Mona Lisa

Rubber bandit finds lodgings on a short term basis.  He has ugly drive but a smile from the Cheshire Cat.  There’s a female host across the hall.  He wants a non threatening bath with her.  She says only if Gabriel can be present.  He believes she has acting potential and wants her co star  input.


Innocent bathtime end to end with playful splashing.  Gabriel with wings overseeing.  Girl defers ‘I’ve always wanted to be raped in a shop.  Hops out of bathroom casually.


Then streaks downstairs and out front door to urban street.  Finds a neighbours garden and enters back door trembling.


Rubber bandit on Broadway with his appointed director.


Street corner a few years on.

Rubber bandit meets surprised woman off bus and rekindles acquaintance she has vaguely forgotten.  At a shop on the corner they go in.  Baffled girl peruses rail.  Instruction given to choose outfit.  Turns to leave.  Door bolted.  Blinds down.  Excitement! Shop adversely secured.  Staff leave.  Observers of an audition present. Instruction to strip.  Protestation made.  Dream of rape deferred come true.  

Failed chance to enact escape through iron curtain.  

Jesus!  How the heroes try helping.

Blot out gets collected home by family organisers.

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