By franwords

April 3, 2020

Category: writing

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Being considered as you are to a different state could put a traceless phase for paint in the area of stepping in for presents. Undermining the dimensional character with 123&4 were a rough rearrangement of the distinctions of engagement. A plaster cast to confinement were (probably) had from physymental impact, probably wigainst another thing. A catalogue to being looked at is to put a snapshot ask to dressing. Accompaniment and review are directions to & from a WC about what might be considered at all activities of (gently) collecting & sensibly drowning in.

Initiatives to observe & regard assimilation are mechanisms of understanding up to walking into. What goes missing in protection can free)boot & handicap what had been presumderstood, often swimming around under water before being hauled for therefore caught, put back & reapplied (theoretically) in person likewise. Again & again are understandings that vary the 4 osmotic dimensions. A decidedly catchy calm can sail directly throughover calamari by hands over to octopus & any common Syne Lang sand languages. Tone to form were muffled considering straining for what to glive (up) to & hearing it out & har(tray)vesty combining a glitter ball to being taken off on the hob.

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