2 sisters

By franwords

July 3, 2020

Category: writing

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A younger death & an older disappearance

As piggy in the middle for being an only child, the left and right to being given an older & a younger right is one of the principles for hanging in the balance alright.

A party game at a castle went wrong and the younger one who had a hamster called Frostie choked with her mouth crammed full of digestive biscuits when no more could be rammed in. She was buried at Muthil, or at least the service was there and a stipulated person like Princess Anne and Peter Stringfellow came to it.

Soon after, the older frail & wispy one got sent away on holiday to Malta and she and her BHS towelly dressing gown never returned, even though she had come and practised saying goodbye on many occasions on the run up to her boo hoo departure.

If people say aren’t you sisters of people, is being unsure a cover up case to claiming instability on the basic representation that two people exist as a job description to the same names, helpless themselves as the incumbents of a residential home for having arrived at the age of being children.

How can a status with regard to (any) kind of relation be anything but what can be read in Debretts. And as a person in life, why is where did they go the main abruption, such as the record seems they are still here.

I went to primary at Logiealmond and Humphrey & Cherry had masses of thronging things going on so it’s just they forgot to feed me and I got anorexic and had to have my life saved with a bit of force feeding and recuperation at the Abercairny rehab and foster clinic which catered for orphans and gave them invisible profiles as the better respected holders of hobbies.

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