ennui; spectators in wastes of captive trance
@mywordwizard everything about her flooded garth with exuberance in his braces, readying for the ping pong final
@feexby twitter is a sofa group
@Burn2Write raisins soaking for christmas cake..scrumptious
As much with hazards and pigs with cabbages and buttermilk
@feexby phew! But I’m contorted by an art critic who said ‘she’s an outsider’ tsk!
The garden shows the flight and trowels effervescent stoppage tiles
Yet pensiveness reminds the drawl that going out is but a bawl
Lessening the verse to muse to dig at groups their elbows shove
Jostling to begin again and cheat the stoat at juggling
Angry in print but mildly perceived; tactless and countless the raft of the solar plex
Poor charts of ivy boots in roman mud to floral prints
Back doors in fumes and fuzzy aisles of strip lights
orders in promise survey the leaks in blocks retired
Officially mourning and puzzling and hemming the pips of shuts
No question for a column of ringlets; pocket crocs feed
Buried by underground spades to earth the ducts of fairy lights
no expanse to wrap the hut with felt and myrtle; #vulgar brawl
truthy expeditions; miles of slalom poles to empty hands
Consigned to less desire; feather rubbers tanning shoes
Doublets for goblets grease pouted after burps
Hacks of father marks down swan song margins
Richer than disclosure buying double breasted pleats in silk lines
There was so much hope in the confusion for what could have turned out to be a pancake
I don’t really understand words
@feexby having said that I haven’t played for ten years #businesswoman
@Sparklemonkey @feexby @dragonhistory stephen fry says its board favourite is monopoly (what’s the name of our street?)
@dragonhistory @feexby @Sparklemonkey smashing to have you on board..
Numbers by index to diction’s pastrami as soft to the bias of velveteen pots
Though as masked to meet the flaw and cringe upon the volumes draw; homes amongst the dappled eaves where sorrel grows by daffodils
@politicotwit welcome, politico, should you ever return x
Travel crafts in sealy coasts to sift the spares as moving stamps
To paint frames for jettison and the likes of spray by subsidy
Relieving sinks to pools in blots with names, such as splats
@MrMichaelWinner when’s the agm?
Biting nails to bake buns and licorice on studs glorious brown
Surfing the grasp of what is imbued
Chasing minutiae to run over bald stones in a brook
As if to scrabble would ravage the words of fleas
As if honor could replace composure, that therein is halted
The benefit of being artistic is allowing for deep levels and inspiring those boundaries
@Lord_Sugar that really is remarkably bad luck; almost an impossible probability
@MidnightViews thank you very much
To the naturalists
Can’t decide if I want to talk
@GKM77X ooh you warm blood
@someyer perhaps you could chat to @DrAnnabelLecter for a little reassurance..
@amyflyingakite so true!
Ping pong for the year after next and the saving game against the rumours of arthritis and varifocals
@jjwardy your edits transpose thoughts of greater import
@randallwrites I’m like the rearranger for windows at harvey nicks
@thenewbrunette sweet sunshine has given me a farmer’s complexion of ruddy cheeks
@estheraddley beautifully dressed
@GKM77X goodie! Have found another chatty person; night night
@GKM77X relatives wisely went and lived in africa. Spent this morning at the homeopath moaning about januarys chillblanes
@monstroso fab poetry prog last week
@GKM77X can’t go till the blanket heats
@brechindunc I’m having my foldaway brompton rigged up to pedal through the summer
Then clout the bell from weary toll and be as pitch to height and hangover
Marking qualms as peery spires to gaze as further as the marsh
Yet as such to simper on should thus replete the program gong and turn throughout the wooded loop to find but comfort
To house the feats of delicate drops that daisies peep through carpet grass
Expecting the complaint to charge a room with swags and tails as large
Educated but to plea for fear and wonder under there is near
This ignorance is my ignorance, the floods of juxtaposed words, the speeches of unbound times
Oh the ignorance of wishing signs when drama notes the core vowels
Restive in the balmy ink from heated palms the sun’s scores
The darkened promise emergent with flight to be the dove, the budgie, the dawn from peaceful shelter
Grooming paragraphs through tangled thickets flowering songs of snipe translations
@mywordwizard they entered into a dreamscape; books that everyone shared from ordinary means to wear hats and feather boas at weekends
Tall from small, the boughs of clipper boats and robins in hedges
Distantly read like some long loan of mooning, something the classics mark as darkened promise
Along tapestry aisles with velvet plumes and business styles with ogre greens; only haricots with constables
The passage to footfalls; lessons in blindly refusing elephants
favourite to thumbed and drowned; laboured dread to spade the sound where fix meets laxative, something to do with velcro
Favourite scenes with candle sticks and muslin hair with curby grips; foolscalps for neglected butter and stainless steel
People in the books look out as drawn and special kinds of actress yawn
Maybe I’m not supposed to talk to toronto and berkeley and siam and bangalore for all the woods between the bluebells
Hello @BBC_Radio_2 and @BBCRadio4. I quite like having you as followers though I wonder who you are
Welcome @ScreenwritingU; you may not be a person but you look interesting
@tattooed_mummy many of mine look as if they might not be people
Modesty happens as a relapse from concentric circles
Ignoble to say something intelligible wondering what ignoble means
Trying hard for auto response in liking biscuits and tangerines
Some of the fortress is wearable/ irons collaring cuffs during runs of spinning lines/ the call to be in a flat on a b sharp
Whatever could digest/ apples prunes and pears/ nonchalence discuss/ wanton coiling hairs
veg missed out of lunch/ like facts before a mist in tune/ humming gauze over a veil/ the table cloth of havisham
We expected cereals in pops of crystalline flakes, golden oats with wheat brans and muesli slims
though the hours pair by number, action hands them bowls, spoons and hot cross buns
Some of the words don’t match the ticks of side by side to hickory kicks
Bamboozles and signatures for parcels and dignitaries; a pen has thawed the mercury maze
Springs chimes to calm the dogs and empty sacks of barley pearls; all thawed and going again; tidying up the frost pattern
Wakening animals in goats themselves as more than goats to starlings elves
And bend on fires with brimstone leans to blacksmith shods for horses lanes
Caught crisply in a nest with twigs and spongy moss; heralding for chocolate sights to hide the tweety safety catch
whirling and then soaring, and then dodging; though the leaf is dry and still on the gutter roof
@finishthepoem suspended by a single blade of grass, we sat round whooting between thumbs to call the owls
RT @feexby: Also #ff @HelenCairns @Bazzerj76 @GKM77X @jjenncee @Razor61289 @mark_nicol @franwords Just lovely, lovely people.
RT @mywordwizard: @franwords Gorgeous sentiment, Fran. Really lovely. We especially enjoyed this. Bravo! (stood tall). Encore! http://bi
@mywordwizard she stood tall amidst the saplings on a ferny bank with sun beams grooving the wrinkles of smiling eye companions
Not quite deranged, not quite insane, not quite right and yet at the centre
The politic blur of poets and beginners when all become groundsmen to listen
RT @feexby: @franwords I know all of those words. I’ve never seen them juxtaposed. Your Tweets are magnificent.
@feexby yes we see you
Devalued with sayings dyed in butter suppers and marigolds
That redelivers permanence to quote a money rate
Permanence delivered sincerely in the hope that ridicule has a value
@helencairns @feexby @scatterkeir yickerty split! Thunkery donks!
@scatterkeir I had rolled over and gone to sleep but then the little red light flashed; oh dearies, its you:)
@scatterkeir you three tweet together *good friendships
@scatterkeir @feexby @helencairns good little niblets
An attempt not to word what nots to be stirred and yet there truly is a circus
He has remarkable eyes
Though saying that I really was but not report did not report
Though I was not there I am not here nor parlour maids are drinking beer
No event for the day but a course of judgment on the ring; very perfect, very round, a hula hoop of saphire bound
A small bucket within a coin, half a lute and a spare sign; moist cheese and some attorneys, blue vase and the doldrums
The speaker is good the speaker is wise, the message is full as the top size (but don’t forget dimension)
With little blurts about hopes and donuts, little spurts of what if the walnut; wholesome warps indeed the to the aspect
I don’t mean to creep out the speaker; the warp listens falsely and speaks back
I chose to eat the bacon sandwich; the bread was hard but there was plenty of mayo
@MarkAntonyOwen my sentiments exactly, though my style isn’t so comprehensive or stoic
@MarkAntonyOwen you’re very nurturing and absorbing
Who brought fate up? I bit my tongue
RT @lovehypnotist: Fate is only for those who live by default instead of by conscious choice.
@JohnFiddler violins are better than fences
That quizzes rot to be replaced to stand and fence against the gales
With all rewards to greater goods resounding by the leaning post
Above the doubts of one that smarts with stethescopes to beat the led
Resources thread the silken dreams through metres of concert uniforms; the choir sings
@HorwoodShaw logan you’re a whirlwind xx
@feexby you may have become adorable
Carrying sounds to the stalls of precedence; what could there be without effect?
@JamiePolitics by what date does the trillion get paid off?
@feexby au contraire; same goes here
Scolded by a surge that halves the proof of violets
As read as unretrieved to house the winds of chapped lips
Book waves to spent designs that borders coax the undersigned
Despondency fix to worthier signs that parables break on shore lines
Mesmerising times in rising stars to bleach purpose of the hours
With straight arms and still hands trying to eat cottage cheese
Being picked on by entertainment for being dully swift to judge applause
# forty seven rabbits
I could impair the chances of anyone that knows me or I could be anonymous
@mywordwizard very good doc with lenny henry on last night
@mywordwizard two young girls divided by swimming lanes in matching goggles
@mywordwizard they searched african plains for giraffes and elephants while slums sheltered beetles in corrugated rooftops #comicrelief
Empire lines in fruits and soft cheeses with honeycomb and strawberries dipped in chocolate
@torchamps thanks for your brilliant nursing this afternoon
@mywordwizard we soared above the clouds on magic monkey’s candy floss; it was supposed to be a dream but in the picnic there was ham
@mywordwizard we grieve and enter morse response where dot meets dash but only just
Circulation arrives after days of caving dark; so many sharp frosts in mind to weep with tarn stones
Spring and the dappled light of beech trees; autumnal leaves upon the ground with snowdrops lifting sheltered corners
@laurster love the labour effect..yee hah!
@vallethor the whimsy has passed; could you pretend to be him instead *high standards*
@mywordwizard his agony was eclipsed as glass in shuttered cubes; irridescent and marbelised with tiles of special effects
@sarfrazmanzoor phew!
I can’t believe I let the hare die; it was sheltering in an icy wind, waiting to be put in a cardboard box
RT friendly and fun group @ouchdammit @BevStubbs @FitInMyHeart @vallethor
Opulence and grace at the door of blank verse; the holy ghost blazes to stars of midnight effects
RT @davidhepworth: I love the idea that Spurs, who look like an assortment of Beano characters, somehow bullied the Serie A leaders.
Having the heebie geebies about becoming a committee member; what’ll happen to the words?
Having the heebie geebies about becoming a committee member; haven’t done the housework
@r4today please follow me!
@GMTSBIKERS happy valentine’s day to lots of hairy bikers
@talithahart dear tal what embarrassing spam here xx
RT @parisreview: Love is a great privilege. Real love, which is very rare, enriches the lives of the men and women who experience it. –   …
@FitInMyHeart hi there!
@mywordwizard they pilfered his words his ideas as best friends should their sounding boards
composition, blissful caption met as hours for mans invention
That soup is on and so is mince from feats of cooking all day stints
What they say to each other goes towards the pittance of some happy shouts
River pools by celtic glades with waterproofs and sonic gadgets
Communities of brambles and columbines with daughters under alder boughs
In market stalls with dizzy aisles and pots of clay cooking stews
Compounds to gypsy skirts encumbered by sequins and perfumes
Flags furled by awning tents with ember sparks to singe as flares
summoned by lights and sweaty palms to camps of drinkers with lyres and goosebumps
With chills of cheering on the course, baits used to jar the moth
With blockage to fix the examined defence; a hook and a line to out frighten the tense
Ambitious with lengths for all season’s arms; improving for stones to settle the dams
Moulded by draughts to summer’s waste in still barns
As thoughts as mules with heavy loads; as pilgrims sleep with pins and needles in haystacks
As a siren might with a blue flash open the scar of misdeed
Delusion taking targets on to preserve rescue as a form of need
Rendered expense to sign for scorn, resented shows, for peals in boots, pearls and thingumy swaps
But have no money to laugh or sing songs; no warmth to jig, so tea to swig while patience beams on steam hogs
@mywordwizard adding paisley trips from pasts of benches and chaise longues; we were born to be french in chic customs
@mywordwizard the light of a stain on cloth, spilt on a lime green shirt; made light of the break we’d had, your cousins and I in the park
RT @alaindebotton: Aesthetic risk: to digest complexity to the point that half the audience declare it stupidity.
Level fruits of purpose lent, on watch to prides of ushered chores; sighting worry with moving hands, whether the basket counts
@vallethor xx night night
@vallethor no don’t bother *sulks*
@vallethor blocked:( can you follow him for me and tell me his news or prove it isn’t him)
@vallethor even if I’m the sort of person that sends fan mail (I want martin amis to follow me on twitter)
@MarcelaHerreraR thought I’d lost you with my witlessness (always wanted to be in a band but have to make do with choir)
@BarackObama you used to talk to us at evening news but now we hardly get to hear you #GMT
@MarcelaHerreraR you may not be impressed; I’m a lifestyle fan of Amis; love big writerly interviews with hitchens, mcewan and rushdie
@mywordwizard rotten egg that had gone off in the fridge, but the other eggs were fine so she ate the omelette in front of newsnight
@MarcelaHerreraR oh gosh, I might have to read it again; I’ve got the pregnant widow which is all fashionable leather boots #must get some
@MarcelaHerreraR I read The Information cover to cover in 1996; it was bright blue
@mywordwizard a broom leans by the station bench where dandelions grow for chocolate wrappers, entouraged by bottles after brief commune
When place is the arduous home of staying warm in mugs and viyella shirts; conservative routes to plug the gaps and smiles
As if language were a fax appeal to print and drain an ink well in subsaharan emblums of the north
In order to find gifts and prizes of a foreign sort (as if publishing is languishing with a pipe in uruguay)
Must stop trying to write
@HarvardBooks eat your heart out; read @franwords…
@jrug 🙂
@NickKristof marry me george
Through a lack of guilt to invest the same; worthy to enquire the banishment of living
Seeming to lick the great with nothingness to the half beat; empowered at the same time as borrowed
Without a teacher we would be as happy hoppers on a flea
@BaldyMemike he does insist that we are less; and yet we’re grateful for a broadcast purchase #melvyn bragg
Bleached sills where waters run along; sifted eaves to plunge the runner down
Enactments at rest with leaning spades heralding views as swallows nest
Though buried are the interests of meek repose; humble to flay with waggling ears
@BaldyMemike ye gods, he’s rather grand to let us listen!
@BaldyMemike yes he said it wouldn’t take long to hurry worries on Aristotle; presumed listeners couldn’t wait for it to be over
@MyPolice enjoying a latte here in the cafe; ages to wait till the crieff bus!
@GrantaMag marsupials ate the only dictionary
@feexby spent all day queuing at the tax office; their system was down so I’ve still got to go back
Every side wins and outs with gates and doors and fabulous locks
There aren’t many faults with the prize of enclosure; to get there is barbed but instead of the verdure
Lace trims in frames on gallery windows; double glazed with blackberries and cloves in oranges
Claps to the browse of exotic overalls
Great muddles of conscience in scrums for green balls
Allegory farms of qerty and leeward; boats and probiotics to diets and directives
That to think is to license the dream to resign; make way for the spring to examine the harvest
When all kings are wives and garnishes beehives; bedressed to attain the computer in gain
When fields are flat and cooling towers smoke; when ice caps are pitied to capture the stoat
Say amongst the moss and the stone; bide ye here till moonshine
Remorse and gold in the unicorn wood; tied at the hilt of a sword that it should
How did it happen for bending and feeding; exodus tool to a hug on the greeting
Warrented by none but the single begun with equal exclaim to the muscly arm
Single plans in singlet vests, sinful blows to each excess
If they be somehow suggested instead of applauded or lonely invested
Crippled but to the throes of torture; offended by the dints of labour
Examined with present leisure on ice cream and salad ways
Through hours and procurements to perch on thongs; with buttocks to imprints of suns rays
Of my way played to seat the entertained; of yours to the notice of being sustained
Seasons of equality to vice the outward wrongs; advise and be separate to do the worldly gongs
At once to overthrow and out perform; twice as many to inklings of spinning looms
Then incomes the leveller of ambition and scorn; then pirates to the satient keen
Lots of plain people with fringes in grand rooms; lots of expectancy with being perfect
When all the rest are tangled in rosey growth
Who live in the castles but gate keepers and spears
Exacting trails of ivies round oak doors
New bricks together with hand rails and perfume haunts
Adventurers in party hats and nylon stockings; slashing ladders for builders to paste
Wizzened with fighting for other freedoms; enclosed by the struggle on peaceful days
Where there dreams are there seems; as little to bless as all the soldiers
Picturing calm to the rate of expectancies
Axels on rusty nails and strained canvases
Soporific joy in deck chairs on beaches
What is to become of the gloves on the hands of tyrants at work
Pastries and sugar lumps on dash boards in crawley jams
The rest of the kings in waiting rooms playing darts
Princesses that we don’t see in crinolin dresses with straw hats
Unicorns eating plums in walled gardens with daisies and nasturtiums
@loosewomen don’t be silly; as if she wouldn’t be there!
@TrustSulha congratulations!
@rorymchenry RT should have hundreds of followers; is a FILM DIRECTOR (thanks for the pancakes)
Wallets and strings to the purse of debate; kangaroos jump over debt in the night
Welcome new follower @10oClockLive
@jackiejcollins ooh
RT @indiaknight: I love Lorraine Pascale.
@bbcreviewshow looking forward to @sarfrazmanzoor on 18 feb..
@sarfrazmanzoor thanks, I’ll give it a book review before the year is through (read like a snail)
@sarfrazmanzoor @RoryStewartUK @gregproops @bookloverRAH @BBCWomansHour. @MargaretAtwood @ElizabethHurley
@sarfrazmanzoor all the fun of brit pop, certainly the place to be in the nineties; maybe I’ll google wikipedia to find your bio:)
@sarfrazmanzoor yes! You’re both very good at not being tongue tied under the pressures of live broadcast
@sarfrazmanzoor noticed you follow rory stewart; were neighbnours in scotland; were you at oxford?
@sarfrazmanzoor no not paul merton but something like it, oh yes and peter carey x
@sarfrazmanzoor or is he called phil
@sarfrazmanzoor I like that guy called paul merton or something; chap with dark hair very arty
@sarfrazmanzoor you usually come across as a confident person!
@sarfrazmanzoor you’re the best along with @Beathhigh but sometimes I get sleepy and don’t know if I can wait up
RT @Gemma_Stone: If diving once does not bring you pearls, you need not conclude that the sea is without them. Dive again and again. ~ R …
@foreignoffice hello to Lucy Robb from Comrie
@sarfrazmanzoor please give notice for when you’re next on the review show
@newyear_newyou smoking less then smoking more; credit cards and phone bills, luminescent vests waving by the roadside
Welcome followers, may the road rise to greet you
@hughbon can you make anything of my poetry?
@hughsfishfight great program; well done I’m sure you’ll instigate change for the better
RT @thenewbrunette: i’m not heartbroken or anything. just intrigued. and also a bit proud of self for not frantically flagellating “WHAT …
@Drumslinger looks like you’re having a tough time; hope things improve
The story here evolves around the fixative of leisure; who dares to gaze around or wherefore be offended
Twizzled pearls, flipping lids, pastry puffs and car skids
Much of what the world did seemed impossible; stage nights, photo apps, hiking boots for bar schnapps
Fantasies with down the hatch; melodies with tinnitus; the weather for an anorak
The pace of other lives outstripping his; television with all the show biz. It seemed he couldn’t match
wound round discarded hours of wondering how long life would last; way too slow but then again too fast
There was something picturesque to the dilemma of how he thought; cheeseburgers and donuts
With his fat rolls, spots and krinkly frowns; lolling eyes, crooked nose and steam coming out of his ears; almost a warthog
But the pond didn’t argue for charlie to be transformed; indeed he looked like botticelli at bathtime unbeknown to him
Have existed
Charlie wasn’t in a position to argue; he hadn’t heard of Kant or Hume; had the world been left to the intellectuals he wouldn’t
Imperfection suits the belief to be rewarded; as if life could be studied to win an argument
People to promote, stations to save, five laws to pigeon, a conference with tables, maeve’s birthday, and all before next monday
In germany; bill sheets and work plates, forty seven ink jets, maelstroms of harbour steel, four million minds for meal
For post competition, free inhibition, clip ties on paper screen, wall chart on overview. Temps to divert for more custard
The room with flies is full of eyes. The afternoon man sits. He scratches and with a sigh picks up the phone
Charlie and his aunts didn’t really mind what they wanted; their dreams changed as often as the episodes
Not being filmed limited the scripts for folk who only wanted to do a bit of shopping and save up
The pond was right to sympathise; there were complex entertainment signals that maurauded and confused many visitors
Gandhi’s good words were slightly beyond the grasp of charlie or his aunts; but they liked pudding
RT @Conduru: “I offer you Peace. I offer you Love. I offer you Friendship. I see your Beauty. I hear your Need. I feel your Feelings.”— …
The pond felt sorry for the aunts with their counter productive teeth and was perplexed by the sulkiness of charlie, their nephew
None of them were very spiritually enlightened but that was the challenge for the pond
Nobody likes charlie. Everybody likes charlie’s aunt but its not fair
Charlie is boring and shy, sulky and cross, stupid and dull, fat and spotty, lazy and selfish, bored and rude
Poor charlie. Charlie doesn’t like houses, doesn’t like friends, doesn’t like jobs, doesn’t like anything at all
Fortnights and years of nothing fun to do, and for as much as two and a half decades
For ages and for ever; absolutely non stop for hours and days of rubbish things on tv
She has been mean and cruel for absolutely yonks
Says she is a poor soul with nothing to sell
She says she is alive and well
Charley’s terrible aunt had smashing gnashers and could laugh all day long with minty glee
She was only a little bit ugly because she had neglected to brush her teeth so they had lost their enamel
Although she could not think what it was. She may have been charlie’s aunt but she was not his terrible aunt
Or she could not find her glasses when they were on her nose.   But this time she had lost something that could not be replaced
All the ducks were preened, glossy and how happy they were!   Lucy was always losing things like the other shoe
She spent a great deal of time on the bank of the pond because she was once told she was an ugly duckling
On the sighs of falling leaves. Charlie’s aunt was called Lucy. She never took any notice of what anyone said about how she looked
The swallows and throw crumbs for any ducks that were hungry.   Beauty carries itself on the wind, in the wisps of willow trees and
It was on the bank of this pond, which stood not far from her semi-detached house that Charlie’s aunt would go and talk to
@rorymchenry I followed your pizza recipe and the thing turned into a large mattress like a giant focaccia, #greatbread
@rorymchenry animation is fabulous at the IMAX; all the creatures go BOING and poke at you #interaction
@thejennawatt I threw a frisbee back from the balcony in piccadilly #tear in my eye #derrenbrownlive
@RealMattLucas what is a psychofant?
@DuncanBannatyne 65K required to buy to let 3rd flat in property business to sustain artist into pensionable age rsvp
@charleyboorman I’ve got my CBT and am taking my full license this summer, after which I hope to come to Africa the following year
All around were skylarks, bull rushes and ducks a dabbling for worms and creepy crawlies
Clouds stormed, other people would see the patient stream, and some people could see nothing at all.
Crystal on the surface. Whosoever looked into this pond would always be told the truth.   Some people would see how angry the
It was more truthful than any other pond in the region. It was a bit muddy on the bottom, a bit cloudy in the middle and clear as
The pond was the most beautiful mirror in the county. Birds from all around would fly over it to talk to the reflection because
A long time ago there was a pond in Essex. It was not very big, but it had a very special quality
@thenewbrunette thank you for the christmas card!
Indulged with special effects and trance cables for spanish knees
Don’t know where the dirge comes from; there is no shame in abstinence
That might become a wonder of the rough the sole expectant piece of fluff
And I my death shall conquer strict the steady edge of rueful hit
But I will think of the time when you said come over here ready or dead
Or be adrift to knock about in waves off shores from ships in ports
We may not meet to eat a steak or skim stones to stay awake
@missdaisyfrost wear one shoe and send the other to a prince
Fooling the art of a smiling countenance; smoothing the loss of the state of indolence
A trial in jest scuppered by cheese; the clout of desperation on salad days
Simple measures restraining the flood; gum boots and sand bags from brooks and streams
About what is to become of the instance in sight
Alone but resounding to seem no battle fight
Equi distant to muse on the blissful state of light
Middling the tongue to examine and lend some strong
Whoever is at hand to love and then withold; at far from the horizon from patience and fear
To find some cause; some charity defined in some ways
Straight forward and proud; nonetheless a bit loud
And be goodly; be meek; be simple and a bit chic
Implicate the hope to hang a wreath; channel the sign to knock on doors
Another verse to send a gift; another sound to mark the shift
Ruminating to unsay the dismal prose; what stands forward sits in rows
I wonder how I can make myself more appealing; flirting with rottenness and being masked
Perhaps ill take my mobile and take some photographs of the forty something others
Ogg to a barn dance this evening; hope my teeth don’t fall out
Oh well jolly ho, father christmas here I go
But a moustache has grown and there may be some vaginal warts
It sounds quite good to be preserved for long life; take a part in youthful snorts at attitude and forthright
But that was before the treatment of hard labour when the flesh was less puckered or coagulated
He had put in an appearance in the game at the barn dance
Standing up oscar photos for bright cars and sandwich toasters
For buoyancy to dandruff and leading the rough edge; unkempt maturity to partial solvency
Appealing to tomorrow’s loss that once lived in a vacuum
The canvas of the blank review to go out and dance on brittle bones
The catalogue of pigment hair and moisturised skin
The review of what could have been is mildly entertaining; shopping in the catalogue for v neck jumpers
The rest of the body is vaguely intact; hypochondriac to an old dage of lisping and ping pong
And finding that everybody is turned off; bacteria breath and yellowing teeth; the end is nigh
Exacting grievance with being plain; wondering if groceries will last
But a will to enclose the gloom; to sit down and carry on
That would see another in a quarter with no shutters
Double matching the news with vice and making winter for the price
I am the fool’s swill to have turned away; fool’s swill for doubleday
That you I never saw and you the tumble dryer
That you that never materialised; that you were spent personnified
Some boat that illness brought with scurvy and smell; a throat with a chain for big fake pearls
A pinch in the gut, a sigh for the turning wheel; how it was withstood to struggle and bail
And how it freezes with siberia’s oligarch; how it lays to waste the instabce of health
Then wintering the future with a glass tear to roller ball
On bended knee you turned to me and I laughed long
Creations of escape to what was valid at the foot
Why the absolutes beset themselves, determining the art house
You have moved on, south of the border; and now I am beginning to wonder
Imprinted with doubt to glaze for april showers
And now there are others with yours and ours
Last night in the student digs; last sight a centurion
And now I am dreamt of nirvana and have spent a decade
Watching you fret for where I was not was
That I would forget you and turn to a shadow; a horse with the same name or perhaps an actor
Seen to your distress that memory made what it might
Rodin; sculpted kisses at first sight; Rodin and the plaster of paris
Tough days from the after thought; tough days that didn’t seem to know you; it was all too soon
Nirvana came and went for financial independence; I had never met you before
Short of words at length to sleep; enlivened liberty there to keep
Does not suit me the love: nor the kink; only to read the script and be appalled
Need to buy a potato masher
Why deal with cons when there are potato wedges
Appearing for a swap to set potato blight and the right boat
RT @stephenfry: Finally in. Dear me. I really am the completest twazzock. Your understanding has sustained me xx
Am I being too romantic?
Well actually I am wrong; you’re all busy banging the gong
Studying the verve for major interest; wallflowers, all wallflowers
planeteers planeteers all the bigger for doing less
Knelling the interest to deep saturation; reports and newsbeats to vast conurbation
Binding up humour and natural disaster; weighing the program for panorama
Plenty of mettle for subterfuge in reflex
Thinking slip lines in jeans and primark jumpers
Fashion to the fashion where everyone goes
But to sit and think the laugh and watch the throes; profound doers in shapely clothes
Worried about debt and classroom rules; bullied to live and not live all woes
Cornered lives of deep imagination; bereft to sleep and cold toes
But everybody is interesting and in the words of shirley valentine, so much life unused
Nosing in on neighbours and east enders, hours of telly with ice cream and party jelly
Unwritable parts for excitable mistresses; cool in a intergalactic chair
Pretending for dearth and fixture anonymous; crowd scenes of simply fictitious
Nihilism could make me famous; fabulous mores from the others contageous
Being ordinary has a lot to read through: waiting books in need from the dole queue
With his leather toggs and nicola sixes, character crufts for suaves and bitches
Able to stretch with thumbs to pilates, inventions inspired for martin amis
The mental disasters of non christian carriage; christened, confirmed but blighted with damage
And run the dog and catch the bus and lose the change to make a fuss
That would be funny that would be early; that gets out of bed to make the coffee
And the messages churn and nature seasons; days of medley humours to waken the vein
Knowing I’m boring and mostly average; tuning the music to jolly along
I suppose to understand it and have much to thank even without it
Laughter is not my subject though it gushes out to see if I like it
Baked and dressed with pineapple rings; goings on with suet puddings
Most don’t know the jokes in the crackers but read them aloud to the beasts in the knackers
Ingredients of wine and brandy saltanas; paper hats and brush cotton pajamas
A great speech to the walls of tirades; blank screens to solemnity always
Remembering some to the tidings of joy
The message is to relieve the doubt about the installment
Cajoling the fray to peruse the sustainment when kind words are hewn with majority containment
Saying reprieves an idle constitution when nothing is wrong and mistletoe is hung
How strange to resist the happy institution; a formal sense to alleviate numbness and boredom
@DotSeven acceptance is hard to take; just don’t know where to look 😦
@DotSeven thanks so much; thought it wasn’t working! Xx
And blend the inferior qualm, and read the intrepid refrain; like a chant or an anthem
That looks about from what to what; troubled laugh to lose the plot
For happy is the enemy and friendliest the passport fee
Though resented though inflated, then at once with homes instated
Let them rot on in happiness and singing beaches, that they report with eating peaches
Purple hands for purple plasters purple colours alabasters
Knowing them as so unknown, lengthy fleets in distant zones
Undiscovered as old north pole, undelivered as unwon prize, unbeatable veg in allotment size
Yet outside the jarred verse, contorted and rucked up, the slack allows the martyred stop
Said from the mouth of most profound gulf; said from the lead of quizzical intercede
Though guess is struck with nothing there; meaningless from air to air
Individuals emancipated; pantomimes of guess and calculated
Wons and losses to position, argue’s bold same dereliction
With bad news before good without the act; intent the march of valid point
For the risk of fouls are ever present; there to trip the daisy chains
Except to tour with goths or heavy metal, to beat some bones in tiger caves
Though with any of this there is none that might talk back
favourite collapse of sinews in harsh rhymes, the beatiest pound of clipper meat
stickiness with dampened pudding for sounds of words lassoed to yokes
suspension bridge across the severn, iron clad with glues to govern
For a chatter chart in frozen teeth, story arcs of death beneath
Occupied with worse disaster, cocooned with hopes for sherlock holmes
And made for wolves to bark at moons, that maidens learn to brush their hair
And say such things without such reason for peace within is rounded up
Mazing the mind to seem indifferent when speakers are to shout in storms
And yet without it the neighbour is a brother with fortune shores from rescue’s tempest
As well not to be interested for the chink in the wall is torturous
May it have become an obsession; may it have perverted the lemming; up and down a waxy cliff, candlebright damnation
Unlikely things are fashionable in rotas; round and square, round and square
Half kicking the loss of movement, a quarter mark for cropping the hide of a thorouighbred
Indebted to the value of a crash course; tooting from an ever distant runway covered with snow
RT @missdaisyfrost: Can see headline ‘Bob the builder haunted sex spot’ across platform. I hope he took his helmet with him.
Sulky truss from tickled arm pits, sullen departure from massage armour
Should the brew scold of interloping when early buds of love bespoken
Staved and then put back to garden with a broken fork
When hot tweeps are madam’s reflex to gird the loins whatever that means
Pawing a stamp on mother’s foot in the doorway; becoming a stiff injury
Big ideas of how to warn the interlope; be gone again from the quest of furthering
Now down to cracking the glass eye and laying the table with beans
Written off a handsome interloper through dim exposure to simultaneous runs; mincemeat of obscure puns
Did enjoy the voyage of the dawn treader; bit like the pirates of the carribean
RT @DavidQuin: If you know what those meant, I literally love you and want to marry you.
The attractive lounge may be a green room with whistles and shy people
Affected psychiatry due to the public piste is overwhelmed; composition through the muddle is rusty through normish a sentence
Though the dream was good; it was fast and shuttled
Anyone else would get away with it
Rt @GregProops @BevStubbs @RoryStewartUK @rorymchenry @PadraigBelton @alaindebotton @missdaisyfrost @DAaronovitch @DrAnnabelLecter
One paddle for one canoe, a change of socks or pair of tights
Focus then on ripe refrain to scintillate all time again
When in fact the gesture is only lively; crossword clues for pigeons called barney
To be straight forward and endeavour with less flesh upon a kipper
Nonsense to the publish plight of that behind the column blaze
That well brought up could think as darkly could in fact be so maligned
His dismay was keenly tuned to blue cheese and crimson lined
Where things are crooked at the table, wants are shouldered to be double
And let indignity smile apart from toying with a falstaff rate
Then no to that and sight be healed to carry on with trouser suits
Sickly I am to the face of the grenadier, to talk of parts that should be dressed
With less to do and more to think the more for catching wink to wink
Mischief and the import of lovely hints; sacrosanct and the laziness of leaving out
RT @gracedent: ‘and you, OOH IT’S THE FAIRY PRINCESS HIMSELF and you, ooh bounced back from your termination have WE? and YOU HELLO YO-Y …
And yet there is a pulmonary harp that seems to beat to irish jigs; of sorts perhaps to be as smart with vegetables or onion rings
Availing notes from manuscripts to stride the decks of clammy pleats
Occupations overlapping; bell ringers and sugar refining
Finding clues from cosmic passes, glueing cupboards and hammering doornails
Lots of clearing up from the plough, empty glasses and paper baskets
Works of engines and screen plays to bestow the cotton socks of dailies running hoovers
For tools and machines then driven in the snow, for kitchen whisks and mending frames to bow
The arrangement is less together to be had, that it won’t work is better to evade
@jennyeclair you’re a very special woman in a fringe
@mermhart how did you come across our mother with such fun at the sitcom?
@DuncanBannatyne ten minutes of interest in cavalier times, or five minutes of oohs, ahs and tangerines
@jenniferehle quite good to get some form of backup; pocket hard drive so you don’t lose anything
@richarddoetsch hardcover with lots of pics
@traversetheatre our wind farm was put down as we blew in the table short of notes to build the stable for a shelter; too loud
RT @caitlinmoran: I’m suddenly, terribly angry that X Factor has already taken everything that was great about Matt Cardle and ruined it.
Think I’ve grown out of being schizofrenic, I’m richer now with less debt
Known to all and known by few, dextrasol and pairs of gloves
It would be nice to know wh auden and sylvia plath and matthew corden
written off chums in watery quarters, candle stubbs with rearing horses
Scribbles for dons in their gowns of lean looks, eulogies for stiff men to tug at barge locks
Nerves have been placated by the compliment but there is no need to browse the orient
The new doc is a foreigner, her english was short and she wrote with a biro; three milligrams down from four
Upholstered carpets on the chairs with settled weaves of shapely fares; to travel incognito and distress the pose
Mirage upon a steep mosaic, patterns printing early lakes, that objects could be made from felt
For the bar is a crowded place, for the people inside are sometimes thirsty, for the desert is a sunny haven
No stresses of explicit vantage, no losses where would be vague resemblance
Loyal stints with light rewards, at least things don’t mean as much to risk, at least there aren’t any tantrums
This is word balding, not really meaning the conditions of accounting
A lot of the time is me time with radio four and me time, lots of milk ads with the instants and bacon sandwiches
When company is but a struggle, unless there be music and dancing dishevel
With clothes on and carols on and long johns on shelves and corners themselves
Noone else in the staffroom or the linen cupboard or the bedroom, except for me
There is noone else in the bathroom, except for taps and soap and words that hope
Dinner port\ bathroom\ the steam of inspiration
And sail above a bathroom plug with splashes and colours for cleaner knees
Though to a genius they could flaunt and liven up the dinner port
Then other arts could borrow these words since mine are mealy with shattered nerves
If its true that comedy is endeared by these tweets, if it is true that I have rosebud lips
@GregProops have I made history? # busily imagines proops scouring @franwords and @magictray into the early hours xx *found*
@scatterkeir sometimes the rub off effect is a brass rubbing #people think me odd
Casualties from next to nothing, cornering the sandwich board # @scatterkeir loses followers
@SteveMartinToGo talking to me!
She lived in small room in a high rise with cactuses and geraniums
hats for the pelican crossing, where chelsea braked to look at her
In the beginning there was hope and a collection of exotic aunts; one that wore felt hats
RT @VeryShortStory: I lived fast and loose until the emotional debt collector knocked on my door and made me pay up for all the hearts I …
@scatterkeir once I held a brolly for prince charles and nearly poked his eye out but my socks don’t get changed very often
@scatterkeir well hello keir, how good of you to ring my bell xx
Thanks to @GregProops for the DM, it made me smile xx
Side by cars of unplayed sports to peer through ropes of outward norms
All over the world imagined plush to cashew nuts and orange juice
What funny jumpers from argyll, how they swing to mend a stile
Catching stops for sunken dreams for lopped balls from rounds of golf
Relaxish breakfast on the hoof with arctic crunchie muesli bars
other nights of tingle trams to mono rails of pear flans
Not that tingles are particularly alright for to be at arms length may as well do yoga
@GregProops I’d prefer to tweet; why are you so handsome?
@vallethor hung the curtain I made in the window of my aunt’s interior design shop today, just turned up the aga. How are you?
@vallethor ooooh!
@thenewbrunette only trouble was I refused to raise my arms 😦
@thenewbrunette same here; I was an angel that had to lift my arms any time the word ‘angel’ was spoken
That all the elves are hard at work
Seeking pie from door to door, string vested guarantors
With cold feet on cobbled lanes
With what forever hasn’t done, with whosoever hasn’t run
Not that the old complain, but young pretenders getting on
Riding strains of wobbly teeth and luggage trunks in long ways
Some folk aren’t suited to youth but find their niche with rocking chairs
Important arts in non slip shoes, jars of jam from jazzy daze
Sensibles with weary aches, stopping smiles with jaffa cakes
Patting brows with deary ohs and summons to the garden hose
Not a nurse but a kill joy, wary of the bull fights
Refraining others from their journeys to insist on early nights
That used to stalk on vibrant health, then warned of pus and leaky sheds
Becoming old with turning in and wrinkling a practise grin
She is not pure and serves to try when best she could adjourn the day
Of madness in some deep repose with reticence from outward vice
Fulfilling beams of peace and love by which she is the plaintive life
Pondering on haphazard guesses to what the populace each progresses
The virgin is docile and happy with her state, let she not woo any romance to waste
@DerrenBrown large maroon cod liver oil capsules might be the answer
@tourscotland an iceberg launched from the gutter of my roof waking me at 5am
@mooninadewdrop the snow inspired me to run a little way under the boughs of laden oaks
@RobBrydon hope your sofa is comfy
@DrAnnabelLecter how old were you when the dentist gave you false teeth? #just wondering
@jenniferehle you’re very willowy
@BevStubbs its deeper than my knees; the fuschia tree is swamped
Eating is terribly lucky
Steam in the air from stew and raisin sponge
Bones on the side with mustard and jelly
Delicate sounds of salivating muffins, footstools of pancakes in hedges
In a friendly manner with cheese as the cousin
Everything required to be eaten
Wilderness walks with lettuces and dahlias
Igloos and mansions with bracken sprayed by helicopters
Expectant prongs with laying down the house rules
Somehow the fusion got mixed with dinner plates and pottery
Explorers through continents of goretex and pirana tanks
Fresh Parrots and dates, more tropical with turnover rates
That heat might scold and crumble rusting, relocate volcanos pouring
Blended once to last in molten, mood swings with sunny basking
That seemed to be turned, as yet unheld by staples, screws on pivot switches
Ferry weathers, shipping pipes, instigating other lights
Guts of peas and mushy apple, purple yawns and solice potions
There were lots of things that took the journey, zips and strings with biryani
Roller blinds, hapless trolleys, avocados, wentworth brollies
Orbit patterns of country exhibitions on brown signs to alton towers
absorbed with pools of mirrors in spectacles
With round stands for fountain quilts
Sequinned acoustics for prints in window fronts and lamps
Oval and green like rubber shoes in covent garden
Stood on the mound and hailed a taxi; there was an avocado on the back seat
Jumble clobber for boxes to crease inward parts of wrapping folds
Porridge eaten the day after with double cream and sugar
@PadraigBelton what happened to you on the train clackety clack; your friends are cads
Thought would like to balance hopscotch with numbers and polished shells
Water on leaves of thermostats and kettles covering sleep in double snowdrops
@artografs The attention span of a goldfish with the murky manners of a crocodile # big blue insomniac
Silhouette beside a calendar light that books to flip a restaurant
@TomCruise #M14DUBAI
Bucket on a string/ in the desert/ pudding/ number twelve and number four/ book and shopping/ melody hopping
Stone henge blond/ about apple tree/ button holed/ shrivelled chilli/ down the m four/ broken egg too/ close release/ bloomsbury
@Beathhigh shaky hammer
Grateful for heartache; an unlikely condition of stress with a lighter view
Funny that there’s an audience for misconstrued; pledges are up to the hilt
Much of the time I don’t mean anything I mean for any of those new to these word stretchers
Didn’t mean any of that but have censored the response to living writ
bravery is for men on screens with scripted licences to share binge and lend stethoscopes; calling home
Fell off my bike going round the corner on ice; waking again at 3am and sleeping in till 10
Cowardice in the nose of a book; its slippery on the roads and the temperature is cool
@rustyrockets so do I; good to watch your newsnight proclamation of faith; must be happiness with Katy xx
@BevStubbs yikes! @pnkyoys are after me * dribbly nose *
@BevStubbs thanks for clarifying *huge relief* must clear your name BEV ISNT PNK TOYS
@BevStubbs who is she if whe isn’t you?
@BevStubbs your pink toys gave me a fright; I wanted to be friends with you
RT @feexby: Just tried The X Factor. Too hard for me. What with the crying and the shrieking and the fanning and the OMGs Does any singi …
@NicolaMac fired earth is part of the aga shop
Except those were bubbles and doctor zorbs; clinically romantic to beat the chase
Thought I put a person in there but that was an if track like reading something to find out
enquiry forms on tags to resemble place and shelve homes
Distant and specific belongings like things that don’t get bought
Following that man I had begun to be sort of prettier but then there was a lapse of exhaustion
One day I may write a book; when I’ve got enough electricity and when I won’t be greedy
RT @stevemosby: “If you get bored with nothing to do, you are not a writer.” Brilliant interview with Del Toro:
@robinince you’ve had a hectic schedule
Cripes its the gymnasts on loopy bars with stretchy arms and flexi knees; thank goodness for mattresses
Purple grids with bright lettering as the sprinters run in an emptyish stadium; wish I’d seen the opening ceremony
But getting worked up about notices is silly unless it is a drama
Notices without passion are barren prematurely; clipping wings on turtle doves for rum instead of safe keeping
@Peelcastle still here!
Crochet holes in purple tights; breathable strings on camisole vests
Be I but a button on a wax coat breathing peace through the holes of dissonance
Saddle strapping short stirrups with windy rides in paladian grounds
Found my coat with military buttons and hung it on the stand after a ride on around the loch on a chestnut
As opposed to comparative busy ness which is relative even between flakes and craftsmen
and then they say that they are very busy (that’s both of them)
The idea is that someone who is very busy talks to someone who isn’t very busy
The diplomat and the banker are going to be friends; they should have met years ago
It may be the denim dress with a woolen shawl to wear to the ceilidh in the village hall
Smoke sticks, nectarines, bananas and cream; it was four o’clock before I succumbed
@mywordwizard babe on a farm with pig avatars in hong kong; clean buttermilk and ambrosia; straw stacks and nose rings
It was a perfect day to sun bathe and think about the late night hopping about; close to the rest of rest of the time
If I’d gone bowling there may have been a rocket launch
Farm upon a manse with coat hooks; paper plates and ronseal
wife of the host who stood in the drive; plunge zip cagney and lacey
One didn’t like the jumpsuit and said was I hot; another did for a harley davidson
It should have been good to hang around; the one who visited with carrot cake had poured soup into polystyrene
Phone book folk with trowels and rolling pins; standing on the gravel with patience for christmas
Mrs hall still lives near the crossroads at the edge of the farm by the railway track; she may have shrunk
Senior caterers with home brews of braised lamb; easy on the salad days of pickled eggs and ice cream
brief encounters with retirement; last in the queue to go and eat
agendas for veranders with hosters and orange flower grasses; victoria’s mother was smiling
It was a gathering in warm sun with wonky pots and frail hairdos
Could have stayed longer to talk to the widow but nobody else had eaten the pate
The horse had a tick on its leg so I pinched it and flicked it onto the mud; don’t know where it went
The teacher with the tortoise was there to share orange juice; it was on a tray with a map
Planted the lisymacia in the earth and watered its red leaves amidst the battered thyme
Ball dinner in a netting dress with sultry food and one tiara; plant sale to find a hydrangea
@artografs going to a talk today
Being interesting is easy for one day, but reruns strain under the long distance of fitness regimes
@artografs very much enjoyed being a naieve bore with scanty business acumen; will try to make amends with twitter garbage
@artografs could meet tomorrow afternoon at 3.15 in delvinos on king street if you know where that is
@jjwardy hi james I’ve got this twitter address if you want to follow me xx
Dust watching spaghetti runs for ties in swallowing bowls
Don’t know if I can cope with actually knowing any of you on here
@artografs chilli platter skipping the bunk house to graft celluloid
Columns hollowed by owls through spectacle gulps; even for words mown as harvest lines
Addressing secrets and news through a bough of oak through a pane of draft proof
Deluged with rains neglect and seeping palour; cluttered by a former beauty waiting to infect
And your voice from way back then may wonder why the gorse has overgrown; why the reeds are wetter than the song
Warblers and butterflies; grass hoppers and ladybirds; the geese were strange because there were so many
It used to be a nature trail with guarunteed nobility
Went on a walk through the dead bog; it didn’t used to be waterlogged; it used to be peaty
The bog was still; it was dead but you spoke and it was beautiful
The archbishop of canterbury is smashing and I suppose the pope is okay when he waves and looks about
RT @Joan_Rivers: I’m going to give you a piece of fashion advice that I live by: Never wear anything that Winona Ryder wouldn’t shoplift.
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@artografs bungee jump the news today to flex elastic diving boards
@feexby yes you’re thoughtful…
@feexby lid lift laxatives for money boxes of granite, amethyst and sapphire
The end of the day begins with deal or no deal
While all the others held parties with feathers and bling rings and things
The retrospective wasn’t bad; it was just tiring not to have diamonds or a red carpet
Notching up community focus for bill and maureen with market stalls and party food at the village hall
In fact I never met deborah alan and bob; there was david, arlene and yvette and we were all very busy
Mostly rotas for teas and sandwiches to polystyrene tents and camping syndicates
Here and there for temping assignments; mumble grilled for chicken fajitas and work nights
competitions to live in margins or mark exit signs for ice creams and candy floss
@clemencybh wish I suited NY with bouffants and french fancies on shopping hips to street parades
Recording fun with verse and premonition while veins bubble with sound claps from orchestras
Extra specials with thumb pots and incinerators gluing radio waves and swimming pools
Developed persons depleting the sense of nothingness with facial expressions and lime cardigans
Toy dramas to epic bills of P45s and pet cats; the audience is out, busy for waking appetite
Luxury abstenance to time in abeyance; there’s a woman on her way from midsomer murders and the acting battallion
At home with a blackhead remover; quiche on the go to cook books and pints of double cream
Locum like to speed drills and pliers; left at bridges and intersections to circus ropes and high ties
The bt man is here with cancer slippers on big boots; wiring lines with bookshelves and exchanges
same tights with ladders for box dice on hundreds and dalmations
High rise department stores of six o’clock departures; sometimes dedication stretched the next day
Prom tunes of road drills and ambulances; polly pockets for staples and laminators
Coffee bleeding the paper cuts and ham things for minutes in lieu with deborah and the petty cash
Behind the photocopier with a green card to jam the paper; first name terms with alan and bob
Cross temp cradling the receiver with a timesheet in a tweed skirt and cramped shoes; tape recording messages with packs of biros
@missdaisyfrost I’m the disused result; trying not to be cross but lost coherence after 12 years temping (2 in a call centre)
@BevStubbs @MayorOfLondon may be in a vulnerable position if council were to form a soundproof curtain uprising #emilypankhurst
@MayorOfLondon love from your outside contender
@MayorOfLondon good luck
@BevStubbs may have to consult the lesbian council in group decision; please pass on
@BevStubbs going to sew some curtains today for a bit of privacy from patio men in the garden; will make them soundproof
Oh ye plasma and ye pleasure get ye gone and then direct the season to summer
@feexby you’re sweet and helpful though I’ve got noone to address complaints or odes to
@BevStubbs yummy mummy jepardised by talking to me #no boyfriendever
Never had a boyfriend explains why I’m at odds with karma; it shouldn’t matter but people try to help
Tea drinking on a deck chair after a horsey event in a sandy yard
@caitlinmoran hooray @martinamis has actually blocked me from following him
@TomCruise #MyWeekendMovie was a dougray scott’s diplomat from free sat; no butterkist, fanta or velvet to support hollywood
Really fluffy, the rabbit in the garden looking at carrots and turnips
May become an onion
@Beathhigh follow me and I won’t DM you with odd messages, again; only sensible ones about shoe laces:)
@BevStubbs okay so I don’t really have a grasp of language, but I like folding
@BevStubbs just told dr gillis what Barry thinks of him (academic who turned me down to do an MSc)
@BevStubbs barry humphries says academics have no SOH so my bio might change..pretend brains glow for @martinamis & @TomCruise
@DrAnnabelLecter damart has a great selection of thermals #wardrobe manager
Yesterday was mental illness but today isnt picnics; should go outdoors more often though
Simon anstell is very good because he doesn’t do the act
bad on the limit of same age or less; level the stage to digress about anything
An adventure with stealth procuring a boundary; blocking up bridges and going to the lavatory
An object of curious understanding posing in like me backs of strange hoods and strange lands
Bored with watching the happiness of lamas; cosy producers of colourful jumpers
And wonder why life mistook them for claws and sliver seers
commentators make good things from lol abouts to loaf about
The sentiment to win is peculiar to droole; why some things are made and others are cordial
Flag waving for all togetherness that makes nuggets and jewels from onions and spuds
The understanding is relevant to a business class; winging the suggestion to land on pageantry
The listener will have little to say on what the wish is supposed to do; rainbow dreams from backward files that don’t exist
Exciting searches for brollies and wheelbarrows that someone else has hidden them safely
A brain full of childrens programs while all the adults make news
Counselling is going to be a trek in the rain when I don’t want anything but a living
Dying swan, soot and bitchumen for poppins and bert in the rain; musicals and chalk for paint to seep in
@missdaisyfrost follow @dmuper
Maybe he isn’t signalling winks and charms from buses with sooty exhausts
It isn’t that bad over here; its out the way. The arcades sell informal gems from veg stands
Fringe on a man swept forwards to oban; back to the sides of dundee on bitchumen
The event was supposed to be loved on a verge; strimmers held metal arms and lopped cowslips
Dignity has no time for brewing a euphamism; grammar is the sign for putting down a microcosm
age is the dawn of dying for a swan; black ones with orange beaks and paddles to the overtures
fifty looks at forty and calls himself a bookie for a limit to the speed of smoothing the velvet
Settling instead for a stale biscuit, fags and some drizzly tea while the clouds buffet a bike on a highway
@Burn2Write good to find a perthshire tweet
silent casting collected belongings to stand in on house shares and doldrums
Nerdy twenty somethings with nit combs and banana snacks
And join me with catapults and braces on wry smiles and swollen bellies
From this picnic of sugar puffs and honey monsters I can see the alumni doing their best to scramble up the bank
Churning butter with washing machines and monday hoovers
Everyone is very busy in wales and the finnish villages on the continent
To coo through blades of grass with kinky thumbs and wind knots
Like somewhere in england, so those eclipse with heather, a rowan and a burn; higher up a gormless glen
On a sunny day by a willow and a picnic with cheesecloth and exotic fruits
I have not thought that I would lie, except by the reeds of a river bank
@Drumslinger I used to work at shakespeare’s globe and it was the most beautiful painted gallery where Pan whispered
@Drumslinger Musicians absorb the stress and are expected to accompany the rabble
@Drumslinger you belong in a minstrels gallery adorned with laurel leaves and a roman thong
@Drumslinger remember you’re the muse
@TomCruise @DRhoper said you’ll follow me if I pay attention to you
@DRhoper whens @TomCruise going to follow me?
Dear followers it would be lovely to hear from you from time to time; haven’t worked out how to mix @ with snowetry yet
@GregProops while there’s moonlight and music and love and romance
@DrAnnabelLecter maybe you should have a foot spa with spaghetti hoops
If I had four legs I’d be at burghley today
@randallwrites with watermellon miles and crunchy biscuits
@randallwrites cups with chocolate sprinkles minding swallows to africa
Talking about loneliness when the cows moo and things are relatively normal; stocking up for a book about what to do in winter
On damp fields for campers in goretex and courses to flag in beige jeans
A final check point with stovies in the evening with trailer drivers and ex vets putting ceilidhs together with brown soles
Children asking about loneliness swinging on a gate with curly hair and a warm september breeze
I was bucked off last week on the railway track by the pony for sale
Digestives strewn on the grass beside the refreshment tent with ham buns, foxes and hula hoops
The results flew off the clipboard scattering behind the last competitors bending my black jumpsuit to pick them up
To win back the motion amidst trumpets and basoons of tucked up sleepers clapping yawns and slipper socks to happy nights
Disused to some extent and then imported
Clarinets and benches, purses, pots and wind farms; all at play between on intervals of snacks, rounds and chimney sweeps
Never satisfied with the box and all the brightly covered pictures of musicians, actors, jingle tunes and stethoscopes
Wooden panelling for the connaught hotel.
The charity he set up in afghanistan is called; they make jewellery and have were commissioned to carve
He was recently a harvard university lecturer in human rights; he has built a school in afghanistan and he has a gigantic smile
@RoryStewartUK follow this MP
hot sun on the woolen dress with two vests and bridgedale socks
Sitting on the gravel in the garden with cigarettes, facebook and a clean nose
Sorry for picking my nose a lot of the time; even in front of newsnight
Support perks picking dust from baking sand and flour; somehow the finger always points this way
Habits apart from odd spots of brilliant attempts to fish out casualties from ladders and wheelbarrows
Screen faces with late nights and picking frames that set the following morning with lime green matter
@Joannechocolat thank you; at present I make the sound of the tipping bow of the titanic
@gracedent wonder if they’d mind me wearing my jumper inside out
@gracedent please make me a politician
Jesting prints in sand dunes and wet cement; initial qualities for tides and visitors
The swash of driftwoods from banana boats and libraries
Frowning up forgotten diameters in bubbles of swim throughs
Pawning the link of deep dreams to surface somewhere on the west coast
The business of being linked to a real life detective; no crimes to solve, only volumes
The stuff of taggart and peak practice with doctors scrambling the evening buttons on remote hauls
Maybe it wasn’t romantic, maybe it was paternal and evocative of settees and cosy danger
Relative spokespersons for a would be hostage to pack up and walk to freedom
A kind of police force of uncles, aunts and jam on toast
One that said we’re all at home, waiting for the coma recognition to come round
It was ever since that book programme on Sky Arts that I presumed there was a search message for me
Don’t know what a nexus is btw
For a blog spot and a window on Newsnight or the Review show, with a toe in Crimewatch and a nexus on The Bill
Of being a stalker; making up fantasy and dithering and simpering
Trying to persuade @DrAnnabelLecter I’m not a liability to her neighbourhood where the illustrious beathhigh lives; oh the burden
@DrAnnabelLecter I wonder if you have a bun with kirby grips and glasses on strings; whether you have an ivory letter opener
Zimbabwe’s forgotten children..BBC2
My eyes may have been cauterized; that’s all
Handle a garnet, pick on a toadstool, ease on the blaze from cigarettes and nose blows
Waylay the wanderer with fortunes in heavy weather
Better to grapple with a dandelion; half a piece of count down
The figure isn’t any good; too obvious for cheese on toast
be it a book or gloss, particles on Vandross; maybe a song for something to lean on; a pewter jug from swiss chocolate
Something official for the menu, asparagus for but a venue
brussel sprouts and hot potatoes, candle lights and daily papers
And recognise the duck on water, make it fly the shot to dinner
Lofty person to appear, mend an arm, a leg with beer
Wrapping ground for one side in brambles, bracken, peat and grass
incidents for joints and tendons; biding brook samaritans
Setting adventures in guide books for ham strings, living up the paranormal
Eighteen ports of annual produce, nineteen times the sound man
Though the hoppers go through and wines mellow; after thoughts to staying put
The walls are generally further from the water, blocked up to gates and stiles
Crisp and clear the mirror image, planting years of stone astonish
Eider mentor on a pond, there goes a shadow blond
Hot with limes and curly cows, blind with fever over dues
It claims though it hides, pepper beaches of delights
A robin, a branch, something solemn then a snare
Somebody loves me; just haven’t figured out who; I can feel it
@MartinAmis you’re being so quiet they’ve put you on telly
@alaindebotton hello mr denotton debotton
@vallethor thank you val; today I sat between morningside and fife and pillioned the living greeks
Am I possessed; did I call the lady a liar? Words folding between the drapery of magnified sound and vision
@Beathhigh think I popped out like a stripey jack-in-a-box; ‘Oi Mister! (would like to have been a bloomer)
@vallethor beetling back on the train home punching why’s about lost company. Don’t think I’m any more appropriate than dulcet
Poke an orchid to see it spoke
I don’t suppose the question was any worse than dismissive, though it seemed to be poke poetic
Are words supposed to be for all kinds or are they only for love popes and druids with dread locks
injurous for a brush to daube outloud notice; covet brilliance from what on earth
Those bustle chompsters with flexi brains, marauding dim spots with harpoons
With a parcelish retreat to pipe clean a grimy mind full of one meals and one days
Had to escape edinburgh before I was found peddling for command of a still kite; obscuring my own interruption
What do the grey lords do in their gardens with wisdom lines to span andromeda
the weather was blissful, the audience were parliamentary and the only person who wasn’t there was @martinamis
@DrAnnabelLecter thought Fraser should have written her mills and boon in scholarly prose; my utterance didn’t come across as complimentary
Must read the book before solving an impression of jealousy
One day when the young are vulnerable and have no voice to call a scholar
For heaven’s sake Pinter won the Nobel Prize and starred in the west end from a wheelchair
Is a real life account too good to be true?
Dissipation from infatuation through critical acclaim; should have expressed a pendulum for book sales
Clanger question conflicting the arts of experience and study so that I could hear the sound of my own voice; fabby microphone
Have bought Antonia Fraser’s love story having criticised it for not being written in the latin style of her historical works
I have a spare ticket to see Antonia Fraser in conversation with Ian Rankin at the book fest tomorrow 3pm if anyone would like it
@Joannechocolat I have a cello that I’m going to teach myself; how similar is it to playing bass?
@EffieMerryl ..please count me in for future serenades to art and culture
@EffieMerryl I’ve made a fool of myself in failing to act normally and blabbing about wonkers and celebrity conkers
Looking out from broadcasting with rose tips about gardening
It was george michael before that and then joseph fiennes and then tom hollander and then some other people
Maybe I shouldn’t seek out @Beathhigh in such a way to divert radio programming
@Beathhigh didn’t mean to swear but maybe I’ll apply next year after I have turned into something more than a groupie
@Beathhigh bollox I didn’t get on your creative writing course
Laughter stood up to slaughter and the bumble bee made honey
The reason for incarceration is childish as is the reason for freedom
On dashboards of lever miles to throw the margins backward stiles
Ships of foamy nylon cars bubbling up the highland view
From seas of boggly single eyes to fares of jutting water strides
Confessing to a barren moor to scatter chipped kaleidoscopes
@dmuper how’s your friend the tin man? (Oz)
All for arcs when sounds meet and rainbows pout to molten seams
Improbable grit on bowls in courtyards rolling by the stopper quote
At collar levels of bile and waste pouring dues to surveyors and architects
Going down the sideboard for a jay cloth on slips of beetlejuice and napkins
The tea is just the same apart from the urn and the sweet splosh of after you
When candelabras and boasts about melba toast plough fine farms of pate with tarragon
Not actually in a hospital but courting plastic cups, keys and linen trolleys in the aisles
exposure goes with pardoning brunch for lettuce and tomatoe crunch
Its tempting to revise hospital laws and sit in a yellow van saying ‘next left’ to a BLT
One of them says I’m dashing; half a man; a limpet of some description to a motor mouth
@jupitusphillip tell us about the marmoset on the ant eaterM
Maybe it is stupid to lay out the decks of confidence when shade is coloured richly to brim by close satisfaction
Had to explain I was a patient in the mental health sector instead of a practitioner and they were a tiny bit disappointed
They didn’t arrest me and when I got palpitations about @Beathhigh who I now admire whimsically instead of ardently
@EffieMerryl and her husband are the kindest most glamorous ex cops you could hope to meet
Maybe I could paint swirls instead of words
@Beathhigh thank you for signing my ‘Beggars Banquet xx
don’t know how I worry the dimension of security or how I feed on the best extension
@Beathhigh @EffieMerryl is a lettuce a stalker?   Effie and I are very excited about tonights eye contact; can’t think of question
Bits and scraps of doubt, passive except to gravity quakes where cries fill the deep crevasse and echoes time the hollow
Passive doubt housing slow destruction feeding on bits and scraps waiting for conversion
Cruelty bides time from cracks in walls; gleaning horror and dressing demurely, not sure about when disintegration matters
@DeanOfMusic pakistan, (venice), bangladesh, places where diseases follow suit
@DeanOfMusic (flooding)
@DeanOfMusic third world catastrophes versus stuffy metropolitan poverty
Sympathy reaches further than the cockney blight of flab and frittatas; its about puddles and oars
The age of beauty nurtured to lip gloss on foundation stones, soaping the breadth of washing boards and green vines
But parties of dust have settled on grandfather clocks leaving unwound chimes to bottle pops
Renewal is supposed to go in advance of the melodrama
Reappearing as just a banana for monkey heights and dappled effects
Machete in the jungle for parakeets and bananarama boats; ports grown back through thick convection
Yesterday was not at home on the day today forgot so today belongs to symphonie
Everything links easily to the spirit of adventure in mangoes
Equators of stick spaghetti intermittent with sun tomatoes to cut journeys from aspidistras
The wires were roped for tarzan to sit quietly on the ground and beat music to the indians
At the time there was no say in the direction of thought; it was palpable to palm tees and crickets in texts of photosynthesis
From battery lights and discotheques to luminous jellies suspended in watery bays
Every day brackets months and guides hands to stretch moons
It sounds like superstition to watch the whistle approach free kicks and shambles
There is spam and parma ham
Encyclopedia terms of permanent dues, cold catching the hot definitive for diction
Responding behind the meridian from sundays to mondays with an echo from what is said to be
RT @RoryStewartUK: I am deeply honoured to have been awarded the Livingstone medal….
straight before the golden flame of a thousand candles
The cukoo goes in brackets for dried rainbows on strange droplets
folding smiles packing unseen descents of unread books and grass cukoo thermometers
After she sang, she hid from the chasing act; improvised stares from escalators with raised hopes
It happened two days later on a pedestool with a frightened nun
There was nobody at the kiss; it was a look back on sondheim’s chance
Special as a thistle bur too high on which to tread
Couldn’t help the projector of how we bound; chosen anticipation for the garden weed – Scooter
possessed to curb the happiness of others; declaring deprivation to strokes of midnight smokes and macaroons
@john_self josie lawrence is superb
May have truly frightened the establishment with my application to study english
Or just biscuits or bones or juicy tendons and fluffy toys.   Maybe its time to get a dog
From negatives and super exceptions; wonder on a hooch; whether it bites everyone or just chum
baggage of the everyone drop, quiz shrugs and edit crops; this place is supposed to virtue and extra guesses
With less baggage after the sling; but what was in the deposit?
Mr and mrs could have turned out with this miss and not that one; but here I am
The escalation from so and sos and so ons; there could have been something to dig or one to hug
Capture seemed itself to be true; the blame of false representation on a lever, waiting for ping
Thank goodness its wearing off now but I’ve estranged the american friend
Drug companies make the same pill completely differently; I’m feeling more bonkers than you sual
The brain damage will subside and the swallows may come and listen
he’s going to write me a reference and I am going to become a lecturer
Dinner with an mp on thursday; I have invited myself
And yet the compensation is hurried to be ill: spook the corner of a lonely garden conquering gradual clematis and rowan berries
Didn’t have pneumonia; didn’t have leukaemia; only a disappointing broken toe and an adenoid operation
Hurty dirty schedule with bald skin on the gunky custard and the sweet hood of sucking fawn as a colour
Biscuits and elastoplasts; espressos and digestives; tomatoes and doritos; lemonade and muesli; then a hurty fudge donut
Hey everyone I’m
@EffieMerryl sun beams at the strain; wonder if your home is anywhere near mine
@EffieMerryl ovecast with wavy branches
Rhyming equations with the insult to bear down and pass on; favourite beans are having to get from
RT @domjoly: Bumper sticker on car in New York – couldn’t make it up…
There are french bits in this piece; the language is rude and the music romantic
I’m worth the exercise if I’ve had a relationship but just can’t seem to find the certificate
Yesterday I wanted to be in the FBI but I couldn’t get in; theres only me in my department
RT @quantick: Dirty South with Rich Hall is excellent.
@HugoRifkind is that his real name?
@Beathhigh have a lovely hol and cheerio to all the yanks
@stevemosby I love your name
@EffieMerryl you were very funny that night you seemed tipsy with all the martin amises
Turns out the tracksuit flirted at the shop mirror; back home its a bit trans sexual and the zip jams
The fringe as made a huge difference; soon I’ll be Socrates
Bought a blue stripey track suit; I want to look a bit like Beryl Bainbridge but there’s a gap between the words
The stalking expedition isn’t going too badly; missed the shopping trip but met someone from 6 degrees
I’d like to be a scientist if I wasn’t made of science
@EffieMerryl did that 20 mins ago and the squares absorbed
@EffieMerryl science applies to bathroom navigation; clumsy aliteration to sing songs on burbles
@Beathhigh if they knocked the loo roll I’d knock back
Competition pimms and the stampede to get there; proclamations left to the yolk on love me do
@katetrussler afore ye go why not come to the @edincityoflit thing at The Wash on The Mound 7pm tomorrow
I’m going to stay in the colons and stacks though * its early in the morning
On the art form
I’m in fact very pleased to write normally about my day at the bike training centre; I’m just a bit congested
Because of poems and news at each ends of saws. The specific idea is to extend the vernacular to a tree house
I’ve run out of english
Its pink
I’m qualified to drive my scooter
Got home and bought @beathhigh @EffieMerryl and thought about how to announnce my CBT; ate four yoghurts and sat with glastonbury
Passed my CBT at the airfield, passed the sheepdogs in a layby, passed the journalist and ate a seven inch roll; all yesterday
@mooninadewdrop this is looking like you’re counting yourself in!   There’s a glass of wine though it isn’t open mike
@RoryStewartUK having said that I’ve abstract sense and don’t want to make a muck of anything sensitive; peace to all
@mooninadewdrop The Wash is the name of the bar on The Mound
on tuesday, I’m going to the wash on the mound with @EdinCityofLit and wltm tweeters
@RoryStewartUK it felt posh 2 know u on newsnight Rory; well done
And I’m jealous of his spelling
And the vanilla aroma is nicer than the taste and the cars have mostly left and that robot @dmuper and me are destined
Coz I stopped doing sky so I could get freesat and that was a brilliant economy, offset by a purply face
So I ring the bank and then the telephones to cancel them out and listen to Handel
During customer service, my face goes purply on background sort codes to tennis scores; sky doesn’t know if I’m with sky
viper thrills on spikes against leafy buds with unfurled colour on falling heels
@VicGalloway in fact that’s a stupid choice considering I don’t want anyone to get burgled and its only the guitar I love
@VicGalloway please play the burglar song by philip green for beathhigh
@parisreview the first part of Solar is funny; the second is a scribble
It was topping with other bands in sparkly hats and dots of rabbits and buttercups
It wasn’t wise to move anywhere, so the stars examined mileage
He was atmosphere and you was hemisphere, lending steps across voids
nosey in with dime bars about barry chords in circus tents
It was the party with black sky, stars and barry white when I wanted to eskimo on the telephone book
Twizzling peace to blades of grass; catch will talk when the cast is hooky
So much for carp and trout with blossoms of midges on water bright
lonely scares the friends away
@StephenMangan I asked to be her meringue making lodger in order to borrow her view but she called me my dear, oh dear I wonder
@StephenMangan wise old @drannabellecter has declined to induce proceedings with @beathhigh as I’m a looker on a farm
The scooter is going to be fun; fut fut with biker boots and goggles on a string
Spoken to the airfield; signals green for scooter accomplishment; kick start to the pink helmet
Sardines, strepsils, cadburys, richmond, tetley, macaroni and a blow away rug; want a werthers
They’re back; we’re almost housemates
Its that pair of house martins in my house again; they’re tweeting on the lamp and swooping in and out
The one with the friendly um and the satchel belt; the one going fishing for lines and nooks; we’re on terms of trout and carp
@HugoRifkind write about your murdoch moss
Didn’t mean to win the election; didn’t mean to cough or be broke; didn’t mean to miss you out; I’m tie dyed
House martin in my house again; he sat on the top of the door after hovering on the bunting; wanted to ‘do’ recognition so said hi
Bird in my chest; its you in my vest
Pot heading the author of dropping stones, hail, pellets and self doubt; the feeds all swear they shouldn’t be inculcated: indeed
The top secret document contains a cat and one or two top men at hop scotch
The rescue was quite easy; a bit of disco on the coleslaw of criss crossing
The parachute was silky to fold, there weren’t any folds
We raided the stones by the stream; peeled them of their moss coats for a poetry event
@Beathhigh hello x pot
Let me in to tell me what to say, then let me go and dig with badgers
It seemed to be what martin amis did
Radial laws of going further than sponges sensitive to bolting reins
All bran fibre eaters, remington fuzz aways, things I never got around to in 3D
All brab fibre eaters, remmongton fuzz aways, things got around to in 3D
Personality did me in, it wasn’t advertised what went in
Dressing towels for bath times
1777 is the battle of sarra toga
Opposites brimming on cheerios for full marks on custard pies
Ear marked to set up the future with short cuts to long growth
love grew to a towering height when hair extensions taunted the scissors
Everyone else is too old, even the prams and the lollipop sticks; all at vantage positions for hand me downs
It isn’t fair to age in the what snott, never retained is the battersea dog
The point of maths and senior mathematician, just sort the budget with mr pepper pot
pestling status with a ground down of room for one, howzat clubbing for elbow room
Grasping the status of those and the howzat, dropping long sums on prospects and piles
Grasping the status of those and the howzat, dropping long sums on piles and clipboards
Something hilarious to laugh at, desperately on waddlers of where life is aimed at
There is no truth to the claws of this evening, cept the back bench of arrested development
The authors mentioned earlier are wan attempts to violently scupper; hermit crabs being found to surprise
A guide book on what to avoid, a honer on what is enemployed, rousing the expertise on doom
The problem with thinking about breaching is having read no books, forgotten all the points, stalled at all the plots to become
@rorymchenry I got the mute onto QI with my back to the tv waiting for DH on 4 after BB11
At economy temperatures
To do the hot point
The exciting bit is always getting Nero
Oggle and boggle
The past is piped on what didn’t redeem at the time
Rented for signs in promotion; windows as aisles are doors
Nabokoff and berkoff off; berkoff on nabokoff on
Frequencies to loot as synthesis to safety distance
lines to drained sinks and tides, semi repaired to note the eons
Noone meets on mars but there are signs
Brush bys of trousers and shirts simmering to spit pot roast
Kinkiness in traps, boiling points and polish marks
Call backs for animals and kissers, measures winding up in corners
This way home for painted murals, pampered walls from touching stipples, close to gates but near as hinges
Treads require the one twos with throat points; correlations reversing graphs with back stitch and spirals
There’s a lack of instinct before the breeze when puzzles sit and listen for bells
It isn’t to do with writing; in fact its blind and quirky, like a green man in the shapes of leaves due to bounce twigs
Prowling on the deposition, visualising blue plaques and cup days
Thought I was borrowing, thought I was winning; the power of seduction
There was a cheque to do with the student loans department, and there were zeros
@JohnFiddler you should see my fringe its lovely but I’ve got wet ankles and can’t be bothered to change
That was an MH (mental health) digression but now I have a fringe, copper hair and apricot yoghurts
Pretending I’ve got my own is all I meant, though in some ways I do, but then I get convinced and obsess with whether I dot
And pretend things are to do with children and mend invisible wows with searing
This habit of siring isn’t seemly, it really isn’t cheese to cuckoo all the time
Their parents stretched their fortunes docked, their counterparts as riddle stocked
To be afar from where they are, even than a hemisphere
With many children overrun and many of them chosen
Though that is what I am become, the gaggle of the future sum
Construed construed construed
And there are no pliants and there are no co defendants
And there are no limits
It is bright and early this morning but there are no piles of washing
Only gales and tweetie birds
And there are no men with slipstream fathering
Only horses running internal congestion
For there are no children in the sense of pygmalion
And pretend things are to do with children and mend invisible wows with searing
This habit of siring is unseemly, it really isn’t cheese to cuckoo all the time
Occasional love boums
Now of course I’m a deep thinker without stimulants; house martins come and visit and I wear elastic laces on my boots
@Rosyosy warrender park road
And the rant is here and the rant is there with what they are to the art not
Genre baiting to mental illness, ball wishing for swollen ankles, fresh and smelly, fresh and tired, day lengths to underwired
And then it was yeah and yeah yeah and then it was yeah and cool and double bounce; I liked ponies and headcollars
Couldn’t pronounce
And everyone said it was stone wall so I looked into that, and then it was tip tree so I loked into that and then it was dowry and things i
Just because
So anyone old is as good as bald and the equivalents like me where I am. It isn’t the instinct to despair the was, for I carried it through
But I’ve already passed my d of e and already graduated without a proper photograph and I don’t read books and want to be adopted
And I’m still poud of buying tights, saving for prince philip and the garden party invites
And I still don’t get to talk to society women or swank around with colourful shopping
And those are the things that keep me wondering, tooth brushing and the daily routine
And they all said it was tuna fish and did I want to snap the wishbone, and I thought about those things hard and long
And the cheese came by as it always had, and so did the chicken and the offers of orange juice
Exhausted all the time to think nothing of belonging; it was £4.25 to earn an earnest fortune
Becoming a portal of myself to live sobers with inebriates
Left one at the cinema, maybe a late deal to stay up for new year, maybe a rolls royce, maybe denial in a normal voice
Baby up a chinese mountain, maybe fries with a cheeseberger
Didn’t know what I’d did with it, as if it were a bullet from it
And I went on as if a catastrophe, as if, as if, as if
At least they didn’t serve to be
Miss P45, with flat shoes and kindred spirits; you see none of them were in the know
Fancy, going back with mother to buy an annual bra, then buying for a back pack to china and australia
It was because I said I’m getting and the getti glossy with all the picasso and pisaro. The tongue I have isn’t morningside, it isn’t dame
An odd boast that stands to be corrected but I’m having my hair done instead; I’m getting a fringe
I don’t have anything to do with a toothbrush
The presumed message is where the toothbrush wants to live; not brushing is still on strike
@Joannechocolat yum yum please
A task of relatives lounging around while the mulberry bush choppers overhead; there may be someone in the ribbons
Negotiate with another half; arrange a move in date
Its the day to absolve the rights of love; do some remembering
@Rosyosy please follow me and pretend to reacquaint
@hayfestival Looking at my darty eyes to see if they’d pause, so I mentioned sewing & tipped the crystals; he said they were preservatives
Looking at my darty eyes to see if they’d pause, so I mentioned sewing and tipped the crystals; he said they were preservatives
I wasn’t sure if it was birth or witness and that I had lead pipes; he noticed I would remember and wrote my name on the label
It was in the floor matting and the collar of his tweed coat; the windows were shut as we looked at a letter about me on screen
And when I went in it was bowels, birth and registrar; asked the man who am I and he smelt like a country practice
The picnic is going on without me while I wonder on the friend in the waiting room; we sat 2 metres opposite
I’m wearing two jumpers and a pair of socks while the rest of the clothes go round the machine; I don’t change as often as others
I’d like to find a haggis
The ones without arms and legs, mainly wings and prayers; bold magimixes, teflon suits and breastplates
I may be a bit raspy, and can’t believe anyone would want to follow this but I am hugely flattered by 34 xx
At chair round conventions with bits and bobs and tonner sur latta
They’re the parents and the parents parents who arrange uncles and once removers
Those I know well are still the man at the door, the cook with odd socks, the one that says absolutely, and the one with buckets
About having to make do between ordinary and beautiful words
Family with his’ n their rebellion
That would lead to a large cheque and a punnet of strawberries and maybe a mohican
Of fame with the fat man or the thin man or the spoon holder or the excuse me passage
Or the prize department
That wouldn’t link me to dame shirley
The piece about long tall grass
And when I got home I had left the Agreement on the computer
And an out house with a secretary and some sit on benches
And a psychotherapist and a young peoples poet
And a young one with jet hair and another one that did the meal with butternut squash
And a granny that was next door and a person called andy and one from ireland
There was a philosophy teacher with awful breath and a man who had moved to europe
Who asked for her own room after the first night
And a fat woman who was sharing space in the bedroom
There was a woman called pam at the top of the stairs before that
He had taken off his m and s hat
The fat squire said it was to do with the screw tops as we settled the lasagne
@Beathhigh tell me he isn’t shared and I might leave you alone
@Beathhigh upload from your mobile
@Rosyosy this is you we’re talking about though may only encourage me to imagine the three of us as candle lit dinners.
@Rosyosy love the handful of light on your website, think I found you @beathhigh who I have been stalking, met him once in the 90s
@Rubywax oxford OMG
@mooninadewdrop come to the wash on 29th june for @edincityoflit monthly event so I get to meet you, I’m hopeless
And I wore a brown cashmere suit with hiking boots and hairy shins
At the lovely and most beautiful part of loch ness
And a beautiful group to work with who all arrived in beautiful time
a beautiful hardback with stripey ribbons and beautiful blank pages
With a beautiful flower on the front, a beautiful title
The writing course didn’t go very well, the note book was purple
On wooly sofas
Drugged into tiredness for things to conclude normally, chapter versed and not lived out; consider the sheep
Hand high stitches with answers in still life
Lush gains obscured pace, long tall grass
Mediating whittle positions
Swills of red shoe spectacles
Correlation clumped with listeners restraining to gander yonder
Blether for winter to pass as summer
loved and inflected, basking for clothes
Prisms assess noise
A historic component to sit and learn
Hearsay percieves fight as a flume of logic, and parts swell to overlap
Buttons to attend suction
Action replenishes the level, symbiosis to perplexity, setting the ride to need
@EdinCityofLit the loveliest persom there was Rita Bradd (United Press)
My home has been consigned to house dung beetles
@OrkneyLibrary p andrew is weird
If you’re not a knightie you’re pajamas
Close to the dream
Though it got me in a bad mood
Goodnight all ye worlds
The chest and the head with benalyn and tixylix
Though the vest was the proper mas wig I mean the wig was the proper mans vest
Go in the general direction and try not to stall and stall in suggestion
And kitchens with nails and video recorders, always having to get carter
With the tooth pick jars and vaselines, with paltry colds and common side burns
In case they brought ruin on themselves and wanted to heave it
That they may have said but didn’t mean it
The women folk with real chaste and lest, that were it the case
Because he was born with spot lights and quest and the other men went to gorpe and infest
Then the proper man avoiding spam and singing in a weatherproof vest
And the men at the back saying wojerwonna doo vat faaw
And the men in barns with cold stream onions, tied to hooks and assembled with knobbles
When rome was apparently straight lines and forts and the vikings wore pointy hats and the stationary was never mentioned
Looking about with text book hang ups on the telegraph poles and early coals, wondering how it all got built
More for the less and constant equations
Passing round the whispers without meaning to about under arms and telephones
The woman that wouldn’t grow up and neither would the dog or the ketchup
When the two men were always questioning
While the trouble makers pined with men that weren’t men and got into dizzy spells of bad taste and tooth picks
Making the dog come back from long walks and car boots with other men wanting their posessions
Making them smile with garbos and launch pads, making picnic haunts and barbecues
With the way that the law really worked with the women’s hair grips and accessories
Of them at family events were michaels and hippopotamuses wanted to become friends
Because the professionals were charming bullies that got into photography by letting other men take pictures
Were professionals because they knew what had to be done and the women at home that all wanted to leave
And the man that didn’t read the riot act and the man that said he was doing somebody else and the men that said those two
@Beathhigh you won’t mind me saying I love you considering all the others its just that dating bothers me
@andydiggle please send him everything and not everything
Is the grab
I don’t feel stupid
He didn’t like me smiling at the car
Biddies being cordoned to the schedule, the sun coming out and the renault man making a dash
And the renault at the front, saying the word silk, and the woman by the saltanas, and the total yoghurt
A good thing really
A kind of relay
wolfing the shelf guarantee for others to reach
Bargains lending checks for brief acquaintance
The advertised things with percentages off
Stickers and slogans to draw the others
On what happened bought
Afterwards with empty temptation
Dodging the presence and snatching what happened
Is about though I have no idea
And the man at the end has a message about what all this
The woman in the square smiled in her hat; though ‘scuse me trolled at the fizzy can
Frances, bye
The empath waited for me, outside the witness; she said
The empath waited for me, outside the stained glass; synchronised brother from an exodus
Treble levels spitting on plaits and bobbin socks
Internalising tans from sugar plantations
Sounds of ambience from cows passing fudge
That organise happy accidents, twenty runs of greening crickets
Doctors and nurses of the judgement kind
Moved on from robbery to form friendships, generous caverns tween grieving and rigour mortis
So the suspicions have all come back
but they have all gone through
I appear to have lost the houses and cars, businesses, airports, holiday inns, and quavers in return for getting off suspicions
@andydiggle and now I feel disappointed about a love affair
@andydiggle and this means he may want to avoid me at all costs, having said at the book signing I could come along
@andydiggle but I sent him odd messages so he dumped me
@andydiggle showing up to meet ian rankin who agreed to follow me on twitter after a book signing
@andydiggle I’m presuming a parallel universe where the writers group at the wash in edinburgh tomorrow is about me
@andydiggle I don’t mean that horribly
@andydiggle that’s a no show but it isn’t enough
@andydiggle ian might have scrapped me but can you put a word in
@Beathhigh I don’t expect anyone knows what I intend to do least of all me but hope you might show up to tell me I’m conservative
@Beathhigh wish I wasn’t wondering why I didn’t sent you normalish messages I’m coming specially to the wash for a rankin attempt
Deserving love of a pointed ear; a whisker with a wart and a disappointed value; magnet detracting works to muse in disaster
A tuning instrument sitting to grape vines, cute little butlers with hoodie tops and pudding bowls
Shadows to garden pans annd high heels: sloping chests feeding at a rate where bow wow sketches to howl as it may
Things take part to bury their commission: cedilala leans her thrust then the quarry lends her birthing bricks
Scathe the exceptions among the brethren to defer their means; scopes to become better than stroking spelling mistakes
To budge the steam of influence through the tunnel
Though that isn’t what he said and I only have a photograph
Of a freckle
That the powerful illusion should hope on behalf
And the friar is right about magic turns
It was why I said I didn’t believe in magic
Hobbit was never invented for me, hobbit was my secret horse, then a dog to reassure she knew me
@HugoRifkind I’ve met one
Carbonated on rims of popping the surface
Moons fowling proposing seals with bright rights to indoor peels
With bits on the side to parcels and bread sticks
On what was worse before thermals and cast offs
Extending completion with forecast horizons
Involved to tech tronics and modish bubonics
Disposing the feast and pleating the wake
Working up patterns for flush feats
The infamous how to combobulate
Basing every hook with dream clouds
Wondering what happened in the past tense
I have blocked the news ststion because I am a victim seeker and not a journalist
@antonyjohnston accurate
Why would an individual scool ban an individual university ban an individual * thank goodness
@MartinAmis I have to ask
Dot to dot versions leading to ohio
There should be post film arcades where you come out the cinema to the film you’ve just seen
No really
Is a film about the scene; hollywood is boring
@Beathhigh you’re so good you’re nonsense
@Beathhigh it turns out the scandal has to have direct experience; sensation determines I have destroyed discovery
Pain become interesting
Puzzles about the postcards
And dj films from inside wins
Miss gaps from bridget jones
Meeting old women after prison
Clawing on the age gap for things to recoup
Educating desperation to appear in a nightie
The poor thief
Apparently something lives by the statute
By hurt to cause surprise
I don’t understand what I have done
Those clever days of shrinking headways, how I knew I wasn’t six
All change!
We’d all be moved up along the corridoor, instantly to geography
A wee in the pants saga from queues waiting outside; blushing at the code of experience, then the classroom changed
Getting me to remember the classroom where the alphabet lived with newts in the summer term
The mr funny photo has gone awol, but memory lane was hysterical
That photograph where I’m under the painting, looking up to what was equal height
Today I remembered being scared of cushions though now they aren’t a bother
With different shampoo
The year of nearly four foot two
I remembered the smock, for instance, and the sit nexts and the stand nexts; we were the same height
They created memories for me; took photos and doctored them so my head wasn’t so big
I ordered the socks and tea towels (for the winnings to be processed quickly)
A competition based on being an award; the only question is wondering when the cheque is
I have won money in a competition and wonder if the return coupon was abducted by highwaymen wanting mens socks and tea towels
Able to skin refreshments
Somehow gallant to measure the burst and be rooted
Apologising to see off the influx of the of; sunny smiles with feather boas; speakers bringing the garden
@MartinAmis can u follow
@davidhepworth WHAT!
Earning a fortune from the hermitage
Recently she invented the snob
In benidorme and mantua
The big issue of holiday castles
Kissing her on a copy of the issue
Compliance with putting off the bakery
Pausing nostalgia with the busker
Reserving the fare of not too bad
Challenging the integration of public loos
She parades as the hostile witness
Both known to doritos and salsa dips
Counterparts to equilibrium
Sharing the traces with kevin and torquil
At this point in her life I’m forgotten
Cranking up the days rewards
That will happen in the evening
Give a niggle to her arm for a glass
Concentrate on my wife as a sonnet
Hammering companions to delight
Due to the side effects of auction
Putting materials to motion
At this time in her life she’s a florist
Why did she ever give up?
Pounding the ball girl who’s thirty six
Batting the instinct for tennis
The radio goes abroad like this
Thick huddles of opportunity mobbing the pedestrian button
The place for a bongo full of chestnuts
A library in reach of sock shops with bus lane connectives
I am officially done in
Accepting solace as a focal gate; dragging two in one and back to two
But the straits of the sphynx
On whose concern
The worry of not being able to distinguish ANYONE apart
We were only flat mates
The princess theme nags the hags
I never was any good at history apart fom doing concentrated lessons
Entitlement to sharing cells and splitting logs
Reading aloud some force vibration
What page are we on
reconnaissance to language and hammers that bounce
Scoop masters to baffle florence and repair bunty
All muddled in lines of stepping stones and vines
And malady and shakespeare like canaletto and robespierre
A thing in the garden like caeser and borneo
With guessing and crunch to iceberg and vetch
Waiting on wattle be next
Peering enough for deck chairs and light books; ones that look like sandwiches
That every hedge is privacy
That everyone is privacy
Whif words from hedge boards
Disposed with plastics and fumes particularly
Fresh brocoli on squashed cutlery
Yawned and booed by bowls of soup
Sense that does not apply directly
Names on scores of personal cross offs
Cressida, Caligula, Herules and bravitas
Main taps to temporary joy
When snap, when snap and ladder downs
Plural times to plural times
Side stepping hypnotisms
Two by two holding hands
Barge masters for all fours
Whispers sent to brave the doors
Sound to desert and mend ranks
Bound to exert and think it thanks
Forgiveness in gullible pranks
trading for gifts and bouquets
The other one Troy’s
That one man is amnesty
Ear millions to white noise
Popular recovery to save the specific burden
And the encore
The pig to be living
Like the gap between
Of something
In truth to that the declination
that handbags are all that anyone loves
that napoleon scoffed on icing
Decorated in promises from miss piggy
Having polished off the last pink french fancy
Epics of still lives and effective shadows; wearing shades and grinning
And got shrunk to fit the silver frame
Of how Minnie brushed her hair for the photograph
Thinking up stories on what became the accident
Good times are circuses on fairgrounds on zoos on hospitals
That hard times conclude with learning
Footing the bill for everyone’s mill
Fo all the battles and symphonies hush
To peer at the fold and remind them to wash
Hanging on a towel rail
And use the word minstrel
Allowances for history to make some jive
Grasping the vibe for twenty seconds to let the give
My favourite tune is mozart says the reader of a jaunty hat
Could it be a song
Not exactly pausing or reflecting the still bare time for a mayor to come slong
caught in the sun or icy toasters
Versus pins and freezers
Hoppy peckers
Perspired or evenly dusted from smelt or pigeon lusted
Not exactly transacted on musical bumps; perfunction to the manhood mumps
As heavy density spares the while to leave the curb with spare change
Trancing gaits to hose those tights; wash the car to spec rights
Tram pairs of like accomplishment; nestling mechanics of mechanisation
Talking weather and meat to handy metaphor; moulding globes of bright eyes
Fuelling exports to hot cups and tomatoe sauce; standing by the growl of hungry protocol
Combusting the new dawn from hyper ventillation; simmering the plop for there by the body shop
Prodded as the landmark on passers by inscriptions; biddy cleaners to square centres, doing justice on litter collections
Maybe it will be a beautiful statue
Maybe finding the fireplace will be too cold
The door mat says OH NO NOT YOU AGAIN
It isn’t clear what spilt bitchumen does or what holes of wood do as souvenirs
It may echo a bit but the police station is just beyond the gable and someone has a pet that could be alsation
Mostly the place is yellow
And a free shelf rack was taken out; it assembled itself at the point of sale
The floor is treated and the bitchumen has gone, though holes were pinched and the skirting boards were swapped
An old cooker was found, made of cast iron in the recess
The kitchen is already fitted and the washer dryer has arrived
A door is going back where the frosted one was taken down, and a hole in the wall will be dug to dind a fireplace
The trap door is coming down to raise the ceiling and a light with crystals is going up
Though the last sentence is separate and not a punch line
Masses of ideas to creatures on ties
Masses of them with no address but dame edna
Where husbands sit on lime chairs with cocktails and parasols
Picking on fame and fortune
Clapping eyes on three twirls in spangles
For folk at home on squashy couches
Charting rain drop tracks on window panes
Wrestling for undertones
And all I said WERE dumb things
And the circus cheered without me
And the settings on the chip in my head wee downgraded
But the tight rope became loo roll after a tantrum
All wonder woman
A leotard for circus
A collar fo politics
A costume for brownies
It began as a change in the loo
At your service your majesty
A hypochondriac with loads to do
Body larks about hurts and needs
A heart that isn’t actually there and now the head has gone from pierce to helmet
Fixing a headache with soup and a can of beans is bloating after fasting, I now have heart burn on the right heart
For extra charm on the long while; wondering about lasting
Confessions for glow worms to please the stirrups; footholds for small shoes in the wrong style
Made up to dry the dunes; hot days to sheds in winters
One at a time to shore the groyne; there and back to rate the tide
Touring with 60 passengers for air balloons
There is no gateway for the donkey except pegasus
Neapolitan mythology about the juxtapose of blocks
And grow wings in flavours of amputation
Having to hide a lot from those lot and talk to a duvet cover
Because of the grammar slangs of action
Self determination
Doing words are prepositions
@Beathhigh I hope you’re following me really and that you might forgive me really
@EffieMerryl and ian rankin has gone and left me even though we were engaged to become friends at his book signing at central lib
@EffieMerryl not as odd as radio 2 are apparently following me
Blameless I in the substance of carriers hoping to suit spots and taffeta
One of them went off with my compact so I had to find a spade and dig for theft
One day I was desirous but the powder was borrowed for a sand storm
Being indestructible is the best use of having to remember
And find the bunny out of sorts
For hunger is already satisfied in nearly dead; the bother of having to rip things
Figuring how to beak the mimmick and pass off as a hoppety tummy
Tastier than the still dinners
And make them feel sory for hoppety bunnies
Moving the vice of carrion; conveyed feelings to hypnotise vulchers
Disarmed the reader to qualify resource
There could have been a chance for intervention; but the cold biscuit
The meeting never took place on tuesday; it didn’t appear to be a mistake
Self preservation is a cost to be happy with; debt cleared for a full range
Everything is fine and should not be confused with self alarm
Red spot in the tea really is secret; if they find out I didn’t drink it it may go into a goujohn and then I’ve really had it
Though newton is a problem and so is watt
Bugging the socks off delicate history; calling to be knighted and endowed
Angering the overnight of what went from point to point
tier hooking the pliant hand; to do despair of strawberry want
Making mistakes as a careless empress; completely muddling the fondants
mischief on squares; when adult growth is the size of rectangles
As torment strips to brain straits; folding in a dead furrow
Shell suits
Assumptions woven to roll stones on logs; rafts on land for going after
The fields of private law or taste; somehow done up on cardigan buttons
And anyway this was about a fruitarian; there weren’t many veg
the fields just don’t suit the grazer; buttercups and thistledown or lush excess
things that we potted out; sweet williams, lettuces, beetroot, sprouts; all for peter rabbit
It was strictly physical; an athletic accomplishment; to do with yoga
And finding a new beginning is as inventive as lying; I may have been a genius
I may have been a genius watching from a table; granny baked conflakes on macaroni with oven gloves
If everyone voted for a-z
Half a c word to apologise about b and d
Wandering around the field day in the kitchen, turning up croissants
Bill with his gordons of helium
Where feet adjoin the cast of gravity, plodding the sprint
Where customs stand and what fibrilatos are
Something obvious like where doors go and what handles do
The announcement of mimics at the fall
In fact no party at all
Motherhood plastered by polypropolene walls and the doll extension,
All the dummies have frown up and have passports
This decade of h*ll
This labour cannot happen again
It has to be private DIY
Sincere women in the men who commentate the snooker
About politicians, there ought to be a new class
@JeremyJHardy is right
The quiet fruit has gone soft as well, embezzled to live in a stylish bowl
How old you are and wise you were, look forward to stump and the hour of light
And learn to learn the sorries as strenuous expeditions
Simper for the hot tomatoes with big chops, guzzle the dalias
Find gemimas with long legs instead of webbed feet, glue the sticks of arms that grow hair
Drawing the green shoots instead of the harvest, repose with gulls that are fixed to pictures
Be less bad tempered and like the washing up, be a housey farrow for brooms to lean up
It may be as well to go clean and live with giants in knobbledy shelters in the hills, dedress the geese and throw them cheese
showering the honey of sticky dress, purple soap for flourless cooking, taps to rinse the hares retrieving
As well as the lands that wear silent treads, cluttered with indoor sounds to eat honey pots
to leave a key under a regenerative brick. I’m sure this house is supposed to be mine
siren mending barricades to go all round, somehow the dinasaur
Stalkers to walkers or moans to friends, the appeal of showing up in ultra violet
Couldn’t help being a male this afternoon, anxt about getting answers to answers
I don’t actually want to know anyone who thinks I am what I am
As if this is a box of setting broken zeros, recently compiled from one without experience
I’ve recently been promoted from one of those to a kind of aura of a newspapery thingumy
Edging a loser
Its fine to stay with the young and frown unmemorably and thank the structure
Cooing to go and skin the milk or creep down the settlement bank at a picnic by edging loser
The young are frighteningly clever, all the mates
Remarkably happy stoned to see the reform, then straightened to the flags on soggy sausage rolls
Rev against genes or primulas and pandy annuals. whether kermit was wore flares or if sixties bores are light
Relying on the card issuer to mark things up
An irresponsible age to be at 29 percent
The credit card writes a percentage to adventure, so does the leaflet
Secrecy is a very serious invention
Surpassing my own judgment to be in tension
Why wouldn’t I remember what I voted for 15 years ago
Top man who had come all the way especially
And when I made pavlova for the blues they said they liked it and I dished out coronation chicken but didn’t ask a question to
Still not sure what the wrongest party was, praying it was green
That I didn’t live in because then I lived in london though it turned out you can vote where you grew up. Then I went postal.
And ages ago back in the poll booth days I think I may have voted for the wrongest party because I was taken to vote in a district
Though I tore along the perforation line by mistake
I voted blue because of the union
Concave convex
Skimming the ends of hands to pass by
The concentration of numbers in places
Years are seconds, were seconds are seconds, and so it goes
Therefor time isn’t a map because not everyone likes gerberas and the sun doesn’t always have petals
Eyes appearing at grids of gerbera intersections
Consecutive circles as venn diagrams to turn flowers
A day is an hour and we live in seconds
A month is a day
Apply this to seconds too and each hour is differentiated and the tree day thing is three handed with bong on sunday
As the third part of monday and wednesday and twenty past four is four o’clock like quarter past three is too
Toothpaste for example may be what started up fridays
Wide friday may have something to do with the month mix up
Two tuesdays or two thursdays plus saturday probably means that every other day is thursday
Time to reconstruct counting with 100 as lower than zero or start with the number 11
Have a massive wedgie and trousers are falling down
Forgot about december so adjust the sums
40 days temptation, minus months with the word ber in then and there are nine legitimate calendar months, or something like that
Obsessing about the name drop is a worry and I am bored
Having to go back and play jumpety jump
Preparations taking off letters like reparation, PS
Where are the soft words but layered in matresses
Spineless awards to having to lean and go around with biscuit been
Pathetic green flubber grubs with digit problems
And anyway what about the other features
At least in these times
Prepared from a stronger pitch of never being edited
About her to the handles she heeled and all the other bottle blondes
Instating the granny conundrum of birthing with marilyn
And hope to find eyelashes with cursors above board
To hoist the escorts
Culturing the eyes to water at flies, but playing cheerio
Falling over going shopping but smoothing the bed scene
In the wrong quarter of real life
With everyone teetering for a golden dominium
And out of depth is customary
Where nerve shears are deliberately atrophy
Getting the blood to think no factually
Exceptions thought bacterium
Allergies treasured through thick and thin
Ferry chores for even convicts, running hard from bread lane
Riches accomplished to straight logs, gapping the cuent for dingy boats
Gatsby everywhere with pollard trees by river swimmers
Companions to book notes wondering how to squat with publicty shoulders
Finding horrors in specs and globs, only wanting to sail the fuse and gad about with past present
Personnified bacteria
Oddly thorough about personal hygeine
The self same subtraction of what is required
Hearing about the reserved place for a wittier accomplice
Anything can be done to indulge the vacuum
The cherry slice was just sitting there, despite the throat warnings in the passage
To be safe from harm and acknowledge the podium
Applying for allowances
They’re all a bit helped
Not proper ones
But there aren’t any stars left
He was the postman
And its time for his show
Anyway I’ve seen that thing and there won’t be anything to be done coz I was wrong about lovely fat harvey
This is a tough and slightly boring way to ruin my poetic attempt as these bribels could go on for hours
They’re all part of what goes into entertai
From the food codes every day, give up to the sailors and their story. There aren’t any unusual usual seer analogies left
Give up
Slap stick decorations on the menu
Something may have gone on between the balti
Bad guy good without a slide, this nothing blast of wetting fetch
The thing about bleating to destiny, as this task appears to vault
With overcome guys to prop the legend, a happy
The hope that his is tragedy whatever he deserves
There goes wotsiz run, the bloke with bulging tragedy
settling scores like the doubt about everyones, all pandies
To the shape of public image, a doctorate has no perhaps
The part of exception
A drop of oil on the crown, an excited town
Without actually naming ointment instead
A figurehead again, courting the seer with delevation’s pire
The bit where the bit chances with usual flair
Something on the haste to inscribe the distaste
Not as a joke but surrounded by pink stallions
Its first thing and the short story is just inquested
The time when the at is already there
Not having enough awakeness to include the report before the before
For something better ahead
Not just disinvited
To be being disinvited
Then sitting on it
Going back to gawp
Standing back to gawp at the lodge in the pipe
Only reflecting signs of disasters
May be persued because I don’t know what I am leading
I think I
Especially good with ice cream to cool down the required temperature
I’ve gone off soup actually but the mains are scrumptious
And lids that turn to stand the plates with nifty soup in beige pots
NHS foods arrive in wheeled tray hubs with go through swing doors
Could do with seconds
I’ve just had leek and potato bake with lettuce and coleslaw
Little bit left and little bit right
Car talk has plunged orientation towards the somewhats of hypnotism. I’d like to be shown where my ignition is
What would a tractor say
I’d like to follow clive james and barry humphries but with protected interest
There don’t appear to be words from men with actions
Woops I’m searching for throbalongs
Jude law
@Beathhigh that’s a highland fling
Jostling for an equal forfeit
The way the plates met in likely street
It wasn’t supposed to happen to either of them
Designs about sundays with cauliflower and crackling
Designs about sundays with cauliflower and cracklings
The matter of shape being qualified to excrete
Breakages at coast with bruised waves, parsnips daggered to sunflower oils
Filming pockets on vacuum cleaning
Nestling with bones and porcelain
Wrap folds of cans and boxes, polystyrene fragile haters
Octopus saying its suckers don’t look like arms
Gazillion to the framboise
One main man for the rest to shrink from
Prolific expanse letting sizes of portal spaces
Obsessing with links and the shapes of noses
The study of Scrounge
@archiehamilton I have drunk the paris photos and now I’m following
For not having been brushed for the big boss
Allowing toes to walk upstairs and get sent back
Tacos between cornflakes and words
When they obviously live in the front room
Housing them and pretending they don’t belong
Teeth clenching is a major sign
That the husk was jolly as a packing medium
That decomposition was a folly for spirits to worry
And somehow the safety net meant noone could come back o holiday so it was all agreed
But the emotional line suffered to belong with time shares
There should have been an arrangement with clothes and holiday houses
Cigarettes and pices of toast, muesli bars and pot roast, there have to be rhymes
Why di I never except bribes excep to be bribed
Sentences with ‘I’ in, like ‘I weed my trousers today filling in a railcard form’
I’ve had it with Phrasebook but poetry isn’t comfortable with hullabaloo
Annd excited about the harm non poetry as on my station in life
My neck feels a bit unscrewed and by buttocks have shrivelled this week and on wednesda someone gave me red eye balls, ugly enough
Was doing the supper and it was all the way after supper that I actually let the thing out
At least I think I ordered 10s that arrived as 12s, but she hasn’t worn them since the day I didn’t notice straight away when she
A nurse would want to have my maternity trousers from next, she’s got her own from the range four years ago when 10s were 12s
With bitter incomprehension about muesli
And be given the deaf ear from deaf people
Or say itd be fun to be a cop
Passed up the chance to wave batons
They were hoping I wouldn’t notice and I only just have
It wasn’t clear what the grown ups were doing, as tired as the day
Referred with going around towns, collectively all okay
Whose who by awful friendies, the reference to special concerns
Be advised about loudspeakers and Neddies
Think up surprises with car time crunchies
Pay for most of the cabbages
they had to put on displays of cheering up down times
What grown ups do is forever a mystery
A likely discussion at some point, companions where companions oint
Enough to live for another version and maybe avoiding the cinema collision
Why the talk was dull and not quite boring
Relationships arriving and then going, the bizarre affair of never knowing
Pointed shacks of nearly over, the barbecues of clearing soon
Adventurers with mediated interest, after all the news from last holidays
The bore with her carrot cake, the sweep of where the brooms live
Prioritising the grey of what to do, less with barbie, more with who
As it sounded so silly, and special journeys every penny
Having to go and boil the kettle and get the mugs out and not use a tray
Designing the knot of being a bother, wading through the thought of jay cloths and kitchen jobs
Being asked about wanting to feed the ducks and peel the sprouts
Foot in front of the other and not having to use much arm swings
Half the way to the park but not necessarily back
Loitering for any more with the chicken, and still playing pinkie and walking curb walls
As was my blank verse in calling back to be narrated
At the time with no future indices, demonstrating the out downs to australians
Keys on the ledge or post it notes, neither the same for braised lawns, I mean warns
Orientation and the safety of info formation, the presentation of how things would arrive
Clothes and the all fours of standing up, to soft elastic and velours lean
Finding mothers extolling head bands and tracksuits, always with strong lines
Othe garden fences as strange as rickshaws, with stick perfumes from light cabinets
A religion forecast of where things wouldn’t necessarily go, provided that the world still produced carbon monoxide
The appearance of drum sticks or bread crumb forfeits, while desolation was the old folk mormon
Evidently fresh to concentrate waste and then kip down to early spaghetti
About what would happen to implode the Brads, characters from bragg dads
None of these things happened to me, they were passed through the tip tree
Adventure depletors for going home to win the ball of hair in the gel zone
Settlements with wherefore advice, shimmy discretions against the goths or a tardis
Having to wear specs or tracks or sing in the chorus, anybody tasks to the life ahead
French pharis to ferris’s day off, the mist of wires that goofs the youth worst
Wondering if the year’s dread was true in the bath draw to the overflow
Nothing happens except ooh.
Everywhere else with wheels to hoist the stone henge, vying for perspective moments with turning suns
Bending poles to pass at different speeds and leave only the carry on factor to ship decks and back gardens
When patience for queues is for all 24 hours and traffic cone sherades
They use on pizzas and biscuits for mauling in the mouth
Used by everybody until the vessel is mended for immortal veins, furniture revamped in food compartment view finders, the ones
I may have gossip incontinence, but that’s going to stop with the poetry and become a hinterland of implements
I may have lost my place in the queue to see father christmas
And thrones with drapes
Those thin things apart from undergrounds
And have to let chairs support their wobbly legs
Maybe fat things cannot improvise
Everyone grows up all the time but none faster than bean poles
Sitting out to abide the aussie soaps and forget the blues brothers
Destined to pop down to the next rung of carry tunes
The days of tethering a hunchback to all things
The stress of not wanting to turn up and be hair dried
It was silver with a bunny rabbit poking out
And she’s become a monopoly fan since I indirectly gave her a boot
Though what she was doing there wasn’t really up to her
That he got them from the curly wurly girl who went to my school
Because that’s what the lady in the corridoor has and it may just fit
Gopping coldsores
He liked me for turning hiccups and corners
And advertise grefriars bobby for a free bun
I would often just say quiche to be french
That said special premises to furry nemesis, that the clover grew for butter
It had no idea about weather permitting or the escalation
Though in those days the squint about dressing hadn’t sunk in
To remind me of the boozed foliage that wasn’t going to cover me
With a square library that wasn’t for Delacroix and didn’t have a satchell
He may have given me one to save the franks, but I got undressed for someones request and went home bald
Wanting to buy a sorbonne top to go round in extra large
As I rubbed of the rolls of skin grime down my nose sides and behind my ears
Even though he was made of candy and smelt like autumn
Emergency vehicles with bocking dimensions, pervading spray headroom
And so were his friends, all taking up one way doorways
That’s what happened on the day I decided he was just too fat
The apostrophe wasn’t checked in time to notice the update, it goes after He will be
They’ll be in onion wands
Hell be thick rubbering the burgers on broadstay with minion hug quotes busy with mental ables
Somehow this is going to have to reach the said harvey with all his turkey juice and snack beards
Though the coat looks pleased with its hampered zip and reflector nibs
I’ve actually run out of the pattern of events
There ought to be a script with the grimpen frams about the ETD after the skirt
My garumper bong ling wengabong smee
The hairdresser
Glubbery hoobnets and swangalow nobfits
Blothery thringops blimmery wobfats
The wallops are described to be in house with beepers all day long
There’s going to be a flume dedicated to my distraction, making fun from hoses and slippery mats
The followers are all leaving, tike menthesis to hand grunions and polka dots
I’m stopping doing poetry, there are things to be done like getting bankrupt
Look there’s Harvey,from the Sorbonne
quite enjoying the ward and now I have to go home tomorrow.   Know where the tea is
@sean_hill prenderghast
Just ignored a patient who asked me if that was the physio
There is nothing stronger than water
Nothing left but home work and the stiff glass of water cup
It couldn’t have mattered less
I wanted to talk to the man and yes it was the right time
Passing up spectacular infamy for what would have been very funny
Said I didn’t know anything about the books, then left names on the door
A video version with wooden spoons and mixing bowls
The chapter after this is a cooking lesson, we’re going to make quiche
The plonker has managed to get a job there in human resources
Wanting to become the queens corgi, for an interview to wear a collar and a rug and sleep on a cosy cushion
They said I passed with flying colours and got to be the masters afters
Chum isn’t too bad and I I got into being licked
They got me to play labrador but I wouldn’t play cat, it was a hands and knees job
All to do with at your service and rigid lines
A best friend plonker began the pet saga with Mole the lab, every measure found things through, like getting a lama
The real cat was weaned into access derision, when it wasn’t forwards to open the door, but the eventual catNope was concern
January things with march fringes
Twenty years of being twenty
Protected against being fifty sheets too thick
The birthday cake in the central library last night was of quotations in an age class about where to staple
Kept with a cup of tea and a taxi
It could be gone into
It didn’t seem to be working, though clealy the thing was having a break down and this is the puzzle fudge of halfing
That means move or love
Semaphors of M/love on wants to mention the adjective. The product of recluse with strings
Non perturbed from casual byway, cradling through govern the tri way
Its nice to be the slouch, topping a name reach and doffing bertha over
Tone borrowing the Eeyin can of I perceive. To be from fife and colour the bus tug
It is easy to walk past the chance for a fairweather thatch of leaving things alone, the subject of hypnotism
We aren’t husbands yet but Margaret has given me this morning cigarette and I have already been to the loo.
The relationship is my special subject because nobody is worth it
The tec cat got shut in the shed for 2 days, shut outside for a night, kicked quite a few times and also THROWN out the door a lot
Of love in thumping adrenalin, then the wayne of challenge, no addresses in thumbing books
A place in the new friend is age gradation, the element of old enough sense against rehash
Decathlon with stage buoy and crustacean, the end bits of wonky avail making always for everyone else
Said the word train to a hand clasping man in a respectable bar and I’ve put lemon slices in the takeaway coke
@beathhigh after the event I got the train to glasgow by mistake and have to wait for the perth one. Happy birthday new friend
I am not talking
anaerobical respiration, you are freer
Self raising as a tour guide
So it would be good to make money
I haven’t got around to paying anyone back
Elbow shoes and the rest is history. It would be nice to leave the encampment and it would not
Spag bowl for airplane knitwear
And do you want to be an it girl
At the top it may have said how do you do
To do with signing the relationship Count
Everyone the laughing policeman
Pronounced yayes as in haze
With ayes and yeahs to sherbert
A fancy sun house with kaleidoscope doors
The room was short of a side
Striving for a version of the park bench
The thing is he had just been dancing
Bowler hat butler at the madam, straining with heavy breathing
Snappy hour to fiddle with MR LP’s volume controls
Happy hour to fiddle with MRLP’s volume
Very prim and proper gloom with a transport timetable and an umbrella stand
The room next to euphoria was for buttoning up
My real birthday is with grass hoppers
The packet of pants have disappeared
I’m wearing trousers
Dot tod ot on the knee part would join up to be a party hat
When the cream won’t rub in for being too much effort
Going off sense to design the hood
An upside down V and a W, but I happen to be a model
Hand veins are more obscure, large rudges of X and Y on the left, a W on the right
The area is stucco, the texture of vague pop art if there could be such a thing, stippled
Kind of a planet from thigh land with a distant moon, two dots and a not quite formed sun drill near the water shed
The just above the knee mole never used to be there
The nightie came away in the second round and the dress with food on hung in
The first bath this afternoon was a bidet, the second was a shampoo, and the third could be next week
Making scrum of green balls and tartan wellies, writing with nails for ounces of chalk
Drip slops reversing sideways, clearing gates for moustaches
The pointy things on pony ears
Bits and bytes on deferring rears
Making it of the metaphor that fun is had all round
Agreeing that someone has orange hair oh dear or metaphor
Blooms of the overs with yet another vintage
Going through the beauty treatment for all their screams
Ring worms from stone throwers, the pot splash
Substance abuse to smells of garlic made of clouds
Watching a head go back with something on channel, inane pins of a hypochondriac
The care bear of jutting paw, not brought in at the right angle
Bothering the alright to be quarter hosted, not even half
Occurances are margins to the notebook, there’s a tick for having a nose bleed, a funny phenomenon in the room
I’m not allowed in the cellar because
Now the caps are sprigging
The weather is spectacular, knee breezes with shafts and curtain wafts
The man with flat hair inside turned into a mohican outside
Letting on about the nogg that it is an ogg
Quotation incursions touching the tag to vary alphabetically and rage
One and the name
Valuing the stunt to let on and get marshalled
Booing on alone laughs as a vesper
Turnoffs is literal by the way, it means pull and push
In fact the seqUence goes to boot, treading in sandwichess
Ace spectators wearing watches by living alone without microwaves
Turnips on hockey boots
Eek may have become basket ball
Humanity is al to do with SOH
Giggle hatching ludicrous turnoffs to stare at the ground as deep azure
there were practices with brass plates that midges could read
Something I thought up ages ago duing a three blind mice expedition because it seemed lifeworthy to find the mouse a plate
takes of ripping apart
Automatic lineage from wolf to scout, eyebrows down the gullet
This is rheumatically auto made up
Bill n whatever
Tweedle hum an dweedle dee
I wonder why was banned
And why many other things on four legs reverted to mellons
That was why the talking burgers had to be put out
Gulp lodgers living with kipling hairs, they like quotes
Hyperbolating the what’s that word to speak and spell, they hear everything but don’t (usually) talk
Anything from darts to draughts and wax
Devalued by the drop quote, de frisked from crufts to scallies with archery sets
Pets thinking of master degrees in their reins with gloves and spurs
With a back to front question mark on her nose
Her name was whisper and she liked jumping. She also met mother teresa
Plodding the nose to tail with less hubris an old fashioned snail
My horse, then again mount horse, the wisdom of tweak and spell
Mt horse reincarnated to the riding stables, mare become a gelding with the same blaze
The shape of a fairy cake with its coat between its legs, disposed to flow together
With thanks at the end
Akimbo, akimbo
Saying never been in when chairs have six legs
Twanging hams in front of achilles when actually goes and dozes
indented salt and vinegar on the vulcan’s ardour
For the maids to be upheld and the drowner to acquire demeanor, lo the misfortune of glucose
With wonder to mistaken chance, with sky larks all aboard as the world tilts
Toothpaste brollies on platforms left to spit
On land, display versions of meantime
Marsupials was going to be the follow on but gout arrived in a day deam about dropping the sport of running away with anchors
marsupials flummox the beavers and oyster catchers, obliviating tides of house thatchers
Though the crows voice has coined a gimmick, though the budgerigars have indoor millet
Link lords to song lines, conducting please shocks with feathers
To carry the apples for the tropics
To carry apples and lend the tropics
Set upon the doves and outside birds carry apples to lend the tropics
Handed on to prim tunes with bleary morns to stand and sway
Approching a reset for dowager hours levelling fellows to lie back and spatter the yoke with kitchens and reception rooms
It had a big cradle on the front, a big scoopy one
Oh look there’s a digger with an arm
Mouthing down the man with one arm, unable to produce his hand.   I may go and pray in a week
The laundry ladies discarded mine for being overworn and so a patient has given me a multipack of free size 14 pants
None of these things are, the language of subterfuge
Trial sighs to box appealing
Confusion about the boom staving carniverous invasion
For anything Thank auto cYue
Against the global reason of why a dipper should stand
Of the top at the top with a marlon pavillion of carrying omen, small
That met the top once before looming, retreating to caves with shade me zoning, spare parts around sh rubberies
The friendliest encounter this century
And a big warp of zoo bookmarks, clamouring for trunks and wet suits
Of, with basking sharks to divert the currents, usher doors to slam exits
The party will be fairly empty and there may be whale song for what the sea is swimming
Publish nond to needles from gargling
Though the wash up brush is all they share, oregami paper stare
The man at the end is fixed on romance to woman tense
Pluralising one career for an army chain of beef shorts
Done with egg and catch up for glum pretenders
Chapters about the good life in tatters, crystalline for onward soldiers
Cramming the claw with what it looks like
Head in the ant stirs
Zones to fill seat and make clappers
The thing at the end of the bed playing lard
Of what will become of doreens bistro
The thing at the end keen to outlive the scrape
Free to choose a favorite colour and a ruler
Faith that out to be put in for charles browning
Becoming the narrative to giftedness
There is nothing to detect except the raw nerve of treachery
Drip sack for constant visitor, saving for the crying scene
Supposing nobody from a coma film, methane and the warm balloon
Potato to yeast bun, how midday can melt toppings
Speed rate to dextrous pension, a ratio of foreshortened steps
Though eberyone says it was canada
Paris and naming mont matre when before it was the renoir
Viewing the tourist grid and oggling the tower in autumn
Going back to verbs and doing words
Having it issues of passing off the indelible brick with say whats and locals
The ground floor house in paris with the lady in the wheel chair, doing home work with purdey
Toothbrushing to live up the morning and then display mutter repair, weaving to bizarre clings about the back cast and not pacing
He really was a mowing machine so I flew off
E up quickly and back to how it was with sellotape and tack and complaints about magnolia
With boyoing laughter this way and that with what on earth is going on. It was to do with buccleuCh, the place that had to be don
My hands because they are collapsable like cloves, and technically we are both taurean
the hoof cuffs always slip off
Especially after having been made to meet him after sucessfully forgwtting him and then forgerrtin. Now I have remembered.
About bulls on their hind legs
And so are most people during insomnia
From me and he is
Arnie should be locked away
As it doesn’t like the shelter
that pain is helped to seize the lie
on tapes of sepia bubbles, that somehow the foul temper is pretty at the ready
Exactly positioned to suspect the inch
And wander as the funny one
And wonder on what was so funny
Trap rewarding the fuzzy speckle dots to disconnect the flute
Front cover pictures embroidered with pored cooks, stomaching stress for watching pests
Birdsong sent to film world with a packet of green snakes
In terms of fan hubs and call graft, virtual thanking the virtuous
Most of the bad rich millionaires are boyfriends with my cheese, somehow blamed for milking time and the rabbit warren
Depth walloping proverbial meaning, stocking button wits to yes please
Passaging norms for mph in capsules with enviro vents.   Somehow the life sucks on the curb, BSE and all the animals
The truman glow in streets between windows with blowy rooves of dynamism
Psychopaths every way the most obvious, onions and broccoli, and fruit bourbons of the kind annual grows when oregami knocks
They’re curlers
Relative to arnie these nails are non resurrected with mortal tally Ho to pelting rain, the donor may complain and may complain
Someone from aberdeen on the telephone with my birthday numbers
Given with wrapping paper, sellotape or ribbon, like the comment to the mayor
Though these ones are just fine if I hadn’t heard of assemly or the abacus, neither
Someones got my knee caps
Only laser forms instead of dense clouds
jockey weights as spine bearings with adoptive magnets strewn throughout the clooney day
Including a concentration organ
With as many braces and watches from all the airports
That don’t have anything to do with strawberries
With a musical strawberry light headband with earphones connecting the draw and some wonder pants
Please can someone design me a book vest with a draw string bib
rights of the vindication
Beautiful swurly curls on the front with a winnower and a booker underneath
Mary Wollstoncraft is still on the go so I may become radio george or carry it round like a hard back vest
Hard to say I don’t love misery
To do with maintenance, energy and balance or the SDTs
The white post on galloping horses, shopping trolleys of some other venture
Wanting astringents of prime time tcp as tlc but probably pick prone for a day or two down the line when soreness dries to satisfy
Only plasma
I have a globby white head on the side of my neck that could have arnie bite origins, you see there isn’t any grease there
By some obscure habitat that didn’t like itself enough to have a valley and wanted to go round flatly
Portal fjords of guessing egypts, forever sideways to the source of the packet, but nonetheless better off
Putting tummies in moses baskets and catching princesses
Walking off with wide pajamas
Whoever he may have been were it not for pithon radios
And the time trade to baby old hercules
prejudice from agatha to cold skin, fiction’s export to three pm
@MayorOfLondon Passing fruit from my downing street annex with pink and purple trimmings, expecting to govern
I don’t think the scape route of class is possible here, there are still dolls
Causes names unfair
Doing business on mowings
The gardener with a poky D
Yes, kevin
Please ca everyone slow down
The placement quack for slippery ham and jet skis
Skimming stones for thank you mr puddle duck
Pressure points at going forwards at mail times
But for all times
As it should be
Streaming the quench to be rapid on the ground
Refreshing the graduation
Throttling the hope ferrari tom and wotsit
Hercules is of the age, ninety at the start degree
Resolving then to leave ou the bat and get on with her parrot
Divulging on strains of marple witness to bats and coggins, bouts of flu
From slip on ham shoes
Collaring the eye holes
To tie her lace
Swigging hip tease on coffee ports, that the leaves have changed
With marple on the brim
Pitching onto fags and booze
Trails of emptied atriums and latin words
fragiles with bravery
butlering talkies to garden context
Speech over speech
Fetching for the pace of fit me views
Exemplary bystanders
Imbeciles, wayfairers as I always have
Passing fruit from my downing street annex with pink and purple trimmings, expecting to govern
I’m feeling impersonal
Though his ear piece may serve wise crack to make ambition of clown icing
The brown man is completely unelected. He has no rivals
@warrenellis brilliant analogy of how optimism got bouncered
Hairy and unhairy and silky
Though the others peeve with doll house shave already smooth and wherefore ear wigged
Jostled by fun on the corporate lung that has an ancient garde and a prayer to winston
Though these friend have instant ditties to never mans, tempering the bias of blue to remember fee
Care bear cute, from Canute and the roll to administer jewel pills through whoosy sands
Hunch obliterates to hospice incarcerates queuing to meet the plastic doll for a height and weight appraisal, that one small
Recurrance in faces hoisted to the sling of cousins to barnacles without story theads
I’ve seen your likeness, I’ve seen your tribe, cats and dogs
@Beathhigh there has to be someone better than the ones we don’t know because they all want private buns
Getting someone else to do the bath plug, wasn’t thinking actually but I have got nails
The reds should be left out
Man in purple shirt seen running across field at 3.30.   Wonder how he’s doing
After the idea that’s non good comes the nap
There has to be someone better than the ones we don’t know because they all want private buns
Fourth word
And the short spurt of brilliance is going to be undermined
Lilly siren pontification with other flower names I don’t want to bring up for being well is asparagus
Hoping to be the feed of switch and wanting a place here amongst the very resemblant pig roasters
And seemingly so if it is
Its very friendly if it isn’t here
The thing in there says if it is unplugged it will die
And walk off the plank to save the vocabulary
Put bosoms in
The allowed part for whiling down trumpets and bassoons
Leave out the bit after sirens
Boring a gain to gap the space with long nails and other sirens as white feathers to preening metaphors of quilts
Be a funny word on its own
It really
picking the tab of lying adornments in walking boots
Though none of this means anything except to other people
Bit about who says the bearer wants polos and marshmallows and suet and charles dickens boxer shorts
The leading
Mabel surprise with handkerchiefs that don’t absorb
Fogetting the stamps to verify candour
Nothing but wanting to direct the gag
Don’t want that how much
Interestingly flattered by soil creep
Still don’t recognise my purse
Its a bit muddling not getting on well with small talk, or in fact most talk
Pommeled to drape the withers
Love with fringes
Okay not at the steeple then
At the steeple counting proms for huts and pouts to glimmer the should barge to waylay cowslips
Floss words
Disbefriending the nag that was the og to the nog
To appear with bands about to holiday
With dance answers to bob well and profile the escorts in fair dress but usually paralled
Dodgems of emptier beer drums and the summer ball with walking to get there and look up and down to the vendor
Pasta’n pesto to borrow a biro and find soap blocks in bath tubs and slow post pones to cursor on late teens
And then the progress of whering from, same old medallion to jenny hands of paper chums, pastilles and fiendship bracelets
Though you came to my flat and left to shards of boring dim wit or such jokes, temporary flutter offs for get to safety
For there was no address to the pioneer focus, hapless to pour on stacked vessels and find the tiger with his pancake tower
Personless to solve the chance and be fitted to any hand for want of sweetcorn tuna baguettes and resits
Beckons of youth at star junction, heaped to acapulcas in weathers to boggle the ernie ports of coming away told to dry
And maybe it was the zimmer lady with scrumpy sherbert and the incessant parks all over the rehash of subsequence
No wonder it was match of the day
I talked to food, living pigeon pie and nematodes and stevens lamp to see if the old faces we wore were etched or made of flumps
if frost was an indoor compartment, the picture on the front of chips and rainbow stickers of that’s for me
Morag says you never came back from the park but I was still dozing away on my side with my head on your knee wondering later
Thinking myself into a majesty and a whigg is on the sheltered bench
I’m quite glad I don’t know what ready breck is
It says I speak english as a foreign language
I don’t know what I mean about urdu to tongo, that’s the crime genre
I may have pringle one day
It is a relief to leave the course, but thinkathons are less dogmatic than parlez vous in the PO, the outreach value is sizemic
Regions are big enough
That hasn’t gone down well in the ear canal
Luckily I don’t have a canadian phone book and don’t know how to make waffles
It was better than robbie williams
I don’t mind being somethings best friend even if it is a sandwich
The can can for french kissers to leave dentists without making head nor tail of smile posters
These people have advances to the dim lean on technology lumber, knowing about worthy lib hubris and scotch train steps that sing
Famous rescue sites with drain graphs to upholster the watertable and play glass rims of never do cigarettes with flombay
The twenty minute footage from Urdu to Tongo
Grow oatckes for a pet bat on a video cam for the grasshoppers and guinea meadows
Move to a dank scrub in sweden and f
Advising myself to take advantage of my motorhead
The book sits under all the plugs with its dingo
Better not turn up
Another ending, sorry for the disturbance to all brainy gentlemen
Cruxes on the off move to repatriate home trace with symphonies to clock getting break
Once removed children of way been, disinterested to take away dis
The has beens of actual relatives, standing through cong caves rousing commands to see that duck and how’s the morning
Ignoring the has beens in the living room with patient scrabble and billiard lards tucking jumpers and leaning my ahems
Stamina pandering the gate post with soggy shuts or worse to be stood up with amber posts freshly gnawed to tell alongsides
And worry the hoopy cyclone on the plasma screen, whirring for reboots and misconnections
Already juxtaposed to graft groynes and fill vehicle treads
though this is where the lap top scrawls led, the seriously leafy word heaps of associate undertakers
Nose folding the hedge lid for a bird would nest if it had a PO box
Though perhaps phrombis with metal studs about the girth and a numberwang
I don’t have anything to say and all the pig roasters have retired
at least some scalp hecks, or a notice to get sent off
Or mind about talking elastics on the vpl except to go pasty and hope for a fur ball
Some things are just to do with globby cosmetics and bogey cornflakes, I shant be as femenenine
Tummy rumble and everything
The hydrant man was probably friendly but my effort to keep going is thunderously fun wearing damp electric socks
Very gradually mind, but the indignity of settling it
Its because my hat blew off
Whenever this year is at 14.92
And this building is coming down this year
Though it doesn’t matter what goes here as I have no digger
The man outside is bellowing Stop!
Without an alphabet
Appointing me as a notebook
And remembered to pick the greenery
And forgotten the danish
By which time she had eaten a chocolate flake
Took me in her handbag and sent me to portugal
When I went on holiday, my great aunt
This edge of rungs to curtains lift, drawbacks to factual graft
Mentions due to those disposed, wagons, flagons, leg room stowed
Supposed to be cooling off but have no butterlies, thus no right
Inch scapes on marble bubbles, there goes model cuddles
Teeing early highs for tall orders from fleas
The cold barvick the old garrick, venues for brains at either warwick
Affording the dylon
Going with everything, creaming the onion but suiting the caravan
Vermilion peas with sweet itch for gastronmic payout
Above limbs of temperate swans, sitting out the frost stars
Competition mathews, breast, mince but fewer tatties; moussaka slices or viennese wigs on silver trays
Then the dry freize of ten years to dotage lines telling pixies
We don’t talk much
There go stick beats from margaret
Lovely bird lovely manthem
For not showing insurrection, bringing down the whole extraction
Undescribed to vendor pelts, as homes to belt gatherings, discarded after blasters
Do I dos with cone melts
Like the porter house film with brief art wear thongs
signing off from polly cotton to scissor lawns and disregard the notice
Yes the bish at the bus, twas I
I’m actally feeling pleasant
On the squabble to spike vegetable hands and feed up the young ones
And sore hearts for massages
Withflourishes of mean words and nice gasps
Witnessing grids to hydrants
Swot dwain and margorie do
That says togetherns
No less ugly afterwards from nose professions in togtherns
Sentiments to earthen cuthberts
Paunches with bambino sticks to raise impartial manuscripts
Amongst guests in ribbald furls, belly aching to digress
To glisten at the party strap beheading lace disguise
To the ear canal with forms to fill and increment the wail outside
To dandy brush the ooh ha ha and rummage for a safe dungeon
Short changed by ten pounds because of the state where led men pawn the dangerous groom
Though felix was donkey and jack was his brolly as the drops rang
Setting prospect to revisit the week
Represent the weight that is light for Felix with crumpet tyres yawning with starch tears to inhibit the grand elders
Game sames of feature hooks, the one like Jack that makes crooks
With slideshows from dantes exodus, dot squares of embroidered red, electing the other spots to stand turns
Everyone is thankyou then the waggly hand with a broom, numb to forfeit waiters who understand
Kotia doesn’t have a numeric phrase
I’m not telling about my period
On the scrap heap
Who gave away his big head so he didn’t have to be a lesbian
Herbie’s garage isn’t a drawing room for herbie’s gardener
Pewter lights to candle bunions fashioned to static reindeers that demonstrate longer than the movement
And a clung effect of having to find a tank top
Willie winkie with a breathing basement
Though the clods are heavier and less discovered to f/grog men with acumen
Coped at the incorporate flood to raise the level and live like loch nagar
Complaint as tardy to design
Lillies for tennis overalls to stem insipid moves with tea’s watch to take effect
Quartered to renditions lump, hours of the vista
No alcohol on green toes setting the hike for summit tugs
Glare profusion agin the screen
Take off the ing to brush the direction. That may not be right, its a grammar thing.
Swings are crackers if they’re Ers though there is no authority to say that coz the word is good in dance and going everywhere
Express attentions to stave sag consequence parting the jungle with slash back to cupboard swings
Though peas and scoops have blisters to put away
Leaving town in chopper mode
Consumering muddles with static trolley variants of new old admittances to saturday night
Tv soap as well as shampoo called charles
Something to do with one of those hoover helmets at the barbers
On all fours looking for butterflies
Acceptance reaching for mars
back issues personal to issue, with scatter laps of soft ledges
Flowers with wings from cape town
Turning round to swallow the seat
failing to settle explorations whether to drink or eat toast
To talk about humans on the moon
Duck bills to enjoy the park with sideless enterprise
Six months of the maze to eternal hand rails
Of radio whereabots
I should never have been let out to fathom the beaker of sugary drink, hopping the scotch happeners to schtum roundabouts
Political waste to genuine friens shining from the lamp stand
Deconstructive to seeing reliance vans
sound projection taking pedigree songs as buyers before resuming lanky clothes from covent garden
The dark corner of intrigue laying mischief on fun just because I don’t know how to put make up on
Quizzing a brainbox to sliver a pole to bird and brie, fascinating the message
Overdosing bute about enthusiasm, regulating a sunken dream to suppose less as little to do with
plant names from accompanied routes, muddling to distention about what it could be to chant sorry rather than distribute if
Red cars on the different way home and corned beef in the evening bread
I don’t have a clue what the green fingers meant, other than the palatial ease of withdrawing momentarily on a thoughtful while
The worry of church that suffering is pointless, and contending about the get up
After my nails got clooneyed they did grow back fast, thanks for the fresh set as they are hardy
Nether donors, shin hockacks, neck and cheek down, forearm fuzzywuzz; in fact that part was once affectionate with sport freckles
I had tasteful eyebrows for two weeks after many years of imbalance but the eybrow thinner found out and strimmed the edges
Though of course on the whirlly gig this never mattered
I don’t appear to control my forehead raising
In plain english, make sure your scabs belong
Continuous relative scabs often hand hopping to shake homes, the spot insee specs of curious grazes wondering how ‘I’ did
Romise for a scratchy tale of straw cake in barns with sugar mice clocking vests for anne and charlemagne
Becoming the option to resign and reinstate the treacle berry with the same outfit to muse on apologetic escape of marvelous comp
They were green fingers, then they were gloved to puff on free tobacco and drizzle the bind to an owl jigsaw
Prominent perspective but an empty canvas for dream showers
The orient of bizarre adventure precluding the prompt field for trough and back until dust and water have stamp marks
The compartment of beginning assumption with zimmer byegones reaching for tremmor tea cups when mugs are too heavy
@magictray has ended and @franwords are on their way for anyone like george clooney that wants to follow


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