The Pretenders


Christie Hynde says men single mindedly leave emotion out of the room and stick to the plan.  Women get periods. Ha ha! Many of us encourage rubbish excuses as to why things don’t happen as if they’re dead in a painting.  It isn’t the glory you get, it’s making the bad look good.  She loves to celebrate on stage in the company of her peers.  There’s no ‘Take on the world’ mentality, just the assimilation of sounds from the radio.  Success isn’t wanting everyone to know who you are.  Press and numbers can be ignored.  Christie found the US to be eaten up by car culture, but fell in love with London.  Her veggie restaurant was worth establishing even if only one person was converted.  She’d have had to have been on site every day for it to have worked.  Dan Arbuck says it’s about getting out and playing.  Staying off VIP lists and out of giant stadiums can be a deliberate strategy. The Pretenders are indisputably ‘how’ about being musicians.  

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