Anyone that looks like bertie gets the nod, this is Bertie. Anyone that thinks like Bertie looks like Bertie. Bertie comes to the pub. Bertie has a friend in the mental health section. Bertie’s face means lovve. Bertie is a fuse and the man scratches heis ear. Bertie lives with his family and drinks beer. the position of Bertie is through the back of the net, only Tetley. Bertie is at the pub to colle t Frances sfrom what she did. Bertie is always rugy and philosopy, he is neighbourly all over the world. Bertie is the name of itfs and buts, no need to argue. Bertie has black relations so there that’s true. Bertie has opera in the family and he has helicopter pads. Bertie is more advantaged from his wealthy network of dads. Only money would raise Bertie, he knows how to reach thirty before he is. Bertie thinks Frances is a moron and Frances likes Bertie where she can’t see. Bertie and the snickers advert. Because of what bertie says, there are childhood pcnics. Bertie has a cousin in the pub that looks like Bertie. He changes the channel to Figaro.

Bertie isn’t obviously a brain commander, he is clever like a salamander. Bertie doesn’t take no for an anwer, he is like a brother. Berie knos both sides of the fuse, there’s a flash in the pub and doubt would project. The big fat people have weight. the big fat people look like Bertie’s mate. Bertie has things he shouldn’t have, he has class at his fingertips. Bertie isn’t class, oh no he isn’t. Bertie isn’t going to pass, he’s there by mistake. Bertie would be a good friend if decency would make. Bertie doesn’t like fumbling round language that the beater would fake. Bertie can shoot the question, he’e d need a gun for the answer. GBertie doesn’t use his gun,o only as a dancer. The problem with feeling and sizes prmompts disguises. All the class people left and had to move on. The dribbly ones are shy and waste their wands. The potential of staying behind, like one of the islanders.

Bertie means puzzle and trophy. Bertie is beyond war in the gulf. Bertie looks incapacitated by school, will Bertie break the classromom roule. The game of roulette seems to appear, Bertie is knowledge to queens and the ear. Bertie has glamour and wears black tie. there’s a man with a stick going by. The man goes behind the pillar to get to the gents, the pace is slow for pain and the sense. the table of girls ave two to three aration. The nearer bench has five to one and the man with tea green has absconded to run. Someone shoulder loking thescreen is a danere to mean. The five to one patch have burgundy lead, the school boy tike i s university league. not all people have qualificatioon, this is the Bertie situation.

The university of life is splendid’s wife, two men from the five to one get lost, leaving one and three quarters. The name brendon shows up on screen. This brings to mind Beverely Hills the 901 team. The soap wisdom is better than homewordk. The value of words hits th e end of the page. Can Bertie turn the situation tround? Pages rise and learn to go wdown. The man comees back out of the loo and gets shouted out for being inthe way. he looks like a Thomson holiday. The man pointed his stick, but the sentence about the hliday isn’t funny. The quarter starters are joined by on, a man with chalk upon his vest. He has leant on the menu.

BT stands for the telephone. BT is the right to roam. Roaming into the loo is something to do, there’s a freedom of going in that doesn’t seem to be. The loo was busier five minutes atgo but the eschange for clean hands is one to know. There are midges in the air and the TV has turned to interview. The match is over, boo hoo. The pub ahas bricks and wooden panels. the lights aref ake gas to orange annathaniels. The volume is loud for pubs’s perception, this ishe talk iof public protection. Only some people are worthy ofthe microphon.e

Tomtato ketchup goes it alone, there are squeeazable bottles next to the helmans. the prospect of food is nice like satchels. Berties’ document runs on from the place that it starts, Bertie departs. Bertie started the conversation and then the problem leant his m the nation. West Brom are going to play liverpool.

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