There’s a thing where the person isn’t feeling up to it and thinks oh sod and then oh lord. A year later the sod about feeling has diminished into a celluloid wrapper or some such artificial wrapper like not bothering to wrap up stylishly. And then the beans have become onions and the myrtle has become glamorous for other people. Take the Nordic to task in a Viking sort of boat relay.
The man stood to pay for his receipt and farted without looking down or anywhere really. A child headed for the stairs in yellow trousers. The man had gone back to his seat and was perched back up on his stool. It had been a ripply one. There was still an hour to pass before the bus left. His partner came back with glasses on and she put her coat on, though she hadn’t been visible before because of the pillar. The two women next door had polished off some wine and chips. There was half a pint of cola left on the table which looked good as a freebie now that the table was empty. One came back for her scarf. It was quite a test not to go and pick up the coke but the man was nearby at the bar and he’d have noticed something going on.

It isn’t that the days are hungry but those days are coming for all of us. It might have been nice to travel to the luxury people after the theatre performance in the west end. On the basis of working hard the meeting with the man from the property firm went due to all the draw backs in the front of the seller’s mind, such as who knows there may be a positive outcome in the end. The abandoned business woman is a bit part time to play for an abandoned business woman. The pull is supposed to be when the man provides plenty seeing a prospect. The foreboding doom of being moneyless is a traditional outlook for all members of the human species. To be worth the product there has to be a bargain going. In most cases people with things to sell are things like peanuts and cardigans though some people opt for soft topped Cadillacs and earrings. The luxury purpose of having quality is overruled at Primark where guests can spend less on their clothes than Sharon Bronson. The thing about summertime marketing is to get all the best stretches. In the case of looking after people there are lots of beverages to hand round. These are all shopping values. When Macbeth goes shopping he has to buy special marmalade to keep his hamster happy as he is friends with Hamlet who has a wheel. They’re together in La Plaza waiting for their spring onions. In most cases the pair are indistinguishable between performances as they don’t get taken out to play every day. It’s to do with the cut that the pastry an gets from hamburgers in the evening. Quite often there are bits of salad from fairies and which look up at their chins before being consumed. Most people aren’t like Macbeth but everybody knows one if they’ve ever watched one. That’s enough for a full countenance, even at senior level. People reach in their pockets and the whole thing has been thought through by maltesers and caramac onion. Everyone knows their onions until it’s real life and then everyone gets hitched to compromising bargains such as a fairly worthwhile meal deal in a food court near Swaffham. It’s deserving for some people with confidence patches to dupe less deserving people with ever decreasing circles as the luxury mixes up in its own charity making shopping lists for artichoke, dove and tomato. If one should ever feel apprehended there’s always a lace shawl in the catalogue. People dress semi presentable to meet Macbeth and Hamle and they are often stifled in some small way given the intimate proceedings. Pleasant has a shared atmosphere at the Garrick where they’re busy folding assortments into oral toupes. Whatever rids Casey in the case of dolls they deck themselves out in what written people wear rather than ones that fumble around for change. In Britain there’s generally a run up of Maisie books to prepare for sons and daughters.

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