Does it really matter if the details of an atrocious holiday are blurred 20 years on, ere they contained a person called Donald. We may ask Roger Scruton what Oxford (place or imagined) would think if it got doubled down with tiresome find and replace characters of the wrong and extraordinary sort over the course of a few decades. A central figure shouldn’t be a disabled story teller. Would there be a day in court if memory were inconsistent. Double jeopardy is a decent benchmark. What does it mean for example? Figure going on holiday that brings out the worst in an unexpected you, in terms of flying off the handle. Figure a situation with a dead body at the end of it, and shouting Jammy Bastard at it for getting a free lift from a mortuary company. That marked the departure of a ghastly trail of rising cores behind political extremism. It’s the 90s aged 17 with blond turning mousey hair. The putting together of a situation beholds Thomas Hamilton as the boyfriend of. Never mind who the woman is when she may be a divorcee.

Enduring Love was written as a dedication to a ‘Wince’ child who was left to float out of an upstairs window of a modest French chateaux in a UFO or hot air balloon.

Mid holiday after a fairly competent start of al fresco lunches and expeditions to houses and gardens of the Loire, never mind the rifle in the boot, for there is corn on the cob and artichoke along with red chequered table cloths. There is hot sun and lotion to consider curious fish in the moat. A hippy yellow car family arrive last on the first day, and balloons of helium come from the boot after three boys and a low voiced divorcee.

Power cut

Sketchy is crucial when turning face to report abnormal events, lest spirits be described out with the hardness of their toe nails. The shocking aspect to the reappearance of an intruder is that they are guests to convention. A man with an orange face can process orders of disgrace, were revulsion owed to him, and he known to your caretakers. Descend as he comes beside step parents!

Otherwise there was much lanky hair and preoccupation of sweat showing from anywhere. Temporary quandaries of trying things on, not that mules would wear out full terms.

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