Committee Room 14, Houses of Parliament Wednesday 20 April

Hacked Off

Justice without Leveson is a sport for the corporate rich who can intimidate journalists into silence with threats of litigation.  There is good journalism to be had but are we reading rubbish because the real stories all get shelved?  Regulation must be independent as Leveson suggests so that papers can’t complain of costs and kow tow back and forth with politicians who understandably need to be heard to some extent.  The Royal Charter is the regulator which at the moment is on the back burner.  We need to make sure it doesn’t get forgotten.  

Let’s all instigate a judicial Court Press where stories are from slow churns; accurate, interesting, supportive, compelling to the idea of what justice can serve.  Gossip runs Fleet Street by torment, damaging all our mental health with hopeless cases.  There are enough suicides.  We aren’t all nuts.  Ten year olds have a better grasp on Shakespeare than on a copy of the Daily Mail.

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