Train Spotting

Leaves were on the line apparently, Autumn announced.  Barry was at the station on a bench.  Oh God, oh No, he thought, that’ll be Arthur.  Arthur was meant to be coming into Scarborough for a meeting with the Spotters.  He climbed down off the platform onto the tracks, taking out  binoculars.  Sure enough Arthur could be seen down the track half a mile away in a boiler suit munching a ritz biscuit.  He wanted to be a train operator.  Part b of the application form.  Demonstrate you have no fear of speeding trains it said.  Barry zoomed in again.  Arthur was tied to the track by his foot with a red rope.  Whirring stirred from the track behind him, prompting Barry to scramble back up to the deserted platform.  He could only hope the tannoy thought Arthur was a leaf on the line and that the train would stop.  Barry began waving, but the approaching train wasn’t slowing down but Arthur was an out of work stuntman.  He’d pull something off.  However the stress began to make Barry palpitate.  He was about to have a heart attack

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