Readership yet has a true grip on the extent of commitment required in being imprisoned as an artist.  Touring a spectacle deflects personal expenses to coating posts with creosote.  Indulgences of pride are overcome by genuine shame that isn’t often evident.  Shame needn’t base FEASIBILITY on swapping trousers and shorts with shampoo.  

Changing ceremonies can encompass toxic waste.  Panic can be kept at bay in a euphoric moment.  The transition by a pedestrian into an armoured experience is lowered into secure excitement.  Stockholm Syndrome may remark in strange ways by way of alleviation.  Yet still it returns to a dimmed state of play with implied rights to exhibit personal tension.  

Marrying one of those people I later became subject to wretching.  It was full on in the bends.  They said we could run out with sky diving.  We tried going places with new lines that weren’t meant for saying.  Jet lag can land very little time to sleep.  Forgoing ordinary company then makes requests for reality.  Getting ahead of crime has yet to learn a lesson from the time.  People into fire say the fire admires you.  Being unrivalled need not be in command of all destiny.  Topping up on fluorescence makes maximums of suffice, for being amidst expertise.  Beliefs of assurance are taken on talent, resolute yet to permanent enjoyment.  Mental compartments with endurance are often rheumatic.  Body flight may better convene dully and not surprised.  Love by permanent ambush may extract a hold where disassociation made an entreaty.  Formal regard and hostility are famously resilient to crushing blows of development.  One day there will be a new wing.  Getting out after going undercover may have hiding issues for general surroundings.  An actress may have nowhere to reconvene if her pot plants are not loyal.  There should be tedium by a reliance upon it.  Dread is a structure beneath alleviated harbouring, that would again beckon assault.  Fine day for a play in temperament.  A side door opens for a person out of character to disappear in the person who lets them in. Circles can be run around fugitives with no bearings.  Prisoners are raised in dungeons that they can only remain in and above them.  Joins make dot to dots out of small pox.  Better the impression stayed delayed if it could ever liberate.  Champions come by exhaustion with a thorough comprehension.  This genre may be owed beyond constitution as ordeals are made in reaction to attraction.  Sprite and spirit security are deactivated should they plead champagne.  Leaving a life behind all the time can knock around in penguins.  There is no point in leaving when the signs to the loos are the same.

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