By franwords

June 30, 2020

Category: writing

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You don’t have to like Brad Pitt because he was a clever brat who didn’t do his homework, and the spare component of intelligence couldn’t be wrapped out enough by charisma for the boiling over body building on steroids. Angelina has poise & discipline which order her thinking to a towering empowerment in the orders to love. Much of the present legacy of children are in a place of adopted self sufficiency, as embodiments to having been commissioned for the population. Often they haven’t been presumed as gifts from heaven, which is a unique form of experiencing helplessness. When Brad & Angelina couldn’t have children they commissioned one from me in surrogacy, but when the time came the birthers put me up at the sheep shank on the hill and the child got infused to be raised in the community under the nose of a sort of tidy warning disciplinarian of paparazzi. I’ve told it I’m dangerous. Though who’s to say that the child is B&A’s for it is littler and there may be another one in Arabia.

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