The four winds of preservation

Scatter the indignation

Death is permanent concentration

All in the concentration

Scourge to investigate


More likely that ye receive wisdoms

Heroin is the great implementor

Don’t have anything


Tis the art of secrets

Air them

Live them

Action mans

Meddlers fiers

Lord bid the seizure

Shock the ponce

Tis the seemly response

Hurl power the inquisition

Devils are the perfect ugly advocate

Incest outsources itself to religion

Thereby tangibly overseen

Its worse than blood brothers

Estrangement by incest is a potentially very funny ape topic

It doesn’t matter if theres nothing

Better than something

Its generally respected to be so

That’s why im adopted if I can help it

If there isn’t a name for it call it a religion

To be seen as want

Demanding on the plaster

What do you want

Goes after a meal ticket

Did I give everything to the hospices

Twat in a bonnet

Whatever of another cause

Planet Earth the cause

That added up the sorrow

Twas the stirring green

But hark, music no alarm

Croon bat the quiet

Port of insurrection

Chant the dares

Brought out of their Templars

Twas the number that ee directed

Rabbit dead, empty bank

Calling earned

All woven round

New basket

Held on a lead

Pointer the dog made

Intoxicate with finger food

Soak at the brandy snap

Not to be had up

Whisper of recalling theme

Sight installing

Doubt convince it in the volume

Best friend in component

Twas love that fied ‘ee

Searched the hound

Earthenware the ripened bean

Ping part steam

Give it an oven format

Tis the remodeling of consciousness ensnated

Tender in the beetroot

Repair unto yonder castle

Variety bared

Twas all in the mind

If thou art spared

And sink etymology

Tidy the place with thy good grace

Send swift apology

Ere the criminology

That man that cant

That thou canst not

Thee that provide the literal tense

Why purge a lawyer of it

Tis thine own sense

Emotional abuse

Of ridiculous onslaught

Why wounding be a part of thee

That try out the others

But silence is golden

Eat me hit the final command

Twas that thy voice would epand

On bended knee the money

Upstairs power that divide downstairs

Gate crashing the stairs

Seizure prayers

Four hours of opera

Scandal that stay awake

Devour the hour to sleep upon it

Tis not normally ecitable

Preview for a hermit

Fare the quote

Tough coat spooning

Beautiful lining

Creation presume perverse mood

Use it to lose it

Healthy filling, tis thy bringing

Selected spurning

Arrival mend survival, Westward Ho

Crutch a mighty overthrow

Straddle out a broken limb

Pretend its for Tiny Tim

Horn to chase it fast

Blast the weak and needy

Token in the lead

Tis abuse that report the climbing

Saddle about unbroken steed

Ingenuity purport the shining

Potty porter

Twas the surprise

Rubbish earn the rusty quarter

Tis the squander

Poverty in retrospect

When fortune call mistakes

Removal on an heirloom

Present with standard tub

Moist compendium

Like fish or meat

Like wish or retreat

Does she notice it either

Alternate voice

Shit stirrer

How does it unhappen

Up in the air

Power pair

Who agrees them does

Facts don’t change

Tell the conspirators youre a conspiracist

Nor do i

They don’t like anarchists

True motive is society overhaul

Ask someone on liked in

You cant buy ice cream freedom

You’ve got enough but not enough to go continental

Who can I get to reconnect the finance then

Everyone looks like a songwriter

Then you look like a songwriter

You don’t look like a millionaire

You aren’t a millionare

Stop thinking you’re a songwriter

Lock up the irritant

Block of discernment

Kind is kind

Insistent dog


Affection is defined as needy

Art is reality

Decided to do the washing up

Paul whitehouse voice

Vay laust menit

Should be PG


Mark obsess over place displace

View of the article

Confiscate fa

Till worse is thought of it

Suspend an opinion

Maybe only a song

Have to go and ask for my child back

Wheres Garth

Out of broth

Flat time pie

Service no siree

That deserve on

Its because you depress them

Self introduction

Spy is picked on

No compass but song

Spy have no longitude

Im still kidnapped

Of course im a spy

Whats the difference between a spy and a pot of yoghurt

Like being called a nigger


Swot fame is like

What do cashires and bus drivers mean when they return your card upside down

All down the High Street

They were everywhere that day

Comrie delicatessen

To repair them

Cant go forward in time

Dalek events are already done

Oh look snuffles is still here


Latter in translation

Seeker that conjoin it by

Line man

Its within the time

Caution pot the walking over

Substance of a mantra could void to commute

Five pence run for someone after

Helter skelter tuning

In running without moving

Prone to stay

Stafer stop

Clear view running away

Eplored as the impetus

Take on board take a hike

Tis the rag

Returner to the parking meter

Shouted out to range diplomacy

Definitely said in the bag

Tis our proits

On the run

Course of separation

Consumer cup

Tis a good sign

Thou art about to eplode

Tis frenetic, yup

State of working up

Jack in a bo

Tis the talent network

Ransom love

Distant approach to friendship

Eyes wide shut

Go to sleep to think straight

Stay awake to sleep in

Always get up in the night

Pout that broadcast

One soul that grow another

Twill be felt further away

Mend thy gaze to encompass

Tis not neutrality but enhancement of real capability

Tie up the mining

Tis but closer to homing

Throw ezpected fielding

Of guardians of guardians

Make it your fault

Engage the rage

Spare the remains

That faked pon the pattern

Twas that all we lost

Course of light ere it becon

For pon distraction ere sack’t

That they care that cure is lackt

Release renewed eample

Learn to under grieve

Disregard the eave of what thy hast not


Dost consume and know not of it

Tis the odd boast of impossible slavery

Flitter flout and not to shout

Not true to the night in fact

Recede recede divorce

Tis the friendship in commitments

Leave it off

Discreet in recourse to

Twas why it broke off

That had fun

Twas not the wish to further it

Bright sun

Open hour for eit dapple

Strapped on in fact

Twas mostly ustructed

That you propose

Frighten people with the mass of your se

Mabel for the five pound table

Babel for the victim best

She really was a tiresome choice

Get it back to the pest

Insect confetti

Tiny zappers

Press to the bonnet

Mi it up that stay right

Urger that preserve

Fir forge cave

Too clever in conference

Innocence is nonsense

Pewter the router

Intimate queue

Masses of confidences

Gainer in switch

Played by every one another

Pianist the pitch

The censor

Flush as a tide of screens

Guest as far as a finisher

Canopy must

Wolfing the flunce

In brush off defence

Thus off he sped

Repair in the hoot

Twas rightly handled wrongly

Rabbit in the settlement

Does thy carrot speak

Collect of a harvest

Maketh way for Christmas hay

Pick it into holly top

And but returned by the stairs

Known of surging recession

Heighten the hitch of the aim

Group as reworking to book

Pairs affairs the same

Did it swing

Did thy hazard cut the plot

Is thy frame obsequious

Why art thou ambidextrous

Of the fulsome pitch it ought

Single handed know not

Last crust for peanut

Steel gain the time

Thy ward is going grey

Don’t cut the lime

Dodge the knife

Rake off

Advice through the visor

Can he tell

Play it to hamlet

Wheres my living

Interest festering

Ghastly word for photos

Mona lisa think so

Not made up not tired

Tis thy guage

Purring outright cat fight

That you preserved

They that grey

That you observed

Tis that they knew

Beore confined in zeal

Find thine own appeal

Cherry size

Face in the cake ins

Pair for the break in

Twas only in contention

Magnitude the creeper

In case of the bleeper

Net pull it shut

Circuit indoor


In working for

Tis thine instinct

Radio bounder

Rebellion yonder

Ample pay

Stepping forward

Looking away

Norman mailer growing thin

Vision that count for thee

Slice achiever

Modus interruption

Her pe

As for that matter

Man creative industry

Hamlet work on figment

Man hater me?


Thus permit the smile

Surveillance, it hope to foster commitment

Profundity in sport

Subtraction bat

Picker in brie

Pick up the boasters

Flag fly on standard

Finger in mobility

Ore from the snot

Badger exemplar

Perjury merge the gruff

Ere it summoned

Twas cordoned off

That crept the highway

Twas thy cheer

That thee command the consequence

Therefore because of it

A devil in deviser

That recorded it

Twas thy non involvement

Nosey board

Present that commend it

Tis thy ward

Scan the claim insistency

Why thou art made busy in commission

Failure in decisions

Too much to pay for

Im bored

Dijon in the custard

Impatience fold the mustard

All in the sainsburys

Tis thy mustache

Isn’t it got glued there

Got stuck in the car

Relevant wag

Dog make much of

Spare part

Chart to resolve it

Start lost the plot

True how a bird sing

Relentless morse

Figurative in let downs

Filming on suspension course

Thou art touched is led

Musical skin at thr frontier

That never saw ecept instead

Inside bed

Thou art red

Such a glorious opposition

Raise the visible indicate

Thou art too considerate

Cooling mark


Period in closeness

Beat the lick

Taser besotten

And art thou forgotten

Link know how

Touch it through

All the injections

Given as confides

Installed beside petonias

Modern begonia

Thou art too won over

Stump of the formula

Tis the flattener that dig thee

Not much of a hairstyle

Pulled by the trump

Carry through that five thee

Tis thine inclination to tangle

The odds at stacked

Why play for fact

A second innocence at that

An innocence presumed in off the mark

Who wrangle for the quits

Sweetness of the muffins fer

Twas honester of nothings yer

In practice turn in biggots

Clap hopper the stirrups

That patter out the fight of it

For tis their stead

That sharpen every bit of it

For is their lead

Acceptance in dismay

Tongue tied in review

Heard about in writs of others

In the Taming of the Shrew

Strewn in dilapidated discourse

Art thou natural?

Time to work that doth amend thee

Paper chase the trail

Pay the attention

Spot bead sweat

Manner befit the industry

Wisdom equip composure

Regime that dampen

Allowance for the might

Calling god

Beckon the assembled voice


Everything epected

Walk amongst that move around

Temporaneous balancers

Behest at the circuses

Put them up to keep them down

Heroic observances

Trade amongst equals

Hunger for nothing proclaim

Peace resort for idle gain

Collect in selfless restrain

Why the ultimate


Tis the arrangement

Velvet place

Crown eclipse it

Treasure the monster

Heffalump conserved

Detail in the ivory

Twas a country in a far point

Barrage gift the snares

Onion conquest

Cross the languages

Grow the special attentions

Even the privet

Practice for grace

Dancers afoot

Intelligence depend

Repose consorted

Palatial refuge

Burrow the panic

Blow the lonely

Spoiler in good company

Pushing through

Equator of generosity

Lift the 27th floor

Quisitive wrinkle

Debtor no improvement

Tis thy countenance

Unshakeable mute

Hark the peace

Reign on disruption

Always the same

What mock thee distress

Tis on behalf of angels

Outwit the address

Seemly encroacheth

Loft above the people

Shared of the assertion

Secure in mind in theft of ward

Not as many with divine rights

Everyone copies this covetousness

Has anyone considered the royals

Always live in the shadow of kidnap

Mission accomplished

The first beetle in Peru was Victor Nodule

He carries a map of encyclopedias

Out pops Roger Schedule

The telephone is binging

They all begin to see each other

Glitters eroding

Voice of the putter

No choice butler

Can we regard without joining

That’s hardly right, there goes one in Lycra

But everyone’s jogging

The run of the century

Oh look we’re in a beautiful garden

Blink shank

In that case no such thing

Its our brains there in for collecting

No time mr Think Tank

And what are your allergies

How are your blood cells

Here’s Ahead of Commitment

Wall ee arrives

As far as I can make out

Were all representative cities

It’s the way that you thread it

It ain’t what you do

Is he a costume

But whys he being a bin man

Minty strong

Don’t worry

Hell come bounding on

We must save mr Sugarpuff

Oh yes

Do your lace

Then try to catch him

But theres one with a face

Oh my lord

But what about the bin man

Send the bin men on

Whats wrong with here?

Alright we’ll just stay here

Youre in charge of a whoopsie

David Gilmour says wahey

Anne frank says hooray

You want a star

Oh yes you are

Im after a hot bath

Oh no im not

Thou art compelled by racism

Okay then stay in my kitchen

But im Asian

Then head to Greece for the roman fleece

Well present the magnum to Charlemagne

Theres one that’s very like yer

Okay a funny foot and a magnum

Accord the sound through choices

Thinketh me we have disembodied voices

We have to deposit the Pimpernel, ho

But we can’t all go

Sleep near the Rhine

A rucksack’ll do

We hath not much time

Bands and things with festivals

There to create a fiture

Head for Nepal in France’s climes

So lets change the surrogate

She doth urinate in non alcoholic wines

Supersonic pee holes

Maken in chains of angels

Desert we to the Gobi desert

Alert but thou art the Pimpernel

So go we there with Jane fonda

200 years on the spey

so hold me tight

why thy knuckles are white

tis ruminant today

why haste ye away

therefore thy peace

that oh thy cologne

breathe in the smell

why don’t you

sign it away

Tardis is the sound in a bin lorry

It coincides with dustmen

Why the swallow of time

To count who’s seen there

Tis guardianship

Separate set

Of course we’ve already been there!

Look out its emerald city

Raspberry burps

Friendly nerve survivals

Emergence all the fillings

Rely upon all dentists

Meat that stick to the eye tooth

So come on bananaman

Drink in drugs that cry effectively

But for the gladiators

Could commandeer any fool could i

Spit in the eye

Walk through now for later insight

Spell on the tellers

Real shit the right

Nothing left for performers

Sided with the councilors

Therefore that they keep me

Though flatness all the others

For I can ignite zeus

Doth perform their late amens

Why he finds my firnds

Doctor zoom of sorts in doctor

Not the doctor, doctor whom

Brain in brand new gut

Spine in simple scalpel


The man came back in Jesus not

Stoppest at the wicker man

Tis the scienc of it all

Tis thy wow

Calling on the silent majority

Twas the tease of it

Just as pervasive a rioter

Quieter subliminally

Thou art a waiter now

In translation that forgot thee

Yet thy trail befall thee

Sado masochism that made ‘ee signed

Twas blandness

That made the kind

Twas unkindness

But the manner of it

Twas not the produce

Offend by thy negotiation

Rarity secure in mainstream

with a comet That thou cometh

twas only a chinese whisper

on what went round

why strike up

sensibility that confound

thou art an issue

but ply aay thy tissue

more on that

thou art worthy

make it a pact

oh for thy spirit

Christmas divided zillions

Wheres robin Williams

Thou art hiding among the repairs

Times and squared

Three days mark three years

Slender conjoiner in rejoinder

Real life but for thy status

Why come about and be alive

Plaintive tithe

Beside thee ere thy negro

Frond of a groom

Three goes Alistair MacGowan

So who do we search for

Thy publishing on disquiet

Stale mate forms of prescience

Pawns to be kept alive

For thou art surrounded by pretet

What of the reformation

To be richer in preaching

Would thy blossom be

That thy life depend upon it

But thou art shy and mousey

Spectacle whatever

Swipe away the character

Bishop to a castle less

Eceeder at chess

Such is constitute

To a wicket keeper

Such is a prostitute

To never must tell

Only in secret

Where thou wast able

Twas mimicry

Twas not thy portrayal

Direction owed

And whence thee showed

That never showed up

Twas thy discerning consternation

For who wentwith whom through the costume

That thou art misunderstood in pairs

Thou art direct in real affairs

Story board that must not must

So that it must

Tis that thou art not cast

Whats wrong with thy query

And sacked the cast every day

As if thee had written a play

Blanket phrase early

But chide thee nearly

Existence of subsequence, all luck

Tis thine income or maybe

Per truth the savage

Send away thine encounters

Preference avail the curfew nudge

Its thy badge

Locality ship it around

Muddle thy beer

Muddle thy format

So pass the clear

In others destruct

Thou art content

Rare the year

Not once all month

Nor as a man

As a woman

Not once hath thee sobbed

Link not the ear

Dry face eye that cry

Gadget that smudge it

Tis thy cowardice ere to try

Tis not thy business as a spy

Rhapsody alone

Middlemarch much as march

Defy that claim the zone

Why thy boundary zoom

Top it the take off

Separate from a planet

Thine own moon

Fairly hewn that haunt thee

Tis surely a new horizon

Guard in thy place defer me

That make ‘ee scary

Cane to the berry phone

Why enforce the home

Twas the label on the pack

Sure they aren’t redcurrants

Came across these raspberries

Where upon by and by

And shut up know all

Out with the sandwiches

Up tip the packet

We’re meant to be hunter gatherers

What format

Learn how to make muesli, skive

Why balance the hive

But there isn’t any rescue

Be bored when you can be

I’m bored

They’re okay to fair weather

Tell the caravan and camping club

Put me back in a hollow tree in 1340

Said the rolled up rug

Yes we should deactivate dull jobs

And middle earth has more trees

But work is a waste of time

That don’t have to work

Tis dull minds

Let us ignite them

Flat people are nerds

Give us room

Said the drugs


Digital hopelessness

Powerful drugs and things

Waiting to be categorized

There were so many inventions

Basically an ark

It curled a sigh and wrapped up a shivering koala

Trust me and we’ll all be Haliboranges

I heard the ladder snap

And the crucible have just fallen off

Well there’s a relief

And subsequences of Roald Dahl

Leaving behind a copy of decline and Fall

And promptly got swallowed in the wall

Anne took a bite of the peach

He was folded very nearly and began humming

We really are due one

When’s our net cicada plague

All worried about pesticides

Their voices only spoke as cartoons

All the bugs waited

At least you’re published

I’ll come back for book group net week

Thanks everyone

Anne came out of the bathroom

Thought the pipe

We have to please the corrugation

Partial to the caterpillar

Thanks said the pipe

Why the definite is in your defence

Not counting Sidcup

Three thousand incidences

Piped the snail

Which has become your makeup

You’ve cheated on death

This side of Eisenhower

You’re the best maker upper

Which travelled by grass

But knew about the who boy

He was right as usual

It explained the outsiders

The hopper presumed the peach was going to be baled

And we haven’t got through Tess of the Durbervilles

Tell them to get lost

The crucible wants to barge in


All made by stitches

What a lovely crown you’ve got

My head was even opened up

Yes our roof blew off

Why indeed!

Transported by a whirlwind

Bu they are exceptionable in crooked voice

We wouldn’t have had you here but for your gripes

Exceeding in the serenade

One of many of a kind

Hello mr Grasshopper

Not all famous but of their devotions

People like very notable persons

Were honourably bugged

Guests at the peach


Peach in ripple resulted

There was a ladder up the wafer

So missed into giant peach

There’s enough for two scoops each

Just as well

Had bolted all the Aesop

Had room to spare

Said the hare

But you didn’t hand it round

Is there any raspberry ripple

The mayflowers are all wearing and singing folk music

Oh dear on the boat again

Quoth she that think she hath one

But all I want is to go home

Comment from Persil

Ignore the wheel at thy peril

And tell it to China

Ricycle view of a tricycle

Circuit board quoth they

Life isn’t to do with me

Maid for a thousand children

Here’s to thinking, quoth she

Show but how they slaver

Never too many handymen

But that she provides for it

Oh no she isn’t

Oh yes she is

Ah but she isn’t old at all

Singular age in middle age

On burning that remembered it

That she dine on one forgot

Twould only be nourishment to support

Free from gluten travail

But thank it got

What if she die?

So go near so not

Fettle free, a gimpy flute

Rotten knee, a dimply foot

Says of her affairs

But the young are so robust

Grip on the bath mat

Lever chair

She has true designs before her

But grit, not only that

Just as the iron finger

So mark her

Council beside her

Provision that was made for her

Ah but she uses the handrail

Don’t go near her

But reward her

So many a biddy

She is but shining

She says nothing but mak her

All the way round Taiwan

Mark on biddy for she is a hem

Same in again

Why here comes Biddy

But thou art gentler

responses to cheese

To meet thy fate in headline

Likely as unlikely not

Tis thy calling

Surprise surprise

Art not cabaret

Thou most people

Tis much Taggart

Tis not hockey today

Thee a shadow of the fat people

Thy name is Hagrid

Thou art not Peter pan anymore

To watch a crocodile

Thou mayst poach a watch

There is but plenty of salt water

Slow sigh from Pluto

But thou art silent in thy community

Aye vicarious

Aye Sirius

But thou art a planet closer to home

For we have an exploding planet

Why but thou art but trickery

Smiler piler

Gap aside a tooth that had

None but thou art clad

Then chance the fervor

Currency predictor

Oh but for humour

Tis what we do

Inner chance on spiral pie

Why it rocket enquiry

Tell it to be so

Outwit a gravy minion

Twat in a navy button

Cept that work that fools becometh

Why genius

What if the trend be without union

Takes on clowns instead of workers

Therefore she fools

Not the answers to have to work

She just wants her aunts

Show white, all fake permission

Tis the resets

Why marvel at the obvious boundary

Dawn befall our outsets

Pitches of rum in sunsets

Tomato headed seals and polar bears

Aye its true, an iceberg we landed on

Get marbles for snowmen

Give in none of the children

And the captains mate has curtains

So we have landed aboard

Distance at safe to cremate

Thus we are the legislate


Twas their beginning

Cup tossed a coin

Audience member in our teas

Within wore through the knees

Perverse be accepted

That we might all collude

Tru cure the fare

Twas our cancer summary

There goes true love

Spared that we pretend it

Ha! Twas that I did console it

As though thy freedom bestowed it

Commend on departing

Murderous goes with winsome

Speak heartily of contrary

Fold it into Tiperraray

We have but one orange left in Tiptree

Custom bus the caterpillar

Win putting in

What goes past

Drunken boat for air glade

Quid for a slot in tequila

So float about the biscuit quips for pasta

So up and bug a trolley

But they are strangers who frighten me

Koala noun

Pug for a gum tree

Cuddle down

Impeach to breach thine own

Note that purge intolerance

The lemon is clear

Potatoe for wheat

Though it saileth away

That thy root is tethered

That you may

Whatever you have

Why we board the mayflower

Orange ring, tis thy carrot

Why sing, if thou art bemused

Sheep in a curly horn

Twill be a unicorn

Pon thy fairy tale

Reach the wood

Be imprisoned in a hatchback

Stand up off thy knees, thy three foot boot

Another lover, spun to sue

Echange’sd with thy flu

Why thee down there, come up for air

Speaketh bloweth snot

Bold as boot good morning

Median sky

That market not

Stood ‘pon the rotary platform

Harketh illuminum

It peddle on

That art in thy secret

Catcheth the sign

Implore breech eodus

Of thy flow

Thou art go

Not slavery

Tether thy hoe

On the spot

Tis thy broadband


That thy Spartans

Thy work a carried above thee

Tis for Pegasus

Social skill from commute

Blisters of our brothers, soot

Why not dander on foot

Stop at the plate

Source is that sped past

Little envoy less dismayed

Broom that parade

Da vinci code systematic

Ply oil to thy mechanic

Outside wells

True portrait

Homeward spells

Were it not for furnishment

No argument in bluebells

Recruit fit the thieves

Vacancy provision for seals

Ghoulish accord in complacency

Her for his anorak

Benchmark in retreat from valour

That she performed platitude

Twas the order of her attitude

Fake pyramid

Inside reversible trade

Tis our animal fame

Tom sawyer huckleberry

Twain in luury

Tis our condemnation

Tia maria, spool track

Churn of dimension, wool pack

Lurpack for Cyndi Lauper

Pret a Volvo

Role costa bravo

Super eemption gentrified

Assume the super hero or be petrified

Continue in the vein of eplanation or be verified

Twas that we ran a circus

Ere what form the lion tamer

Comst thy present

Comst thy last breath

To report the angina

What might thee steal

Deaf vagina

Deaf ear

Writing the crap

Why is it so important to thee

Quarter mousey mostly the snap

Hush the good lie

Symbol whatever the snap

Cheese in the corner

Mostly mousey

Shocked begin to notice

symphony call

Isolate the conductor

What to select

Fares aplenty

What to collect

Wish it for wisdom

Barge in cant barge out

Fi it for eternity

Containment has to have happened

Seem bitter in a mild story

Enjoy the holiday cottages

Nobody suspects ill of the family business

More leadership in a mollusk

Barnacle enquirer

Footstep, tis a commandment

Whats beneath yer.

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