St. Paul’s

This is house of God
Weapons have
No place
Servant evil
Written down
No ransom
Take holiday
Tickled cheek

A mother intervenes to insult her child
Mildly for protection
Like the lad
A slow chap
Chubby in the arms
Traveling horse
Passes on
Words of confession
Mask jibe or
Green eyed follicles
Late night telly
Glowing orbs
Roped men at tree sides
Misty steeds
Endless wanking
Proffered pen
Seems okay
Quick read
Passing to the next line
Character trends
Less hip than shooting
Garlands to trinkets
Trelawny and Wells
This will keep
Fully charged
With concern
And a string
Of albums
A gizzard
Men in white robes
A floating raft
To swim ashore
By plunging
Glugg and gloop
Swallow whole fish
Dissenting thirsts
A tiled floor

Woodland dwarf
Lazing on Sunday afternoon
The sequins of armor
Richmond Peter
Richmond Paul
Throw away
clothes for sale
Take this and return!
Shop shut
Brothers under skin
There are terrible peas
In the freezer
Gary Glitter
Seventies retro
Plumes to feather
Fighter ships
Picking nostrils
Thats far enough
Wrong for Elton John
Fight or die
Where to stand
Gold is here
Blazing furnace
Keep walking
Western front
In Chesapeake
Hawk in sky
Saves the west end
Snow storm
In a dome
Found the power
Which is rightly
The sort of power
Furnish to room
Tackle for solid mistrust
Benches plain words
manner stick
Fault stream line
Shunt pole
Prism encounter
Gone before hand out
Change job
Variety method
Double sided
Good in chair
Not the worst
That best tart and pastry
Bit that sees
Trigger old tease
Painting japes
Grappling bars
Swap orangutan
What orangutan
Fruit flies
Rare hoards
Same day
Morning noon
Going up
Hoards flying prey
Good view
Someone else
But who’d write
Own find
To have it read
Thought of
Stolen and shared
At the same time.
All well to shake
Budgerigars by hand
Perching number tens
Lending scores
Next ounce analysis
Cribbing cheer ups
Casting wakes
That’s all
A long enormous night
Enrich by practice
Getting rewards
In civil company
Spoon and fork
Get home from thunder
Stay dry
Miss the rain
Watch it pelt
Reach home
Open the latch
Wash up
Wet the marigolds
Staying dry
But starts again
Rain after storm
Not tropical
Just wet
Washing spins
Over road
marigolds would like
Not the buckets
and flashes
Boring rumbles
Rolling crashes
Pitter patter
Watch to see
have to be there
Effect experience
Telling reference
Not sharing
Or would be story
Pages of print reporting
What accuracy
To affect isn’t stalled
Think he was the piano
player of choice really
Eat the smarties
Middle of the road
Middle of the road
Marjoram fleas
Spaghetti junctions
Jackson hole
On holiday
Osbournes on TV
Jewish wedding
Smarties have answers
Lord is prayer
Stand against barrier
Walking out the exercise
Of encounter, there a man
Salutes against a glass pane
Summary to the afternoon
Holiday Inn ex patriots
Guided out of station
After Bangladesh diplomacy
Champions the building
A man like granny
Adieu from America
the cross is and and plus
romeo and Juliet
Rome and London
Bits ‘n bobs
Not looking stupid
By a statue
Training left along sidewalks
Where none stand
But cyclists
A small girl in a hair band
Fidgeting, mopping cotton
to her face
Interprets rude behaviour
Blond hair, childlike
Sincerity for taking leave
the crypt, the dome
Four daylight stained
With glass grandeur
Envy to entrapment
Not difficult enough
to float the course
Jerking rebellion with
Small indignation
Everywhere tested
Armored with
Disinheritance and
choosing defeat
All martyred in
Backward youth
Of overgrown delay.
Butterfly tattoo
Piggy back rides
Pulling hair
Mind that child
A whippy cream van
Eros gazes down
The taste of phlegm
From omelette
And sticky toffee pudding
Paper law strews
The tabernacle
Knock knocking
Castle gate
Flinching to light slam
sun streams in
A gaunt letter posted
Done with accusation
Like measure to matador
Wandering judge
Un creased face
Fertility’s tide
Segments of lime
Musical chimes
Broadway marred
With slum advertising
Unmoved to circulate
Clothes and double deckers
Busy magic reading souls
to buy circuit messages
Crowt failure
With non sublimity
Aggressive detention
Mildly formed
I must love a loathed enemy
Says Juliet here
Parented with quarrel
And companion
Purity of silver
Candles wick sad fright
Penny chimes on
Pewter rings
Name is not any part
Belonging to a man
Name of swords
Clashing resonance
Defense guilt
In silent thought
Even and untraced
But to drags of smoke
Fiery planes
Of sugar cane
Fanned with hot winds
Car exhausts
Pollution of signify
Unwashed dry beasts
Roll in dust
As prone to season
Of moving pasture
Love from love
To school with heavy looks
Jonathan Cainer
Does tarot messages
Not a good book
Or engrossing conversation
Twiddling thumbs
Of pedestrians and
Re-trod streets
Walkabout conviction
Without destination
More for chance
Entertaining scraps
For sharp solution
Ugly man disguises
Shiplake for Mortlake
Both lakes Clare
At some point in time
A great old gramophone
Un restored to music
Bashed in vandalise
Mercutio is dead
No bread for supper
Only water
and a box of cherry
the handgun drops
Its pellet with a man
rain and wailing
Enforce the law
Of faith in love
Including blind fury
Mans insatiable
Where passion
Cuts past action
As the wandering nymph
Flip flops with
Inaccurate daily task
Explaining fault with clumsy
Un plaiting and
Raveling out the
Half thrown yo-yo
Winding up clutch
Of day to sequence
It was the left turn
the aggravate slope
Of escalating grave
Wrongly punctuated
So close to home
A child unstopped
Untouched but motioned
Beside the Japanese shop
Where a comparable pig
Went oink to have
His profile caught
Proudly quick to
Negotiate leave of blame
Noticing like with inch
Match to Circe impression
Enemy team identity
fixed promise
Ones introduced, housed
Well kept to history
Discourse, debate, parlance
Keeping seen from
Robson Jerome
As professional Christian
Towards end conclusion
when every moment
Bind spiral
Blood, drawn, affection
Birth and holding
None spilt for small grazes
Knocks for bruising
Check dimension
Obstacle pains
Matter ties feature
Leaving trees
Annual spate
Unbuttoning autumn
Cool nudity
Having born chestnuts
Like other english plants
That don’t defeat
Under sitters
With more than
Broken skin or
Clotted eye
Masses of dinners
In hard wood
Smaller flats have soft
Longing for mansions of love
Television fades
As a soft book of pulp
Garroting pages
Long hour flickers
Emboldened words
Technicolour fares
Brevity applause
To long haul
Brick wall staring
Short concert
Channel midday
With grip attentions
To detail tedium
The long way round
Rings un mopped
Bottom glasses
Leaving mark skidding
Hoops to look back
Light water ones
Heavy glass dues
Visible panty lines
Rape alarm falls axis
Boxed from ironing board
Skirted past after
Twelve forty
Self confessional
that string hoard
doubt doubled over feasted
If pork means lies
Jolly string sausages
Knotted and tied
Rats and tails plaiting crowns
Milky bars in stead
Gymnasts fling A symmetry
Egging disappointment
Being rewarded
As broad forward
From floor to gaze long
Coloured or dull
Sky takes censure
Recharges moan
Kiss Beano!
sniffs the church comic strip
Play oldest game
Same rules picket fence
Failure greets red nose
Seeping gently oozes
From brown to red
Before the rose stems
Eating from plates
and moving them
Unsubscribed to placement
Skittish from platter
To be weigh scaled
Judge curtailed
Spelt out by jack knaves
Periwinkles enslaved
Today is old argument
As stung with learning
Instance absolving
Dismiss perhaps
science in later stages
Live mistake posting
Route squares among
Ha ha shares
Short perfection
Clouting days
Year spreads
The earl is seized
One hundred dons
Tweezer grace
Commentary as fashion
Promises interesting

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