Anyone would have thought that gastroenteritis is for infirm people, along with arthritis, pneumonia and rheumatism. However it was young Miss Slinky who was caught short on the day trip to Lulworth Cove with Nigel Faversham at the steering wheel, boarding with twenty something archaeologists on and off the mini bus. There was an American on board who had a packet of Gaviscon from drinking, so Miss Slinky took a tablet and posed in a yoga position on the back seat. Nigel was very understanding, not like a member of staff at all and as soon as he could he put on some soft jazz through speakers from his iPod. Miss Slinky was only sick once so her gastroenteritis wasn’t nearly as bad as she had been led to believe. She didn’t like taking the day off. Fondness between the two guides only grew as they were falling in love so vulnerability in sickness wasn’t a threat. It was a thoroughly modern convention to begin a love affair while being poorly. Oh Miss Slinky have my handkerchief was very soothing to hear and the graduates were all relieved that the two were so attuned despite their physical constitutions. Nigel frequently broke wind during his commentary like a backing track but was always prattling on in an adventurous manner describing all his favourite rocks as if the homes of mermaids who became human again after many years of soul searching. Miss Slinky was beginning to look like a diamond.

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