By franwords

April 12, 2020

Category: writing

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Gibberliving at (where) you are got (at) to being otthers means and position to the lever would then ladder the gates & brew & knacker back from having already laid roots as a gollier gondolier on gliding over & above sticks (with a pole) & stones. The name for who you are for instance is a washing for what not you may (not) vanish. Echoes can be matched to an unheard broadcast, considering the amount of missing the thing to wheedling enough in fair play.

An abruption to trace & see a thing in play could proffer arm rests to hands (jointly) ended to having arms. There are about five generations to your fingers. Whatever they just missed (within each other) were bound to be picked up around other key rings. Why would (my) voice be for not being here, but for a better (book to) betraying to what had(n’t) (ever) been (worth repeating) done.

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