Might start an alimentary diary

Optimum deification not after 2pm

Don’t make a habit of pretending

You don’t have a memory

We are only as sick as our secrets

It can only be true of a robot

To have no parents

Collectives are most confusing media

At least the media have voices

Silent consensus

Friends are all that matter

Snuffles and Paddington

Martian is well worth seeing

Bought a lovely wooly jumper from

Whistles and stayed in a £15 hostel

Without Hollywood I’m very flat rate

Don’t ask me to shine without my imaginary friends

If I’m a Russian Princess

I’m only kept here for my own good

Whenever I’m a princess I tend to get engaged

Power; it does make a difference who you are

The working up class

Just googled a years headlines from @nationalenquirer.

Hollywood is all sad

His by exertion

Hers by coercion

Call fall through in the modern alarm

All the Hollywood stars are veterans

We need to bring the peace down

Glamour covers the eceptions

Welcome to the livable enterprise

Decelerate the chase

Yawn for the poor

Decomprehend battle

Reinstate mettle

Stupify the troubles

Every way is Thursday

Blunder for the pain that sharpen

Irrelevant in gain that harken

Counted not the day were dead

Mounted that the frame would tread

Displacement all afford the bread

Chess on ahead

Domestic score from rain instead

Dance by the club

E treme return to unseen

Wider pleasance at the happening

Jehovah’s witnesses uh oh

Please don’t be followed by the Norwegian stakeholder

Only footballers should be bought and sold

Not forever prostitutes

Turn on a power to slice of the ham

Off actually

Joy on the flight bite the happiness


But their proof is to like you

To be as you are

And wield your share

That you behold

That they may air

Supporters of the panic spare

Rightly sense the thing to do

Douse the flame as would be true

Scatter the seeds as could the few

Blight protesting jest as arrogance

Bryce the shoe shop

Banned from once but marvelous

Childline zombie apocalypse

30 years ago and the like

A el F, arrested development

In the presence of non e istence

Money in authority

Stupid shelter

Coincidence of rich cognition

Chocolate icing

Under cover from intuition

Strain by expansion

To wind the senses

An ever casting mirror

Every mouse improve


Genital in consecration

Heart attack the top inflation

Beat stop the shelf

Pleasant escape

Fix on the company

Rock for the bald

Lengthen in time

Metronome in pasty vine

Spare share the spokesmen

Top heavy that so refrain

Bevy in the bongo


Hyacinth in the right bouquet

Telling off tie the supporter


Warrant in sex appeal


Better half that wander off

Cornered anna Kornikova

Strife by display

Beattle shuttle

Plainer in fluency

Quiet match the potency

Rumour to hatch

Record to minute

Weakness the catch

Flip in the dealing

Corduroy snatch


Close hand expect the order

Co-ordinated tag

Jack to the sling

Abide by the fault

‘Pon freedom picks the sight report

Not enough home visiting makes you homesick

Sex symbols age like STDs

Reflector cars with pasing stars

Home is a loan

Tea makes coffee

Reciprocal engagement

Square in the glare

STD; a guardian of sancitity

Source of disturbing

Its on the house

Chaise longe recline to a grouse

Lover the ready furniture

Crusty earth in beatnik

Scrape decipher the team time

Use the use with friendship

Bitch the cage for scarper

Many bitch attractive

Crufts for bones

Treasure trove the garden homes

Blossom indiscrepancy

Helmet on exterior

Bitches the males

Often the whales

It would be nice to have lots more friends

Another seven or eight

Out of bounds the screen amends

One for love protective state

One provider joke inflate

Two insiders

Bloke the crate

Telephone to link the late

Hurry up a buffalo

Why can’t I see my actor friends?

Or anyone like Steve Jobs

And where’s father Christmas

This role only carries on to be more annoying

Appealing as a snare

The people around me are haunted

Therefore I need to be exorcised

Memory too rich in tragedy

Frugal in majesty

Mineral mining

The manner of silver

All manner of dissatisfaction is childish

It’s the matter of reporting that’s different

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