By franwords

July 12, 2020

Category: writing

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The (only) approach to having engaged a higher thought were it not always to be a court, but played (for). Efficacy in surfeit to such a necessity had to have reached a high priest of the wider enlightenment. Rarity to be were various to staggering (on) (in) (out) pon completion & to a review of the adorning which had come through a gradual emboldening by having to find as much of the manner for it to be appraised that way, subject to a difference of the form(er) to leaving any keeping in the occupations.

Adamance is going to make them know you less. The supposedly unintended. People meeting each other over your head. A fault can be claimed at playing it in & out of touch. Wind on the finger is that everyone may also change the course and yet be refrained to a limit. The savoury area to the next minuscule is to have evaporated a fairly incisive conclusion. The pale is for whatever the tether is handing in for a blank look & a trailing through. The grass and the snuggle come to pass, considered to the signature. A body & an institution were bound-less-by a general course. The time which counts courting to cash & (d) ash had it all stacked up. One thing leads to another ere a subsequential preparation. The one off to a disagreement and the ongoing pitch to a medley are for topping up & topping off the time in hand to review a wonderful commodification.

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