The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama

Cats and Starlight Express were the first musicals I ever watched.  They are musicals of enterprise, with stormed auditoriums of inspiration and everyone is charged with gladness for being present.  It’s the awakening of magic from tucked away attendees watching singing skaters.  The response is to want to join in probably without being able to.  Microphones are exciting and lighting is masterful.  Melodies awaken searchlights and the excitement of high living begins.  42nd Street is a joyous history lesson, Les Miserables a moving testament to the spirit of adversity.  I’ve always loved Gilbert and Sullivan because of marvellous diction.  Musicals are great disciplines for tidying up the person’s presentation skills.  It only takes a costume and a bit of practice to become more fully rounded. Musicals are finishing schools.  Last night at supper I recited Memory after dinner and found my performance amazed my new friends.  There’s much of Robert Louis Stevenson in the presentation of singing poetry, such as he is a lamplighter.  The best part of civilisation is found on Broadway though I don’t see why celebration is seen as camp all the time.  Community among performers is a joy to behold and often everyone is cast superbly unlike the comparison of modern life where there is too much loneliness.  Audiences are catalysts for performances and though I love theatre there is nothing more heartwarming than expressive singing.  It would be as well for Shakespeare to be committed to song.  As a writer the benefits of solace also require musical conventions for words to be activated by stirring instruments and dry ice.  Who need plain aerobics when actors can animate the body to an overall festival of cheer.  Musicals are very slick and timing presents the course of wit.  It would be lovely to become thoroughly acquainted with all the stories of love, as for whatever television has to offer, there is nothing more stimulating than musical theatre.  Going home after a west end show is always a clamp back to reality, but there is a compartment for joy in life when there is a calling to share a song.  Pop can be solo mournful but look how many artists can throng together with productions from Andrew Lloyd Webber.  Setting up magical places where dreams come true is alleviating where so much of entertainment trends toward the cliff hanger.  Choirs are fun and I’ve learned Mozart but combinations of song and movement are more fully suggestive for childish people.  It’s fun to be mesmerised though it takes training to hone coordination.  Good performers practice often and they make it all look easy.  Facilities of voice and memory go together in clockwork harmony.  The fun of massive coordination is watching people who have found out they can multi task as a rewarding feeling.  Practice makes perfect for brewing as a writer heading for collaboration where strife is a fun combination.  I want to work with Steven Sondheim.

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