Bi Polarity

It’s all very well to abuse someone, but for them then everything is forbidden love. Each time there’s a Romeo problem solver, scandal uncovers another planet to which the pair must escape. Having older men as boyfriends is the perfect example for Juliet who doesn’t age, and cannot without a partner in crime. Bi polar for me is being forbidden to acknowledge let alone talk to ex lovers, such is the secrecy of my emotions. Giving time to mediocrity causes depression for everyone has the right to love in books for example. Requiring a lead to have an affair makes following all the more winsome. Protection corrupts the mistakes for silences that keep themselves. Loneliness is self pitying and causes unhappiness. So what if someone could have figured it out for you? Poverty in riches is wasteful with alternatives. There are love affairs and there are other people’s duties. Beside such things there is causality. Can one be interesting as a study? Why it doesn’t work out is a very silent telephone. There have to be people to talk to this side of the Lightning screen. Being with special people is only being nearer gossip. It’s incredibly good for one to be a know all. A fix of money, geographical abandonment and the curtly task that someone is coming round to pick you up from your dream. That’s what bi polarity is. It’s all the pill of awakening alone


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