By franwords

July 1, 2020

Category: writing

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There is shifting and my plan is your plan if thought across countering, even by the seeing in of the consultation, such as a worry & a hurry on for a furtherly exacted registration whether it had to putt the matt finish on to the coasting further along. A place for the sight to inhabit is probably m)re(a)nt to greet left and right, making a way to a podium of a counter to having a valentine already. The issue of having to spare people of what they were fully going to say is that they weren’t so sure either. The hold over rolling over is as half bothered to running it entirely through. To the next round. The intricacy or detail to there being a sticker for peeling off is to where a minding were casted off, was that the trigger works & as for there to be leaning into. The egg on to having wound down with anything to look after is practice towards an answer that comes to them. The mute mutton to having worn it off can be a point for another to take their turn. When an issue is an exasperation, the application came to blame at a plan to have it led. Such is the importance of exasperation in times where it is artificially applied as the reasoning structure to indecision making.

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