Well you see they must come over with the bikes.  Well at last I’ve got off the phone.  Well have a light lunch bits n pieces from the fridge.  Only do as much as you wanted to do.  You know living alone I do so much myself.  Darling don’t do anything you don’t want to do.  Are you doing what you want to do?  The car’d go better with the keys.  You see the rain has come.  If we can do one small job we can.  He said you asked him to do the gate.  Torrential rain in Paris.  If you want to use the phone you can.  You see that’s China tea and that’s Indian.  We can do what we want.  I mean I’m so lucky having him.  He doesn’t know about the garden but you know he can.  No don’t do that because I haven’t made the sandwich.  I have to cut the crusts off.  He doesn’t eat crusts either.  I’ve gone and lost the oil, the big square one.  She sees you straight away doesn’t she.  Is that enough?  Would you like some chocolate?  These things go with all the Tescos vouchers.  Great friends of Pavarotti’s.  She came to stay specially to go to the second hand shop.  These things I’ve sorted.  I’ll let you do the locks the back and the front.  Paps you could pick up the post.  The size of a postage stamp.  Three days and there was no one the first day, the second the cheque book arrived and as you know you never put things on a card with a business.  And I don’t want to talk about it now and I cry every morning and eat a banana.  And self seeded cabbages who talk about themselves all the time and are interested in no one.  I wouldn’t dream of asking her to the pub.  Of course I could there are two gays I’d ask but then.  And what’s his name?  Ah yes chocolate fit for a King.  You can draw the car up as its raining.  I’ll tell you when we get in the car.  Light bulbs, green string, a scourer from the hardware store.  Cherry not large tomatoes, three peppers, boxes of orange juice, croissant, brown bread, cillitbang, Loo roll, large green bananas, large vegetable oil, 2 pints of milk, 2 chickens for the freezer.  Don’t reheat chicken because of the bacteria.  Marmalade no butter because of the gall stones.  The butter a mess.  Smelling lily of the garden from a posy in order to make soap.  Tiny dribble of washing liquid.  Don’t clean the pancake maker.  Where’s the second blue bowl?  I know I’m difficult.  Tissue paper in the bedside table.  I’ve made some tarts.  Where did you get that top?  I’ve made a mess on my croissant.  You won’t be part of the conversation when they come to lunch.  Come if you want.  There are lots of books really interesting books.  I tell them I’ve given up bungee jumping.  A mouse has eaten the artificial apple.  I forgot to give him the eggs.  I hadn’t realised the house is so dark.  The best place to do your drawing is on the dining room table where the cat food is.  I’ve opened up the curtains so the heat’d go through a bit.  I’ll go and have my bath.  One has to look at oneself in the mirror.  The woman was artistic who said you had lovely hair.  She saw it from the street.  She was a guardian angel telling me to move the car from the traffic wardens.  The master lived in that room, and there was a back passage.  The phone won’t work without electricity.  I don’t suppose you have the time.  The boys found the chutney pot.  They were so pleased with it.  There’s a fireplace in there.  Had thought of opening it up.  Oh no?  You are creeping around are you?  Just leave them darling it’s buffet style.  It’s not a dinner party.  Use the small forks not the big forks.  You see that’s where they were hiding.  The stove is apsalupley cold.  What?  You see I couldn’t have my bath.  I’ll do the soup.  They’re great friends.  Start away.  You’ve had your bath have you?  Or is it not your day. Dead leaves in the artificial flowers arrangement.  Painting the chairs you see we didn’t have time to do those.  Can you put the bins under the er Q holly.  I was going to put windows in but he said where’s your cosy corner?  I’ll go darling.  Door.  Let me tell you about the man on the news.  He had his cigarette spiked.  Of course that wouldn’t happen at home.  We made those masks.  That pictures called the party and I love the tramp.  That one has things they blew up in the distance.  Masses and masses of fruit.  Huge picnics on white sands on the west coast.  What did you learn from the book?  Sleep well.  If ones staying in someone’s house one has to ask and tell the plan.  Do you have a good dentist in Scotland?  Of course I put lemon in the mushroom sauce.  Do they do that in Scotland?  Of course you don’t grow crops in Scotland apart from on the west coast.  Q.  Of course I cut my hand.  Can you lift the oil?  No not that oh darling.  Of course I can’t lift my arms.  Did the drawings do the right thing?  Macaroni.  Were you expecting that?  Fork and anchor.  What phone is it? What? What? What? What colour is it?  Of course I forgot to feed the chickens.  There was no water for them.  We did it with a hose pipe.  They all look between 16 and 21.  I’ll shut the cat in and put the cloth on for breakfast.  Leaflets in the fruit bowl.  Come sit by the fire.  Sit in the little room.  Sit in the dining room.  You fitted them all into the machine rather well.  Don’t you want to watch the television?  Morning morning.  I’ve got too much on.  Come and have some breakfast. 

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