Taking an interest.

By franwords

May 16, 2020

Category: writing

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The Paper Mill

In the stricken terms to being an associate to much of what you (can) do, there is much to be made of the network. If a pop single (whatever) sets you afloat, you can wisely install the proceeds on a person cleverer than you, a pale, scribbling intellect with a crumbled but promising family paper business. A nobody somebody (actual friend) from Yorkshire can cradle an investment if they have a first from university.

But what if up pops the relation network, from the (dis)advantage point of the entitled regal casino base & TFL. Leader feeders to knowing & coming around to shoulder a growing bearing are the difference between a helpless person and their bridge to an independently trustworthy establishment.

The art to having just enough and a project on the side is about being a Red Setter, a dog who is a pointer. An alignment to having a fair idea is also typically inept. The unlikely bond to pretend uncles with ministers and or a queen is what you might expect of them, for all the years of experience they have, and good for them.

The mattress and the boardroom to setting competent ideas together are for those who wake to them. If there ever are any nightmares, it’s good to see the bleary wear of people come the light of day, to how they faff around and cope on the soup.

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