Trayvon Martin stood his ground and died, pitting the word of a killer as an open and shut defence.  The only thing to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.  Crazy people double down in repeated mechanisms.  A husband stabs his wife 182 times in order to justify the first.  There are no profits for lobbyist volunteers.  The Arms Trade Treaty fuses five manufacturer signatories in the American belief in freedom of arms.  Guns are emblematic of late capitalism.  The US is equipped with 1.4 million guns.  The hero packs a gun on his journey, taking justice into his own hands.  Masculinity brings about the normalisation of guns.  Considering violence in El Salvador, would Mexicans feel safer with a wall?  

Martin Amis’s 12 year old daughter takes fire with her eyes tightly shut.   The instructor says 

‘Can you open your eyes just an iddy bit?’  

90,000 people are shot but not killed as medics save lives.  20,000 shoot themselves in transformative suicide.  Malcolm Gladwell said ‘The more people you kill the longer you are in the limelight.’ grants each killer a moment in the sun.  An egotistical iconic mass shooter typically records a video.  In Columbia a professional blows a jellified liver from a spine in a crippled murder.  Months on a victim sits cradling an AK47.  

The US violates human rights in a legal framework where viscous circles becomes virtuous.  Gun ownership mentality is eroded where Reagan says 

‘Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.’  

This isn’t true, for a man without a gun in his pocket is less likely to kill.  Being armed in a room invites a premise that one or two people might have to be killed.  

Ireland inspires where police were disarmed in a brave political decision.  Here’s to courage.

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