Hay & Borris coincidences

By franwords

June 23, 2020

Category: writing

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The end of May & beginning of June

Considering the length of a 3 legged bus journey, you’re meant to feel bloated & tired, so if putting up your tent makes you feel like you’ve had a baby having made it to the pub, it’s a dream haze to the annually (un)usual invisible recurrence. Feeling lighter! Does it ever happen more than you experience scarpering. Determined. Hay is a picturesque & gentle picture for having pre booked, and there are reasoned maidens & squires all over the place, doing good deeds among parental & informed ages with a lot of information going round. Its like the Play Away window Brian Cant did between the instalments of speaking authors, and you’ve come to watch in stories.

Three years before that happened, I vaguely had a tiring weight bulge that did the entire stewarding time for the Welsh May 10 day Hay week before returning home north. It was only dramatic because of extending a holiday to car hire and the long overnight drive to Southern Ireland in order to go to Borris. The Glamping tent wasn’t ready so there was more waiting and sleeping in the car. Birthing questionably happened at having to be rid of a bit and searching for umbilical scissors before disappearing a wall away, tentatively as a strong deliberation for looking forward to sanctuary at Martin Amis.

Who is a waltzer & Pilates pro when delivering babies. The Queen’s doctor who got knocked off a bicycle last year arrived. He collected the baby and took it back to the Royal Family. #probablyGeorge

People were being sent to look for whoever in mixed dismay & undisclosed attentiveness about a lost camera. An impromptu dinner got thrown on at the last minute after cocktails. It was a letting off that went without being spoken to in depth metering to the situation in hand, such as a deeply disengaging puts friends reunion out again to postponement as laterally to a further book. Later that year five years ago Martin’s New York apartment burned down.

What hadn’t resurfaced equally to follow on really on his loss of his foot, for he appeared to have both back when we had gone for dinner in the 90s to Blair Adam. Gerry Adam. A blast grenade lost him his shin or knee) & nor was it properly mentioned til it factually sunk up again this week. Please readjustarrange this sentence.

Another baby happened in Chelsea Harbour Hotel marble & luxury loos, when I knew someone else was expecting one and it went to live there, til it were reframed as an effort for them. Come to think of it.

On making the birth occasion a bit longer, the baby might have been officially matched with me and we gazed and loved each other deeply & fully, as we always knew. She got to meet Augustus along the board walk going back to the boats.

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