Stalking July 06

Frances is at a pub along from the Hallam hotel. She looked on the internet some time ago and thought the Hallam would be the answer because it is adjacent to the bbc. Frances went to the concierge and asked if there was a bar but there wasn’t only the use of hotel guests. The hotel is avery small establishment with reinfoced glass in the hallway. Frances is glad to be outside. She has cycled all the way here. Frances thinks about what her job could be if she hadn’t fallen; into so many traps. Frances jacket was falling off when she went into the hotel. When Frances cycled into town she stopped off at Thomas Good’s because she had dramed of the corsage she’d seen since she was at the THT party. Frances went into the shop to try the corsage on but when she got there it was too small, except for a baby. Frances looked for a clip to open it but there wasn’t one, it was a napkin ring@ fraces didn’t want to come across as a suspect person but she is wearing a luminous jacket. It is nice and de seced Frances thinks. Frances felt a bit silly going though the park to the man on the radio. Kirsty Wark is on the radio, she is on the telephone. Frances wants to go and buy some cigarettses. Something is happening in the street and people are looking behind Frances. frances looks afterwards but she’s missed it. Frances hears Kirsty goes against her mother’s advice, but she kept her cool. Frances doesn’t like the lock she bought fromthe bike shopt he key jars and it isn’t very easy to use. Frances wasnts to take it back. Kirsty is told she is the island girl and kirsty says Chris is very choosey. Frances bought an inkjset prointer on her way. Frances doesn’t thinks she’s got much in common with Chris, she is steadily declimatising. frances was never mad apart from mad about hearing. Frances wants to write a list. Friendly in different ways. Frances needs to have special approach routes. frances most continuous conversation is with central intelligence. Frances looks for cross off markers like licking lips. Frances accounts for what she does insofar as she likes guessing. frances demands to be told what she’s done so she can’t know. Everyone else is better at knowing what Frances does and doesn’t do. frances doesn’t do everything she does. Frances doesn’t know where she’s been until she’s asleep. frances almost didn’t come. frances is here but Frances isn’t having any fun. Frances is in the stag so she can make friends with Rebecca. Kirsty is taking over from Sue Lawley. Frances thinks she can dope with thing to fudge in a distant clump of the outback. Frances spends a lot of time slating the media she doesn’t like. Frances visits the media all the time but she also relies on it. Frances can still receive radio messages. Frances has got to write to my single friend dot com because she doesn’t want to get related to any fdge. She means not fudge but fridge. Frances likes fridge but she means fudging it. How could she cope with people that have strenuous conversations about how old they are? How can Frances hope to survive could be deactivated or activated. Frances thinks there’s hope if Chris wants Frances to win. Frances is thinking about Gary Linekar and whatever she is actually the person responsible for liberating him. frances has got a PILOT pen with a vball grip. Frances is sitting at a table that is almost creosote but isn’t. There’s a hole in one panel next to the bowl with the proper hole for the umbrella. Who gets a blue plazue on their house? Frances can see its all kicking off at Madame Tussauds. Frances thinks about sarah Beeney and if she could put her sproggish descriptions on line. Frances hasn’t got thoughts, these come like mantra style, hummed in a distant port. Frances is still happy in her luminous vest, the jacket that slipped round her waist. Frances is by some flowers on the window. Frances recognises someone over there and she smiles so that her eye folds. He is familiar but she isn’t sure where he’s from. Frances made the concierge man laugh in the Hallam hotel. Frances is thinking about wedding receptions. A lady brings some orange bags to the Give Way sign for dustbin collection. She brings two more bags. Shestill thinks of Gary Linekar. Frances is glad she has her luminous coat on, what about slimming mirrors? frances feels like crisps. frances sees a man with a green coat go past. frances sees a silver man. Frances sees a silver car over there, opposite the cross roads. frances sees a rum advert on the taxi. frances sees a moped. Frances sees a silver car. Frances sees another silver car. Frances can see one was a BMW (the first one) and the other one a golf. There’s a silver van. There’s a metallic audi and an almost silver grey tax. Frances san see a lot of silver on this corner. Ther’s a silver car! There’s a silver bicycle, a silver car. Here’s a silver taxi with someone with a rucksack. There’s a silver van, a silver merc after it. The taxi says GOLD on the driver’s door. There’s a bike men and women the same apart from Wimbledon. Frances does write. Frances presents the obvious problem of being queer in life, insofar as to dabble with her is unsafe. Chris is not likely to pass frances normally, oly exceptionally. Frances is going to sit and wait but she knows the answer. frances wants to buy some inksets but she could come back.

Frances went to buy some cigarettes when she came back she bought a Guinness. Frances sat down on the crescent seat. When she sat down she saw the woman that sat next to her on the tble outside. She was coming out of the lavatory. Frances is listening to Will Smith. frances saw the women open her mouth, if she was saying hello to Frances. Frances watchd her go out the door. Frances sees a man gesturing with his hands. He is taking Frances standing at the bar. He is talking to a woman in a scarf. Frances has got half a pint of beer. Frances doesn’t think Chris is going to come in. Frances is going to have another cigarette. Frances opens her matches that say stag on them. She is in the stag bar. Frances has got a doctors appointment tomorrow. Frances has to relight her cigarette. frances blows the match out while she has got her cigarette in her mouth. frances is looking at the St. George’s flag again. un oh mama is playing Crazy Right Now is the title. Frances thinks about All saints and whether she should subscribe to their email. frances thinks about going home on her bicycle without going to the loo before she goes home. frances sees a Budweiser T shirt with Ob on it. frances sees a Selfridges bag and thinks about going to the SALE. Frances could speed more on her credit card. Frances looks at the WIN FIFA world Cup tickets poster on the wall, sponsored by Coca Cola. Francest hinks about the single white femail email that is being sent into the radio show. Frances thinksa bout the guru that is going to be asked onto the show to determine the outcome of the football. Frances worries for the Australians who got beaten by the Italians.
Frances thinks she’s write to chris at the Mulberry pub. She had thought about sending an email (scored out) bunch of flowers to Chris’s mum for ignoring her in the car park. frances has to relight her cigarette. Ooh what a Man is playing. Frances sees a girl in a white shirt with drops on it. Frances sees a man smile at her as he goes to the loo. A guy comes in and asks if he can sit next to her Frances says yes that’s fine. Frances is sitting next to him, he smokes the drum. Frances hears his laughing as he comes back. Frances thinks this is the page she’s going to have to type out. Frances and the man are waiting for the man’s friend to turn up at his seat. He must be outside, his pint is half drunk. Frances isn’t looking at the man. The man’s fiend comes in and Frances wonders if he cooks for the bbc because the BBC is round the corner. The firend says he gets on with Cameron the Mancunian. They are both Londoners. When love really don’t love you is playing. Chris wasn’t feeling well yesterday but he told the audience that he was in a good mood. Jane Hall is on ITV. Frances can see the screen from here. Three people come in. The two girls go back outside while the man goes to the bar to buy the drinks. Frances wonders about Saray Beeny and her varnish floor, she got someone else to send and vanish but she provied the varnish because she is picking about what she does. I’m every woman is playing. The girl with the Selfridges bag has a flower in her hair. A man says Thank you at the door. Frances had four beer mats on her table. She isusing one of them. Te friend’s friend was meeting Simon. Be careful of what they’re doing here. I’m going I ain’t going to let them give me up. A sound like Frances thinks he said. Something else. Reg was is a performance meeting Back in han hour or so Terry Venables is in the ballot box, the pundit area on the screen. This is what you can do with an FM David Briggs or something. He asked me out for which The Budweiser advert is on again. Having a bud is no more. They’ve got newsdesk readers. The frei d gets up to go to the bar. Frances has almost finished her cigarettes. Frances says that talking to someone noones back. The quay asks Frances about her diary and Frances tells them about her. Frances talks to Sammy and Gorton who are estate agents. Sammy says he’s a pilot and he flies from Biggin Hill to Le Touquet in France. Fances gets asked if she’s a traffic warden. He’s a regular.

Frances is a casual observer on the evening press. Fanny warning. Frances thinks of herself as unheard pundit. She views the world from an unbridled perspective. What’s unbridled perspective> Frances isn’t a bride, she’s free reign and rather queenly. Frances wars a scrunchie in her hair even though she’s thirty two. Frances is not going to the pub tonight. She emailed the DJ to make a date, but she’ll skip tomorrow. Frances couldn’t drink for SS George. She couldn’t keep a date with a systm of no reply. Francs realises its the twenty ninth today so she can’t go to the St. George’s pub. Frances is learning to count by what she can’t do. Frances thinks she could work at Gleneagles and meet George Clooney again. Frances has the show dedicated to her again, today is themed on flat pack furniture. Frances boughtt some cardboard boxes this moning so she can make her move and put her belongings away. Frances sent a package off in the post to her friends baby. Frances is having to count on her notepad because her computer crashed this morning. Frances will have to got to apple tomorrow to have it mended. Frances will get to the genius bar. Frances a trillion, a million million 6 billion 9 noughts, 1,000000000 million 6 moughts quadrillion quintillion 16k average per person debt.

Chris says he sint’ sure if woman’s minut is worth it because of all the tension. Women’s minute is something frances did in the front seat of a cr. Frances heard the song how can this be love if it makes us cry? Frances isnt being encouraged to go into the pub. Frances listened to Scott on Radio One who said to put the day on hold like the hold queuesoyou get on the telephone. Frances is a valuable person that can’t be disappointed into believing the wong thing. Frances wants to hear that she should got stalking but she doesn’t want to go stalking. Is it real or isn’t it. Is Cher made of plastic? frances hears that Sal is the lady in Chris’s life because Frances isn’t. Frances hears that Sal has to come back. Frances wnts to go back. frances is listening to Cher. Baby find someone, dry your eyes. Frances is moping but she likes the same song as Chris. Frances is told she has to choose which type of cat she is, the playful or mature one. Which one comes home? Frances is at home being depressed a bit becuse she has finished her cigarettes. Frances has recently eaten a cheese and humous pitta bread. Frances head hurts with anxiety. She can’t think of any jokes. Frances is technocratic. The daily cross. Psybchological restroom. Fances wonders who she’s in love with. frances is currently not in love with any one but she was for about a minute on Sunday. Frances appreciates that she isn’t taking anyingn in. Frances spouts out her blog when she should be feeling what she writes. its not how you win, tis if you win says the Wimbledon commentator. Andrew Murray is on court, in 63 63. The man says for all what about deuce? Frances has mad a cup of tea that she is leaving cold. Murray mints murray mints. Too good to hurry mints. Frances is planning on going to stay at Chris’s pub the week after next, she has considered the odds about the job at Strathallan
Frances did this after watching the program house. Frances is back in the shed but today she feels much better. frances has been shopping at Lillywhites for a tennis dress, some Reebok socks to Fortnumbs for some Carthusa, to Austin reed for a dressing gown, to Hobbs for a shirt and to Molton Brown for some lipstickl Franceshas left her computer to be mended for free because ther’s a three monthe warrrnaty on the hard drive. Frances is stitting in All Bar One with some fresh orane juice and some olives for lunch. When Frances was in M<olton Brown a thief came in and took something from the shelf. The shop assistant told him to put it back and he did. He was a tramp. Frances paid for the olives and orange with cash because it was under five pounds, it was £3.50. Frances is eating the olives with a tooth pick. Frances has bought a lovely shirt that is black and white. The dressing gown is really a coat for weddings. Frances thinks sh’ell wear it in scruffily. Frances has got ice and orange rind in her orange. Frances woke up with a poem in her head but she thinks sh’s forgotten it. Frances feels summery today. frances bought the sugar plum lipstick because of the sugar plum fairy. The girl next to Frances is eating a salmon salad. Frances has got burning in her mouth from the spicy olives. Frances has her back to the window, she has a brass table top. Frances is on a stool. The vo,.ume is mostly talking, the music is background. A girl and man are sittin on the soft seat over there. She has her sunglasses on her head. Frances isnear two girls rollering in summer dresses, their frieds are with the brger and one salmon salad. The blond picks up the salt and then her green knife wrapped in a napkin with a fork. The waitresses and waiters wear white shirts. One waiter walks past with two plates. A man lifets his beer off the table. There are rows of bottles on the far wall. Fances sponts out some sorange pith onto the table. A mna in a purple shirt has his hands in his pockets. He puts his hands behind his back like a janitor. He gets a seat next to the couple withthe sunglasses on her head. The man puts his finger to his mouth like shh. the man on his own is slouched in front of the menu. Frances looks at the cold beer on the menu. Feeling peckish? 10oz rib eye steak. Frances looks at the green plant in the brass pot at head height. She was thinking of Jane. Frances has pins and needles again. She just recrossed her legs. Frances burps. The girl next to Frances on her own is on her mobile phone so she is hardlyeating her salad veryfast. There is ketchup on the sideboard. Frances has put all her purchases apart form Hobbs into her marajuana bag. Frances isi sitting next to a man with freckes. He has a glass of wine and some cmel cigarettes. Frances sees the girl with the man who lifted his beer. She is bahing the bottom of the ketchup. Frances thinks about going to Regents Park. The man in the purple shirt has got his red wine and knife and fork. He is touching his chin and lips. He is with his back to frances. the floor is wooden. There is a a moet bucket on the table past the head height plant. A man is dressed in a pink shirt and darker pink tit. Theman with the freckles gets out his wallet and puts out a £20, a £10 and a £5. They are in the aluminium ash tray. A sunburned blond comes in with her hand on her hip she is with her blond friend, dyed hair. Frances scratches her ear. She has a scab in the canal. Frances ice has melted. The orange tastes better. The man with freckelse has a zippo lightr. Frances finishes her orange juice. The waitress collects his payment. Frances is on another cigarette. Frances is very pleased with her new shirt. She should’t have bought the dressing gown. Frances doesn’t feel stressed today. Frances thinks about the Mulberry and the rabbit she produced form a top hat. Frances is a magician, more of that. Frances sees a man with the same colour of hair as Chris. A waiter comes up to Frances and asks if she’s like another drink. Frances says no thank you. He clears away her glass and glass of olives with stones. Frances is left one black olive. Frances got a free from the apple store. He saved her June drocument onto it. Frances has slept a lot this week. Fances has almost been here for an hour. Fances wanted to save the other documents from her computer but she didn’t say earlier. Fances dips into her bag and gets out the lip stick and the half guinness. The man with the purple shirt drops his knife on the floor. He is eating kebabs. Frances puts her lighter away in her bag. It is almost fiv to two.

Frances is sitting by St Andrews Gate under a beech tree. She oens’t want a bench in case she chooses the wrong path. The bench up there is down the footpatht that diverges. Frances could miss Chris if he goes the other way.

It is two fifteen and Frances is in for a long sit. Frances is going to have to look up from her page at regular intervals. Frances has been joined by a woman with a bag sandwich. Frances sees she has a ponytail is a chip and ballet shoes. Frances is by the border. Ther’s a man with a Bob Maley T shirt. That man says resonabl on his. Frances is looking a t a woman in an orange dress. Ther’s a woman in an orange top. Ther’s a smiling to his self man with biros sticking out of his shirt pocket. The sun is quite hot. Frances wants a tan. Frances rythmsn her knee, she is siting side cross legs both knees facing the same way. Frances sees a woman in a neclace drag her flip flops She has no straps. Frances wonders what question she is going o ask Chris and wonders why she is treating him like ahero. Chris will be embarrassed if Frances turns up . Francs could ask Chris if she could walk with him to work. Frances sees a lady in a violet top, not a t shirt but short sleeves and turtle neck. Francs isn’t waring underwear. Frances heard someone at he crossing saying she could show something to her friend. Frances gets a smile from a man with a cigarette in his mouth. He was just lighting it. Fances has got a pigeon in front of her. It goes to the girl with the pony tail, tiptoes round er. She has finished her sandwich and she is just looking at passers by now. She is sitting with her knees up and her arms crossed aboee fthem, not folded. Theres a bright orange top with matching heard gear. Frances has just had a cigarette. The woman with the sandwich has left with her brown bag. Frances was smoking when she smiled at a small girl swinging her arms. Frances smiled at a mother who was with her son. Frances gets up and moves to where the lady with the sandwich was. She is sitting against a beech tree with her legs out in front of her to stop the pins and needles. Frances is sitting next to some blokes with mobile phones. They say its so unfai, drins, soup, cohocolate sandwich quite spicy with horseradish. Frances is facing away from the direction theat Chris presumably takes. frances is an obstacle in his path but its possible no could go unseen. Frances sees a man eating as he is walking along. There is a couple opposite Frances with their pushchair. Francesis looking at the pink cardy on the back of the pushchair. Frnces can’t see the front of the pushchair. It is facing away from her towards the couple but Frances can only see the arm of the woman standing up though she can see most of the man apart from his right arm. The woman stands up and puts the baby in. Frances sees a man with crutches, he has broken his leg. H’s with three people an old man and two middle aged ladies. one dlady has brown trousers. the man stands up, while Frances was looking into the crutches. He is foling away a blanket. The woman unwraps the pushchair and they leave. Frances got asked directions to Liberties when she left to the apple store. Frances was smoking a cigarette. Frances sees a man with a leather case satchel, he has a pot belly. A man walks past with orange juice coming out the pocket of the rucksack. A girl, in a green top is sitting behind the tree where the baby couple left. She is on the other path. She is putting on her flip flops on and walking to the bin and she throws away a plastic bag. A girl in a spotted top has curly hair. Frances sees she’s with two friends. An engine noise is more than intermittent along the side of the park. There’s a hedge that obscures the car’s views. Six women walk past with Tesco bags and pieces of card and two of them share a cardboard box to carry. Some people think he’s dotty say the blokes. There’s a word for it, dodge, unorhodox or something like that. A woman walks past wiht a PRADA bag in cotton, it is neutral. A man walks alon the grass path by the path. it is is parallel to the tarmac. His head was bowed. Frances moves off a pieces of back from her skirt. Frances sees a man waving a read leashed handle from a dog lead. He doesn’t have a dog so it must be a work pass.

One of the blokes spent a month doing a catalogue. One of the blokes is inaudible. something vvery difficult he says. Mainly only been there, Laura’s only been there they’re talking about leaving. They’re all english private school. Public school Frances means. frances sees a man pinch his shirt as he walks past life is in a blue shirt. Frances sees him now. frances is a woman with a plastic bag with

that database shoot cantach words from the blokes. They rustle their lunch. Rich and I wanted someone to help. they’re really stretched. Frances steps her seat and mans looking at the ground as he walks past. Frances has a pieces of glass by her shin, she’s about four inches away from it. Frances has levelled the weight against her back. She sees a pigeon again. one of them meant yes for that one, it doesn’t fucking matter anyway says one. The pigeonn is a sitting with its wing spanned open on the grass. It was pecking under its wing. It stands up and preens. iwas nearly crying says one. If i said to him actually at the time says one. Could eventually say.

A man in a checked shirt swings his arms iwth his bag. Frances sits by and a soman goes to the bin. It is about fifteen metres away. Two girls with Top shop bags walk past. One changes her arm, she changes the arm for her shopping. The blokes are standing up. They weren’t the male men anymore, just the best deal. All three have left. One untouched his shirt though it wasn’t tucked in. There is a piece of velcro by Frances on her right by her ight shin. Frances raises her knees and puts her bag under them. It is three o’clock. Frances still thinkst he man with the cigarette was signalling luck. Frances hears a girl say I was going to give you some. One has a big smile. One sings you gotta hang on and the one talks about Billie Piper. Frances sees a man with a 90 on his shirt run past. A man with a red t shirt is standing under the tree where the pram was. He has his mobile and seems to be checking it for messages. Frances sees a pushchair go past the woman has a denim skirt. Frances sees a cyclist cycle past, he goes tick tick when he isn’t pedalling. the man with the red shirt is walking away straight ahead.

On frances way here she walked pst the George pub but it was all boarded up. Frances is glad she didn’t try and go for a drink there yesterday. a man kisses his girlfriend bover between the paths, they are in the middle section. He has no top on and knickerbokers. She has a top that matches his knickerbokckers.

An old man circles past waving his stick as he goes. he looks like the Telegraph journalist Mr Deedes but isn’t as tall. His stick was black. Frances didn’t notice him because she was looking at the knickerbocker couple so she never saw more than a profile of his face. Frances sees a woman with a black bra on and pinkish red shirts. She had a pale top crossed around her waist. A man with his hand on his woman’s shoulder goes pst the far path. He is resting his arm. A man with a box walks past in office dress on the rear path. Some talking from behind the hedge. Frances thinks about Lampard, like way she was spouting words onto her laptop during the ecuador game. Frances knocked her apple laptop in the shop to get it to work this morning. Frances sees a crocodile of four year olds or five year olds They have a teacher at the back. The rubbish man’s peep is bleeping, it si coming along the far path. Frances wonders if she’ll be depressing if she sees Chris when she stands hankering. Frances writes thisd down as a form of prevention

A woman takes off her sundress to walk past Frances. A man walks quite close to Frances is a stripey top. The bin vehicle is cong along the far path, closer and opposite to Frances. A paperchase bag is being swung in front of faces. A lady in a pack top. A woman with a man. She scrunches it up and speaks a spanishy language. She goes to the bin and throws it away. She is with her friend. Frances sees the girl making a daisy chain for her boyfriend with knickerbockers.

Frances sale suit is a size fourteen. It is too big for her. Frances sees a girl brush down her hair. Frances sees the bin van coming back again there are two men in it. KE53 is the front part. It stops and does the bin. Frances sees the man opening the small i into the bag, hinge vinand then goes to the back for the swing in. frances sees an Alsatian dog, it is with a smaller non alsatian. It is a bit wolf with a long tail. The Royal Parks service Team. the van is dark green, ISUZU. It goes past a 2mph. Frances watches it. A girl jogs past. A man jogs past in the opposite direction. An old man with a baseball hat walks past and looks at Frances. Fances almost smiles. Frances leans forward to flick a fluy. A woman with a helium balloon squeaks past in flip flops. The balloon says Congrats. Ther’s a sex pistols t shirt with a man in it. He’s got a tartan check bag with his girlfriend behind him. She is keeping up. the knickerbocker couple leave with a HAmley’s bag. a woman in bright orange push chiar. A man from Europe with his mobile and girlfriend. A man with UMBRO jobs. 2 young teenagers walking fast. They could be sister and brother. A swigging woman talking with swinging arms. 2 guys in baseballs by the hill of the verge, tey go into the bushes and one throws his water bottle in the air. He can balance it on the back of his hand. He is beyond the far path. Frances flicks a spider from her foot.

I wish I was a size eight says a girl with her fiends. Aself conscious man walks on the grass, not self conscious. A small kid pointing to the sky from a pushchair. An affro hair kid in a pushchair inthe other direction, looking fond behind. Frances swaps her pen and cigarette, so she can smoke between writing. Frances isn’t knitting. A cyclist with a guitar on his back. he has stopped under the tree where the pram was. He hasn’t got a T shirt on.

Frances thinks about Debenhams Frances didn’t get pulled in to shop there on her own. Frances is glancesd at by the thin boys that are men. A man stops under the tree in a beige suit. He is where the cyclist was. H’es on his mobile. H’es put his bags dow, goes to the bin and is mobiling.

Frances thinks about the girl that looked like Billy Piper it may be the only connection. a Harrods bag on a pushchair, a man with his hand on his hip waits for the mother. He puts his baseball cap on. the man under the tree has his mobile he is also smoking and gesticulating with his arm. A small boy runs past. He comes back again and covers his face with his sleeve. He was hiding. His legs brush as he walks back wearing jeans. Teh beige suit man is turning around. A father points his son under the tree, the mother has a paper bag with something to eat. The thin boy crouches by them. Frances’s skirt is blowing up. The wind is stronger. Fances looks at her watch. It is five to four. Frances expects chins to comewithin an hour or never. Frances scratches her right wrist. Frances lans forward to disperse wight. Fances sees a man walking past looking down. Frances thinsk of Hobb again. a man with his sunglasses cupped into the neck of his t’shirt walks past. He had a rucksack on and a bag to carry with his free arm sticking out, with the weight only a bit. The boys in the bushes are still throwing their waste bottles in the air. The ink is running more freely than it did last night. Fances rewritten the word running it looked like hung. Frances thinks of Nicky doing caraoke. She watched Big Brother last night. Fances managed to get a full house. a man walking his ticking bicycle. A man jogging past with a tan, in only shorts. Someone blows their nose from behind frances. Fances looks hand and sees a man reading under a tree. the beige man is still on his mobile. Frances sees a girl in a red cap. Frances gets a tingle in her bottom, very distant. A woman scuffing in a floral dress. chins wanted to et up and sing with McFly when they had their party at Leicester Square. Fances went into the bbc to collect Ariel but there weren’t any copies left. Frances looks at the tiny kid with the picnic again. The father has got a map. They could be tourists. A girl in a bright pink top and a Teseco’s bag with flip flops. A fast walker in a green shirt. A woman drops her navy top and picks it up. A girl with blond hair walking away from Fances. The beige man is expressing with his left hand. He has leather shoes on. He rests his left arm on the tree, facing Frances. He touches his belt. He crosses his arm to rest his othe on it, it holds the mobile to his ear. it is ten to rour. Frances didn’t read her watch properly before. A man in a red baseball is moking. His friend sits down next to both of them. There are three men. Some bikes make a noise from behind the hedge. A woman in a fuschia hat walks along the far path. A man with a red pattern in his shirt with his mobile. A wasp comes quite near Frances. The kid hums into his cup making noses. A smiling man in kakhi goes along the far path. he has his hair right arm in fronto fhim, he looked at frances. Fances loks along the park paths, she imagines being stalk horrendous. She’sll creep up when Chris has gone past and say something awkward. This is a form of prevention. The beig man is still talking. Frances is watching his back view. HE has an identity tag on his waist he just turned round to reveal his leg with his hand on his hip. He has a blue cheked shirt on. A woman in bown walks along the far path. The three with a picnic have got up and left. The boy is touching his face and he runs after standing from ready, set. they go past where the smokers was sitting down. A man in a luminous vest on a vicycle. Fances watches the beige man again. Frances looks at a piece of wood that is the shape of a turd. It is in fronto fof Frances’sleft foot. Fances Frances sees a man with a blue vest with black arm rings and neckringon the vest. A jogger in black turns pst. frances looks at a man who looks at her and Francesalmost smiles. Frances thinks the man knows her in some way, that she is sitting in the park to stalk Chris. Frances has got peely wally legs. Ther’s a yellow ball with some young man who are all holding sandwiches. frances thinks about her blog and if she would submit all this. Frances sees a school excurstion walk past in rows. a girl with a Miss Selfridges back looks in her bag. Frances sees the beige man wafting hishand. Frances is by a bumble bee. A man stands on his pedals. He’s on a kid size bike. A man in a striped shirt walks past. the beige man collects up his lap top and leaves the talll . Why didn’t frances go over and talk to Chris’s frinds when she was at the pub? Frances just drank the beer. Fances hardlyknows hwo Chris is papart form when she is draming. Frances isn’t really dreaming at this point, she just wants to say hello. Fances sees a man with a camera he is pointing it at his girlfriend. Fances is leaning forward. Frances gets her mirror out and picks off some orange gjuice form her lip. Fances is looking about and thinking about other film stars. frances wouldn’tmind but it would be a shame. Frances would like to get to know what she gets up to. Fances picks her nose with her thumb. Fances picks her other nose with her otherthumb and puts it on the grass after a brief spell on her dress. A bit crunchy and a bit stringy. Fances thinks about Tanya because she would think this hilarious. Fances would entertain a lot of people with dewscribing this isf she said it in the right way. Fances would have to say it tactfully. Frances doesn’t htink Chris is coming this way today because he has been in a business meeting or out to lunch with friends. Frances thinks Chris is a wise for beingly sensibly off Frances path. Frances is at a quarte past for can she wait any more? frances has got half an hour with she will know frances sees a man carrying hisyellow tshirt without a tan. frances has persistant flies around her. A man in flip flops. He has a pale blue shirt. Khaki shorts. Frances feels scratchy. The man in his steipe shirt is on his way back again. Frances is being walkefd twowards by a man in a blue shirt. Fances brushes a fly.

frances thinks about being meaningless because that’s what the bully says. frances see the girl in the prima top go back again. Fances saw the mother with the boy lure her pause, the boy was a lot more talkative. Fances bags her pony tail on the tree and thinks what was in it for her. Frnaces has spent the past few weeks bieng strange to inhibition. Fances has always taken the route of the under dog to go about targeting. Fances looks at the lupins. They could be lupins. Frances thinks she’s been reserved by someone behind her sights. Fances sees scatching in the hedge. frances took the very crowded train back home. She was very squashed in to the bus. She means the train. Fances bought a scratch card when she got home. She dind’t get any matching symbols. She hould have chosen the gold scratch card. Fances pretended she dind’t recognise the video man in the newsagent because she was in her smart dress. Fances has been wearing her tutu all day. Frances was in front aof a man who kept lookaing about with impatienc at the crowding. Frances felt some measure of doubt about her new perfume. fanceshas bought Capri, Sirena and itis quite strong. Chris is looking forward tto his weekend in Portugaal, he is going to clubs that open at 12am. They don’t get pissed till 1 am. Sal is going to be at the Ship on Mallet for anyone that doens’t want to watch. the football Frances hopes Chris isn’t feeling that well because hsiis love lorn. This isn’t very considreate. Fances thought Chris would be going to Portugal with some posh people that Frances might know. Frances knows some millionaires that she thinks might know Chris too. Fances could wit for a millionaire house party when they’d all go for a round of goldf,. Frances might take up golf. Fances could meet Chris in the clubhouse. Fances isn’t sure what he’s meet, she’d want to morph into something unimaginable.


Segway for David Walliams, gay pride march
Frances is sent down by the cashier in Sainsburys who says Have a nice weekend after putting the receipts in Frances bag. Fances doens’t say anything. Englaand has just los the foorball. Fances has watched Andy Murray beat Roddick
Farnces is waiting for the pickfords van to arive. It is nine twenty two they sshould be here by nine thirty. When Fances last looked there were spaces outside for the van to p ark. Fances is smoking Benson & Hedges. Fances is toying with her engagement. Is Frances engaged? frances pictures herself by the bar of the mulberry. fances doesn’t have the number of Pickfords to hand, she’d have to ring directoryenquireies. fances has put all her things into boxes – she has one spare so that’s thirteen apart form the bicycle and the speakers that make fifteen. The Pickfords men are here. They have managed to get a parking space right outsidethe flat. Their loory is absolutely enormous. Itis the sie of a juggernought. They are going to arrive at 2 or 2.30 tomorrow in Fowlis Wester. Frances is sitting at the table while the boxes are being moved out. One of the men is doing all of the work. He is the younger one. The old one may be passing things down to him on the street. Frances has been unable o pack her keboard or ten because they are too large for the boes. The same goes for the tennis raquet and walking sticks. One of the men goes to the loo but Frances is sitting in the room but she can not move. The man is being quiet. The door doesn’t look either. Frances is smoking and the room is stuff. One of the men is called Martin. Frances picks her lips. The man that went to the loo said its very hot. Frances dug out her passport and bank statement from one of the boxes because she was rung by Shamin from the job centre. Frances will go to the job centre later on.

Frances is very hot. She has arrived at the Milberry again but there’s no sign of the sports car that belongs to Chris. Frances is here just to check she’s not missing anything but it is a relief that Chris isn’t here. Frances is asked Oh Its you again by the barmaid. Frances says yes. she says ‘Guinness. Because she knows what Frances drink. Fances has spent 85 hours in hte car driving from Scotland. She got quite excited but not very by listening to Elaine Page who is an expert on musicals. Frances watched Coronation street and listened to the bit with the man from the taxi firm. Frances hopesin a removed sense to obtain some kind of date. Fances could be early for the football match but Federer is playing on thesports screen so she’s lucky. Frances sees a ginger line judge when she gets back from the loo. Frances is quite hot. Wimbledon is showing Federer and Nadal. Nadal can’t cope very well because he is out of his league. Frances stopped by a newsagent in Chiddingord but when she opened the door she saw a biro on the floor of the car. Frances isn’t sure where her original pens ent she couldn’t find them thios morning. Some women come in with ‘many women, one reason’ written on their shirts. They have pink squares on teir backs with writing on them. Federer is going to smash Nadal it seems. The Guinness is deliciously cold. Frances takes her fist sip at trials fiv to threee. She thinks the football stats at three thirty. Frances felt a bit nervous when she was outside in the car. What is she doing here? Frances thinks she’s already had a baby with Chris, she thinks it fits the love puzzle. Frances was asked if she wanted to go travelling when she was at the polo and all theElaine Pages came out. Frances turned on the sonic fate of blast for long songs. Frances is partoly a transistor and thisis what Chris relies on as far as employment goes. Franesdoesn’t feel songs like she used to. She used to schmooze to all the love on the west end shows. Frances feels she has grown out of love and that she is too old to be in a west end cast. Fances thinkds Federer is far too handsome. Frances thinks about the balls and how the boy hasn’t a boyfriend. Frances thinks about the picnic she went on at the loch. Frances has changed address. Frances is waiting until her little sister has a party when so and so can be inspected to see who he looks like. Frances sees some people leave the room out the corner of her eye. They’ve had Sunday lunch. Frances can smell the food which is very good. Frances saw an advert in the loo for some work at the bar. Frances sent her CV in by email about 2 months ago. Frances parked in the same place as Chris parked his car when she was here two weeks ago. It doesn’t seem that long. Frances has a front pew in front of the screen but she isn’t really watching. frances sees the man who had lunch next door to her coming out of the lav. Frances sees the lady has Yorkshire pudding. frances woke up at dawn this morning but she went back to sleep. Frances heard Steve Wright talking about the conditions of engagement. Frances said yes in an an email to a proposal that shipped out into thin air. Frances heard words that weren’t meant to be spoken. Frnces appreciates the friendship is an illusion. Frances is here mainly out of curiosity. What could happen next. Frances thinks she could come down on another weekend. Frances could spend a writer’s retreat here. Frances could continue to wonder what is going to happen, the frienship is like massive bargains. Frances says friendship but she feels like a manipulator. Frances sometimes has sharp words that cure a saviour into cynicism. Frances deflates what she could do by being quiet and sitting about. Frances is going to spend a hard night on the floor of her flat. frances knows this is a goose chase and that she is too serious to be fun. Frances is mediocrely grim. She needs to be cared for by a special tending someone. Frances thinks Chris could provide financial security but Frances doesn’t like the media or celebrity. Its all she thinks about. Frances sees Chris as a lifestyle that she couldn’t take on because she hasn’t been good enough. Frances is naughty. Frances is surprised by the tennis game and what Nadal is doing. She thought he’d be trashed. Frances thinks of the word trashed and how the lodge was trashed with 27 bags of rubbish. At least that’s what Frances thinks. Frances would describe her friendship as something that has gone on for years. Frances got angry when she gaged her power and said lets put a stop to it. Frances sent Chris a poem that is written in the June document. Frances needs to sort out her system folders so she doesn’t have two of them. Federer spits behind the base line. frances doesn’t believe Chris has said no because she knows about dangling. Frances dangles for friendships into futures and pasts, its how she drops things. frances may ask Chris what he thinks of her one day. What’s the mnext program? Frances had whisky last night and felt her heart strings twang in the morning. Frances thinks of times she’s been drunk and how she’s confided. Frances isn’t welcome nor shunned isn’t befriended or nunned. Isn’t lended or summed. Frances is temporrary and can see no one else for the job she is about. feances must investigate. Frances would be better of if she kept her dreams alive in the day. But Frances wakes up and throws them away. frances likes Federer’s hair. Frances thiks somehing stronger will take car of the stalking procedure. Frances believes she could be put forward for interview. Frances has blobs of ink on the page, she’s a messy kid. Frances thinks its written in the stars. She believes in the long union of not minding about mistakes but she doesn’t know who she is without them. Frances is like a flyon the wall for what to avoid. She takes notes on where she isn’t welcome. frances ate a fried breakfst this morning at the Annandale service station. A man checked his watch when she left the building this is a good sign.
Frances doesn’t think she’s an unimainable stalker with an obsession. Frances can keep her cool whatever the problem. Frances sees a girl with a green top go into the car park with frizzly hair and a working mobile. Frances is near some Magners drinkers. She gets into her silver car. Frances thinks about the man with the red face and sunhat that looks like Christ Evans. Frances had a feeling with him thinking he was Chris. Frances was drunk. Who does Frances think Chris is? Frances turns to look at the car that has arrived. It isn’t Chris’s sports car. Frances ash tray has a Marlboro cigarette on it. She is smokeing Bensons again. Is Chris a brand of some kind? David Gray is on the speakers. frances is sitting outisde where she can smoke. Frances sees a strawberry blond and his girlfieend arrive with dark hair. Frances knows what Chriss looks like. What if they don’t already have a child? Frances sees the Saab leave. She didn’t make it to the Eagles concert. A family of three et in the car to leave. The boy is about seventeen. Another boy with the number on the back gets in afterwards the door was left open for him. Frances wants an answer different to the one she’s got from Chris. Chris has already left. The sun is shining brightly. The next show is on tomorrow at five. Frances has her rechargable batteries. Frances can go to JET when she leaves the pub. She needs to fill up. Frances is on her own on the veranda scribbling with a dropped pen. Frances intends to salvage something. She isn’t sure what. A man in a pale blue t shirts gets something from his car in front of Frances. frances looks to check what make it is. Its a Honda. Frances used to chase Chris but when she meets him its always like the firs time along with all the frustrations. Frances is so cool about what she thinks she can with this without commitment. Frances got an email from Chris last week in response to Sport Relief. Frances is going to ring Comic RElief to see if she can help on Saturday. Frances thiks its a bit late. Frances will phone up anyway just to hear for definite. Frances hasn’t been contacted by Sports relief directly. She hasn’t got a help email. Frances volunteered for the last 2 years. Frances sees a sports car, but it has a roof on and it isn’t Chris’s. A man with 72 gets out, a white T shirt. A Saab arrives with three doors going. The man has sunglasses, there are for in fact, but Frances couldn’t see because of the box plant on the verandah. Frances looks at a people carrier go past slowly. Finished a cigarette. Frances will get another one. Frances is going to a Tom Stoppard play tomorrow. She is going to do some shopping. Frances almost recognises the girl that she looked at. She thinks she was here last week or the week before. Frances hears the engine run and se continues to look down as she writes. She feels she is being looked on. the girl has turned her head away in fact, there is also someon in the back seat LA05. It skids as it turns out the driveway. Frances sees another car arrive with a man in sunglasses who takes them off. He has a girlfriend. Everyone here has a girlfriend and boyfriend. Frances extinguishes a smouldering cigarette. Frances uncrosses her legs. She needs the loo to jogger. Frances needed the loo yesterday evening when she had dinner but she kept it in till 11.30 when she went home. Frances swigs her beer. Finally a van arrives with 3 blokes in the front. One says criminal on his t shirt. The next hasn’t got out yet. Frances relights her cigarette. The engine is still running. Frances likes to presume Chris doesn’t have a personality. Frances listens to Don’t let them fool ya! Could this be love? Frances has bogies in her nose that she wants to clean out. Frances needs the loo less strongly. She can write less of a scrawl. Frances looks at the heater on the verandah. It isn’t switchd on. The pub is quite warm though the sun has gone in. Frances has a table with 3 empty chairs. It is ten to four. A people carrier goes past with a bike on the rack. A woman goes into the car park with a glas of white wine and then she comes back out. The verandah to go to the garden. Change the battery? Someone is talking. Frances puts her finger in her nose but doesn’t pick any goods. frances thinks she can hold her loo till she gets home. this is her last cigarette. Frances is bound to Chris in her drams but she has told him to go away. She has nowhere for her dreams to go. A toddler comes past with his mum and a rabbit wee is on the stairs. Another car arrives and the tulip shirt girl gets out, she must have left something behind. her boyfriend is driving with sunglasses on. He turns off the engine, no he doesn’t its just very quiet. Frances is about to leave. She is about to go to JET.

Monday 10
Frances went to JET and spent £36.33 at four o’clock precisely. Frances doesn’t have the bends any more, she hasn’t killed a diner. Frances thinks of the mask and of blackadder. She litened to Tony Robinson being interviewd on the drive down south with Mariella Fostrup. Frances thinks of words like Baldrick and individual and diverse. She spent yesterday evening with Katharine and her boyfriend and another couple watching the world cup. They were all surprised by what Zidane did, he head butted one of the opponents. Frances drank Stella and champagne. Frances took a bottle of champagne to celebrate the bubbles under water. frances thinks about when she was last at JET and it wasn’t pleasant. She means some years ago, not yesterday. Frances thinks she went on a driving course with Richard, she has definitley met him somewhere. Frances was oblivious to what she did when she went to JET. If she’d known what she had to do she’d have to have kept very cool and then she would have lost it.

Frances has just been to the apple store but her computer wasn’t ready so she went to Garfunkels to eat salmon and broccoli fish cakes. Frances caught a glance at a man on the street on the bus. he tucked his shirt into hte back of his trousers when he looked at her after looking at the side of the bus. Frances is sitting on her kitchen worktop. Her flat is empty and she has her earphoneson. Sue Perkins is on the radio with Rob. Frances spoke to comic relief this afternoon. She said she’d rung aback at five to see if she could volunteer but she thinks she’ll leave it tomorrow. She has to wait until Thrusday or Friday to collect her computer. The man had to go into the back room four times to look for her computer and he had to make a lengthy telephone call to the basement because he couldn’t find it. Frances hoped they’d lost her computer so she could have a new one. frances was on the underground with lots of kids and tourists because she isn’t in such an underground channel. Frances threw her banana towards the bin bag but it didn’t go in. Then she threw the end of the banana away but it landed on the floor. Frances said if Italy won they sould throw the champagen out of the window when she was at Katharine’s last night Frances was standing next to a crying kid in his pushchair on the way home. Frances didn’t get wet in the rain. It started to rain when she left Garfunkels. Frances hasn’t brushed her teeth for some time. She thinks she has plastic teeth. Frances thinks she should look up more instead of looking at the floor. Frances wonders what yesterday has to do with toothpaste. frances hears Christ watched the match in Soho yesterday. frances ate blueberries for breakfast, more like lunch time. She had a large meal at four o’clock at Garfunkels, twenty four hours on from going to JET to fill up with petrol.

Frances doesn’t have a chair to lounge on in her flat. She only has wooden boards.


Frances finds the loo is quite a good seat. At least she can rest her feet. Frances dangles her legs from the worktop smoking cigarettes and wondering where she is going to park her car. She has until nine o’clock before she must to to beat the traffic warden. Frances bought an all day ticket for her polo yesterday about £15. She saw a pole on the floor of the carriage in the underground. Frances saw two groovy black guys. When she was at Green Park. One wore a hat and she looked back at them after she passed them but she is still prejudiced about them.


Frances entertains how scared Chris is of her. Chris is scared of Rich Stein who has a cooking school in Cornwall. Frances was left a message by Comic Relief today saying they didn’t need her. Frances is too needy. Frances listened to the show yesterday and there was a shot about friendship. Frances woke up this morning with sweat on her breat, sh hd fervant dreams but doesn’t recall them. Frances wonder why she isn’t needed for Comic Relief and why she is frightening. Frances knows she is frightening but that her jott is important to the way that she sleeps. Frances saw a pigeon that landed bravely in the garden but when Frances stood up it flew off. Frances read a story to Fancis yesterday. Had Rupert the Bear going driving. Frances finished when Rupert made his way away from the wreck. Frances trod in some cat poo in the garden. She had been looking at where she smoked. Frances looked at the poo and identified it as cat poo, now owl poo or other poo. Frances night strap just fell off. Frances is waiting until her computer is mended. Frances is quite bored. Frnces just spoke to Sheila at Total Staffing to see about the call centre job. Ffrances is going to be put forwardfor a second time to the car dealership. Sheila doesn’t say the same thing as Gillian who said that she needed to be interviewd before Friday. Frances said she’d commit to three or six months but that she wasn’t available long term for Scottish and Southern. Should frances regret his? Frances hears that Chris wants to have a crush on the baby sitter. Frances may be baby sitting on Saturday. Frances thinks Chris is still open for negotiation even though he is scared of her. Frances listens to the clock ticking. She thinks of when she knew Chris in Cornwall, the memory linked to the talk of Rick Stein. Frances could go on a residential cooking course when she has set up her broad band internet. Frances looks at the train set on the floor. It is wooden with magnet trains. Frances found Franci’s cards yesterday. They were in the kitchen and not on the chair like Anna thought. Frances coughs. She has recently consumed pea and mint soup from Sainsbury’s . When she got back from checking the car for a parking ticket she ate pasta and tomato sauce and ham and cheese. Fro lunch she had pasta and the remainder of the carrot and coriander. rances seems to be eating more and she has reverted back to meat and tomatoes. Frances shared Johnny Vegas superstition about tomatoes that they are a dangerous food. Frances knows the Portuguese describe them as testicles. A quarter of yanks don’t have any friends. This makes Frances feel better. The news reader went to boarding school so she has kept hers. Frances hasn’t kept any of her friends. She hinks about ringing Camilla. Frances hears Camilla has got osteo porosis. Frances didn’t think she should go off with Steve. Frances thiks she shouldn’t have enjoyed eating in the dark in Belgo’s. Frances doesn’t mind the eark sometimes. Frances didn’t impress Sheila very much on the telephone. Frances kept having to clear her throat. Frances explained she had been volunteering with Shakespear’s Globe and Comic Relief. Frances should have more respect for Scottish and Southern. She didn’t want to commit for too long. Frances should get back to Gillian. Frances thinksabout Cornwall and what she could get up to. Frances pulled a witches hair out of her heek this morning. She did it in the mirror. Frances

The Royal Court Theatre.
Frances is sitting outside queuing for tickets. Some tickets for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers have been given away on the radio. Frances went shopping at LK Bennet and spent £143 at 16.43. Apparently she isn’t gay. Ther’s something about that shop that meant she had to buy a navy dress, a green shirt and a green mumper. Frances walked down to l’occitane and bought some scent but she put the wrong number in. She bought Rose scent and verbena body lotion. She wonders if they go together. Frances drank apple and mango J20 at Potters Bar half way down the Kings Road. Frances is sitting on a hot step of the threatre, it has been warmed by earlier sun. Frances thinks its odd if she’s suddenly become straight because of a shopping receipt. Frances is sitting next to a pale languid youth with a book called the Sleepr Dreams. He has just eaten a sandwich from EAT. It is just past six o’clock. Frances went to the sales. In fact so did Chris. apparently he went and got thirty items of clothing. Frances radio switchd to Radio one by mistake when she went into her bag to put on her lipstick. Frances didn’t realise untill Joss Stone and some other tunes had played. Frances wonders if she ocould get a Valentine’s card legitemately. frances has crackly reception. frances likes the word chardenfroide or something like tha, laughing at other people’s misfortunes. Is watching the people of Sloane Square. Frances sees a silver car with a hard topped suitcase roof rack. Frances sees a girl in green lick her lips. There’s still that problem. Frances saw quite a few people yesterday doing funny things with their tongues. Frances sees some white topped dudes get out of a black merc. They’re talking abou knowing whether the other person knows something, the assumption Frances sees a tour group pause in front of the theatre. Frances is queuing to see Rock n Roll by Tom Stoppard. Frances sees Phil’s ice cream van go round the roundabout. Frances thinks she can go to a barbecue. Frances wonder if that means straight. What about raspberries. Frances hears PIG from the film BABE. Frances thinks she can go to the West End without worrying. Frances is the word is chardenfroide. Frances is going to listen to what that word means in a minute after Franz Frdinand. Frances sees a very scantilly dressed man walk past as a woman and Frances looks down at her paper though she wants to peek. Frances smoked three cigarettes at Potters bar. Frances could be doing something that Chris wants to do. Fancy that Frances what about waking up. Life and lone German are in other people’s misfortunes. Its German not French. Frances has an unsociable cigarette next to the queuers who don’t complain. Chardenfreid and sympathy. Frances needs to wax her legs. Frances is almost proud of her hairy pegs. Nobody is complaining . Frances is listening to I’m a Believer. Hardene dreams? Holiday atmosphere. frances thinks of Trinny and Susannah and thinks so there. Frances has a pink bow on her dress. Apparently everyone has left London but there are lots of people here in Sloane Square. Frances sees tourists and commuters. Frances thinks so there. Piggy banks. Unclaimed assets.
is everyone up to date about the lip licking? What does it mean? Frances sprays on some Rose scent. She is glad she didn’t bring Carthusia. She finds that scent horrible.

Thursday. Frances wonders if she should have gone to see the muppets. chris could have been inviting Frances to go to the theatre. Frances though about this during the last scne of the play. Frances needs to hang out anna’s washing but she dosn’t want the dryer going when she is on the telephone. Frances thinks she could go and watch crocket at the oval, she isn’t sure what time it starts. Frances read the introduction to the Rock n roll play before she went to bed. She wonders what Dubeck is. Frances thinks she’s from the Czech republic. Frances knows the capital is Prague. Frances puts some verbena moisturiser onto her legs. Frances has just left a message for Sheila on the telephone because Fiona Galbraith hasn’t rung her like. She said she would. Frances was going to be rung between ten and ten thirty. frances batteries have run out on her radio. Frances thinks she could go to the Mulberryon Sunday. frances could collect her computer and then go and see the muppets. Frances thinks Rufus is a doctor, they said so in the play. Frances wonders what she could do to convince herself that she is going he right way. Frances followed Robert Powell up the stiar but she cringed behind him and looked at his embarrassing rubbery shoes. Frances bought some shoes for £29 with flowers on the toes but they weren’t very nice. Frances felt like a racist of sorts because of Rober’s curly hair. She can’t put her finger on why she felt embarrassed. Frances thinks she knows Robert looked at his watch when he saw Frances or when Frances sa Robert. Frances saw Wil Self in the queue and realised she didn’t know him either. frances considers that she knows Wil because she watches Grumpy Old Men. Frances feels she is intellectually similar to intelligent people. wil did not look at Frances, he was ahead in the queue. Frances felt a minor surge of revelation but then it waned. What was the sensation for? What was the similar senstation with Robert Powell? Frances misses the swat of a fly. Frances is listening for Ant and Dec talking about poker Face. Any answers are correct on the basis of bluff. Frances hears a message from Trish on the phone, eats some choolate cake, gets some orange juice, smokes a cigarette and in between manages to swat the fly on to her notepad. it was a tiny fly the size of a mozzie when frances went to the cornerhop she walked back and someone called a kid on her bicycle a wally. Frances didn’t turn round. Frances wonders who the girl was next door to her in the queue for Tom Stooppard’s play. She had short hair over her eyes and she looked down all the time. Frances bored the American she spoke to. He was doing a drama course at LAMDA. Frances spoke like the girl in Arcadia. She said she was all tuned into the digital era. Frances hough about Alex when she saw Ed hogg because she knows they are friends. Frances thinks Ed is a fine actor. Frances insulted te casst by wondering if she’d slept with . Frances haunts actors in her sleep. She knows they know more about her than she does. Frances smells her trousers that are smelly. Frances thinks she’ll go to the cricket tomorrow but she should have gone today. Frances can pick up her computer on her way. francesisn’t sure if she’ll go to the theatre tonight because she is knackered. Frances starts at Southern Electric on Monday. Sue Lawley is thirty seven today. Frances looks at the picture on the stairs nad htinks of little lord fauntleroy. Fances has got a sunbeam on her leg from the Velux window with the blind down. It is sumg open but Frances doesn’t star gaze. Frances thinks of terry Gilliam and the ghosts in his programs. He does medieval battle, commentary with white figures etchd on river banks. Frances thinks about Superman and thinks Sopacey should have been more like Gene Hackman. Two cablecars have cracshed in Scotland. Frances wrote Scotland, not Scotland. Frances thinks of the play when they said Skoll, cheers in Czech. Frances liks the pretty wash stand in blue and white. The raido topic is what member of your family would you eat and why? Frances thinks about Jane’s aunt and uncle and wonders if they were cannibal. Frances wonders if she was going to inherit their flat but she never visited the uncle in the olf folks home. Anna laughed when Frances read Rupert Bear to Francis. She though ti was funny because Frances seems to be a lesbian. was frances a lesbian yesterday? Frances looks at the bath towels. Frances is going to Avenue Q tonight. It has got the muppets in it. Frances has just finished the last of the chocolate cake. there are crumbs on the bed. Frances had to sit up to find the biro, she was almost sitting on it. Frances is listening to Robbie Williams on the radio. I don’t wanna be sleazy baby just tease me i wanna be a family man. Frances pings crumbs off her jumper, they are ground into her shirt. Frances is sitting with one leg out and one bent with her foot sideways under her stuck out leg. Frances tongues her cake crumbs in her mouth. What’s so good about bottled water? There’s a stay at home mum on the radio. She wants two cats one day. Chris says the television rehearsal for Saturday was boring but it seems that Chris isn’t convincing that he says he likes radio more. Frances thinks Chris should be a film star but he is only a DJ. Frances thinks she should be a film star but she isnt a DJ’s girlfriend. Frances must be Chris’s girlfriend in some sense of the word. Frances hopes her car is. Okay where has it parked. What about fidelity? Alistair Cook scored a century at the cricket. Show is dedicated to anyone waiting for a phone call that’ll never come. Its entitled giddy up, get outa here. Frances doesn’t think she’ll go to the Mulberry on Sunday. Frances listens to Blondie.

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