Duchess after a dalek, as a Dunblane shooting survivor that hid under the sofa

By franwords

June 19, 2020

Category: writing

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As a landowner to having owned most of the land either side of all the way to Perth, a wake up call to having (nothing) left is that other people have been wronged in history. If you own your own valley(s), and (modern) people need it back, they can gamble it from you and then raise your nominal gene children, in a theme of gentrification so you can be represented without having to be anywhere near but elsewhere to having gestured for enslavement and liberal fostering. Whatever it is isn’t important. Until thanks turns to further persecution by people having to see your generosity as waste over a criminal absolvence, so that they have to oppose you additionally and in a further way to be minuscule and germ like.

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