The Deli

By franwords

June 11, 2020

Category: writing

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A performance with scowling at the delicate choices and have them scrutinised for being indulgences is a decision process to putting a tension in relenting, supposing the objects were to be out of the ordinary or at a gift status to never experiencing. A form log to reflecting & genu inflecting would be by making an occasion tot up to be discerning & damaged of the balance a little to having settled everything for the time being, had any provision been accounted for by exception to trying & previous pattern selection.

A smell taken in is put on the scent & soon discredited by getting tipped in. The inward fold can be called from activity & passing from beyond, uncalling it to be pulled into an escape through. A quality to a renovation can strip the object down to where it is flung for. The pursuit of anything to have an area had to have an acre. A promise is to exist & be held against it. Therefore to have made it easy enough the particle is restored to being fostered for immediate shine in refining.

It is better not to take part anywhere that you have to eat.

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