Presume an extra reflex of sex.

Indulge as almost a sex offender.

Be a fictitious super hero.

Beyond the bounds of ordinary exchange, qualify intimacy with electric effects. Like Rent a Ghost, be escaping vapour, thick and thin to seasons of convection.  Sex bomb advantage of sacred remains, interpreting strands of romantic escapism. Unsettle to be discharged by desire.   Habit of making steam by adventure’s pursuit.   Steam engine invent for a railway. Locomotive life is touristic.  Train embark as often as it stops.   Speed comprised of losing and extra passengers.

Acceleration is compulsion, view of the who depending. Say a director .  Pay an editor. Dash a winnowing spectator. Kernel of love conjoin for twins, starting soon where love begins. What’s the frontier, where’s the train? People train to become accountants, gardeners and hyperbole. Treasure hide egg for a nook.

Treasures are the sex of them, or the children of equilibrium.  Super hero lack permanence beyond plight protection. Trend pursue the violin. Win fuse its rape in penalty. Wait a minute, a banshee sings.

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