With reference to the range, Tracy must be Communist. In the log of all equality, timber is the knotted stage. With so many faults of self confession, panel is the resurrection, not of talking but of listening. Tracy has a lot of tailers from school and from work who egg snatch and ear catch to name them a doctor. Tracy sits with her knees up in bed and the siren go past to confirm the point. Drawing attention to what must be kept in goes for the prisoner, the choice is grim.
Tracy wishes for literary prowess in her own words that would say, take em away. She says this all the time like napkins to the coronation, use for charred sausage, even wholesome squares of toast. She won’t mind sharing with the other B and B ers, at the time its only afterwards. She has to tell it in the morning.
A life of no apparent consequence is true of the nematode.
It is not legally binding to be a human and a nematode unless the worms have set in for prescription. How infuriating to be flushed out of luxury accomodation. Tracy goes on with herself in dim surroundings nearer the nematode than the parasites that relate. Communication is the modern exception to solid objects, move on man, move on!
Tracy tries to buy a red cabbage in Tesco’s but doesn’t see the square for pressing. In her opinion the parasites will see this and reward her with blame, lay on, lay on. Parisians constantly have fun in fat and port where Tracy counts zero for being a sport. A lot of it has to do with clicking knees, nits that walk the short leg decree. For the first time, Tracy can party, hey to balloons and whistle blow tongues.
A long time ago, when danger made the run, a loop was allowed for Tracy to have fun. After the camp that was dark as damp, Tracy emerged less like child more a ramp. It couldn’t have been done to keep her in woe, her size was as small as Gulliver’s show.
Tracy resented being a child when things began to lose matter. It mattered from where she was from, throw it away Australian pomme. Tracy made friends and talked with extreme, went to a party only a dream. Celebration and the consolation, don’t be afraid of mattress or end up in the station.
Tracy became a voice piece without knowing to acknowledge it. Pictured from the car she would stare at something far. It was really impressive when most people only have eyeballs for memory. Infront is as connected to something to shunt, apart from the people who don’t want to punt. Does Tracy want to punt on the ditch or fish the dog out for being a dog?
This is asked with great triumph by the whizz brain parasite of hear this and sneeze. Parasites are addicted to fun dog side of Tracy, teasing her with choccy drops for the occasional princess. Tracy believes what she eats to the extent of her bank account story and control tops up for healthy disposition of liking the boot.
Close attention is paid to the way that a dog washes up a plate, beware other dogs. Dog ain’t parasite says dog to flea, this could be complicate wandering me.
In terms of how Tracy feels about being lived off, she is a dog, a person with nits, bitten in bed, natural but avoidable customs. She collides with red cabbage incident as surely as wrong lane, what was that, go for that.
Tracy swerves into the parasites so they can apologise to their allowance. There are millions of tiny Tracyes zooming around on here we gos. Tracy puts the sprouts in before the boiling point to warm the centres. How thick is a sprout?
Tracy has rather a lot of pride in playing booby trap, she must have something for her portfolio. Tracy never believed Tescos was a hospital.
Parasite to the word, Tracy is a poet. She loves the simile metaphor dress up but hasn’t got a pot to piss in. The parasites on Tracy do this instead to save her the nit. Besides, open reveal to the big world would just encase embarrasment.
Tracy could cope on the arm of a loud mouth PR boyfriend but that wouldn’t satisfy her struggle to be heard. Everything is cause until the point of the dock. That man did that! That man did it to me! Let it film, poetry.
Reality is news at seven, dinner ready, lemon squash. Someone is going to beat Tracy at her own game. She sits in research ploughing the lane.
Tracy would like to be a great lady behind the silhouette of a west end musical. She would also like to hear less hullabaloo in the street along with the option to go to a club where the sound is properly adjusted. Tracy thinks it will all be okay as long as the honeymoon solves every problem.
Tempting to eat while they are hot, the sprouts cool down. This is what happens to all the push chairs as they advance in the form of retreat from culpable blame. Their hosts blame them as parasites for parenthood to keep the check maintenance. So many marvelous contradictions in a rich salad.
Big toe tickles, time for tea, cannot leave a sprout behind, pop shot just before gazzump. There are bits of skin that would be nice at the end, oily with salt. Tracy goes back to finish them off. Nothing on the plate would mean nothing left to pinch. Where are the neighbours, its quiet upstairs! Most of the noise comes out of the window. There are fireworks during a pear on the bed. Pear was value, it has two skins, it drips but Tracy isn’t allowed twos because of her odd. This makes the pear three if it is single too, it makes it four if her double counts. They should both be single to eat unless the consumer in a twin set.
Pots has trouble with interference, no concern to Tracy. She commands the parasite ins chomp chomp more the merrier, Tracy is her only obstacle like midges to the name. She feels victimised for mannerism, chomp chomp, perfect tracks.
Tracy wears a track suit, could it talk it would miaow red panther. Red stripes of electric mains on white emboss the comprimise to stand out. Tracy hedges a lot like blue tits, motorway dividers. Pots has shopped at Hammersmith roundabout too. Tracy thinks she is the pink panther.
Pots had the rubbish horse to improve it. Tracy had the good horse to make it worse. Tracy went to the open day. Pots likes pastel like Presley. Tracy had pastel wallpaper. Pots wears boating shoes. Tracy went on a tall ship. Pots does the stiff upper lip like Tracy. Tracy has problem with her jaw. Pots is not a natural rider like Tracy is. Tracy had better ponies. Pots invites herself to new year the same way that Tracy did the year before. Tracy has a Grace Kelly dress. Pots borrows it in Edinburgh. Tracy buys a Fiat that she’s earned. Pots qualifies for teacher. Tracy is a personal assistant. Pots’s car is contribution.
Pots asks Tracy to stay in Newcastle. Tracy posts a ghostly fiver. Pots schools her horse. Tracy is a skiver. Pots likes the chav as friend. Tracy would be wiser. Pots always on the mend. Tracy where to hider. Tracy was a lot more sociable. Pots becomes sociable. Tracy writes the upper hand where once she bedded final plan. Pots was a student last year, Pots could read notes. Tracy took minutes where Pots stalked boats. The battle of Trafalgar, rummaging for truffle, Tracy is pursued as surely harvest tends the stubble. Tracy fancies Pots for the closeness of behind, deer to fancy stalker not that Sherlock is a hawker. Pots is Sherlock Holmes, lets get that clear.
Pots is younger and has access to Tracy that Tracy does not like, though she can’t prove it. Criminal cannot prove what did not when it did move. Pots may be a criminal too but she can see the way. Tracy writes messages to Pots very occasionally, Christmas card. She apologised falsely from the middle of the roundabout and it was sunflower in writing. Pots is like the Susan sixth form faction only training up. Tracy has so many followers defending the world war, they all like apple.
For years Pots has been suppressed by Tracy’s cloud. Tracy moves on to Pots was so loud. Tracy is unable to move on until she has been quashed. Tracy was more sociable, Tracy back to nosh. Pots is able to be like Tracy, projected this upon a dream. Tracy was like Pots will be, confidence redeem. Tig and tag the times can sag, cousin brother, likely hag. Don’t invite the brother if the brother other does instead. Don’t invite the mother other if the mother takes to bed. Don’t invite the dog agog with eyes to eat the sausage log. Don’t invite anybody at all. Tracy wants to get on with shrugging off where she has gone. She leaves this open to prize givings on ITV. Far away in heaven and in hell there are people like Tracy but with different ways to smell. Tracy in the beaten track is lets try IT lets try hack. Pots is better at reading because Tracy doesn’t have permission. Odd with younger older with the catching up of gin.
Tracy is ready to eat again with knife and fork at side, second helpings quietly going down is just inside. Pots eats a hamburger even in a sliver, dainty though she could would be but country has a liver. Getting Pots to say this is quite a triumph but it won’t change what she has in her mouth. Pointing the finger is all very well, Tracy at least has learnt how to spell. Tracy endeavours with greens, they are good for her. She eats them to cleanse in one by ones for simplicity. A whole plate of sprouts, a whole plate of kale, nothing interfering the freedom of the jail. She uses the same plate, but its a recent habit like the shall we shan’t we of do you know my aunt we?
Two people may know the same thing but decline to air it, marvelous for suspension. Big Ben has been mended again, this time with rubber bonging the Ben. Rock has become accustomed to rubber in the highlands, not like the old leather. Pots is like the rubber, an improved variety on where Tracy went wrong. The lady was in Japanese, she didn’t know her son!
Tracy wants second helpings of the second course of kurly kale and she needs the loo. Tracy eats with two knives and forks, the kale is quite lemony. Pots is far away with corrections one to seventy. Tracy has thrown away her lip gloss number seven. She used to have a number seven make up set, now she has bits and bobs of lancome roses, not officially allowed.
Tracy wonders about her make up though she no longer goes to parties, her own fault for not replying to emails. Every party has a leper, it sends up the charity. Sometimes the chip is frankly too hard to accommodate, if the leper feels in any way looked upon. People in themselves think bitch of her for having skill. Talent keeps talking and themselves fade away Christmas by Christmas. Tracy becomes fixated by parties after they have happened like Mrs McGee at the end of the drive. She goes to the post office if time would recall, but so does modern Bridget Jones that reads the book and stands in zones. Tracy mans the post by the tangerines. She could pour coffee but that invites the spleen. What is the spleen?
Chinese for flushing is pull on the chain. End of the meal or apertif strain? Loo afer coffee is a long time away, pear after loo would appear good day.
Tracy is mesmerised with back to the future, parasites are absolutely fluent. Tracy has used absolutely mesmerised so half the sentence is inherited. Tracy thinks for herself in halves. The bottom part of the pear is also the middle at a certain point of completion. Until then it was somewhere inside extending the bottom. Eating people know to go round the core, knowing it was there before.
Tracy is kernel core to what the party knew before. She is almost like a work of art, fumble just to reach her part. The future hasn’t been sown in a discarded pear, pudding or main course binned for all care. Binning the insult carries on like the year before while everyone else grows into the drawer. Tracy becomes the raffle stub for beating about bush. Turning round the after dinner all is else to be a winner. Tracy is wary of winner in her job as the prize and she is mistrustful of pedigree dogs.
Bite sized hunks don’t distribute meals. Tracy eats a healthy plate and then has a tit bit, its what the lap dogs do. Who says a dog is communist, nothing but fighting! Dog is indulged with a personality in the Stalin way. What a dog does is up to his day, its only six forty.
Tracy comes with instructions like a transformer, something she is but isn’t bound to understand. If she goes to dinner there may be thought for slimmer, and that is what Tracy thinks instruction is. She has distinct responses to any given comment like Is it time? No, it’s a sonnet. She is the most contrarily agreeable sort, settle to the riddle to collect the cellar port.
The cellar is something Tracy is proud of, Ovid of it too. She doesn’t really go for wine, difficult to choose. House red house white glug it down vanish sight, the whole tent disappears! The Chinese for tee totaller is Japanese and a sore pinky. Offers must be accepted when resuming intercepted. Tracy is always being intercepted and settlement is as much dismissal. Oh, for a salary without effort! The polite word for intercepted is intercepted, Poland is part of Russia. Why would Tracy like Polish people? Difficult questions come from one person about millions.
Multiple personality flies the flag. Tracy doesn’t have long before she is dead. She lives in a capital city, neighbourhood watch is reading the paper. What she doesn’t care for is under her nose, bless you is ear shot everyone knows.
Tracy and the deep scandal cross paths every day, rather like the tide to watch muffin go astray, comes back at tea time. Was tea tea tea a good man or communist take for sharing? Method of circular wax and wane candle flame. Waiting about all day for the moon to rise, parasite to the dinner supplies, shoot the bunny.
Spin doctors find these words amusing, lining them up from yesterday’s using. Tracy is a spin doctor for talking, say pardon. If Tracy wears a track suit once, she may have to keep up with it.
May I borrow your notes, the answer is no of the knowlege.
Parasites don’t understand no, Tracy obliges.
Communist ripper communist dipper, only librarian, honest to fritter.
How is the document left? Tracy produces sanitary towels, jolly useful, not returned but replenished with ammunition. When Pinnoccio talks he can’t be responsible for what he says, poor day copyright.
Tea has gone on for two hours, that was the third pair to ring in the ear. Tracy has studs that listen in on things decoratively. Radio wave pressure exerts what the eye won’t prove, coiniciding but lateral to plane. Five senses should be relations to working order.
Tracy is bothered by her chip as if it is her fault to out do. She is lucky to get away with digital implant, expert opinion. Tracy is crowded by loneliness that just means Tokyo, a made up minority island. Ten percent reason likes to be overblown but not by maggots.
Tracy gets her knickers in a twist, but not thanks to the chip. Dunking bath water and night zap haps compete with did not sex and doctor cat.
The message gets through eventually when time has passed the grate. Useful just as folklore is to Tiny Tim and missed the boat. Tracy doesn’t like Nicholas from a distance, but she likes him close up. He pretends she is dictator as she pretends she is at all. How can this be danced quoth the reader of enhanced. Nicholas, nick nack boneo chuck is and always was the expert. Tracy has soft spots for experts, even crushes, adoration. They know exactly what to press and Tracy loves to them confess. As a verb love is easy in a story and experts invite opinion.
Tracy, Tracy where to dance is? Little sister, little sister similar but in the mist. Tracy is in the mist but she doesn’t fall over except in sleep when clarity talks to the moon in a whisper.
Tracy is completely confused and bedazzled with meeting bed time reading, this is bed time reading. Tracy reads the mister men, logs off, washes up and logs on at not the nine o’clock again.
She goes back to hammer things in, like the question she cannot answer. Answer to the nail is hammer, hammer, nod the bless you to a bogie on the brink of lend a clanger. Tracy eyes her dress with purple roses on the rack. It is naked out the body bag from best to see than hide a snag. Tracy keeps thinking about the party hand round and all the episodes of Eastenders, Coronation Street and the end of Hollyoaks over the summer.
Tracy has a plate that prioritises cooked over raw treatment, fruit not intended, anything swallowed is cooked. She wonders how a flat mate could parallel a chip in the observation of boxing in. Combined pressure agrees with snippet conclude to Buddhist all rounder. Tracy wants to log off again and get into Monday but she only got up at two.
How people go about is their affair. Tracy keeps hers public with nothing left to spare. Obliterate wisdom can read the encyclopedia. It would be too abstract to carry it round all the time, and very heavy.
Tracy cannot grasp the condemning bagger thieves that reap their own children like the bible of Israel. In other words we hate you because you are better mentioned, and for that we shall miss you out. Joan of Arc was swallowed by a whale and mermaids grew legs. Some people stand with fish on their heads.
The wrapping of brothers and sisters is much the same in that some divorce, others refrain. Some are very close and share everything. This is what happened when Beatrice barged in. Tracy told Beatrice what Beatrice half knew, older people shut their gobs, Beatrice shared the loo. Beatrice announced the engagement at the funeral which is fairly unlikely. Her behaviour odd as well soldering to flighty.
Tracy used to be rather overweight in cumbersome, not puppy fat. Beatrice had puppy fat but didn’t like dogs. She had cats all round her room, but that was facade for something to groom. Tracy was well groomed by sibling affection, fear and believing are the separate arts of healing. Something in the pocket is as big as a rocket.Off page seven, thanks goes to heaven.
Three years ago, Tracy would have said fine. All fine as sit and stand, lend a hand, automatic along with hesitation. Tracy liked to know who someone was for absolutely certain even if it hurt to argue it was all permission. Rough shod over people in the light of day is not skull duggery, just sorting thuggery.
What are the problems, air them to carvery, roast potatoes.
Tracy now looks at people in the manner of Jasper. Jasper’s path is set to follow where Tracy might have escaped had she the discipline. Tracy went to Abbots Bromley before she’d acknowledged Susan in the open road. She’d been hooted at by the brute for years, much the same in age. Susan thinks Tracy was pushy to her mother on the brink of disaster and this is why she accomodates Tracy as a plaster, something to stretch over her dabble with all barter.
All this wrapping up from skimpy souled go abouts. Tracy goes all over the place, parasites fill holes to blame her for the road. That is how they follow, escape is leading if it tries. Pots is determined not to try but Tracy incorporates. How else can she be mother?
At one time Tracy was all set to reinherit the hall on the cliff, but when it didn’t turn out she looked back on it as a failed marriage plan. Tracy clears up in miraculous circumstances loving everyone in range with all the sharpest remarks. Passport is the downer because Tracy likes six names. She lined the walls with poo in the hall and the yellow van arrives. Tracy was doubtful about the camp, the cliff, all the fun and games, part and parcel.
Someone arrives in the door downstairs, but Tracy doesn’t hear them go into the door next door. Were they popping in, and why is it were, not was?
Tim is Tracy’ polaroid brother. She’s now disinherited but Tracy says she was never inherited. She’s disinherited with the No Ways too but there’s always Japan. Tracy scoffed all the Mr Satay, even the cracked pepper one, the easiest miss in the world. She isn’t allowed sea weed, remembered after purchase but she ate them anyway.
Should there be a poem about the gorge with grace by rightful trauma? Tracy has perfected apparent calm to the storm of disobedience. Accruing titles of push and stab, smother, batter, baby bag, anyone would ask her to lunch.
Tracy gets the odd nip on the neck at noon, but she has just cottoned onto the bunny at nine. She must get out of bed in time.
Furious individuality is one for the winner, but not Tracy’ sort. After the flight with Sherlock shuttle, everything is absolutely clear that calm is all that is required. This is slightly depressing because it goes with rewind.
Tracy really does have FF and RW, but not altogether STOP apart from coma. Kettle is FF in the lateral sense. Car says there’s been a crash but wait for the new model. Tracy looks for karma in Marks and Spencer’s.
This has all veered away from Communism but readers are gathering in. Hail ignorance, where are you?
Tracy must be sent on a walk to see if she’s on the right track, she’s still not sure who she’s going with. Inherit little lambs, drams of whisky, going home is such a heady business.
Tracy still has Bono’s mug, she must get rid of it, but that would not be giving to charity. So many Tracy possessions are other people’s worst, here have this. Tracy becomes emotionally tied to wise guidance like the mug with the woof!
Tim did a sterling job of dressing up, and is fairly competent at the son’s art of going to. A bit sweaty. Tracy would like to go to Freddie’s opera to check it out. Everyone checks Tracy out, and when she returns them she finds barnacle company. Tracy wants exclusive access without having to try and guess.
Guessing gets Tracy into bed. The unfortunate consequence of a clap happy trap has to stay there. She’s straight into guidance for the perpetrator, tipping here and there even what to wear. Tracy is all help at large, try to stay in charge. She thinks that reference is the point to be when there is no other point. Tracy sits on her dictionary.
Tracy always ends up giving the children away. Barren supremacy gives way to mother nature. Tracy has a questionable nature, questioned by where is it? Barren always helps to find them. Where are the children that parties are better to burn to? Tracy is not sure what the man said. Rhetoric and concern hope for help from further turn. Further away comes storming back, Super Ted, jump suit track. Tracy did want to give the children away but only for safe keeping. She only had two thousand pounds.
Tracy did not realise what the consequences were, would she recognise the cheese shop? Tracy did not like New York, names like boring, games like sword. Always that disgusting little step mines discovery to know. Tracy at ten thousand leagues under the sea, settlement to Bob, live without key.
Tracy keeps what she knows very quietly to herself so that even she doesn’t know the name of an elf. What is a snack, time for a tack? Tuck into a pomegranite, the cabbage has only just gone down. What is a Pomelo? Smell the bottom.
Tracy shares with pimp brother, laughing calls the pittance plan. Hey, Mr Love you, tie is the title, sibling is on a plate sharing survival. The cover girl has a box in her hands with love from Amnesty, this is alternative. Very simple choices are about upkeep, fend the castle, fend it deep. Where there is smoke there is fire, turn off the gas before banana gets out. This is said in a smoky room.
The thing about all that is all the charging blood. Talking down to business is furiously spat, then hysterical, lyrical tyrannical. Oh, another mosquito goes by.
In 2003 there were glasses all about the flat catching blue bottle, suffocate that. Not swatting, just belling them in bzz bzz.
Everyone swaps places, so clear at a distance! Susan’s gone there, Tim said please for cash to spare, Paddy don’t know where, Rabble absolutely spare. They all harangue at some point then say Guthrie, what a joint!
Relations are very armageddon while the country at large look on. This is a sign of the times, everyone divorces, everyone signs. Tracy is absolutely starving, three banana fritters are not enough for tea. By the way, this is Halloween that wants a mention.
The subject is completely closed after the green. There’s a game of bowls then run away like scream. Placating the detective when the story is invective is not that difficult really. Relations always hope to be able to include when Mrs Outsider is caught in the nude.
There is always a mushy banana in the fruit bowl at some stage in the week, make cake, but what about cluster? All Tracy wants is a raw banana to name it pajama, sing along fruit cake. Tracy gets very distracted on the riddle, leading her to terrible danger. She sets a proud example against anyone to follow suit, but they still eat her children!
Oh, she can hardly change a nappy! Keep the raw bananas and the cooked bananas separate. One for mains, one for pudding and still wants to beat Cinderella.
Competition with poverty isn’t very hard once the ball is rolling. Only takes a swipe, there’s a knife to gut the fish. The assistants try not to laugh standing next to the sink. Go on, redeem the pun, gut the fish for million sum.
Tracy has been pimped in her time, emergency is divine. Greeks lay out the instinct in lighting, idea, yes, olive, sunny holiday, but these are not conditions of every Scottish parlour. She must stop kissing them and get her own car! Crooked arms keep towing tin with hook behind the farm.
Susan really is a communist but its not quite clear how she operates. She’ll call it Scientific Elitism but that’s a whole lot of buts too. Consent of what to see has certificate to cinema. A lot of swipe happens in the doll factory. How much more pornographic is that? Have another pomegranite.
New admission for the madhouse is lets pretend that you’re a mouse. In the olds this leads to ballet, watch out for Mr Piper and the odd submission. New admission for the madhouse lets pretend involves mice where they could not suggest. From a brother to a sect there is little to suspect, of course clothes aren’t fair.
Tsars go reform, reactionary, reform, reactionary, mice go round all day. The last pomegranite was not strictly hungry and would have been better tomorrow. Tracy hates fuschia but has a fuschia jumper. This statement is not entirely firm.
Whoever wrote this has thrown it away, and that means into the arms of chicken supremes. Everyone likes chicken supreme but Tracy isn’t entirely sure what’s in it. Where the knowledge goes when it leaks under pressure is dolloped on the creator’s head. Tracy is hugely creative.
Tracy is the most creative person that has ever lived, just like a spider! Start talking about Charlotte’s web and the part about Wilbur. Get her to recite the part about buttermilk and she may even cry is her best friend, buttons do not lie.
Tracy goes to Jamie’s funeral but not altogether there. Like in the dolls house, Pan is just a louse. Think about the idea and then dismiss it, certainly untrue. Unsay what Tracy may the dead will rise another day.
Communists love all this arty stuff, explains all their breakdowns. Give us a break for searching they say, our own struggle! To rise above amongst the ash is difficult trauma. They do it with blood brother ties, every one of them, just drink absorption, go read a book.
Tracy manages to inherit Tim’s mistakes and can’t get into any where they know they belong. Deception above is called a show.
Tracy thinks about Susan’s problem with onions, but that seemed to mend on the last visit. Dolloping crap on Tracy so she will return the answers is where this has been. Answers above the people are get out gags of real supression. Beatrice had trouble with position on the loo. Jasper has trouble with opening cans. Bill is bright red all over.
Tracy gets taken on reruns if they aren’t run ups. In relation to what she says in plight, passenger will spot the sight. Tracy is valued for governess quality. See all the pride in what she does wrong.
Susan heartily employs a riddle solver like Tracy, hermit in the garden permit in the pardon. Susan thinks one a day might do, Tracy should not go to the loo. Tracy thinks Susan was a eunuch, and she believes in unicorns. This helps her come to terms with Susan and her own lost willy.
Tracy frustrates to present the problem. The trouble is they all mash. Only so many fingers can tie the lace. Susan is friends with C and W, those stitch freaks. Network second world is something she rather covets on Tracy extent but she wiser is from flirting.
Susan has managed to put Alice off the piano, she’s kind of nosey. Susan questions Tracy often on the back stairs. Tracy refuses to fold her linen. Susan knicked off with Tracy’ sewing kit, an unlikely decision. Susan is full of surprises that go with the wallpaper.
Susan walks into the tow bar on the back of the jeep in the same way that Tracy has just done and did last year. She does this to track Tracy’ whereabouts, there are obviously parts of Tiptree she wants to crack. Tracy doesn’t lap around the empty house as much as she did when the dog was around. Susan leaves books around for Tracy to pick up. Susan asks Tracy advice about her jeans. She appoints Tracy as an advisor as a form of clever giving.
Prisoners like to be helpful with their own consent. The trick is to let them empathise with freedom, solving to annoint. There’s a snake in the garden, isn’t there just! Wasn’t it funny when Manchester emptied thus! A good sense of humour plays donkey and carrot, parsnip it may be for calling the parrot. In this way the prisoner does with substitute as handsomely, not wrong but disabled.
Tracy harbours real jealousy about the stuff that Beatrice tipped out when she went to Wales. The girl there got to keep her baby even though she was genuinely disabled.
Tracy cannot understand wrong from disabled, aware of both but far from ennabled. Someone has pressed go with favour to know, and Tracy always likes to check that she can’t.
Tracy doesn’t have nightmares about stolen microscopes, she can’t. Size is all that matters when runaway wants to hide. All day boomerangs are part of the saturation, take on the struggle pay the inflation.
Tracy will do that whatever the cost.
Tracy thinks about Maureen, the show is tomorrow, moved forward. Maureen is part of the animal kingdom that reigns in the circus. Tracy likes the ant eater, likes the ant eater. There is tea on the Strand and there is Maureen. Maureen looks like one of Tracy mother sister people, she looks like school. Tracy is afraid of school, they always say she was cool, but she got stuck in Home Economics. People like Maureen abandon Tracy for what she can’t see, and Tracy admires. Most of the advanced world is visionary, for some reason they turn to Tracy. Tracy says what she doesn’t understand, helpful as a parrot hand.
John Cleese likes parrots, Tracy likes John Cleese, she doesn’t want to be a parrot. How to get to John Cleese? John Cleese knows Maureen in a way that would console a grand daughter. He’d step in height, even like a ‘potamus, cause the ninnies such a fright. Tracy is of the impression she likes John Cleese but gets a fright at just the wrong time, meaning she is worse than Maureen. Maureen is only worse because she buttons Tracy down to the size of less than clown where the audience are chirruping.
Although Tracy is only nominally charged with bottom offences, it is the best way to get her worked up. She practices on her own with lego like everyone else but for somewhat longer. The gateway to sorry stay may be the mantle of most men’s day. The man is an egit, make his bum look an egit, the man turns in. Put woman to all of that and words like cool can be used. Tease with temperature on nominal venture and the world goes round, yes Minelli.
Tracy is thoroughly crossed when she is pulled back from the glamorous front. There is nothing that could persuade her to get through the day without saying next for what does it mean? Donkey work is Tracy on a cross the t extreme.
Worse and better on the ladder give Tracy place. She sets out to conquer retreats with disgrace, absolutely tidal. On both sides of the line she is required to drum beat conveying the troops of doubt that direction could be south. With no sun in the air, care is affair.
Tracy is fabulous at half way, place to remove from her time upon stay. Every half second um to the tick in between. Parasites, read in!
In some ways hamper reaps the benefit of law change. Card man, ferry man, performing rites of what if can? Tracy pulls off what she doesn’t understand like jewellery, take it off, kettle won’t boil.
Tracy cried a long time ago when this was said, she was good at saying that people shook to tread. Tracy treads where the words are singular. This is all about rescuing one person from coercion, not Europe, World, Universe.
Tracy has thrown Europe World Universe away with dumb obedience to listen to this. The social workers have comprimised to full completion. There is nothing Tracy can do to sustain the wedge but make it prettier. Think on try to remove it!
The communists are animal friendly, Tracy likes circuses, this is fortune wheely. At different stages of carousel all three are true, animal, circus, fortune, don’t say glue. Tracy says glue to remember not to glue more than where are you, the same for people belong upon a frame.
Very distinctive for everybody is mothership trouble, Tracy keeps tenure with the earth. Her mother is dead and yet she lives again. The one that lives says she is performing hand to mouth. Tracy will be dependent to the healing step. Reaching out of the bath is condition to the mat. Lay upon the mat say this and do it that for standing up, or don’t get out of the bath. Cleansing lady with a tie for a scarf.
Maureen does everything to clockwork, is she a clock, hope for the orange and pray for tune befitting. The excuse about milk bottles is quarterly toned. Buy in the book for being maligned, buy in the sound for leave it resigned. By inadequate ways, walk through the hinder craze because it was said and cannot be undone, or the saying was useful to snitch on the run. The value of that time was yes on that, on that decline. Decline things led, go for gold instead, to the run, to the bank, how to think tank.
Carrying about other peoples’ relief defends the nation. Confidential has the mark on extension, and Tracy is martyred to have no privacy, that’s what happens in jail. Obscurity with out of jail Scot free is something to laugh at considering what Tracy does when she’s out the box. Contrary to popular belief, the law is entirely her own. Tracy hankers after sponge and dollop, sticky wallop, pleasing fame. Maureen is a darling, best friend Mr Nobody.
Tracy adjusts to the menu of consider to the manner of deliver. Madam speaker, thank you, then applause are only straws and clapping isn’t funny, was it a beam? Starter take the mainstream garter, room for pudding?
Parasites read this out, not inward looking. Who is buttons, what a marvelous chap! Tracy wants fritters but the tiles are drying and she’s quite full from five sweet potatoes. She will be bananas, make it certain.
Trepidation says oh no to look for clues, even equation. Just watch the rider go to the shop, been before, booting for cider, crushing grapes of where this been. This is what Tracy is when she is up against some sort of daily challenge with noone to talk to, modest about it.
As far as nonsense there, this is square, Tracy is rolling the dream down in practicality. She may even write better than the attempt to circumnavigate the golf course alone though she could do it with Clinton.
Tracy is not strictly in a coma though she does object to Arizona. The angel tries to persuade Tracy to leave quietly, to do it her way, turn of phrase to wish you would just go away. She really is a social worker. Tracy uses E45 in common with other Boots shoppers. The angel shops Tracy before she gets there, snipping in notes of checked that to be fair. Tracy walks two paces behind in an uncanny way to the bright hawk owl of she will pay.
Tracy is absolutely broke, even to the word of absolutely. She is on All Saints Day, but if the morning screws up, the whole day is trashed. Tracy wants to live in Golden Square, where did that come from? As a turn of phrase her address is the place. Tracy can be wherever she wants with feminine hygeine. Tracy wears a G string today, gives a Ukulele away because the strings don’t stick where they tune, very like Tracy. She can get tightened but the guts just unwind to leave it all behind though she won’t. Tracy stays in a drawer like an unused instrument from before. She has a violin she doesn’t know what to do with, its worth a thousand quid.
Banana fritters, cream tea tomorrow.
Can you imagine a world that says just peel an orange? What Tracy sees is through the orange, she knows her name. Looking ahead to what she knows is every other attraction, like the handsome buck in coffee shop, just as like a son. Can such a man have a mother, outdoors, indoors, which way to start? Tracy could think in any number of ways, with would she see when she got there. Dropping off the Oxfam dirt to miss the crossing snap the skirt. Tunnel through the shopping mall, oh, the sinking how it stalls, true but with exaggeration! Every effective welcome lasts for the briefest insult, before the surf against returns home like bad and his good dog.
Tracy is worried that the bad talks to her in passing stays and whistles. The bus may wait for Tracy, but not if she whistles. Oxfam thank yous get sent at Christmas with boxes of cards.
Beatrice photographs the girls at Castle and Tracy joins in. Beatrice gets into trouble and blames it on the stamps. Beatrice says she is stupid for all the nasties she conceals. Children are the clever ones, little sister shields. Beatrice does not believe in the saints apart from her own choosing. She has a horrible friend who likes penguins and another that cries to order. She has saintly friends that say, oh my like Tracy she is, Tracy must follow.
Beatrice copies Tracy in the way she leaves a humble note on Maggie’s doorstep. This is discomforting for Tracy to observe, Tracy thinks she has dearth to reverse as her own curse. Beatrice doesn’t mention things to Tracy, only that she is glad to see. Beatrice sees what Tracy refuses to hear but doesn’t let it show. This is loyal to Tracy, the way she tucks things into herself.
Beatrice was living in Sidney, something amber there to tell. Beatrice asks Tracy to stay, lends her a nightie, have to pay. Beatrice has a large waist dildo that she fixes to Tracy and the night entrances. Tracy can have a twenty four hour break down and then snap happy.
Beatrice is podgy and she tries to make bread. Tracy gives approval for her vote on matron led. Its very thick and heavy like a doughy thing. Beatrice uses baby language, and this sort of sentence makes Tracy laugh. Beatrice hides her ps and qs just enough to laugh too.
When Beatrice gets upset, her finger goes. Tracy gets upset when Beatrice gets upset, and Tracy gets the red finger. Threatning behaviour gets what it wants, Tracy gathers points. She thinks the neighbours will come in and find the finger that has made her so confused, but its fifteen years behind in a story that’s disused.
The imaginary moral far on from the action questions to repair where the invalid is with dispair. Hand over the chalice to the town, hand it back, don’t be a clown. Beatrice is the person who did, she is angrier than just a kid, become wiser. Beatrice knows she uses Tracy as a doormat, values her for little toes. Beatrice would not be able to walk if Tracy weighed up spoon and fork.
Beatrice steals children the same way, sharing noses. Beatrice barges in on Tracy and her thinking through buttons, ones that she has learned to know. Beatrice’s learning is on turning. Tracy distinctly goes for her history notes, their quotes and student dominion where she was not actually welcome. Tracy has Beatrice to hand in hellos and goodbyes Napoleon won’t stand. Tracy is wide awake, Beatrice hardly changed, just making cake. Scooby Doo barks for some reason, whose there, dog is making point spare.
Tracy doesn’t have a dog, just distracted hog. Beatrice can distract Tracy like Barbara Woodhouse, her eye is just like. Tracy wonders whether the stab was defence from attack, did it with a compass. Never forgive says the dog, never forgive Charon.
Charon guards the gates of hell as if they could be guarded. Beatrice guards the gates of hell as if they are Tracy. Beatrice hasn’t forgotten the past, but she keeps ironing, look how Tracy crinkles! Beatrice says may she borrow Tracy for a moment, she only has one eye.
Tracy lives in modern society in a modern job of sobriety. There is nothing untoward in what she can afford. Tracy can afford to take the underground. Keeping up won’t make a sound, not in comparison to the engine. Tracy keeps up with celebrity travel, faces she knows she rarely sees.
Nobody knows Tracy like nobody knows Beatrice. Beatrice is nanny promiscuity. Tracy can dress the will to confess she knows nothing of the twenty four hours. She is completely closed to that program on TV, obliges with a wank.
People that wait and truly know when to cross and if to date. Tracy does what she is told, stay on Fulham, it grows mould. Tracy might blame a place very easily. Its the people in Manchester that don’t understand. She leaves Manchester and goes to desertion.
She tries the capital city, what a pity, Beatrice sends her to buy a hoover playing Walter Mitty. Whatever use on the bottom rung casting out the side of fun. Tracy goes bananas when she laughs in her pajamas. Tracy could not spell pajamas last month, fancy that!
Anita runs the body shop, little bottles little pots. Tracy can’t choose what to get, everyone gets her. What may be ahead tomorrow may not be today like sorrow. All the saints have gone marching in, Tracy has no telly has pin. Pin may be irrelevant, it may just rhyme, Tracy makes it question time.
The pin is a bomb, Beatrice is wrong, that’s the only show there is to know. Beatrice’s rival lives next door, larger house bigger for. In some ways it would appear they are sisters, but they hardly talk for showing blisters. Both of them make it Tracy’ problem that they have said and done what is on them. Tracy should have pity for the children of the kitty.
Another animal will be put down if everyone stops to frown. Tracy is deeply unhappy, poor old her, dirty nappy. They say they’ll help from time to time, Tracy charging talking time. In exchange for microscopic detail, Tracy gets five star retail, definitive production. Tracy is in dead end job, look over there, brass is a knob!
Tracy looks backward with dark clarity, all this was her only charity. The nosey sisters tinkle with children blisters, always have done, charging them up like ponies on oat dosage. Tracy on her own is happier alone. Her heart aches but at least the bees went.
David is just above the farm, where he would like to be. Everyone’s been inside. Some years ago confusion was the bride and Tracy was pimping from the whole of Blairgowrie. What makes Tracy rise from the grave, check out the article spill out this save. Tracy hopes that everyone will calm down and David proves he’s right by whistling the verb like bad and his good dog upstairs.
Tracy, what are you doing? Paris has a name.
Story of a catapult giant in the maze. Tracy loves giants, real giants. Nosey ones and all their inter breeding were invitations to Tracy of a sort, of a kind. Tracy was desperate for invitations, is she? Goliath a monster, not necessarily.
Tracy refuses to admit that she is sad, only point that Kelly had.
Newsreaders are very stupid, but they’re all she’s got. Loves off the trot. When Tracy talks like no tomorrow, leagues are in with lots of sorrow and that’s a Bowie song.
Tracy intends to throw away the loo brush on Thursday. She wants to put the base tray back on the bin before it has dried so she can go to the loo with position return. She gets a clean tray instead, and all the poo splashes. Harpic may look good because it is blue.
The day before gunpowder, Tracy is busy cleaning up before she launches into tea at The Dorchester where she can scoff more danger. She gets her sleeve wet in the washing up and her hair takes all day to dry from getting up at two. Now she knows things are looking up.
Last year during the Shakespearean season Slippers tripped the switch on Pots and Tracy in Sue’s room. Tracy gave Pots a rat which made Pots go oatcake, what was that? Tracy didn’t fall into the yellow van, only that.
Tracy is also miserable over Tracy’ condition, snuggle with the Smiths who come from explosives. Tracy intends to spit the pith but swallows a segment to most tasks. She anticipates jobs with policy like not going to strain, strain. Contradiction is marginal gain to the opposition.
Tracy peels oranges for people who turn smart alec on the room. Tracy could be doing what she does in order to share psychiatric talent. Sharing example by plagiarism is round taking, clumsy fault chisels off brain. Tracy has had her brain chiselled by segment enclosure, forming the ring where she splutters again.
Tracy can’t start so she puts things back like giving away. Present tense is denied to her so she comes up with explanations where she lives in a land of plenty.
Pots and Slippers’s tag along to the Chilterns angers Tracy. They carted her off on a day trip to get Pots qualified for the Oxford present. Oh sorry, its you! Tracy tries to catch out the day by seeing what goes wrong. She has completely shelved notions of orange though she uses the network.
Slippers’s concern for Tracy is profound for the nation. Girdles of oasis are her orange in greens. Maybe Tracy can peel orange, can she eat it? Slippers narrates to Tracy so she can hear the coming of one day. Slippers is rather upset by language Tracy uses. All the use of ‘it is’ denial along with Slippers like phrases. So many of her words are Janish.
Tracy does the wrong thing so Slippers gives her options. Slippers says she can either do this and she can either do, full stop. Slippers has a Tracy window that protects her from outlandish truths, irony there. Slippers knows that Tracy is as dead as a post, so there. Slippers enjoys the enlightenment of Tracy during acceleration. Tracy is nibbled until she can’t rat any more. Slippers gets her to transform and to smart back again. Slippers is on the good side.
Tracy kips in the secretary role, minding only what she does without a whit to leaving grubs. She is dogged to dull contentment but admits the frustration. When Slippers is really keen, Tracy plays hard to get. Tracy thinks Slippers is obsessed by her and drifts off with cool dismissal.
Tracy has intense pressure that makes her very stiff, she can hardly move except toss horizontally. Slippers harvests spurts of ingenuity when heaven has offered to beg revelation. Tracy is so closed to what she won’t say that she dribbles in hypnosis. Slippers dribbles and burps at funny times because she is in the company of Tracy. Tracy sends terrible wind all round.
Tracy has a shrink in Scotland but Tracy is a heroic failure. She boots easy situations snubbing chocolate like a teenage dieter. She lets others stand in like loose dandruff, then sprinkles the source on black trousers or navy book. Look at all that exfoliation!
Frost shattering puts drops in fall in positions. Who’d expect that ice could be so mighty? Frost melts down with rising sun and trickles on, pure spring. Would Tracy like to wash a dirty boulder? Fireworks make her jump like fugitive in seating arrangements. Can always tell who dunnit by who jump it drop. Tracy rises to the challenge of jump shows but isn’t proven, her entire existence.
Would Tracy touch her lobes without thinking?
Slippers thinks she is a shrink by frost shattering. Tracy refuses to think Maggie is a shrink, frost shattering. Tracy confides one story, only one to a large number of pebbles. Tracy teeters on the snowball effect, like these paragraph words to circuit eh?
If Tracy can bend a spoon, Isaac Dinesan. She lives amongst jungle gorillas who trans substantiate mentalist what they feel like, gorillas remember, metaphor to terror warfare in daily trundle.
Tracy would like the car sticker.
Tracy had strong instinct dislike about Pots during the time of trial, preoccupied by the past. Old statute that hasn’t learned verse fixates on the first time it was scared of talking. The whole room caved in! Pots is absolute code to Tracy on how she can move on. Tracy loved public speaking. She moves on to erratic repression, where’s the button?
Tracy catches flies by small gasping, euh, verruca potato! Think it agrees. Slippers eats what Tracy peels, no thanks rock cakes, only words. Tracy sheds personality as if she was boulder. Sometimes she is fearless, sling me to Goliath!
Tracy is a knockout, everyone applaud the stone but a bone. Tracy doesn’t like Slippers’s friends and resents Slippers having a nice time.
A whole faction of society are gripped in psychotic need. They’re all related and led by phenomenal escape. Episodic series of acute mishaps get brushed under the carpet, it takes off. All the most extraordinary Spike Milligans.
Tracy has a funny coat. Look at my funny coat, wouldn’t it be nice to go away. Tracy has a label like Paddington to everything she puts on. She doesn’t have any clothes. She’s the skinny stick up encircled by segments and marmalade is on the way, games of throw and catch.
Think about the giant peach, landing at the bottom of the garden. Tracy rolled all the way down the last part of the Glen, germinated. How tall is a sunflower is the highest she’ll return.
Surreal everyone says to get off, Tracy gets used to the shots and doesn’t jump, only first trials. Baa baa lives down the lane at the end of the song. Where is everybody? Cross checks the X of spot to mark, mind the cursor. Tracy is visible for her own safety of just at large.
Tracy eats so much she has a solid feeling. It has something to do with not leaving it behind, she is catching up. Tracy must let her hair dry but only when its wet, tied up the rest of the time. Wet hair is succulent, n’est pas?
Everyone can see Tracy in a packet, Barbie there’s zombie! Tracy has preoccupy to packet in a jacket. Food packs into the long worm, here comes bogey. The pomegranite could be tasty, importance but to catch the pippets!
Tracy eats from a serving trough to keep warm, she lives outside, partial to seasoning. Lately she has been heavy on the salt. Could be to do with bland, could be meat halt. If salt is the same as meat, similar appetites decline. Bill loses weight in similar stance of state.
Tracy says Bill is sexy at polo when she talks to the conqueror with vibrant blue eyes. The words are air lifted like Tracy’s children. Tracy is referred to as a highly bred pony that kicks the ball along without realising. Tracy vaguely realises but when’s the next chukka?
Tracy is treated like this and that, things she might realise in time but not at the time, and if she does, she’ll stop for a chat. What happens if Tracy is the only person that’s right? Like the queen, Tracy expects to be unpopular, trading this advice. What can people expect if the field is full of mice? They can’t exactly reach an ear of straw, are they even beavers to topple the law? Tracy gets confused with corn law and Bill has a trick he likes to keep in store. Bill gets Tracy to go up in the tractor with him so he can lead the farm. Tracy thought she could get away because of the high seat.
Beatrice is preoccupied with portfolio and carrying along with jumpers. How many pimps can Tracy work for? She manages very well. Tracy may not remember a thing, this is death’s form of sting. If she did, only voyeurism.
Tracy does not want to verify the number.
There are twenty dead people in the room, all in address books. Tracy stings the sight of love with gay abandon in some situations. She waits to get bitten in the neck, not that again!
Wink murder leads people where they belong, Tracy wants the jewel. She doesn’t know what she’d do with it, would she hire a gardener? People do things to pretend all around Tracy and she wants to stop them. Tracy pretends to hide what she knows as pretenders hide inside a garden.
Tracy has a supportive family that have no other option than to keep her in check. They trigger her in with loaded words, beam means hang man to bean, been, just off to London to visit the queen. Tracy is Rapunzel to these invitations, shaking out her drying hair.
The word psychopath is funny to Tracy, how so? What dreadful people live upstairs. Tracy is more likely to confide in a fifteen year old. Psychopath to extraordinary discovers all the time where it didn’t want to know. Finding on the hiding is ambulance to go. Tracy wants to have priority access but tries to be normal. Want is where the prison goes, Tracy dreams of want.
Salt dries up puddles that Tracy insults, besides, she’d like to have a dry sense of humour. Standing up with foreshortening, hello Michelangelo, puddles pace the church and crypt. The water line stings in tide mark lines ebbing away. Tracy thinks she is ebbing away to get past her persuers, are they in boats?
Tracy went off with Tracy’s linen. Ed took a sheet purposely spilt
About the problem there are fields of experts. Tracy is practically in paradise, prize Sheraleigh, much like Prince William. Tracy searches very hard to find the right advice, so much on her doorstep. Suggestions advance in forms of nanny salesmen and Tracy gives them much to do without intending. Simple things are hugely complex, so there.
Tracy latest quarrel is with pudding. Doesn’t have so can’t have, this is where things get stolen. Tracy competes with patients for being on their side. Burglars aren’t officially patient, some are.
The pan is only burnt in the corner, it just needs a soak.
Tracy got rid of all her books, all those spines. Tummy rumble pancakes, just wait till Shrove Tuesday. This is how the winner thinks, but the risks are high. Small zit escalates, pouf explosion sparkle sky. Tug Tracy along, trip wire to the snatch thereon. Tracy hides in the grass of what to know next. Poor Whisper doesn’t think much of, nor does fox.
Bonfire night stands back twenty paces, this is mental. Extending the pleasure irritates Tracy, so do cosy reaches. In a certain context the fencing moves, sheep stop eating! Tracy goes where she could not thanks to the farmer. Tracy has a lot to thank the farmer for. Producers, managers putting letters in the drawer. Tracy loves to talk about letters, doesn’t write them properly.
Dialect is a new heard, say dialect, delicatessen with what shall it be? Geniune voice to the herd is genuinely unheard. Tracy is not wailing in Dorset, she is cockney on the bed. Cuticle to finger hearing is a singer. Tracy hears the dialect of family, oh brother where art thou? Line of the song could be dead but known. Happy birthday is the oldest tune.
Tracy says what she is going to do years in advance to generate interest. Only the cared for can be in Tracy’ family, fathom can’t the rest. Tracy throws away the hot labrador from her bathroom.
Tracy has a problem with Jasper from the days she couldn’t leave on time from a long time ago. Jasper picks up Tracy habits to turn them on her, not compliment but replace. Jasper thinks Tracy is a witch and questions her in the frog room. Maybe Jasper knows about the jail, who knows?
Tracy has been suspicious of Jasper like a concubine moving in. Partly for her own safety, copyright, lack of alternative. Why does Jasper look like Tracy and why is she example. Jasper’s inhibitions are lost to the world at large that sees the rep’s daughter. Tracy thinks her dad is crook, thinks her dad is.
Jasper knows she is unpopular because of Tracy to some extent. Tracy scatters stigma all over the shop but also wonder. Bill wonders how he can improve. Bill is just like Tracy in the way that Jasper is like Tracy, teaching her a lesson. Jasper probably can’t play tennis very well, lucky Tracy gets a go on Jasper’s trampoline.
Jasper sits in the TV room while Tracy bounces up and down which is erotic for a child, silly as hell. Tracy can’t fix the trampoline of Jasper being there, go away I’m here, stay on might as well. Did Tracy trample on Jasper with a larger reputation? Jasper can improve in ways that Tracy can’t. Jasper picks a Tracy voice, something Tracy despises.
Tracy has nothing left when Jasper is at home. She cannot leave home that isn’t hers or see that it was. Tracy just realises and brings Norwegians. Tracy despises ouija and jokes about drive lighting. What are the improvements up the glen, IOU is one to ten, what the heck sign it then. Jasper doesn’t care if she intrudes, its her right of way.
Who the hell is Jasper? Tracy gets a car at long last. Susan approves of slightly trans sexual in the way she admires Tracy. Susan picks on Tracy’ bonus side, does approve a quarter bride. Tracy is three quarters undesirable. Tracy approves of what Susan does when Susan presents. Toss the idea of garden improvement, more improvement makes announcement. Susan needs Tracy’ advice to get into her thinking.
Parable advice from a hyprocrite is remarkably close. Susan and Jasper share the same toast. Susan is a huge admirer of Tracy’ friends, count themselves lucky for naming depends. Tracy is frightfully groovy, especially as a clothes horse for throw aways. Putting things on is close to the skin.
Who knows why Susan took the sewing kit, she’s just like Susan. Susan wanted the brides maids dresses to have Tiptree thread. Tracy has nightmares about Susan’s daughter, similar idea to Jasper instead. Pandora’s box is close to gut, call that Guthrie, there!
Susan and Susan think say Tracy is hilarious so she walks into their booby traps, well done them. Tracy enjoys being a gumby with secrets, but her secrets are state treacherous so enter all the nosey parkers. Susan is an Susan fan, everyone calm down.
If a nosey parker is considerate he is saving the kingdom. Alec is a nosey parker and he can’t help it. Tracy is privately nosey but only informs nosey nosey parkers. Tracy reverses well sporadically, sometimes exclusively. Over the wall is behind, hello Tracy!
Susan is demented with pleasure at the first sight of Tracy but gets worn down after not very long. Susan cooks her eggs when Tracy is wrong. Tracy is wrong to catch Susan out, could she be right she’d probably fall out. Susan knows what’s for supper because of an old argument. Tracy is for supper like Jasper can stay up. Tracy shouldn’t show if she is dished dirt for the dirt she dishes. There’s nothing like breaded cod after prawn marie rose behind the shutters. The shutters were Ulrich’s invention, let them stay. The DMs are shutters to Tracy’ dark night, thankless to the task. Used to be the metaphor of dog, hello Winston Churchill.
Tracy gets ski pants at the thought of her head dad, though it would be bond, is news agent super market? Tracy is tuppence short of the eighty pound mark in Tesco’s and would rather keep Saturday to herself, bigger than news. Tracy is gagging to know what they say, keep writing.
Tracy geniunely does get ski pants when she thinks of the personal upgrade. So much to take on board, throw away, get the bends with up and down amends boing boing. Torrid affair on the older man digs with thick rubber tyres. All the harnessing and conveying of the dolly mixture to wrinkled prune. Tracy is a dab hand at short term operations, then she gets exhausted, serious ditch. Proposition round the corner, George Clooney exemplar to someone with a close eye.
Procession sometimes stops to watch Tracy, shall we collect her? Tracy gawps and the sky does TV dots of every bed to every grave or sin. Some are flowerbeds, vegetable patches, Tracy is too scared to go down the bleach aisle, cocka doodle do. The start so friendly, the end so grim, the end so friendly, the starting grim, making a mind up. Slippers is determined to get through Tesco’s too. What is her problem, Tracy wants to know, something there to follow, what is talented to leader?
Frustration to pass is media study, Tracy demolishes a baguette without leaving a squishy scrap. At first shop is a crush, at first shop a fright. Tracy has a disturbing habit of choosing to swap, that no that in jerky arms. Big crates start clogging the aisles and the kids are at a loss for complaint. Trolley is left hand veer, worsening with accumulate load. Tracy listens sharply to any child, what is the colour of that purple coffee?
Averting eye contact is just as intrusive. Tracy perseveres with New York, mug tragedy, bottoms, relief of missing kids, rivals with the softie, tough bag loader. On top of the Flora is radish, on top of that banana, next to that that, on top, by the side, bleeped, belted tide to aluminium slide, bag there short of a handle. Tracy cheats on the Jaguar, first reverse to get out.
Traumatic extreme in Tesco’s, Tracy got banned and special forces are fed up. Hey Fran, there’s a goolie in the pasta aisle! In a month of Sundays would anybody believe? Tracy is more convinced by warning than dawning. Better to report back after the worry is deleted. Tracy goes there to know she’s allowed, Tracy is allowed to be frightened, hopefully locked. Ghosts are just frightened people, what keeps the saint up?
Tracy had an affair, who says age is fearless? She needs to persevere what a plantain is eating. The dictionary doesn’t say banana till the second definition. What’s the time?
Tracy likes leaving the good people behind in their proper sheds, more at home not to discover to recover. If they find out what she won’t it will be worse than tragedy that simply doesn’t understand. If Tracy is bold with gin talk is thin, standing up is evening chin. The whole time of singular patience draws out the whole community.
Tracy feels responsible for letting on something that didn’t stop, call it the bomb flop of that, that that that that that that that. One Agatha Christie is enough. Tracy would be an object of worship if she could mix properly but there are lumps all through peaches and cream, she has a floppy arm.
Slippers takes Floradix. Slippers has a thing about healers, people slightly from hell but with rectifying uses. She does encourage Tracy to show her healing side, please heal my friend, my friend would like to ride. Slippers sees Tracy as a genie, difficult to rub stroked the wrong way.
Slippers is a genie handler, Tracy to heel, what shape is that? Tracy in the car can go as far with hurry up let’s get us there! Tracy is told to map read, just like the Chiltern project. Slippers has back up anchors somewhere in the score.
Slippers was on the side of Tracy for many years till she had enough, played it slightly rough. Slippers reads this out rather firmly because Tracy is her bush. Moses and all that is Slippers’s thing because of that puberty. Basically Tracy is her when it comes to robbery because of the eggs on the hob. Tracy is implanted like recanted from being her own.
Who is nesting on the twig? Tracy intelligence is only a wig. Tracy says things she wouldn’t know, wouldn’t do, wouldn’t go. Tracy in the medium context is live tape recording, a form of worm. Tracy loves worm, just say worm like Mister man.
Tracy knows about the council of worms because of what she’s done. Linking up to dredging up is fishing on the run. Put Tracy on the river bank, can a worm catch a fish?
Tracy gets her exam results, book of worms, she is pleased. This is surprising, Slippers was rather teased. It nearly killed Tracy to be present to sit the test, there were all sorts of japes to letting in the tete. Slippers knows more than Tracy in what gets away. Tracy is robbed she thinks for having nought to say.
Has Tracy got her own explanation? She sits transfixed upon a platform station. Tracy would like to be picked up and tended to or she goes a bit like Mars. Mars is where she deserves from declining to preserve. Tracy chucks out what there is among the doubt.
Sixth form pack cry start wearing purple on Tracy to command. Tracy informs them what is hurting to depend. Tracy depends on purple by what she said to them. What they say is true! Bouncing back is really due! They say hello Dracula with ridiculous infection, Tracy is warned by her very own protection. Forgiveness dismisses the insult but harbours a grudge when what has been done is open ended. Let me out!
Tracy says what she needs to hear from those least equipped to standing near. Tracy becomes familiar with facial features, that is hers, those are breeches. The odd things need to bargain with Tracy for the mark of her advances. Everyone is on parole, neighbourhood to watch the soul. The whole thing is a joke, have a smoke.

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