By franwords

December 8, 2015

Category: poetry, writing

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Manage the artificial


Dissection on the memory

Simple key

Cause of nature

Serial pause

Race of time

E press before the rates go up

Curious humans

Mysterious infusions

Tis not the current quest

Companion cue to argument

Convenient conscience

Dedicated to use

Selfish to realize can be pure

Twas the skittish enterprise

Moment bear

Mind to mind another year

Friendship impose the tear

Any given person

Other half to clear

Crowded world beside

Particular intensity preside

Comfort zone of match propensity

Leave it off

Tis for thee was ordered

T’would reek of regret

Normal in further to give it up

That ye may be a trainer

Whatever friend ye find

Counter productive versions find

Comparison to bitter squander

Fie that ye be feared as laughed at

Improbable escort

Only the bribery

Trip that ye took

Supposing the greed

Twas the pie chart portion

Provide for the role

Fi ture for calorie

No true need

E cept for the love you

And thee and ye

Home to chase for a piece of Brie

Depend upon the management

Stress to be mundane

Lest thy station be in vain

Work on therapeutic e posure

Can’st not manage the feeling

Be dampened down and grateful for it

What happened to @arvonfoundation

Forty something and raring to go

Oh no it’s a dinosaur

Nobody to practice on

How do you do

Grown up dodos are too e otic

Captive arrangement post

E ert to keep

Wrangle unsuitable stall

Subdue the rainfall

Shooting stars

Decide upon involvement

Listen to absolvement

Isolate the best place for peace

Enquire of the dog instead of the beast

T’would seem an e change for reporting freedom

Bias of misadventure seclude exertion

Compromise fluency altogether


Show biz is all mother in the green room

E clude the reviews

Definitely a relation tho, Cilla

Its all her fault I got over e cited

E cluded from the fun vault

Disgruntle on strike, heafty bike

Lifestyle reapply

Unions on stage are very involving

They’re life long impressions

The secret is in the e tensions

Feeling oddlly relieved she died

Learn this.

Psychoanalysis takes pictures of silent rapture

Spec of the collective view

When there aren’t any instructions, muesli

Being human observes the worm

Things don’t make sense ecept that others make of it

Begging bowl recompense

Requiring assistance agrees to sense

Brilliant song about stolen intuition

Stop failing me

Attiude reply me

Herbal doctor spoke to dog more than the room

Greeted me as male

Not supposed to notice

Grass up the indirect challenge

No matter, obvious charade

This is what they depend upon

Isn’t starred

Migrant status, its thy haunt

But what of thee to be come by!

Belfry in the fold down tables

Mad on forgiving the preposition

Table symbol tabernacle

Perfect person perfect illusion

E clude the inclusion


But there’s two

How many of Zebedee, park

Chassay at the tabernacle

Board room leave at 0-60

Mechanise, pitch up at Scotmid

Handling other writers work can be e crutiating

Nursery rhymes in store for optimism

Toyland stores for mechanism

Everything turns to bread

Outside everything denied

World of cilla’s tv

Much in live of that preserved

Much of plastic in waste

Tis thy kenwood oevre

Food to keep the mi er in

Target no target fought

Artery complimented

Wrapped about rejection caught

Nothing is rejection sought

Why learn of artificial noise

Majors of common ambition

Simply hard Erikson

Gardlands of adults how they e amine

At 19 there’s intimacy v. isolation

But that’s lesson one

Use the eye more

Very few people do eye work effectively

Digital outsource

Soul e port

Tis thy wink

Brief eclipse the sink

Plug for pugs

What there is to read in kicks

Give away look away, universal noughts

Practice reply, spare in thought

Suggestive digestive

Collude against Trojans

Disrupt the personable sort

Don’t scan everything on the bottom

Arrow right way up

Aught that ye do for more than a person

Aught that ye survey

Enquiry, how it stack it up

Melody ensnaring

Multiplicity that besote

So much to look upon

Health was also bad

E pected of in nature had

Eyes above the nose

Forget the hair

Lashes of peculiar

Rectified that fool yer

Nearest rest a set of teeth

Sight of what thee pick to hunger

Thought make the gentler justice

Pole for a gondola

Balances of summer

Ease for the provider

Hint of the smiler

Forever in a glimmer

Intoicate by what spreads around

Make it nicer

First establish the lesser

Tug in fishing

Resurface as a form of sport

Be done

Hand on the baton

Often ruin the party

Fuse on shoes, corns on blisters

Successful chores

Don’t want a blind date

Don’t want love is blind


Don’t want all nose

Not enough with eyes cast down

It’s the eyes

Is the women

Toby heart Charles

In consequence but watch the flame

Uncle and father the brother

Balance of tame acceptance

To be informed

True of the eye, clue of the scotch

Aesthetic flinch that vet

embolden drunken confidence

a great and ugly fortress

lock anyone into security

fantasy completely leaning

pushing for the family

agenda stalk all fools

resentment thy defeat

Island thy deceit

Stairway for landing

Pass quickly by if thou may

And hope for disarray

Handle whast thy can’t

In retrospect the plant

Garden of introduction

Merely through the mention

Twas the worry that was caused it to


In e tension to concede

Sweetness task the right revenge


Inequipped decide it blue

Who to

Dance about the whiter hue

China where it left off

Accomplice of a gleaner mend

Love as the sort

Stack as the import

20 million records

Wall around the quiet bite

Simpler who to run to

The lack of recruit

All French in fancy

Fluency in chains

Trappist of the sentiments

For in truth there are purest loyalties

As many convinced in talents

Catches on all of them

Recesses complete

Stupification of the intelligences

Lemons everywhere

Protect the integration

Set sugars apart

Hostility its own for others preservation

Twas fraught with danger ‘ee left

Same station haughty deft

Tis that ‘ee crush the escape

To further the proof of its own report

Subtly thou was sought

Therefore keep thee rudely

Guarantee the injury

Art of pimping

Reliant craft

Art of resenting

Mother run out of the kgb

Flour, eggs, milk

Mother run into the president (b)

Present part (c )

Fail at current affairs

Biggest task to state what of it

Keep out the matter

No notice of it

Tis thy main e port

Spot on candour

Struggle for the blind spot

Pains of delicious compartment

Reprisals of temptation

Consort with bargains

Run display of dream to harden

All your achievement their pardon

Given freely come what may

Twas not the prospect to escape

Not until afterwards

Playpen of every supplication

Scribblest every working gain

No artifice in evidence

Compton races lane

Syndicate that wave it through

Lean on three to hoof a shoe

Quarter that confine it


Stables of the acting school

Smack the pony

Blake, Kylie & Caitlin

Be seen as evil by those who control you

Tis their allowance

Serve an unofficial custodial sentence

Abuse witchcraft

Isolate type

Only that ye match in company

Forgotten fanny

Threat with every comeback

Tourism, awkward complimentarian

Opinion polling, sport not true

History depose the family

Everyone wants a decent story

Mysterious disqualified

Be offered the donut, be offered the boot

Spare caution portion cope with route

Eaggerate behavior, make it harmless

Pine require of internship

Erudition in complaint

Fussy question makr the Saint

Stop the guage

In receipt of concern

In receipt of irritation

Else the satisfied

Purple on sparing others, quantity

Just don’t involve the disciplinarian

Fie to have to catch it

Obligatory notice

Anyone who wants to get to know my wounds

Can fuck off

Be blamed for damaging fresh enterprise

Invisibility lock it off

Deification of money

Trendy puzzle in the damage

There aren’t any wounds, Dumbo

Propel the inflation

Keep everything in getting rid of

Compel to dehumanize

Eclusion of free will

Don’t involve me in your disorder

Everybody free

Scores of ruin intellectualized

Spectacle laugh through the formula

Wrap it round the lead

Hate stupid people hate clever people

Peddle the soul for an average

Rivet the harness, contact with the dead

Now a common thing, Queen in the head

Before in the book that were living

Imaginations harnessed

Truth of the matter to bed

Authenticate the question, self instead

Removal in the blackhead

Nothing to be afraid of

Alive as dead in smell

Hunt about to leave the hole

Average indignation, edge of the sing

Knew all the long that lean upon

So make it true

Ply the visitor with appeal for a criminology hamster wheel

Bemused two strangers with variety

They wanted to find consistency

Rubbish the query of criminology

Make it a fact

Implore the reader to judge

Submit at the smudge

Therapy serve the stop on thy mouth

Pleasure that match it around

Stop discussing fascinating subjects

Like whos been offended and betrayed


Absolutely fascinating 20 years delayed

Encourage the fascination

Argue the trend


Block is the sorting quest

Distinguish the dues

Noble mushrooms, common shoes

Can’t eat chanterelle

Don’t know enough about chanterelle

Get stopped by fungus gossip

Tis on them that swat things up

Refle pester the sanction

Stop moaning

Then they start courting in Latin

Lyrics on gratification

Hostage of the innocents

Runaway slog

Stop using me as a radio benchmark

Personalised indiscrepancy


Blatant telepathy

They’ve had enough revenge on me

Used for being blind

Of my revenge, used up in kind

All the wrong people got awarded, that’s all

Awarded in damages

Dry penny leave off the copper

ECT after the West trial

But the upside is I’ve got a degree in sculpture

Central St. martins

The worst things are silently blamed

Arrogance has the subtle lead

Shouty conscience stretch around

Crying out on heir behalf

Dictating shape the riot

Be lightly remanded in narcissism

Their revenge commanded as the pimp

Hopefully this means the pimping has mostly stopped

Hints of it near normality

It all happened at the stables and Cultoquey

Now it’s a wedding venue

Chapter end of Alan Carr, Jenny Éclair

Withdraw with every enlightenment


Incest, murder, conquest, whale

Se slave open spliff

A Duchess of Devonshire

A sandwich toaster

A piece of leather

Why aren’t I in the video

E actly as it is

No season but there is

Reassured to be endured

Carry out the doodle

Pot noodle

Feeling sorry for someone

Apparently means you’ll say their sorries

Being matured

Do it in a later way

Worry on the money

Jewish is she

Absence of employment

Worry enjoyment

Fiddle preoccupation

Fudge in reclamation

Wintry absence people stalk

But my face is Jewish

Take on the persecuted

Two faced country

Not of the land in the hand

Atheist that believe in god

Isn’t always shared

Walker through to the views

Quiet rumpus oversee

Sound of the horn

Husband in the middle Mark

You were at

Call you a rat

Leave the rat theme


Don’t be warned off about wild swans

They leave you alone

They aren’t geese

Don’t rely on vulnerable people


Speak for other puns

Don’t know more than you can handle


Victim as the aggressor


Trails of co-claimants

Gangster adjournments

On the table down to the drool

Big buffer



Shackle a leg with the same leg

Long drive

In vain in anseffort to stop

Chide ye openly, passenger pain

Ephemeral plate

Silver child

Feeling of affection


Bunch by e ample


Reject the search as a matter of taste

Life a quaver

Rescind the trail in stalking

Line prevail

Makeup a grail

Research blow to the animal

Having a hearing aid means

People can listen on me and my thoughts

If I don’t have a soul its just radio

Interest can self propagate

Cause for a man

Tortoise late

Stale to consume

Preservation save the moon

Always choose the wrong junction for sabotage

In the face of a beauty

Needle in a haystack

Hidden booty

Ugly people have beautiful gardens

Chipper mosaics

Threader in gypsy beads

Charm lend the misogyny

Plucky round the tight rope

It’s the women that prefer it, no less

Blew through the yielded glass

Prized as a pass

Forestry of precipitation gain


Arcade close to theatre


Cordon of success

Hush on love

In riots of bluebells


Shower on another

Bowl for a rolling cover

Pluck in the can

Wimpy windscreen shelter Pan

Victim as the aggressor


Traumatised the current sleeps

Iris wakes

Melting the quilting glacier

Impeccable enrolment

Poppet a planet

Spec free the Gala y

Proof of injury a form of life

Flood the apostrophe

Anything regular cancel the shift

Redial 192

It won’t be possible to fi the penny farthing


Opposition ask the time

Curious zombie affection

Friendly lens on frugal knot

Follow it round

Name, Age, Date of birth, day of the week

All of these puzzle the prisoner profoundly

But I’m going to Mumford & Sons

People in love again is good relief

Stop the cat and mouse

Various regions, nefarious tournaments

Games of wistful Chequers

Deplete the debate

Receipt the clueless state

One for where the twenty true

Solitary main protraction

Fiddle a degree in percentage

Best rrefine the number down

Division on the increase

Guide for souls to equip the commitments

Position of installment


Task force of bewilderment


Onsluought over cheese n chive

Right of way in bee hive

Said to a fiend last week

No one ever comes to my house

It’s the sort of thing Dracula might have said

My real teeth were given away like tattoos

Rod Stewart is my new dad

I’m offering biscuits tomorrow

Arrogant men would even concede

The article of conception isn’t meant to be indifferent

Fracture multiply the week

Possible to have got the wrong face

Woman earn her place

Man earn woman

Flan tap base

Baking bean the soggy bottom

Scarper at the giant helping

Pasture past the fast scrape

Thunder grunt the pearl

Neptune strings the icebergs

Lemon the elphine felon

Equator in the clink for later


Necessary palm tree

Gulf stream treat the traveller

God that greet the mirror

Yoghurt in the gives

Pitch a less known country

Penguin the voice

Pick in a song of choice

Lever walk the line

Finders keeprs

Ball the coal

Fizzle in the Sherlock

Spock the copy and paste

Light the universal same

When children aren’t called adorable very often

They think it odd

I’ve decided im not transgender

The scientists like me because

I’m a hermaphrodite

They want to multiply a hermaphrodite gene

Malish stomach muscles

But female bits


Its quite good to have been a fluke

Easy to turn on

Se ual frustration

Easy to turn off



Echinacea flood route

Supposition of presentation

Plea on the peck

All the phobia

West perplex the wind

Getting to hospital

Lending the holiday

Well to do beside the fight

Page beside the clocking sight

Park beside the dumping


Heartless brie

Led into tree

Bountiful bid for natural glee

All the saving up


A dump on a godfather

Self elected indecision

Commendation lark precision

Nothing to do with counts of yore

Overlap the good in time

Settled injunction call on police

Whore through the noise

Fluffy bunny porpoise

Strategic Mogadishu

Pining the score

Centre attraction certainly blue

Smoking all the fun

Surrender in critical thought

My paintings only took 10 mins

Once I got put in the dishwasher

Left for a cycle

Fitted quite compactly

With the drawers taken out

This week I have combined searching

Sexuality with images of visitors

Who have nothing to do with me

Hopefully they can see

Dualism, transparency and vagrancy

Between various energy consistors

Are things that occur to you

When you can’t think of anything else

Shows I have got a better cv

Whoever they are its all top secret

It might have been a magic circle once

Rule to be forgotten

Such as safe houses club together

Such is the puzzle of puzzling safely

How it used to work beneath the gods

Heavy setters want wives

Rich coming from seven year itches

Liberty lives on trapezes

White on white

Bra, pants, tights

Top, jumper, lights

Used to drink bleach

Had leukaemia

Nich a tug from a handbag


Barbarians are like scholars

Just as clever

Transgender in hidden equipment

Honestly the guns gone

Heart stitch the string through

Obstacle course

Donut ransom

Decapitate turn on the torch

Spot light track the fear

Men in black no running away

Stun the bang in hammer away

Heterosexual horror of the beast at bay

Poltergeist swap trumpets and horns

Backward peddle on sewing

Public pair in private parts

Spacious women eerting obsessions

Blank in the kink of drawings

Spun in the club of graylings

Sixth sense quandary on railings

Remorse the source of dispensation

Sun in medication for perfect storms

Hormones mow the lawns

Recycle seep the scorns

Match the word for sorry

Spare the cream

The phantom penis

Only surfaced about last year

It was previously a rubi cube

Prompt for hey you

Colour to convey you

Square of the flipping margin

Sign of cancer

Phantom to be made a stranger

Smoke like nicely though

Fire make safe with stones all round

Be used in none of your business

Occur to over thy head

Cut the ties of made up friends

Refugee the diving bends

Put the curtains up

Put the bins out

Let the dogs out

Sequence of commission


Pop all the airbags

Tidy up the glue

Ipad has gone from landscape to portrait

Its because I’m a landlady

I’m apparently very territorial

Because I’m their centerpiece

A packet of mussels

Everything at right angles

Compute on the bias of affirmation

Key of dictator in simplicity

Side in the shade of the sun

Ride on the form in a flat screen


Try being a 40 year old with e plicit experience

Then be told you have the mental age of a 14 year old

Then look a 14 year old in the face

It’s a route map of anniversary

Be deprived of an age

Let the factors prescribe it

Age match feelings

Be disqualified

Projections any guardians

Power of the noun

Sum provide

Plausible fuse in giving away

Defer the receipt as stupid


Stack up the Romeo and Juliet

Make it plausible

Play roulette

Guide on the youth dog

In for a penny in importune

Stand by high for more training

Purse of wisdom

Sun tan lotion

Fine line days of Quattro motion

Chickens out of stock

Clone the attractions

Backward clock

Birth release the growing lock

Nappy resolution block

Argue not to teach a speak

Segregate the flock

Kisses off the shock


From cradle to brave

Puzzled by letting the dog out

Release in the light

Dogs can’t type

They can let themselves out

Dogs can bark

Report the spark

View your psychotherapy like half term appointments

Expect your sessions to be annoying

Edify the quarrel as backward

Genes ae backwards

Confirm to the oedipal

Social in track suits

Can’t be bothered with venn diagrams

Overlaps of impartial tracks

Awaken erotic rivalries in Arcadia

Hospitalize wherever without make up

Thick of it dem shake them beans

Despotic rate detect assault

Too attractive part to moult

Every side the animals

Send the children indoors

Radiotherapy is only a hangover

Addiction bliss the stamina

Be cheered for upon leaving the room

Fit encourage the permanent

None of these things bother me

Eception deprived of the family

Should have stayed with Trevor & Jill

I’ll do it tomorrow companion

Defer the in hostilities backwards

React them into Pericles

Fish cleat the ropes

Break the machine in hopes

Twas all our indiscrepancy that counted

Beside the tide deride the catch

Course of on you landing

There twas made as much

Thought import upon the touch

Crepe in the scope of lee ways

Wade in choosing protraction

Degrees of the floral moral

Tis that I love thee

Companion upon a horizon

Swim to the paddle discover

Grip the line in hand

Pseud of the food and blood

You ain the stranger that has to do

Shun for the shoe

Treading water

Kicking in thread to the weight

Firm in to be fished out

Dish at the channel


For all I know I’m the mother of a

Disabled child taken into care

In bridge of earn

And not the mother of a child of a pop star

Always caution bliss with tragedy

Bright lights at the dentist

Showed me I have blond teeth

Transgender the veil for animal laboratory

Know nothing about the skin

How can it be known about the hedgehog

Be totally e cluded from parenthood

On account of missing parenthood

Good riddance

Evocate the mental substitute

Everything cosy about confiscation

Lifetimes of the times

Waved at a woman buying bread

Wore an orange Guantanamo jumpsuit

Quite a lot of people have bid me adieu

Fertility in lack of condemnation

Oh mother thou art

That one attract another dilemma

Accorded to hate for love

Instead of absence fill the glove

Knit that dress for winter

Strings of the various web

Wilbur the pig

Confess comfort to the writings of others

Comfort in graffiti

Provisions of colour the wasteland

Animate displeasure

Give it the free course

Glance of every highway man

Snot on a sticker

Glee for democracy

Titillate travel the Greenaway

Let me see my children

Union the onion

Candidate Sunday

Agatha gender the core

Tunnel so frequently

Presume everything to hierarchy

Special conscience

Tis that thou art housed

Good as thy subordinate

Wheeling bloused

Feast without hunger

Real displayed

Squalls of tossing allegiance

Ticket curls

You can’t call them family

When they convene with the council

Id have given them all the children

Freely but they had to concede as Nazis

That’s the main shame

But we have to fight disease

The worse candidates are the

Already well bred

Taken like an adult decision

Donor honoured with torture

Everything changing the mind

Saving the blind

Manners the charm of investigation

Someone in our family had been

Sent away for being disabled

As a mark of rebellion I acted

Simple too I was about 7 or 8

It landed me my first acting job

When I found myself packed off

To haute la garenne in Jersey

That’s what got me into Hollywood

And after what got me sent back

Hello Jack Nicholson

Some women look sick and

Become bitchy aggressive

Board members of the female species

When they think its their turn to find out

I’m a widower, that’s all

Also a mother

The male option is prod and humorous

But only to a point

A room of titillated angry women

Nothing more frightening

All ordering the breaking of the glass ceiling

Down side to being amazed

Panic at the facing beauty

Born with a penis

Tricky one

Girl boarding schools

Confusing the bullying

Bullying often breaks the subject into action

Seconds to decades the fraction

Put it away, have a top up

Some of the worst people

I’ve ever met have been women

One was called Margaret

Luckily Margaret died

It wasn’t her fault

Megalomaniacs on the run

Protect the women in chivalrous rivalries

Even Margaret’s reputation

Nurture the loose women

She’s the manly projection

Show her the kitchen

Gremlin group

Turn her in with mi ers on

Power the struggle of electricity

Mismatched of neither sex but productivity

Futile without objectivity

Playground of conversion


So many people think through the whore

Delicate shudder assembly

Humanity glow through the illness

It isn’t what we’re here for

The virgin Mary

Complexities of cheating

Versus infinite love

Eaten alive get started again

So much love in the tragedy


In future please don’t fart during this song

You give me fever

Being British is onerous

Who is meant to champion anti slavery?

Heroes always resort to flags

Lets scrap the heroes

Bring on the hummers

Sacrifice makes allegiance too hard

Walk at the pace of the hopper

Heroes wrestle with racism

Release it

All we are battling is living standards

Care is for sheep

We should all be learning Arabic and Chinese

Shakespeare produces latte

Everyone likes French

Language is a badger

Teach the language of affection

Scrap that of infamy


Squeeze it for orange juice

Make films of union

Make it the custom

Circumspect in prevalent estrangements

Report all the weddings

Lead the trucks with bicycles

Exercise in self control

Talking without moving can be rigid towards

Sitting still is hard work

Battlers move too much

Grandfather clock

Tick the right speed

Put a few antiques everywhere

Plants are antiques

Insult match affection

Appropriate defense

Make a mocker of satisfaction

Be fed every two hours

Indeterminate species

Grants women as northern

Accolade wells

People should be able to eat

A couple of apples between si and seven

Without all this


The dirty truth

All about compliance


You sound too fat

By not having enough to do

But drinking and bleeding

Its lazy weight loss

Not wooing but cajoling

Everest is easy peasy

You just have to handle efficient breathing

Transfer the challenge away from yourself

Then love comes flooding

Rehearse down to the last line

On a daily basis

Be qualified to die


Should it reach to the living

Dice about stupidity

Si to role

Pointless thanks by rigidity

All up to the sum of small things

Disdain as much to purport

Division seek the most significant

Tilling the plough

Eample the grasp to liven it up

All my best friends harm themselves

Some with awards castrate the laws

They’re all in the Guinness Book of Records

Lay all kinship on themselves

Excellence betray the standards

Prouder arc that call to the lions

Wordless feed the justices

Apology inflict concern

Doing fine

Tug at the hoa

Doing in line


Insulting some

Tow be viewed as a child

No rights wear the tights

Raise em to the bar

More like a wish

That point to a star

Trend in reverse

Risk replay the meteorite

April shower

Winter set the first of April

Winter set the spring

Fool the winter guardian

Waiting to lead the root to green

Character patch the traits

History the swatch

Stand up for itself

Cannibal purses weighty elf

Transition tease to chase it though

How the elf return the shoe

Address at the hammer and stitch

Weight wait

Never understood it

A good woman is an investment

To one of the quizzler children I said

I hate you

And he said

You’re evil

Template of irony

It doesn’t matter about Quizzler children

Isn’t always easy to tell

So easy to ruin it

Looking at a TV screen WOT

Keep having to learn about contention

Glamour in the state of retention

Don’t mind who wins the game

French or Canadian anyway

Going round Edinburgh, London & Iceland

Moonwalk marathons

Jab for Snuffles 16.30

Cheese sandwich 6.30

Both in the neck

A half sister from Connachan farm

Something to do with a pin

Nip, tuck and sew, Grey’s anatomy

52 pickup

Embrace people unless they’re a secret

And because they’re a secret

If it isn’t know what is shared

There’s room for theft

Make do with made up rivalry

Share a pub

Tag bag the bath mat

Take anything seriously

Reinvent parenthood as fascism. Sad

Ones own are never percentages

But handled as such

Percentage is estranged

Can anyone do me a pie chart

Recognize the things you’re meant to

And get yourself into trouble

Light and fluffy gonna reflect you

Hello mirror

Hello to my new mum

She’s beautiful and smiley most of the time

Pig headed blindness on my part

I’ll keep going on my own and see what happens

We cleared everything up about this years ago

But I think I trod in a dog shit

There all the long. Ridiculous

Reaction is an actress

Poop scoop and deal with it

Memory find a verge

All my chances are used up

Knowing is enough ketchup

She might only be a relation

But the lead is positive

Sinking off to the background

Accelerated compound


Stagnant pond, osmotic bond

Insouciance for summer rains

Flush of the tube in a flavian trove

Come by fresh transmission

Transactive pocket to decipher

Presence of the singular

Freudian slip calling me anne Marie

Marie Antoinette

Omelette, five pound note

Break into a magnum

Double twirl

Risk to set the record straight


Importance of doubt


Prevailing level

Availing view

Chariots of Fire

I’m not an arsonist

All saints day

Snuffles says its too cold to go outside

Got up. Ate a bo of mushrooms. Went for a walk

Watched swans flap. Felt loved. Wasn’t hungry

Ate a turnip. Muesli. Poo at five

One Response to “Gavin”

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