The Ambrosia chapter

By franwords

May 9, 2020

Category: writing

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At the idyllic Diana Fossey of snuggly old Cornish mine houses, embedded into the rock on a slope steeply to the wide river Tamar, there happened a holiday. And 3 teen children, freshly orphaned from a bohemian upbringing of Meryl boots & their granny’s hair happened to bring a scrap group together in deciding how to run their future lives, at a bridging of it to artistic faculty. An unawares friend of theirs was a helper called Britney, and among the chooks & happy pigs, goats & donkeys, a week or two got spent jumping around and doing skits with pottery. From nothing, musicians occasionally appeared, so it might have been too loud to last. Time was about to run out about a lease or a renovation, but in the 20 years onward end, 1 went & did Mama Mia, 1 did being Britney & 1 did Sophie Ellis Bextor.

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