Plus ca change

Tintinic’s mum gave him a thirtieth birthday party, and as a present his very own temperature kettle that raised mercury with every brew.  Tintinic invited all the expeditionary friends he had found along Lincoln’s river banks that had suitable female transport for reaching Tintinic’s historic home with a moat.  It wasn’t a castle because it could float away in marshmallow guests.  Tintinic had been born with a chance to be drawn in with Tintin the cartoon, but readers thought it wouldn’t be allowed because his breath contained nail varnish remover when working out party bag notices.  Frosty didn’t expect to see anybody she knew, which meant she had to put specs that weren’t hers on.  This way she could envisage how decades related to sharing.  Boosted people behave like morning rolls with bacon in them when they can instruct from a credible outrage.  

Tom and Jerry Small looked at Jerry & Douglas Adams, 

Peter Meter On a Lawn looked at J Caroline

A black tent lining with stars on looked at People from Malaysia

A miller looked at bread and pepper spray

Boy manufacturers wearing white toy coats looked at Andrew Marsden’s hospital.

A bistro couple looked at a small tower for planning a syllable orphanage.

Frosty went home a few days later than the party intended, on a particular day.

(Luckily) she wasn’t charged for her B and B that would have proved shed been there.  

Frosty didn’t get invited to any real parties after that apart from ones she wasn’t subscribed about.  

The End is finding Friends out.

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