a bra could be upstairs in the wash or in a pile on the floor.  A t-shirt to go jogging in as if that’ll actually happen.  Remembering things to pack with intermittence.  Any socks if they happen to be seen.  A cup of tea before finding the bra, though the tea may forget the bra.  A seated pause.  Bus time 9.30 and 5.10 from down the road.  A swimsuit from the top drawer.  Low energy expecting exhaustion later.  Time for sleep before finding the bra.  A jogging suit to go with the bra.  A dress to wear at the wedding.  A hat from the hat box though nothing else has a place.  Some pants, some light shoes and a handful of contact cards.  Bus at 9.30, bus at 5.10.  Cup of tea before that.  There isn’t much time left.  Put the mug down on the shelf and came across a hair clip.  Picked the forgotten dance.  A jumble of mascara on the armchair amongst tuppences and filters.  Watered the orange plant and postponed planting the cyclamen. Put the dishwasher on.

There had been a brawl about Robert.  The poison is working.  The mind has become anaesthetised.  Forgot the black jumper but saw it so it went in.  The case is made from marijuana hemp.  It has wheels.  Found the 5.10.  Think the bra went in.  The destination is a consultation with repair.  It may have been visited before.  The gun and the bomb have to be confronted.  There are tales about courgettes and killing time.  Security waxes a ledge all the time.  Central intelligence is the purpose prompt.  It’s the new admission to be grateful for.  The Guildford Four were more than sure.  Dunblane all done.  Reconnaissance with hindsight is the only way to present a sandwich at lunchtime.  The poor, the post, the most, the actual boast.  Like a spider in black leggings on the face of the Iranian Embassy.  People should declare what the grievance is.  Gymnastic secrets for Cirque du Soleil, the trapeze and acquittal of murderous content.  Can it be repeated?  There is no repetition.  After a cue of extremity is anything due?  Constriction is aware of a floating nymph.  Optimal sides with duress, either in display or by account of relay.  There goes a second without training.  Varnished instinct comes about with straining.  Subdued recollection is upside through a knapsack.  The phone rings and three ladies are by the loo in a row.  They’d been talking about staying with their sister for the afternoon.  ‘You’ve left your luggage on the platform.  Come and collect it. ‘. A day wasted.

At the chocolate factory with a coke and a mobile with calls from stockbrokers.  It’s a week after the wedding after the baggage collection.  The TNT is reversing and the box office opens at 6.  Four men are having lunch, no three.  Last night Audrey met me on the bus and gave me her number.  Dying won’t happen till the results come through.  Had a blood test on Monday and was provided with soup.  Stem cells follow human traffickers.  Bought donuts at Liverpool Street.  It’s fully consensual to live without.  Bought a dress on the Kings Road after the gallery and went on missing Robert who has made a broadcast of it.  It was quite a passage back.  There was bundling and kidnap from a local restauranteur.  The children all suffer from tall tales, especially if they are about goodnesses.  At Parliament the debate was about misleading headlines. It was a concession to miss the theatre and use the intercom.  Big Ben makes noises through speakers.  Coke shouldn’t have a straw and it shouldn’t have ice.  Global warming has already happened and Leonardo could be better in the theatre.  Sent a text to Mrs Thatcher who had her hair done yesterday.  She said I’m Mrs Thatcher.  The sun just broke outside.  Wore the Kings Road dress to bed last night.  Lucinda is very kind to have given me a jumper dress with matching gloves and hat.  Chakra will have to be fixed by going on runs every morning.  Love is felt throughout the night on the bridge of the nose and on the chin.  It could be Ralph or Tom, but the zoning words are thin.  A full house is expected later.  The body holds 180.  Handing an actor a book is a sign of being illuminated.  Bush closes his eyes about Kinkell bridge, for he once lived there.  If it isn’t a knife, it’s a wife.  If it isn’t a gun, it’s a stallion.  If it isn’t a rope it’s a bandwagon.  Translators are overheard, and theatre goers are queuing all day long to be heard.  No walking when the red light is crossing.  Some people never say no.  Prompted by prevention and all that extension.  It’s called whispering.  The main objective is to single out contestants from the creed.  It may not be manned at all.  The balance of power is everything loud.  The laughing men have left the building site.  Audrey lives just behind Broadway.  It was too challenging to have gone for a drink with her as she is an accomplished actress.  There’s a display cabinet with China containers.  The berries are all strewn at the bottom of the bag.  They have all spilled out.  One woman didn’t see me when she came in to find out.  The wedding reception was on a garden for the reception.  Care and maintenance is on a full excursion.  Senses batter collectiveness.  It could mean being fed with a spoon.  Actual affairs disclose the twos.  Reminiscence is more accurate in dreams.  Exactly who is the knee cap and the brush across the breast.  Are they separate sweepers?  Fulfilment may yet have a training schedule.  It was the way the chair was put at the foot of the stairs. What was all that about?  The greeting can meet the leaping. Sentiments adorn the GPS.  The film was good though letters are missing from receipts.  The cashier made a health enquiry which got me going back to her.  Then it seemed improper.  What was the tax on the cigarettes?  Absolute proof of arson.  Erasure through the Fire.  There is an unusual street lamp.  What’s it doing there?  Having a sore throat is like dying before getting there.  All things flourish from health.  Has anyone seen Lara Croft?  The programs are all they’ve got, though there isn’t a button for being lived.  Libby says that Queen Victoria is boring.  No doubt there isn’t a scream at her dinner party.  Toms character is on his knees on ITV.  There was quiche before the wedding and the bells chimed every fifteen minutes.  They had a meeting about Aleppo next door but the House of Lords looked empty.  Everything rests in its final place like floorboards.  The cage is there to be looked through, with signals from all the chords.  The convention at 221b went well all things considered.  Who confounds all the rules?  Lovers do it lacing each other’s shoes.  We had a photo shoot on set and hors later the omnibus was cancelled.  Crossover between feeders and strainers.  Glasses are being put about on the tables.  At the back of the head, something is going on in the brain.  The frontal lobes are competent at mentoring, inducing a plethora of requirement.  Remembering is a new blessing.  Banking at the hardware store for a bottle of gorilla glue, some bolts and sandpaper.  Heather has money for land mine clearances. Everyone gets into the pay for honey.  Good deeds.  Exclusivity is watching over a swimming pool.  The field of invention is a great new Dyson.  Pixies are minding blackberries but don’t count on appreciating brambles if they aren’t fruiting.  Derangement is all about rearranging justice.  The shelves are always swapping round.  There is only one other table in the basement.  23 has daisies on it.  At least the chair is padded.  Two hours is a long enough wait. Judgement is a personable need.  Alive spurs on free of proof.  Nobody here is starving.  Radio may support the inferno.  How many inaccuracies are there?  It’s quite foreign to absorb a feeling and give it a home, for it must be passed through customs with a cheering grin.  If this person matches, he’s bound to match the others.  Win!  Diaries are typical dispatches.  A probe a robe.  There go the boots and that ones inclined to shallow roots.  Nothing too deep lest the sighing reap.  All in good measure that gasping be a treasure.  Julia was gentlemanly.  Robin was going her way.  Call inflammation to Aloe Vera.  Best drum and put the spin on.  This country that sentry claim decency.  We are all digested food.  Opera pass through Walford, wilderness ahead.  There is only so much time left to run in a marathon.  Lawrence of Arabia got caught in a sandstorm on his day off.  He got back larger than life.  What can the world require of a quiet booth?  Enough to blame is enough to go insane.  Ailment is a positive stalemate.  There was a fuss about neighbourhood watch.  Bravado makes an effort.  The square route of cheating is disappointment.  Poor Diane Keating.  There are going to be lonely people in the queue and homely people too.  Inquisitiveness can speak for speeches to be ruled.  Why the measure of a symphony.

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