Israel, A Loss of Moral Compass?

The division of people rather than land is what goes on in a country with two states.  A moral compass is a percentage where 12% English and 95% of people in the Middle East think the Jews have too much power.  6 million Jews died in the holocaust, legitimising Zionism, their claim to a homeland.  Catholicism doesn’t require a homeland but they aren’t seen as capable of taking over the world.  Although Jews are 0.2% of the population, they continue to win 20% of Nobel Prizes.  Jews may have a sense of fixing the world, and shouldn’t we all be grateful.  Zionism and Justice apparently don’t bode well side by side but I don’t see why not.  Nobody likes an extreme Zionist like Roseanne Barr because extremism ruins everything.  Though in a moderated sense, Shavitz wrote My Promised Land with mesmeric paragraphs of a Ritz Tour of Palestine catered for by Thomas Cook.  He was surveying ‘A Land Without a People for A People without a Land’ after WW2.  Jews at that time could hardly return home to Poland and Lithuania for fear of being murdered.  Preceding all that in 1890 Dreyfus had seen Europe become ‘no place for Jews despite full assimilations of Magyars within Hungarian society.

Ayelet Waldman beside Martin Amis tells of her illuminating journey to Tel Aviv.  Of American Israeli parentage she had put the visit off for 20 years.  There was a sense of great well being there, only marred by humiliating rituals of cattle chutes at 8 hour check points forcing the vulnerable to stay away.  People were eclectic, friendly and vibrant in her experience.  Indeed, all 10 million Irishmen may return from abroad one day, or coloured people may take over the world.  Someone needs to.

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