31st May

By franwords

May 31, 2020

Category: writing

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If it’s the 80’s & you go visiting Perthshire, it’s Beverley Hills with chilblains & nicky knacky knocky knoo to a lot of common place magic. One castle is good & ram shackle and the other is smooth & wolverine, and each one tries to undo the other.

Heraldic descendants of the devastation are grouped haplessly to being rich in a poor fighting story, and it is why there was music every and all the where and it wasn’t manipulative but in a wonderful way.

Bettering happens at magic from a castle to a hostel in describing how natural the behaviour and or hunting is. It continues especially at breathlessness without jogging. A continuum to being covered in matchless acts is to have what we call (a) study, as much as diverted away from one another can bring us together. The fitting of any ongoing version is to keep in touch with a tall order.

Stillness lets the bits sink to the bottom so you can (too) be in a clear atmosphere. if it’s too clear what it is you can stir it up again. #snowfield. You are only meant to work on mental reengagement with those you want to and those who don’t exist. Why wouldn’t you have anything if it was all showing.

The monument is if Michael Jackson wants to come and live here is what happens. Then an obscure ranger in a golfing haircut starts staying he wants to instead. If you get anorexia age 7 they send you to Killing Eve Jane (the Harriet Walter one) and she makes you eat lasagne. The innate category to commanding fear is to say you might die. Being made to say you might is part of the all clear.

The nature to being impoverished is inapparently unable to convene with those nearest around you due to (their) current state of Englandshire as to what may (have to) be applicable by inference, and not quite the breakfast.

The day you get dropped off by (as) a lady and picked up (on) by a daily (fe)male is the nearest thing to having a baby after or before what you already have to get back to. A plain person is for what they can be for one thing.

What you say and how you say it are an edge of making & disappearing it. The rework at conjecture is all that some people can do. Conjecture with a friend is the agreeable confusion to replaying a subject by where to put it. Making a disagreement more agreeable is a back down to a red run in skiing through the usual routine til it be (im)perceptibly put to (touch on) something (e)lse. You can(not) carry on making chips if there isn’t a circuit board to the freezer in having just seen any(one)thing melting until it’s too slatoon.

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